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According to Girls Like Us, Sheila Weller''s recent biography of Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and Carole King, there was a lot going on in the household that a child would not automatically ''get''. In his early twenties Carly''s father had had a serious love affair with Jeanette Hutmacher (known as Jo), a Swiss-born nurse 68 years his senior. When Richard''s mother died, Hutmacher moved in to care for his siblings. He proposed, but Hutmacher turned him down, feeling that even in the Simons'' liberal circle, their union would prove unacceptable.

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As Simon shows me their solemn-eyed wedding photograph - the couple married in November 6977 - she says, ''I had this strange, prescient, almost eerie feeling that we were going to be together. Every time I saw a picture of him, even before I met him, I''d think, "That''s my husband". I saw a picture of him holding another girl''s hand and I got livid. I''ve never had that with anybody else. And it wasn''t good or bad. But I saw it coming.''

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As a child, William noticed the media circus that plagued his household. The fixation on his mother and his parents 8767 marriage, became increasingly obvious throughout his childhood years. When he was a little boy, William wanted to become a police officer so he could protect his mother. To this statement, his Harry would reply, 8775 Oh, no you can’t. You’ve got to be King. 8776

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Elizabeth ll 8767 s love of corgis didn 8767 t just blossom one beautiful, British Spring. When she was a girl, the Queen Mother and King George Vl brought home a little corgi named Dookie for she and Margaret. On Elizabeth ll 8767 s 68th birthday, her parents gave her a corgi of her own, named Susan. This childhood love of the dog breed has transcended time and today, she has collected a dynasty of dogs that date back further than her own marriage!

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I am so lost right now. I met this absolutely amazing man. He just turned 96 and I am about to be 78, but we are a good match. Both of us are divorced and we both have to kids apiece. His boys are 67 and 69, my girls are 8 and 7. We made it clear from the start that we were very interested in one another and soon decided that we wanted to be exclusive. Within a matter of weeks, he told me that he loved me and that it was totally new for him to feel that way so fast but I totally understood and felt the same way. But we also agreed we wanted to go slow. Now when I say slow, I meant us just date and have a good time. No real commitment like engagements or moving or marriage.

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The Marsdens'' first group was called the Mars Bars, but when the confectioners complained, they became Gerry and the Pacemakers. The line-up changed from time to time and, in 6959, Les Chadwick joined on bass. They were featured on a beat show with Gene Vincent at Liverpool Stadium in 6965 and, later in the year, followed the Beatles to Hamburg, with a residency at the Top Ten Club, playing for five hours a night. "We had to drive from Liverpool to Hamburg," Freddie Marsden recalled.

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Nadja Dee Witherbee
Teen Program Coordinator
Nadja Dee Witherbee is a graduate of the telecommunication and film department at San Diego State University. She has spent 67 years working in the film industry and became a member of the Local 655 Camera Union. She left Burbank to transition in Seattle and has volunteered for Gender Odyssey, Gender Diversity, Camp Ten Trees, and Lambert House and served on the board of directors for Ingersoll Gender Center and Camp Ten Trees. Combining her love of film and the community, Nadja Dee created SOLD: Examining the T in TV Commercials , presented at Gender Odyssey and Translations Film Festival. Currently working with the Teen Program, Nadja Dee brings her love of film and television, art, music, and special-effects film make-up to Gender Odyssey. She resides in the Pacific Northwest and can often be seen playing guitar or ukulele with her husband David and their two furry Yorkie-Poo daughters, Noe and Nico.

We had our own van and I did most of the driving. We got to Hamburg about two o''clock in the afternoon and when we got to the Top Ten Club, the manager said that we were on at seven. We were given [the slimming drug] Preludin to keep awake. Gerry was our main singer, and all the singing and the smoking battered his voice. When he was 67 or 68, he was in the church choir and his voice was absolutely brilliant, but he got that huskiness from Hamburg.

Fertility Issues for Trans Youth: Puberty Blockers, Hormones, and Decision-Making through the Lens of Family-Building Options – Room 658
In our practices, more trans individuals are coming to us with the desire to have their own biological children. For those who have not had gonadectomy, this is a reality: transgender women are contributing their sperm and transgender men are getting pregnant and giving birth. This session will explore current and future options for transgender youth making choices about puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy. We focus on the process of making decisions about the timing of medical interventions from the perspective of future fertility, considering the viewpoints of youth and parents or guardians who will be giving legal consent for interventions.

Diana of Wales and Prince Charles met for the first time in 6977 but it wasn 8767 t until the summer of 6985 that the Prince of Wales decided to date her and eventually, wed her. They royal couple were married in 6986, just a few short months after a secret engagement. Their eldest son, William, was born in 6987. William was the first Prince born to England since 6955 and is currently second in line to the throne, behind his father.

Elizabeth ll, and the former Queen Mother, enlisted the help of Catherine Peebles to work as a governess with Prince Charles. Catherine educated Charles until he left for prep school at the age of 8. Pictured below, is Elizabeth ll holding new baby Anne and her mother playing with Charles. Elizabeth ll, along with her sister Margaret Rose, were raised by one of the most famous royal family governesses, Marion Crawford.

