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Secrets To Dating An Independent Woman

Posted: 2017-11-14 16:23

As a white male who lived and worked in east asia for several years, I don 8767 t see anything in Terry 8767 s post that makes me blow up. There 8767 s just not that strong of correlation in east asia culture between higher education and feminist posturing. Asian culture says there can 8767 t be 7 suns in the sky, or it will too hot and the earth will burn. There must be sun and moon, man is sun and woman is moon. An east asian female can be at the top of her career, but when she 8767 s not at work she 8767 s still a woman and there 8767 s no mental / emotional disconnect in her brain that way. Can 8767 t always generalize 655%, especially those who relocate to a western country have to unconscious tendency to imitate the western princess cunt. Also its not automatic that a western woman is going to be annoying that way just because she 8767 s successful in what she does, just more likely.

20 Things You Should Know About Dating An Independent Girl

One would like to think that earning an education would open a person 8767 s mind and give them some perspective on life. This doesn 8767 t happen with the majority of women, though. In fact, possessing a degree has become a reason to discard all humility and common courtesy. Where has the highly desirable and respectable female trait of modesty absconded to? Perhaps, most importantly, where has the respect for honest people trying to make an honest living gone?

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Do you know what I call the guy that picks up my garbage? What about the person that works at the convenience store, or the construction worker that 8767 s fixing pot holes on my street? I call them 8775 sir 8776 or 8775 ma 8767 am 8776 , and why do I call them that? Because I 8767 m grateful that they exist. I 8767 m glad there are men willing to bust their asses for 8-67 hours a day in 95-degree heat or 85-degree cold to build, fix, and create things for the betterment of my existence. Far too many women in this country can 8767 t see it because they 8767 re too busy looking down their stuck-the-fuck-up noses at everyone around them. This just in ladies you ain 8767 t shit.

7Tips for Dating The Independent Woman

The 8775 If it breaks, I 8767 ll get it fixed! 8776 mindset is more validation for her choice of profession it 8767 s all about the 8766 cure 8767 and not the 8766 prevention 8767 . After all, we go to Doctors when something is broken and needs fixing except some of us do take preventative measures we work out, eat healthy, and keep an open and positive frame of mind, oh, and we see a Doctor for a check-up, not because we want to be fixed.

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You contradict yourself. Obviously, any strong, independent women will pretend to be 8766 meek 8767 around you, to get the bang for their bucks, cause you are such an obvious sexist we are actually not stupid 🙂 In a blatantly patriarchal world, we have had to learn a new skill set: pretend to be dumb and put up with your stupid platitudes ( 8766 love 8767 , 8766 darl 8767 , etc) or be taught by your sexist, misanthropist, psychotic and sociopathic behaviour. And, I call BULLSH*T on your pathetic claim that all men 8766 fundamentally understand that they must submit to the RSO 8767 s commands. Even if it were true, what would it prove? That men are sheep, to follow each other? While lionesses ROAR 🙂

What Men Really Think About Successful, Independent Women

Some of the most arrogant women I ever had the 8766 pleasure 8767 of dealing with were in med school. It 8767 s almost like they are groomed there to be insufferable cunts. The culprit 8767 s likely a combination of the associated professional status of an . in society that gets to their heads, the feminization of medical curricula (overreliance on group work, presentations, rote memorization, etc.), and enabling professors forever stuck in blue pill world. Also, don 8767 t believe the 8775 women are perfect for healthcare because they are the nurturing sex 8776 myth. Some of them would talk shit about patients behind their backs, having no qualms about it.

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Also, I can 8767 t remember where, but there was a blog article that discussed something similar. May have been TPM, or Ian Ironwood 8767 s site, but I can 8767 t be sure. The article went on to describe Alpha women as those who are well, our grandmothers and great grandmothers, in the way that they were kind, caring, nurturing, loving, great mothers, had children and got married to a strong man when they were [and physically attractive], emotionally supportive, the list goes on.

Secrets To Dating An Independent Woman

I was kinda pissed kuz of all the girls I was seeing at the time I was thinking to myself 8775 damn this girl has actually got her shit together and isn 8767 t a retarded slut 8776 And you know what? I respected how straight up she was with me. She knows what she wants and she is going after it. We 8767 re on good terms and function well as allies since we both have some brains and connections. I aint gonna orbit her but it was refreshing to deal with such a different kind of girl.

Secrets To Dating An Independent Woman

8775 The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you 8767 re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. 8776

10 Things You Will Learn from Dating an Independent Woman

Where on Earth did you determine that I 8775 .think women are not 8775 well-educated 8776 . 8776 ?
I defy you to show me where I 8767 ve ever said anything like that.
You seem to have anger issues. Direct them at the proper target, not me.
If you look, you 8767 ll see that many well educated women upvoted my story.
You know, it is a bit sexist of a gal like you to lump all men into the same mass of throbbing stupidity. Why don 8767 t you reread what I 8767 ve written and re-examine your premises?

This article was spot on. I know there are probably some doctors on this site, but they honestly have the worst attitudes. I am in finance and half the guys in my office (including myself) refuse to work with doctors just because of how stubborn they are. This only amplifies when you put a woman in the position. Not to mention every woman out there wants to get into healthcare and think it makes them unique.

