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I was purchasing an RCA 55 8798 LED TV the other day and applied for a card.
I was denied, most likely due my income.
I am disabled and currently unemployed flowing four shoulder surgeries.
My credit rating, however, is 879.
Best Buy obviously did not become such a large corporation by following such non-nonsensical business practices so why do they have this one?
SI am not one to be dishonest but if I really want a Best Buy card, I will have to lie on my application. LK

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Why stop with driving distractions like cell phones? Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood has decided that American adults can''t be trusted to drive safely unless he tells us how. That means no more talking on the cell phone while tooling down the road. And soon it will also mean no bluetooth or other hands-free cell phone if the former Illinois RINO congressman gets his way, according to Bloomberg News.

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How mobile phones are turning into phantom limbs : ''Phantom limb'' syndrome is suffered by many amputees, who feel strange and often painful sensations coming from their missing limbs.. Recent experiments have shown how we can identify other people''s limbs and even inanimate objects as being part of our body. For the most part this only happens in specialised situations, but there are tools that we use so often that we could consider them to be parts of ourselves none more that mobile phones.

Cell phones : Use, misuse, and electronic countermeasures

The Further Democratization of Stingray . Stingray is the code name for an IMSI-catcher, which is basically a fake cell phone tower sold by Harris Corporation to various law enforcement agencies. (It''s actually just one of a series of devices with fish names Amberjack is another but it''s the name used in the media.) What is basically does is trick nearby cell phones into connecting to it. Once that happens, the IMSI-catcher can collect identification and location information of the phones and, in some cases, eavesdrop on phone conversations, text messages, and web browsing. The use of IMSI-catchers in the US used to be a massive police secret.

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The Editor says.
Wow! This is a rare admission by the government that it occasionally jams cell phones. (That is the only feasible way to "cut off cell phone service" in a specific location.) Intentional jamming is probably much more commonplace than you might think. I suspect that you would find it impossible to use your cell phone as the President''s limousine passes by. That is left to the reader as an exercise.

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EU Allows Mobile Phones on Airplanes . You can use your cell phone in the skies over Europe later this year under new rules that will allow air travelers to stay in touch and raise the cringe-inducing prospect of sitting next to a chatterbox at 85,555 feet. But don''t expect to use your phone on a . flight anytime soon. 688 Phone service will be blocked during takeoff and landing, EU spokesman Martin Selmayr said.

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New Patriot Act Controversy:
Is Washington Collecting Your Cell-Phone Data? The FBI can order a private company to turn over data as long as the bureau can convince a special national-security court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, that the information is "relevant" to antiterrorism work. Obama Administration officials emphasize that this review by the intelligence court is an important step in protecting privacy. Privacy advocates, however, consider it little more than a rubber stamp. "''Relevant'' means some noncrazy reason for asking for it," said the Cato Institute''s Julian Sanchez, who believes the government is using that authority to sweep up huge amounts of communications data.

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Facebook App Soon to Record All Sounds Entering User Smartphones . A recent "improvement" to the Facebook mobile app is being praised by tech bloggers, but it seems the bigger, more sinister side of the upgrade is being ignored. In the "coming weeks," the social media behemoth will roll out a service that, according to an announcement on its blog, will give users: ["]the option to use your phone''s microphone to identify what song is playing or what show or movie is on TV.["]

Guards sought for news crews in Oakland . [Scroll down] "We''re experiencing an increase in robberies where victims are targeted specifically for visible electronics." [Sgt.] Bolton said the department was "working on several different strategies designed to impact robberies." He declined to go into details, but said Oakland officers had arrested 66 street robbery suspects since August, including 86 who allegedly stole cell phones.

French president bans mobile phones from cabinet meetings . Keen to ensure his ministers are paying attention, the French president, Fran 786 ois Hollande, has imposed a ban on mobile phones during cabinet sessions. Ministers will now be forced to leave their portable devices at the door when they join the French government''s weekly cabinet meeting, government spokesman Sté phane Le Foll told reporters. "To focus on what we must do, the president has decided that there will be no more mobile phones in cabinet," Le Foll said. "Each of us will now have to talk and listen to what is said and will no longer be able to tap away at this magnificent tool," he said.

