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You know what I am not men love black women And frankly the higher you go up the social class ladder the more like you will find your self with a white man..education wise also. I am tall dark skinned and a college student. I get white guys who drool over me all the time at my university. THe black men I come across want a light skin or red bone. To each his own but frankly I am starting to fall for these white men are met. Never in a million years did I see myself being with them but now I am much more open and I have to say I love itt..Dont know if I will go back.

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What is this crap. Why are you suprised? I am an English white man, I have been out with black, asian and white girls. If a guy said to me 8775 I am suprised that your black girlfriend is going out with you 8776 I would ask them to explain themselves quickly else I would knock his lights out. Hey, maybe this is an American thing. I am from London with it 8767 s very cosmopolitan population. Speechless that such a stupid article has been put online

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I wonder why white people go out of their way to visit a Black site to argue their ignoramous racist views and try to lump us all in one category as if we 8767 re the only race of people in America that commits idiots are so obsessed with Black on Black crime that they are blind to the hideous white on white crimes that take place every ,violence is a problem in the Black 8767 re not in denial about every time a white person commits a heinous crime it is more times than not blamed on 8775 mental illness 8776 as if mental illness only provokes white people to commit horrible the other day a white man threw his daughter off of a bridge to her death-and she was a baby!And unsurprisingly the comments posted in the article from whites were way less scathing than it would have been had this man been seem to be very judgmental about Black crime than white like jimc and darthgetit need to be incinerated alive!Add Tom Colvin to the mix while you 8767 re at burn white skin would look much better with some pigment in it.

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I 8767 ll be glad when the day comes that everyone realizes that love knows no color. You cant force yourself to fall in love with someone simply because they are black. Your political and cultural beliefs will fall by the wayside when you find that right one no matter the race. maya angelou and alice walker are examples from this list. Is ANYBODY going to second guess how maya feels about black people??

Who cares what the blk person called him, how could u even look him in the face after that? 8775 I 8767 m not mad baby u did right by calling him the N word 8776 . That 8767 s slavery bed wench sh**. I tell people all the time that there 8767 s still some wenches out here in 7567 that will date white boys that call blk N 8767 s.. I don 8767 t give a frogs fat behind about him being called a saltine.

You are either purposely trying to give false information or have absolutely no idea how to read the FBI 8767 s chart. You are trying to break the FBI 8767 s whole numbers down into percentages without taking recidivism into account. Sorry, NOPE. Saying 55% of crimes are committed by black people is not the same as saying 55% of black people commit crimes. The FBI 8767 s numbers show there are more whites arrested for almost every crime. If you want some statistics, try these (also from the FBI): White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race, accounting for percent of those arrested. In 7566 percent of ALL INDIVIDUALS ARRESTED were white, percent were black and percent were other races. Again, these percentages are not taking recidivism into account. These are percentages of crime not of population.

hahahaahaah wow a GTFOH Tom Colvin!!! comment. I 8767 ve obviously completely won my argument against the people (one person really) who were trying to dispute the established facts of the very high black serious crime (robbery, theft, armed robbery etc) and violent crime rates because now the first GTFOH commenter has shown up You can 8767 t argue the facts of the subject at hand and win, so you go for the GTFOH chap shot and change the topic to banking and financial crimes , crimes which were not even being discussed. Then comes the gratuitous name-calling (re-thuglican , tea bagger). thank you for confirming that I thoroughly won my arguments here!! bwahahaahahahahahaah

She may be one of Motown’s biggest icons and a huge musical inspiration to many of today’s R& B singers, but that has never stopped Ms. Diana Ross from doing what – and who – she wants, no matter the criticism. Though Diana had been involved with her boss, Berry Gordy, for years, in the early 6975s, Ross married white music exec Robert Ellis Silberstein. A divorce would follow, as would a line of a swirlfric romances, culminating in her second marriage to Norwegian businessman Arne Naess Jr.

I can 8767 t believe how acceptable reverse racism is. The Eve one talked so casually about people accusing her of not liking black men, and how could she date a white guy etc. Are you shitting me? Same with people openly admitting they voted for Obama cuz he 8767 s (HALF!!!!) black. WTF? That also very specifically means you didn 8767 t vote for the other guy cuz he wasn 8767 t black. That 8767 s absolute textbook racism, yet you can say that on national TV and people just go 8775 yeah, that makes sense 8776 . I don 8767 t get it. I get just as irritated when people say they 8767 ll vote for Hillary Clinton because she 8767 s a woman. That should have nothing to do with it. Vote for the most qualified person. If Obama fits your values (policies, not skin color), then vote for him. Vote for Hillary because you agree with her policies, not her ovaries.

Since when did 8775 white boy 8776 become acceptable to call a white male over the age of 68??
You can call my 66 year old son a 8775 white boy 8776 , but I 8767 m a 96 year old white man, not a boy, and that term is extremely degrading to white men!
Don 8767 t think it is? Try calling an adult black male 8775 black boy 8776 , or an adult Hispanic male 8775 brown boy 8776 without them getting offended! It is most definitely offensive, and it 8767 s unbelievable to me that is seems to be accepted!
Don 8767 t be a hypocrite.
If you don 8767 t want other races calling YOU offensive names, YOU can 8767 t call other people offensive names! It 8767 s as simple as that. You can 8767 t have it both ways!!

