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You do know this is for storyline and she does now have her child with Fizz as a joint custody arrangement right? (So half the time) It baffles me that men are allowed to continuously leave the female with their child to 8775 get their life together 8776 but when the woman does it she 8767 s a bad mom. I personally would not leave my child but again my circumstances may be better than Moneice 8767 s. Who are we to seriously judge her love for her chi and what she felt she needed to do for the betterment of that child. Y 8767 all kill me Just remember last reunion, they brought up Moneice 8767 s motherhood, which is like bringing up her child..

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I was thinking yesterday when I watched the episode that something about Booby rubs me the wrong way. Like he gives me creep vibes. Calling himself booby makes it worse. I just googled after you posted. Can 8767 t believe it. He must have forgotten that we saw Keyshia having to ask him to 8775 babysit 8776 . You don 8767 t babysit your own child. He came off like he was helping Keyshia when needed not like he was a full time parent who deserves full custody. That 8767 s all about money. Hazel may have been right about him.


In February 6996, this legend surfaced on Z655, a New York radio station, during a program called 8775 Love Phones. 8776 The female caller claimed it had happened to her, with the only unusual embellishment being that after sneaking off the train she later called her boyfriend to explain her disappearance, and he refused to believe her. One suspects the embellishment was added as an excuse to get the tale on the air. (If one is going to ask advice, one needs to present the story in the form of a problem, after all.)

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The restaurant redesign also includes the addition free wi-fi, USB charging ports, whole tomatoes on display, and a huge new logo glowing on the wall, lording over you. Subway calls it a “Choice Mark.” So presumably, you sit down with your laptop or phone, drink in the free internet all day long, while ordering sandwich after sandwich from an app and picking up your food by a damn kiosk where you can order more food. All the while, the Choice Mark looms over your choice-filled experience, celebrating a future free of face-to-face interactions.

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Siqueira, whose work also includes illustrations for Blizzard, Nike, and Rolling Stone, focused his posters on a striking image from each episode, with a particular emphasis on the faces of its characters. This emphasis does an excellent job of capturing the mood of the show, and of Lynch’s directorial style. Lynch loves to linger on the faces of his characters, relying on his actors and the focus of the camera to convey complex emotion and create tone.

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I live for masika that bih is clapback queen. They are always gang gang on Moniece I 8767 m over it for her. Ray Safaree and A6 are my men. Them dudes too funny. Brandy ass is TF annoying like please shut Up for the rest of the reunion. She talks with her whole face it 8767 s irritating. Max did way too much and Fizz just needs To go he too good of a dude and boring of a character for this show. Did I mention how much I love SAFAREE and RAY J yet..oh. Jason finally got his time on the show who said dreams don 8767 t come true 😂😂😂. Where tf hazel come from???🤔 And was it just me or did Nikki face look hella strong along with her boobs in this reunion.

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Not only was Kim Coles one of the first people I saw on TV rocking microbraids, but she knows she played the hell out of Khadijah 8767 s spaced-out but sweet cousin and Overton 8767 s true love,  Synclaire James. Everytime she would pull out one of her troll dolls or say, 8775 Woo woo woo woo, 8776 to calm people down, you couldn 8767 t help but to burst out laughing. Already in show business since the beginning of the 8767 95s, Kim kept working after the show ended, making a lot of guest appearances (including on 8775 One on One 8776 as Spirit 8767 s mom) and doing a lot of hosting gigs. She 8767 s actually set to host a new game show on the OWN network. Last time I saw her, she was making an appearance on BET 8767 s 8775 Let 8767 s Stay Together 8776 and has become a naturalista. Looking good at 55!

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For all its grandstanding and shocking headline grabs, in the end Secret Empire was little more than your typical big superhero event: good guys fighting bad versions of themselves instead of each other, for once, but still a story that superhero comics have told a thousand times before. The lackluster reveal tells readers that the “absolutely-totally-real” version of Captain America Marvel has assured us we’ve been following for over a year at this point is nothing more than a Cosmic Cube-created evil clone, one who’s had the real Cap sitting in his soul all along. That convoluted mechanic speaks to the grand aimlessness of the series. Secret Empire spent too much time wallowing in the grim nature of its premise, its moments of heroism few and far between and coming much too late into the run—and that’s after Marvel extended the whole thing by an issue for good measure, only to end in an awkward rush, like butter over far too much bread.

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Given the generic outcome of its whole premise—and the convenient manner with which America at large forgets how easily it fell under the fascist thrall of Steve Rogers’ Hydra is swept aside by the end of Secret Empire #65— it’s hard to see what this series will be remembered for beyond the vast controversy it leaves in its wake. Bad comic book events are usually forgotten, save for being remembered as a point of mockery by readers years later. With Secret Empire, however, the series ultimately made its biggest impact in the anger it generated, rather than anything that happened in its pages.

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At this point in the story, there’s nothing much that Sam can really do to fight Steve. He’s outgunned and his friends are all dead, so he does the sensible thing and bends the knee to Steve, offering his piece of the Cube as a show of good will. But it’s a trick! Though the piece of the Cube is real, buried deep within it are Ant-Man and Bucky Barnes, shrunken down so small that they’re in the microverse within the Cube itself which, it turns out, is a place we’ve seen before.

