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I have been in your situation, and I understand. I have not spent as much as you but have gone two years without a reply, a match, a wink, a flirt..it hurts, and it is damaging to the ego. My suggestion? You need to turn your back from it for a bit. Close your account. State your reasons calmly and professionally. In prayer, in service, in your walk with Christ you need to figure out the 8775 why 8776 this happened. It may not be easy. There may be no 8775 answer 8776 right away. I will say that despite how 8775 Christian 8776 these dating sites may 8775 claim 8776 to be, few are, and fewer are Christian in action and deed..but in 8775 word 8776 only. You have to let this go for a spell. It is not helping you be a 8775 potential 8776 date at this point! I am not belittling your situation, because I have been in it myself, and I am still single. Does this help at all?

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I am a big fan of Christian Mingle. I live in a small town in a state with a small population. There is nothing here for single adults except the bar scene. There will always be nominal 8775 Christians 8776 as we 8767 ll as a few wolves in sheep 8767 s clothing, but that 8767 s for me to discern. I signed up for Plenty of Fish because I knew a couple (now married) who met that way. I was literally flooded with messages from men ranging from 77 to 76 though I specified my age and a preference. It was so overwhelming that I cancelled after less than a week. I like the communication options of Christian Mingle. I haven 8767 t written on the prayer wall or taken the Bible study and probably won 8767 t, but I like it that they are there. It takes a bit of courage for a man to register on a site with Christian in the name when there are so many others. From my experience, the yuck factor is less with Christian Mingle.

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I have used cm two times, with me being a stay at home mom I was really hoping this site could be free since there is other dating sites out there that is free but there is just a lot of weirdos on those sites. Anyhow , when cm did its matching for me the guys wasn 8767 t my type (and I can be a bit picky,yes, but I want to be attracted to a man if I decide to talk and get to know him) but they never had anything in common with me , and if the one or two people did have anything in common , they hurried up and changed the subject (after acting like they wanted to get to know me) only to talk sexual which is a huge turn-off. I just wish meeting people could be easier but im a stay at home so I don 8767 t have time to go out nor do I want to really , unless I would happen to meet someone great.
as someone else who commented had said , its the lords will things will happen as they are meant to but it gets lonely being single.

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I used Christian Mingle and really dislike it. In my opinion it was a waste of money. When you fill out your profile, you list your preferences. What you get it is lots of matches based only on your preferences. So, I would have to go and look at each person 8767 s preferences and most of the time I was too old or not fit enough. It 8767 s simple enough with computers to see if we match each others preferences.

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How can you seriously write this article and BASE it on your FEELINGS what happened to the data FACTS! Maybe people want to pray over the internet! Its worked for me! Prayer sites its about btw JESUS is in everything so its not creepy or weird. God madee the universe! So whatever man makes God made it and quit with ur emotions you probably dont even care your bashing Christians. Unprofessional! You live in America I guess you can talk to the people in history man NO RESPECT. If you pray for someone he 8767 ll be there im experiencing that right now.

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Cm is the worst site ever. I am a 95 year old small business owner of 66 years. I am very fit and in great shape. But only average looking face. Not one single woman talked to me. I was on there about 8 months. Sent hundreds of mails out with no reply. Maybe there are some bad eggs on there but ALL of them? Is every single woman on that site so stuck up, snobby and shallow they can 8767 t give an average guy the time of day?
I have 655x better luck on a free dating site then CM, or e-harmoney. That one is 7nd worst ever.

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I tried Christian Mingle a couple of years ago one it 8767 s kind of a dead place
7 just because it says 8775 Christian 8776 doesn 8767 t mean it 8767 s safe from fakes and frauds.
I had a guy give me a 8775 worthiness of his love 8776 questionnaire it was kind of funny
because he threw me out all sorts of questions about weather I was a virgin or not
or if I knew the bible to a T and made me feel like if I wasn 8767 t perfect in his idea I wouldn 8767 t
have a chance in the fiery furnace then had an experience with a guy that kept mailing me gifts
and requesting I do it too, he mailed me his shirts and gym shorts LOL! anyways I 8767 m not a materialistic person
and I don 8767 t have money to spend it 8767 s not that I 8767 m cheap it 8767 s just that I literally am flat broke and can 8767 t, and he was pushing marriage
and telling me when I 8767 m gonna have his kids even BIGGER LOL!
I guess if you want some amusement and a good laugh Christian Mingle is a good comedy spot. it 8767 s full of Kooks

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I have now found that there is NO ONE in my area that fits my criteria. Literally, Eharmony can only find people 855+ miles away, and even then, they aren 8767 t really a match because I am too old for them. Christian Mingle, same thing. yep, same also, but they can only find folks after expanding to 655 miles. In fact, every site has been that way. It has actually become comical. They all give me the politely worded 8775 you are too picky 8776 . Chemistry,Plenty of Fish, Christian Cafe, LoveandSeek. All the same result. This is now becoming a game to me see if I can defeat all of the dating sites.

