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Most men say that meaning, hey if my child is sick or hurt and we 8767 re in the middle of having a romantic dinner, we 8767 re going to stop what we 8767 re doing, and rush them to the hospital, not push them second and say hold on will finish eating and then I 8767 ll go take care of any important issue.. if you had your own kids with another man you want him expect him to treat them that way would you? No you wouldn 8767 t! If you had your own child and she was injured or hurt and needed to be taken to the hospital and no one else was around to do it you would stop the dinner too I believe that 8767 s all your ex husband was trying to say not put you second completely, but letting you know that hey, I do have other people in this world to pay attention to other than just you


My main question is would a Switz girl about my age be attracted to a guy who has these type of characteristics? I am a little tan due to me being spanish I have a body ,a great personality, a good heart, I dance salsa merengue bachata reggae house, techno . is playing but my advantage is dancing and respect. What does a guy like me need to have to conquer and have every man 8767 s dream a switz girl??

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Cherry, I need help.
for years i ve been expreemly attracted to a guy at my gym. over this time we ve only had very brief conversation and lots of hello s. in this time i ve observed how he relates and enteracts with others in this setting as i m trying to gage is character. So far Im pretty inpressed. Every time our paths cross in the gym i freeze, heck i can hardly breath. Cherry he s about 65 years my jr. he s buffed and i m jiggly. I think i m on his radar so my question is how can I approach or engage him without almost fainting. can u help me? Jade

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Hi again...I understand this was a different thread but I wanted u guys to understand my situation. In the beginning it was ok because of our goals but after they were reached it continued forever. I stayed because I loved him and hoped he would eventually keep his word but he never did now I am really feeling this guy. However, I know that its only right to wait til my divorce id over or at least seperation. I guess I am just really confused snd wanted to share with you guys..thanks for listening to me

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This is exactly the same for me. I am 87 weeks pregnant and have had nothing from him or his daughter. He tells me his daughter will be more of a priority as her mother is not capable of looking after their 66 year old. The fact he even tells her you come first etc and they hold hands and walk off. She speaks down at me and he does nothing. I feel alone and trapped when she is around like I have to go to another part of the house so that events like this do not occur. I can 8767 t even sit on the sofa with him with out either her crying for him to get in to bed with her until she sleeps or for her to me invited in between us on the sofa.

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One Word for You: Awesome! men may have less flab, more stamina and a better appreciation for strong women than their older counterparts, but they're exactly like guys your age in one way: They love attention. The only thing that's changed is the response required from you. Rather than saying, You're so smart or That's so interesting, you only need to memorize one word: Awesome!

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Elegance, grace, confidence. So THAT s it, huh? No wonder people tell me I have the perfect girl walk, even though I m 55-ish! Men marry Venusian sweetness. That means, the older you get, and the more dependent you become on other people to do things for you, the sweeter you have to be, so they will WANT to! So I ve gotten good at being sweet to everyone I meet, from CEOs to busboys. You never know when Mr. Right will spot your behavior out of the corner of his eye. He could be making a decision about you right then and there, while you re focused on some other interaction.

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The real issue, based on my own experiences as an unwanted stepchild and seeing the attitudes of these selfish people, is that the children SHOULD come first.
They didn 8767 t bring themselves into this world. They did not ask for their parents to be divorced or separated or whatever. So it is the job of the parent they live with to nurture them, take care of them, provide for them and love them. Period.

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Part 8 I being 85 and my wife 77 made it easy for me to have Mae 68 as my mistress! My wife was thin but large chest 86dds! We worked different shifts and she was 65 miles from home,I had plenty of time to go to Mae 8767 s and take care of her needs! When I would come home from the midnight shift I would see my wife off to work I would go to Mae 8767 s we would make love and I would go to sleep! Mae would wake me at 8 we would make love again I would shower with Mae and get home in time to make supper! I know I was only married 8 months but Mae and I were soulmate 8767 s! My wife would she Mae at the store once in a while and one time my wife came home and said she gave Mae my cell number in case she needed help since Mae 8767 s husband left her for a woman! This made Mae and I getting together so much easier and my wife never dreamed that I would take a lover 88 years older when I had a wife 8 years

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Anyway, I was enjoying being on my own again, when WHAM one of his friends, who still enjoyed coming round to visit and chat, seemed to be showing an interest in me. It was again, out of the blue, but was even more of an enigma to me. After all, he was very, very shy, so I still felt like I didn t know much of his personality. At first I was worried about his motives/intentions (. was I getting known as the older woman who would train men in their sexual techniques ? I didn t want this, but thought, well, just one more little fling would be nice, then I can get back to the oldies. Plus, he s absolutely gorgeous!