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I get bored pretty easily and when I get bored I like to make others suffer either mentally or physically. If you've ever spent the day at Kail's house then you know it's pretty fucking boring. We sit on the couch and watch tv and Kail makes pizza rolls or orders Chinese if we're lucky. So it was late one night and I haven't tormented Kail since I convinced her she was autistic so I think she's past due. Also, despite my lack of human emotions, I love babies and I just want to meet Baby Lo. I know working out can induce labor. So Michaella and I thought it would be funny to make her workout because Kail is not only 9 months pregnant but she also has about as much grace as...well the Hulk. So Michaella and I are dying laughing as she squats and takes laps around the kitchen counter. If I knew what was to unfold for the rest of the night I would have saved my torment for someone else.

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Friday night, this guy goes out with all of his buddies, and drinks like Prohibition is coming back. Saturday, he is in such bad shape that he can 8767 t make it through twenty minutes without either puking or shitting. After several hours of this, he is able to stop puking, but he is still running to the toilet every 75 minutes to shit. He doesn 8767 t want to cancel the date, because he 8767 s afraid he won 8767 t ever talk to her again.

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I don 8767 t get why ppl feel Masika iz fake or scared. Mona Scott blind sided her by bringing Alexis on. Not interacting with her ain 8767 t giving her the airtime she need 7 stay relevant. Her loved 6 8767 s ain 8767 t shyt how they let her storyline b her coming 7 LA WITH her new dude 7 confront Masika abt Fetty then he gets a tattoo of his new broad kids name & only been fucc 8767 n with her like 7mons..then Alexis reveals she might b preggers by her new dude that she 8767 s only been with for 6wks..now she pregnant by Fetty.
These dirty raw dog azz bytches is hella nasty..they ain 8767 t scared 7 show it..eww 🤢🤢☠

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Another bougie but lovable character, Kyle Barker was the successful stock broker and ladies man who liked to go back and forth with Maxine when it came to both banter and fun in the bedroom (mhmmm.).  In real life, Carson is an Iota with an appreciation for voice work. He did some for the FOX animated show, Life With Louie, does some for video games, and most recently for the TV show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Aside from that, he 8767 s done some acting both in film ( Final Destination 7 ) and with the CBS show, The Mentalist.

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Am I the only who noticed that Nia looks pregnant also, princess has self-esteem issues I wish she could 8767 ve worked on before she got married? Brandi and Max are just giving me Circa 7558 and I 8767 m really not here for it like, its cheap. Ray J is funny and yes Safari is corny but he 8767 s a genuine dude, I can tell. He just tries to be funny sometimes and it comes off corny. Although when he is being himself his responses are honest and I can respect it! He also is quite attractive with his big head lol I like Mo although the child comment was a lot. It 8767 s just like something a lot of us may think but don 8767 t say out loud lol Nikki boobs really look like plastic. That 8767 s gross.


I am so excited to announce my Hustle & Heart book signings!! I just can't wait to see you all. I'll have more details to follow but in the meantime, make sure you grab your copy of Hustle & Heart along with the coloring book too! I can't wait to see you all in Baltimore and New Jersey Who's coming? Head over to Instagram and leave me a comment. It's going to be so much fun as always and I may have an after-party dinner in Baltimore so stay tuned for details.

Hazel E is the ONLY person I 8767 ve ever seen who takes consistent L 8767 s and still thinks she 8767 s a boss. Girl, how?
Booby denied your vagina in public at the same party you found out that Ray J got you in the studio because he lost a bet. before that, A6 and Marcus humbled you real quick. Brooke almost beat your ass. She 8767 s been the punchline all season.
Where is her confidence coming from?!

Okay, you get it. I&rsquo m sure you know the intro song to one of the best black TV comedies of the &rsquo 95s, &ldquo Living Single.&rdquo It had all the right qualities to stay stuck in your mind, from the glimpse of Brooklyn, to the dancing lady working it in the background and all the colors. I loved it. And that&rsquo s just one of many things that I loved about the show, but the biggest thing that stuck with me were the characters. They were successful, silly AND single folks doing it big in NYC and every Thursday on FOX, you could find me and thousands of other people watching. But the show has been kaput for almost 65 years, so where is the cast now?

In honor of my book signing this weekend in Baltimore, I want to celebrate my book Hustle & Heart! If you haven't saved the date, please make sure you do. I can't wait to see everyone on Saturday, March 75th at noon! Get all the details in my blog post here on my book signings. Today I wanted to start the week off with something fun so I gathered up some of my favorite moms around the web for a virtual book tour! Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see all of this awesome ladies on the internet who are celebrating my book signing this Saturday!! In the meantime, I wanted to kick it off with some of my most asked questions about Hustle & Heart.

That 8767 s the problem with the world. Because hate isn 8767 t targeted at you or your family it 8767 s easy to desensitise yourself from what s right and wrong. I liked moneice and still don 8767 t like brandy. But they are as low down as each other. Targeting a child that has not fully developed about there appearance is disgraceful. Calling any child ugly is disgusting, that 8767 s killing self esteem before it 8767 s even begun. She could 8767 ve kept those vicious words to herself if that 8767 s how she felt. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and it is beyond the outter appearance. Any person that can justify what Moniece said about the toddler is classless.

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