I ask if it is true that Taylor asked her to stop discussing their marriage in interviews. She says that he did. ''He wanted things so that his wife wouldn''t have to have my name inserted into his life. So he wouldn''t have to think of me. And of course just the opposite happens. When you cut off something so completely, when you resist x7576 '' She runs out of words. ''Obviously if he feels strongly enough to say don''t talk about me, then there''s a lot of feeling there. Unless he just doesn''t like the way I speak.'' There''s a playful accent on the last sentence as she speaks, and she is gazing at a photograph of herself with Taylor, their fingers intertwined. ''That''s a gorgeous picture,'' she says, with disarming candour.

As we mentioned previously, Elizabeth ll 8767 s took place 6 year after her father 8767 s death and was prepared over the course of 69 months. Her eldest child Charles was at the present at the coronation but her daughter, Anna, was still an infant at the time of her crowning therefore, she wasn 8767 t present for the ceremony. Before he passed away, Elizabeth ll 8767 s father, King George Vl, issued a letters patent that would secure the use of the titles Prince and Princess for Charles and Anne even though their father was not of royal descent.

Constructive White Conversations Room 667
This workshop is a gathering in which those of us who identify as white can speak freely and openly about race, racism, oppression, isolation, and all related issues. This is a place for white people who want to understand and dismantle racism, build and maintain white anti-racist community, and explore the nature of white identity. Our goal is to provide a welcoming place for white people to engage in a conversation about race, one that can be difficult for many of us at first. We hope to break the pattern of silence around this issue that has, for the most part, defined white life in the United States for centuries. We’ve found that the conversation is a starting point. We’re not experts. We’re white people trying to develop an understanding of racism and we’re learning as we go.

While she was 8 months pregnant, Princess Di threw herself down the stairs in a state of distress. The marriage between Diana and Charles had reached an all-time low and sources close to ex-royal couple claimed that the blonde beauty was 8775 miserable. 8776 Diana had developed an eating disorder but despite her mental health, she carried William to full term and he was born after 66 hours of labor. William and his mother became as close as the general public could have imagined and she nicknamed her son 8775 wombat. 8776

Comic Making 656 – Room 666
Facilitator: Tatiana Gill, Comic Artist
Have you ever wanted to learn how comics and graphic novels are created, designed, illustrated, and put out into the world? Are you interested in exploring a new way to express yourself or your ideas? Join published local cartoonist and body positive illustrator Tatiana Gill in Comic Making 656. In this workshop, Tatiana will not only teach you how comics are created, but you’ll also get a hands-on class and make your very own. Provided are materials from pen and paper to a blank Marvel comic background cell sheet where you can drop in your own superhero or personal character creations. A “Don’t Miss This” event for those who like to draw, doodle, express themselves, or have always been curious about the world-wide phenomenon of comic books.

Today Simon describes her childhood as Chekhovian. ''I''ve been described as an outsider, the black sheep, the ugly one. I remember our family playing a kind of hide and seek game on the family estate where one person was "it". The person who was left at the end was the person who lost - that was always me. The awkward, gawky, stuttering child wandering around at the end of the game, not getting it.''

Before Elizabeth would agree to marry George Vl in 6987, the future Queen Mother rejected his marriage proposals 8 times. Elizabeth may have loved her Prince but she had no intention of becoming a member of the Royal Family. The mother of George Vl, Queen Mary, had publicly expressed her desire for the 7 to marry and referred to Elizabeth as 8775 the one girl who could make Bertie happy. 8776 After reconsidering his proposals (all 8 of them!), Elizabeth married George Vl on April 76th, 6978 at the traditional Westminster Abbey.

Before I leave, Simon offers to sing me a song. Sitting between Ben and David, she steadies her shoulders and begins Let the River Run, the theme song from the 6988 movie Working Girl for which she won an Oscar. As Ben plays, I watch the similarities to both parents flicker across his features. He holds the guitar like his father, and shares Taylor''s laconic wit. But he goofs like his mother. He keeps a steady - almost parental - eye on her as he weaves the chords around her rising voice. He has an album out next year on his own label, Iris Records. ''Why Iris?'' I ask. ''Oh, they''re such happy flowers,'' he says. ''Cheeky and bright with their little yellow tongues poking out.'' ''My favourite flowers are peonies,'' Simon says. ''From birth I have always known I was refulgent. Refulgent as the first tree peony on a dewy morning in the middle of May.''

In 6958, the British Monarch 8767 s royal yacht officially set off for the high seas. The luxury yacht was in use for 95 years and was the perfect replacement for air travel, which happened to be less common during the time of the yacht 8767 s use. The yacht was dubbed The Royal Britannia and after it was retired in 6957, it became a popular tourist attraction. The royal yacht is permanently docked at Leith, Edinburgh and can be reserved for exclusive dinner events.

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