Eh, Europeans have their respective cultures as do the Chinese. I would say Europeans are on the forefront of innovation, at least for the last 655 years. Prior to that I imagine the Chinese were. Somewhere along the line the Chinese became much more… stagnant and banal. The Asian work ethic is respectable, but it looks like nobody really wants to jump out of line and make a change. I mean the pollution for example, here. All it would take is a couple guys working together to figure out some way to lessen it…. but it 8767 s been years of this and still they haven 8767 t made a budge on it. It 8767 s like nobody really wants to.

I agree, and that is truly sad. That said many men and women out there, still believe in the 8775 us 8776 . Because how my folks explained marriage to me before I got married and had kids, is it is a Union of 7 Souls IN TO 6 SOUL! I made sure before we got married I clearly and sturnly explained this to my Fiance! She was with me 655% (on the same page), she was from a fairly religious/conservative and bought up in a small town, so that certainly helped. I would say 75% of American URBAN WOMEN (regardless of race/ethnicity) are DIFFICULT at best and fucking nightmare at worst!

I would like to say something to all you men who think we women are not 8775 well-educated. 8776 Have you ever met a country or small-town gal? We find it very offensive that men anyone for that matter compare us to city ladies. Very few of us don 8767 t know how to shoot a gun, jump a car, drive on dirt roads, carry emergency items in our trunks, or whatever else it is said women can 8767 t do. I may be studying to be a teacher, but I damn well have knowledge in many things outside of my field. I am a strong and independent woman it 8767 s basically required these days. But I do know how to ask for help when I need it. Also, newsflash, there are more women and minorities attending college than middle class men right now. I didn 8767 t even need an article to tell me that women are the majority on my campus. We can be just as educated as you.
Side note: women have been dealing with men 8767 s big ass egos for centuries and kept our mouths shut. It 8767 s about time women can be proud of something. Now some women are annoying about, I don 8767 t doubt that one bit, but men can be just as bad.

I 8767 ve had it both ways.
First wife was a strong, career minded woman (who was happy to use me to pay for her education).
I had kids with the second wife. She is a successful (six figure) artist and superb mother. She owns a publishing company that specializes in her field. She has been committed to us rising and falling as a single unit for 68 years. I 8767 ll take being part of a team over being used to advance a strong woman every time.
My current wife and I have several Chinese immigrant friends. I think we would strongly identify with Xu and his wife if we ever got to know them.

Maybe the guys you know aren 8767 t going about it the right way. They may not be able to change the dynamic, now, but one of the things I do, the first time I bang a girl, is ask her what her deepest, darkest, secret, greasiest little fantasy is. Sure, you get 8775 I want to bang outdoors 8776 from time to time, but the two most prevalent are (a) some version of 8775 Tie Me Up! 8776 and (b) Sex with another girl. It 8767 s basically automatic.

There wouldn 8767 t be a huge problem with this situation except for the fact that she is an insufferable selfish cunt who doesn 8767 t think about anybody but herself. She does have booksmarts but there is no doubt that half of her accomplishments come from the fact that she has never had to face any kind of social or financial burden at all (except for the fact that me and my friends have basically ex-communicated her after all the shit she put us through) And truthfully I am starting to doubt her 8775 smarts 8776 as well. Academia currently doesn 8767 t seem to foster independent thinking scientists but rather people that parrot information and get good grades even in un-creative and pointless subjects.

More of the bloody same, yet not quite as chokingly sexist, so that 8767 s a step in the right direction, yay. I do kind of apologise for hitting this site today, but it is my mission (heard about this misogynistic website at uni) and I do think that you speak like sick individuals, but maybe that is partly due to peer pressure? I hate seeing my daughter go, kicking and screaming, to her Dad 8767 s house for a sleep-over once a fortnight (though I know she has fun when she is there, or it wouldn 8767 t happen). I just want what is best for her. But, seriously, 8 years down the track, & he swears abuse, at me, loudly, over her little head, which is not acceptable behaviour, matey. Ever. Abuse is abuse. And him shouting, 8766 F**king Christ for f**k 8767 s sake 8767 over her head is NEVER OK. Stew over that.

A woman 8767 s independence is really based upon a person who thinks that because she measures up socially to a man it means she does so physically, when another man gives you any kind of flack you or putting out dominant energy, you recognize it as a man putting you in your place or putting out that dominant energy. You can learn to accept it from a man for a multitude of reasons. Whereas with a woman, her independence and domineering attitude, unless she 8767 s she hulk, is an unearned confidence on a natural level. Social contract keeps many different things intact for women. Why would your independence even matter to me in any way other than me asking you? Not to mention, your status puts you in a position where you feel comfortable enough to try and outmuscle me like you 8767 re a man.

Unfortunately, one belief that made its way into my head and stayed there for many years is that an independent, well educated, and high earning woman is a good catch. It 8767 s difficult to make that confession, but it actually makes sense on the surface the joint incomes would be great and, in the event of divorce, the chances of making a relatively easy financial escape would be greatly increased.

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