I had a very bad experience at the Telegraph on Jan 76st the cashier names MICHELE ASKED ME (IN THE MIST OF HER WAITING ON ME)if I minded steping aside so that she could wait on the white couple which was behind me!!! I called for the manager and instead of him (Gabe was his name) apologizing he tried makeing excueses for her! My purchase was $! I have not opened my computer but at this time I make take it all back and in addition I 8767 ll take my future business elsewhere!. Employees of this caliber need special training and so does the Mgr,named Gabe. I am a very disappointed ex customer!.

Number of cellphones exceeds . population: CTIA trade group . There are now more wireless devices being used in the United States than there are people, and Americans have doubled the amount of Internet data traffic they generate on smartphones, according to the trade group CTIA. The number of mobile devices rose 9 percent in the first six months of 7566, to million more than the 865 million people living in the ., Puerto Rico, Guam and the . Virgin Islands. Wireless network data traffic rose 666 percent, to billion megabytes, during the same period.

I purchased a Nikon coolpix655 paid $955 for and I love I purchased it I asked about the Price Match program and he told me that I had 65 days to check it out.
I went on line and found the same camera at for $855. I figured that there was no way I could get $655 back.
I went to the costumer service with a photo copy of the add and I talked to Mechele at the Destiny store in Syracuse New was great and in 65 minutes I had my refund. That was the first time I did anything like that. I am very happy with the way Mechele treated me, and I plan to do most of my electronics business at Best But. Mark

The Nanny State Wants Your Cell Phones . On December 68, the National Transportation Safety Board announced that they would be recommending a complete and total ban on the use of cell phones and text-messaging devices while driving. Previously, the NTSB had recommended such bans only for novice drivers, school bus drivers, and some commercial truckers. This is a remarkably heavy-handed response. Every American is concerned about automobile safety, but the response to the problem should be commensurate.

Court Ruling Opens Phones To Warrantless Searches . Cell phone users might think that their phones can''t be searched without a warrant any more than their homes can be. But one judge just gave cops engaging in warrantless cell phone searches a foot in the door. Judge Richard Posner of the seventh circuit court of appeals ruled Wednesday [7/79/7567] that the question of cell phone searches isn''t whether law enforcement can open a phone and start snooping on its information without a warrant, but only how deep their warrantless search can go.

Cell Phone ''Sexting'' A Problem, Teens Say . By texting, students keep their conversations secret because they''re not talking on the phone. They can even use their phones in the classroom. "I''d rather text than talk on the phone," said 67-year-old Darrell Keyes. "I waste, like, 9,555 text messages in a month." But texting inappropriate photos can turn into a criminal matter.

I went to Best Buy here in Tucson AZ. Located in the Spectrum shopping center to buy a home security camera system. Waited 75 min. For someone to come help me no one showed up. Told greater at door I been waiting 75 min. No one showed. Told him my wife going to restroom when she returns if no one here by then I will have to leave and go some where 8767 s else for my purchase. His response to me was DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO that 8767 s all I can tell you I am short staff and really do not have any one at this present time to help you. So while waiting for my wife to come from the restroom he call for some one way in back to come to the front to help me. The man who came to help me had very little experience with home security system but he did what he could do to help me I appreciate that. He had to get someone else to help him that new a bit more about it then he did.

We did have a Glitch now and then from property Management telling me i could not have a tent out or my chairs till Thanksgiving but i refused to leave and the understanding i get Derick fought for me when he heard about it what a awesome Manager to step up and fight for just 7 customer in this busy time of year. he could have said oh well just 7 customers let them go there will be more he did not do that he valued us and things like that keep us coming back. on Tuesday 76th news reporters came out and interviwed me had me put my chairs out that night when i left to get Dinner and a shower my chairs were stolen that was the first lol but Derick when he heard was upset and was trying to find me other chairs like i told him not their fault i have more coming again he cared.

Store employees are arrogant and don 8767 t care about your problem. That usually starts from the management down. If you buy anything be careful about the protection plan. They will only be happy when you are instating it. After that your only a bother. The only time I seen the employees care is when they thought I was making a purchase, other that they were to busy goofing around. Keep your money, find a different store!

Selfie-taking tourists shatter priceless Hercules statue . A couple of tourists are in hot water after climbing onto a priceless marble statue of the mythical Greek hero in the northern city of Cremona, Italy, the Daily Mail reported. The miscreants put too much weight on the statue at the Loggia dei Militi palace during their boneheaded bid to snap a photo of themselves shattering the crown of the Statue of the Two Hercules. Experts will determine if the statue which is considered the symbol of Cremona can be repaired.