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I joined CM in 7565 because I was interested in finding a great guy and there weren 8767 t many around me. So, I chatted with several guys, and finally landed on one. His name was John, he lived within an hour of me, and we had had similar upbringing. We FB 8767 d for several days then he called me for about a week. We set a time to meet, and it just happened we were married in August, 7567.
We have our differences, but overall, we 8767 re a great match! 🙂
I understand it 8767 s not for everyone but it works sometimes! Good Luck! 🙂

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I was a remember of Christian Mingle and when it came time to renew I did not receive a renewal notice and they charged my checking account $ which is not the rate it should have been had I had the choice. When I requested my money back they used all kinds of stuff to keep my money even tho I had closed out the account. This is a warning to anyone. Be sure you check everything about them, including all the menus. I will never renew to this company!!!

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This is very useful! Thank you. I am 7 years separated from my spouse and we are currently in the middle of the divorcing process. On another note, my spouse and I are planning our own divorce and we want it out of the court because of financial reasons. Is there another possibility for divorce to be done online? Thistoo seems ok ( http:// for reference), but I 8767 m doubting on whether or not it 8767 ll be trustworthy, as they are handling a lot of confidential information. Does anyone have experience with online divorce? Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you.

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Joseph, I can honestly tell you that although I would love to meet a nice woman, get married and have children, it seems as though God wants me celibate. It 8767 s not an easy thing to be but it happens. I am 98 years old and have never been married with no children. Of course in the world the first thing they come up with is he 8767 s gay or something that of course is not it either. Anyway, any 8775 real 8776 practicing Christian cannot, I REPEAT, cannot be a homosexual and be a Christian. No matter what anybody believes, it is in the Holy Bible that is 7555 years old historical document (New Testament) and it cannot be changed. If anyone wants to be a queer, they need to abandon all religions.
But in order to not complicate my life, I have just accepted this lifestyle. Jesus is just about ready to come back very VERY soon now anyway, and this is a non issue for me now I guess. I am sorry this happened to you. This is why it 8767 s not worth my trouble.

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It 8767 s the same thing when the ministers of the church are advertising, getting paid to teach/preach the word of God. When it 8767 s free Many people use God all the time, when it 8767 s to get a point across, through good, bad times, ie Christian Mingle is no different, than people using the word of God everybody I 8767 m sure at one time or another has thrown the rock, hide their hands..

I met my almost ex husband on ChristianMingle. Not even 6 year into our marriage he started cheating on me in very vulgar ways. I saw from bank statements (that I had to get after he drew all of our accounts into the negative) that just a week after he got caught and we separated, he spent $95 on ChristianMingle and $85 on Our divorce won 8767 t be final for months. He has already met a new girlfriend who knows he is still legally married and does not care.

Lori, you should use the same expertise as you would if you met someone in person. Starting off with seeing a full body picture of them, and well as showing yours. Depending on what your interested in first. His look or conversation.. I 8767 m physical first, so a man has to be attractive to me, what he thinks of himself, is not my deciding factor, lol.. Anywho, you go from there.. You wouldn 8767 t allow a man to just come over after meeting him, would you? You wouldn 8767 t start giving him your information, would you? etc, etc.. It 8767 s the same thing don 8767 t get so caught up in the word 8775 Christian 8776 you can look at your everyday surrounding, and realize people lie, steal, kill, everyday, and say they are saved..

I love this comment you made. im the type whos nervous to just go talk to some random person if I think theyre attractive, and tons of my friends ask me how im single because they say im beautiful even though I don 8767 t see it as much , but anyways my friends always ask me if guys come up and talk to me but they don 8767 t. no guy has ever came up and just started talking to me and I don 8767 t know why but that makes me all that much more nervous about going up to a guy to start a conversation. ive tried the online dating thing so much and not saying all guys are like this but its always crossed my mind that how do you know if youre a mans only female he talks to or even dates in the future? ive dated two guys that I had met on a dating site and after we had broken up I had found them on like 9other dating sites that they had never deleted once he and I was together. I might be 77 but I know what I want and guys my age definitely doesn 8767 t. I just wish there was a lot of good, honest men in this world instead of them being so hard to find.

So, does anyone out there have a positive story about online dating?? cause I gotta say this is looking pretty bleak. I was tempted to try Christian mingle on the advice of a guy friend, but that is so out of my area of expertise. I have never dated someone i have met online, or put myself on a website like that. I am a devout Christian, and i think that is how sites like this draw people in gain users, by tacking the word Christian on it. I am still praying and relying on God to steer me in the right path.

I 8767 ve tried Christian Mingle, and right now my view is. Its the best of a bad system. Trying to guess people by their profile, and a couple pictures, is not an effective way of doing things, but honestly I rather be able to accept or reject choices based of my own criteria than someone else. While I don 8767 t expect everyone who claims to be Christian, to actually be one, at least all my matches are claiming to be Christian. Its a little bit better starting point at least for me. Their prices are resonable, so I 8767 m giving it a second shot, now that circumstances in my life are looking a little better.

Christian Mingle may try and be legitimate but I personally know of a married man who claimed he was divorced and was searching for someone. This fellow has and will have an addictive personality all his life, has no friends and lies and cheats continually. I want to warn the women on this site to be cautious, be aware of all those they meet on here and always keep their eyes open. Yes, he may be looking for a Christian but if his wife took 8 yeara to find this out then imagine how he can fool women. Looks are deceiving and the lying unbearable. I can say I was once a friend of this man and he will never find better.

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