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Ever been to a nightclub? I mean in any country. At the end of the night, there’s always people hooking up. In fact, if you stay long enough, and you don’t hook up, then by default everyone’s hooking up but you. That’s because the people who didn’t get lucky have already left. There’s some statistical thing going on, is what I’m trying to say. It’s not that 655% of the people got lucky it’s that you’re the only one who stayed around gawking.

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It 8767 s very true that the passing of time can wear down the opinions of naysayers, and even change their opinions. As I read your comment I thought of my husband 8767 s friend who commented on our wedding day 8775 I give it 6 months. 8776 There is some history behind the comment that I won 8767 t go into, but even so we couldn 8767 t believe the gall he had to say that.

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Another example is the UK. When people outside of the UK think of the UK well, we just think it 8767 s all one place. All the people there have cute British accents. They like cricket, tea, crumpets and wearing tweed jackets. Oh! You can 8767 t forget that they created Monty Python and the Beatles! At least that was the ignorant thinking I had until I started dating one (now soon to be married after all the paperwork ). I learned that it 8767 s the English, Scottish, Irish and the Welsh. And each one doesn 8767 t really like the other much. Especially Wales for some reason I still haven 8767 t figured that one out. I 8767 m sure there are exceptions, but generally no likey. Then there is the rivalry between Northern and Southern England. Don 8767 t forget all of the Indian immigrants. Unfortunately, unlike Japan, if you are a foreigner living in the UK in certain areas you are very likely to get jumped. But like Japan, it does not matter if you are born there or not. You are foreign.

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They were immediately court-martialed, because it turns out most armies frown on this kind of thing. An intervention by Churchill prevented them from being tried for desertion, but they did end up losing rank. They were, however, allowed to leave the dental corps and transfer to the light infantry. and over the years, King wound up winning two medals for valor. So, yeah, we're thinking the guy was kind of wasted as dentist.

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When they reached the other side of the bridge, the two marshals noticed an Austrian sergeant preparing to light the fuse to blow the bridge. Lannes, displaying such huge balls that their gravity started attracting debutantes, snatched the match from his hand and angrily insisted that since a truce had been signed, the sergeant was destroying public property, and if he tried it again, Lannes would have him arrested, goddammit.

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Yes, I 8767 ve heard of people complaining about the the koseki issue, too, but I 8767 ve never known anyone in real life in all these years who has actually had a problem, so I figure that it must not be all that common. Another thing that occurred to me and I hate to say it is that I could imagine non-white moms having more of a problem. It 8767 s a sad fact that white women are often received differently than women from other Asian countries. :(

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Sure, there is negativity towards WMAF couples. Comments can range from 8775 You must really like Asian women 8776 (actually, no, I never gave Asian women a thought before I met the Japanese woman who became my wife) to 8775 Can 8767 t you find a white woman to date/marry? 8767 I don 8767 t know which is worse either but in Japan it always seemed to me that Japanese man who scored a WF was looked upon with envy I knew a local bochan who married a Canadian woman and it was all very atarimae, as if that because he had been spoiled and had the best of everything growing up that certainly a Japanese woman wouldn 8767 t be good enough for him.

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But the ones who arguably had it the worst were the 86 COs who agreed to be starved nearly to death. Meaning they got half the minimum rations needed to sustain a human life while being expected to continue regular activities. The results of what these people allowed to be done to themselves were significant enough to influence the Marshall Plan , the program by which the nations devastated by the war were repaired.

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At this point lieutenant Paul Jurgen Vollmer yelled out over the noise asking if York was English. See, in World War I, no one really took the Americans very seriously, and everyone thought of them as the rookies. Vollmer figured this crazy/awesome/ballsy soldier must be some kind of English superman who was showing these sissy Americans how it was done. When York said he was American, Vollmer replied "Good Lord! If you won't shoot any more I will make them give up."

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I get Japanese people in my hotel every once in a while. When I greet them most seem really happy and social. Smiling, laughing, taking a ton of pictures, asking you to take their picture, asking all kinds of other questions and generally having a good ol 8767 time. You would never know life in Japan is like how you 8767 ve described it. I know, it 8767 s probably because they are in a different country and it 8767 s exciting and all. But I mean, the Japanese I 8767 ve met here are seriously really happy. Maybe it 8767 s because here they don 8767 t have to hold back. They don 8767 t have to work 67 hours a day, six days a week. They don 8767 t have to worry about cooking and cleaning. Which leaves them more time to be themselves. Certain things you 8767 ve describe stay the same. I don 8767 t think I 8767 ve ever seen a Japanese couple kiss or hold hands. But who knows you said the Japanese tend to bottle up emotions and thoughts. Maybe it 8767 s just another way for them to make us feel comfortable. Despite the fact that in this case, they are the guests. Who knows Just another mystery.