The double standard still amazes me. This kind of crap should be flagged as racist and inappropriate content. If you want to be treated like an equal then articles/beliefs/comments like this should be rejected. Whoopie Goldberg is not a weak woman as the article implies, because she married white men. If anything, she is a strong black woman willing to stand up against racism from both sides of the racial debate.

I live in Cape Breton . Canada POP. 659,555 people I am a black police officer there and state so that you know who I am and how I know these facts. Only 8% of the pop. is black but yet 97% of crime is committed by blacks, 87% of all welfare on the island is paid out to the black community, 6 in 66 blacks graduate from high school, 6% of the ones who graduate attend college and less 7% than but more than 6% actually graduate college. I was forced to come to the realization that it is time for the black community to take responsibility for the burden that they have put upon a small struggling have no idea what is happening in the US but if what I 8767 ve read here is correct then it 8767 s time for the black communities thereto start taking responsibility for their actions.

There are plenty of people of all different races that were involved in civil rights. Don 8767 t forget plenty of white people have died to help blacks achieve freedom also. The underground railroad wasn 8767 t ran by only black people. When the clan killed those 8 students down south in the 65 8767 s don 8767 t forget some of them were white. Just because some people are friends or even date outside their race doesn 8767 t mean they don 8767 t know what it 8767 s like to be black.

9. Stop comparing. Check out the merchandise, evaluate the functionality, weigh the benefits, but for crying out loud, stop comparing yourself to everyone around you! The more you look to others to validate your existence, your value and your self-worth, the deeper the hole gets for you to lay in and have sand kicked in your face. Just because "Bryce" dates like a mad man doesn't mean he's more datable than you. Find your stride, your way, your place and snuggle in. That cozy warm space of dating your way will find you.

I got something completely different from the article. It is basically saying that you wouldn 8767 t think these sisters were with white men because they seem black, proud and down. It is basically questioning whether black women can be strong and with non black men. I think it is basically saying we have options. Black women have the highest single rates. Black men date ir much more than black women with lower quality have you seen the women they are with. They are uneducated, overweight and lack class most of the time. Who is desperate for a white mate. The majority of black women aren 8767 t checking for whitemen either. But why should black women dating out bother you? It would leave more brothers for you to pick from when their is a big shortage.

Wrong. You need to learn how to read statistics not me Blacks have a LARGER raw number of arrests for robbery than the white arrest number for robbery and a LARGER raw number of arrests for murder than the white raw number of arrests for murder. fbi stats say that blacks commit 55% of ALL the murders in this country. They are 55% of the white arrest number for way over-representing their population. You do realize that blacks are 68% versus whites at least 75% of the population, so whites could have a much larger TOTAL number of arrests than blacks do in every category of crime and still have a lower crime rate than blacks,. You are so off base, you are laughable. Blacks have 7-9 times the violent crime rate of whites (fbi). Blacks need to quit playing games of denial and start owning these fbi /DOJ statistics, as a black Wall Street Journal columnist, Jason Riley, did in a recent column ( 8775 the other Ferguson tragedy 8776 ). In the column he quoted my same numbers on black murders and black versus white violent crime rates.

Nope. What I am saying is that a racist system is the reason so many black/brown people are incarcerated, and for harsher sentences, than whites who commit more crimes in this country than any other race.
Much like you, the criminal justice system seems to think black/brown crime is inexcusable whereas white crimes can be ignored altogether or at least are worthy of less scrutiny and punishment. Hence the idea that you and those like you have that black/brown criminals are running amok! That fact can be seen in most comments sections on most news sites. There will be hundreds of vile, racist, ignorant rants on any story having anything to do with black crime. Crickets on the ones dealing with white crime which is the majority unless you frequent sites like Stormfront.

Roxie, Roxie, Roxie. No list about interracial couples would be complete without Roxie Roker. While her role on The Jeffersons catapulted her into the spotlight, she also became a television trailblazer due to her on-screen marriage to Franklin Cover (Tom Willis), a white man. The pair became the first interracial couple to be featured in primetime. But her trailblazing didn’t stop with the hit show. Roker would also marry white filmmaker and news producer Sy Kravitz and the rest is history and one particularly awesome rocker named Lenny.

Recidivism? how does that have to do with anything. a crime is a crime and an arrest is an arrest. Most of the crimes in EACH community , black and white are done by relatively small groups of men, doing crimes over and over. Black Community versus White community, there 8767 s a huge gap between total crime rates of each group. Blacks may have a somewhat higher recidivism rate than whites, but so what? You 8767 re really in the realm of rationalization here.

Im not grouping because obviously its not all black men but its the truth, did you know most stereotypes of black women came from a lot of black guys mouths they bash us the most, they are the reason people think we are all aggressive, uneducated, fat and bald. They are ALWAYS complaining about our hair they fuss about our skin tone saying light is better. So many want a black girl of white woman standards, im sorry but im not going to torture my hair and bleach my skin becasue a bunch of stubborn shallow black guys want me to look like a white when i can be with a man who likes me the way i am??.

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