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My last point pertains to the final few lines of your post: the implication that all tough Swedish women must necessarily be 8775 soft, delicate women 8776 on the inside makes me rankle. It is absolutely offensive to equate femininity with softness, as though women who are 8775 tough and viking-like 8776 be it on the inside or on the outside, are in any way lesser women than those who are soft and delicate. Personally, I take pride in being a strong, able woman, just as much as others take pride in being more emotionally-inclined indeed, women can be both. That does not make one of us more female than the other that 8767 s an absurd idea.

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For example: the eldest wanted dad to take her to a rock concert on a school night. After deliberating on it for weeks he finally determined the answer was no. She blamed me. I had absolutely nothing to do with, but she blamed me. Dad is the cool rocker guy there 8767 s no way he would 8767 ve said no if it weren 8767 t for me right? When big sis got mad at me, little sis followed suit I was the bad guy.

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I am 89 he is 78. I met him at work while I was married. I left my husband of 65 years and we 8767 ve been together for 8 years. I am so totally lost in love with him I know it 8767 s crazy, but I cannot imagine being without him. Sometimes I get frustrated, because he has never been married and has no kids. I know eventually, he 8767 ll find someone his age and have a family. Sometimes I wish my feelings were not as strong as they are, but I cannot help feeling like this!

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Gee this site has been posting since 7565
My family has a swedish background i may not be a fully swedish but i have swedish traits. i dunno why i adore swedish girls but its mainly got to do with blonde hair and blue eyes, in which i have but a brown blonde. I been looking into chatting to a swedish girl since yesterday cause i learned about whats happening guys taking on old genetics. You swedish girls are very beautiful and soo nice ive heard about the marriage rates it seems love over there is a lost meaning.

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oh my freaking god! This site describes Swedish girls as some kind of animal, like a breed. 8775 Swedish girls are like this and will appreciate if you do so and that. 8776 how do you know? It 8767 s individual! Swedish girls are some dark skinned while some others are blonde. I live in Sweden, I know what I 8767 m attractive to, and what my friends like. We do definitely not like the very same thing, so please, stop. And this is not a dating server, I 8767 m not sure if any of these girls you 8767 re looking for will nap.

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Think I might have mentioned balls anyway why are so many men so wet? Has feminism emasculated them? Why in particular should the gorg Swedish males be lacking in the balls dept? Though had to say a v drunk (and not gorg at all) Swede did start talking to me in a bar in Stockholm. Unfortunately it was about Man U so I quickly tuned out! I like a bit of cockiness at least it shows some get up and go. I like a challenge and all but

To each their own! But I learned that whoever has money has to be careful about getting taken advantage of man or woman- and there are jerks at every age. I hate generalizations that older women are better, men are better, etc. There are good and bad people and it 8767 s up to you to find them. I think it might be easier for us to relate to people who are older or because we treat them differently. We treat older with more respect (as opposed to someone who is just as clueless as any other person). Olders treat peeps with a lot of compassion because they can remember what it 8767 s like to be and naive and kid just wants to please that 8767 s what kids do because they don 8767 t know themselves yet.

I 8767 m dating a handsome ,smart and kind loving man 65 years than me. I 8767 m 88 he 8767 s 69. He doesn 8767 t act like a child at all. He cares for me a real gentleman I get shocked and surprised. He amazed me all the time. Is it too good to be true? He never asked me for anything in months both make our own money. Its like all we want is eachothers time. We say we LOVE eachother. I ink he 8767 s my soulmate. Is it to soon? He 8767 s my dream guy but I 8767 m scared to reveal his although he looks older than me.

My mom and dad split 7 years ago and was with a guy that wasn 8767 t the nicest. I have a full brother and a new half sister who is less than a year old. The guy and her split and she now has a bf that is closer to my age than hers. He is 79 and she is 85. She works a lot and is almost never home anymore. She always has him over or drags me out on their 8766 not dates 8767 . She seems really happy with him, but when I bring up the subject of spending more time together or how it really angers/ hurts me when I see them together she calls me a brat and selfish. A lot lately she has been telling me that I care more about myself than anybody else when I 8767 m the one helping my grandparents and waking up at dawn to help with the farm. I 8767 m really lost and would like some kind of advice, and I 8767 m at a lost of why it hurts me to see them get all coupley.

Needless to say, with someone not only as physically attractive as she was/is, but also with as many skills and such charm of personality, I was delighted to 8766 sign her contract 8767 and live with her, very happily for a couple of years before bringing her back to Canada with me. Thereafter, tho we had considerably less disposable income, all was happy for another few years so much so that I said, hey, you 8767 ve done such a great job with me and my kids, why don 8767 t we bring yours up here. She was hesitant at first, probably not believing I would do such a thing. But we did and it seemed like a perfect answer.

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