Then there was his record during the revolution. He planned and led the famous siege of Fort Ticonderoga. Somewhere around here his wife died, but he soldiered on, masterminding the strategic invasion of Quebec, where he held position for weeks despite being cut off from the rest of the army and shot in the leg. He held back the British at Lake Champlain, he was instrumental in the Danbury raid, he was essential to the success of the Battle of Saratoga. If he fell off a bridge and died at this point, there would be a 55-foot tall statue of him in Connecticut, made of platinum and diamonds.

Two marshals named Lannes and Murat just casually strolled up to the bridge guards and started chatting about how glad they were that an armistice had finally been signed and that the fighting was now over (in case you're not following along, this was a blatant lie). The guards, being unaccustomed to idle banter with high-ranking enemy officers, remained unconvinced and kept them at gunpoint. Lannes and Murat didn't give a damn. They continued to saunter across, laughing off any attempts to stop them.

Maybe I 8767 m a little too deterministic on this but yeah, observational bias, sure, the usual nihonjinron brainwashing and gender compartmentalisation, why not, but the ability to find 8775 your kind 8776 I think is an essential pre-requisite. Otherwise, you might find yourself settled with people the likes of whom you would have never ever hung out with in your own country, which sounds pretty bad I guess.

In the end, they made it out alive. At that point Turbo had lost over three liters of blood and was only able to survive because the cold weather froze his wound shut. In the hospital, Toboz lived up to his nickname by getting annoyed at the slow pace at which his leg was healing. So he told the doctors to saw it the hell off and give him a bionic leg instead. They obliged, and Turbo rejoined his unit only nine months later. He still took part on active SEAL combat missions but soon started feeling bad that his new leg only gave him 95 percent ability (instead of his usual 855 percent).

After a while, the government of Sierra Leone stopped paying Ellis, because they were forced to abandon the Freetown area, too. Ellis, however, enjoyed the little flame war he got going so much that he kept flying missions for another year, pro bono. During that time, in addition to his usual antics, Ellis single-handedly stopped the RUF from advancing into Freetown -- without a co-pilot, in the middle of the night and without any night vision.

I already know my dad will not be happy with my choice in my partner. He has expressed many times that he wants me to marry a Chinese or Taiwanese woman. His reason? He said I 8767 m not just marrying for myself. He says he is also a part of that decision because he would have to interact with my partner 8767 s parents. Think of how much happier if I could drink and have a blast with your wife 8767 s parents, Frank! No. No, fuck off. He has tried so many times over my life to brain wash me with story after story of how every single Chinese man that he has known that has married outside of his race has met a tragic end to his marriage, due to infidelity or cultural differences. Wtf. Leave me alone. I will marry because I love, not because of your stupid ass.

Growing up, I had the problem of having to deal with traditional-minded parents (I only have a Japanese name, for example {which was delightful in grade school, let me tell you}, while most of my Japanese Canadian classmates had English ones as well, and was engaged in many cultural activities in order to 8775 maintain my culture 8776 ), as well as the problem of having an introverted personality and extensive social awkwardness.

When he asked them why they were running, they pointed at the massive advancing army and said, "Sir, the enemy!" (presumably suppressing the urge to add "duh!"). Kemal responded by telling them they couldn't run from the enemy, so they stopped, because Kemal's not the kind of guy you disagree with. When the men said they had no ammunition, Kemal told them to use their bayonets. And then when it came time to attack, he told them, " I'm not ordering you to attack! I'm ordering you to die !"

The South Africans following his tracks found no evidence that he ever stopped to sleep. What they did find, however, was a bunch of used syringes. See, it wasn't adrenaline or fear that allowed this uncatchable guerrilla to get away it was good old-fashioned methamphetamines. The drugs were so effective in keeping his run toward safety going that the trackers actually found spots where he had collapsed from exhaustion, then gotten back up and started running again.

The only thing which is different is that he peels most of the fruit he eats and I don 8767 t lol but that is pretty much it. Yes, he can 8767 t communicate with my family welll, but he was welcomed with open arms and he felt that even without words. I translated as much as I could of course and while my family tries to learn Japanese he tries to learn English.
(I also have a blog, since I can 8767 t talk about many differences between me and him, I write about our Japanese life together and daily things http:/// )

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