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i don''t respect your pathetic, undereducated, unskilled income anyway, which merely pollutes the internet with cheap commercial propaganda, moralising idiocy, and clearly uninformed opinion. Readers should recognise the trivial second layer to your efforts, namely that you are trying to do the exact same as your advertisements. Like them, if you can only support your existence by advertisement itself, 99% percent of the time not even creating any actual product associated, noone will miss anything by letting your business die, as again, you don''t create anything.

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You could possibly demonstrate that blocking ads is not in users'' best interests, but if that''s really true, I think the onus is on you to figure out how to make that obvious to them, rather than castigating them for taking what strongly appears to be the easy way out of incurring that overhead. If you''re considering this essay to be that demonstration, I''m sorry to say that I still feel, like many before me in this thread, that the business model as it currently exists seems like a bad deal for both writer and reader. And "if you don''t like the business model, you come up with another one" isn''t a legit response to that: my optimal model is currently to block your ads, and until there is a different transaction model that leaves an even better taste in my mouth, I''m sticking with it.

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He uses a similar free content model with donations instead of ads yes. It''s still the same content model. He couldnt rightly display ads to you could he? So yes, I still find it hypocritical. Happy to make money himself while destorying other peoples abilities to make money. If he believed everything on the internet should be free, why ask for donations? His work is somehow so special that it deserves payment and ours doesn''t?

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I, like you, do not mind seeing ads that I have previously searched before but just mentioning something while not on my phone creeps me out. Last night my husband was complaining about something being in his eye. We looked all over the house for eye drops. When we came up empty handed he said he would just run to the store after dinner and pick some up. In the meantime I grabbed him a steeped tea bag to help. Later that night when we both were scrolling on Facebook an ad for Visine appeared on his home screen and an ad for tea bags appeared on mine. To me that is way to creepy and not at all a coincidence!

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Yahoo is complete shit nowadays The Ads load before the page does, despite any settings you may have at AdCHoices preferences I guess its just going to turn in to a fucking spamsite for all its good for anymore, with its preferences towards transgendered children news, and constant racial shit from the huffington post
DONE.. Ive had Yahoo as my mail and homepage for more than 65 years.. and it has completely gone to dog shit now

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No, I''m not interested in services I don''t know about that are presented to me based on being tracked. I find this intrusive. For others it can be outright dangerous. You did hear about the teenage who was outed to their parents based on facebook tracking, right? The one who got kicked out of the house? Threatened with violence? I think you''re foolish if you think that was an isolated incident rather than exactly the kind of thing that happens over and over when one allows tracking, or is ignorant of it happening.

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This has happened soooo many times that I found this article by searching about the microphones listening in to see if others were experiencing it as well. Just this evening, my daughter turned on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory while we were eating dinner, and we haven''t seen it for at least a year. Since I''ve seen the movie several times, I was scrolling Facebook on my in my newsfeed is a sponsored ad for a Willy Wonka game WHILE we are still watching it. I don''t EVER play games, and if you''ve seen the movie (the new one with Johnny Depp), you know they say "Willy Wonka" numerous times when talking about the candy bar, the factory, and so on. This is one of many many similar experiences I have had in which I didn''t type in any search terms and was only speaking, and in this instance, it was picking up the dialogue on the TV in the room..can''t wait to be a part of the class action suit when all this comes out!!

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I have ad-block plus and I use a predetermined list. I would have never installed or even searched for a way to get adds to stop if It wasn''t for intrusive and questionable adds. I put up with adds trying to con me into clicking them by pretending to be something I may be interested in. I could even tolerate the ones who took over the whole page and hid the close button and the ones who blasted you with stupid sound 5 times the volume of everything else. But when a very graphic adult add randomly started blasting at work on one of my many work related open search results while I was listening to something work related, I almost lost my job and that was the last straw. I do block most all adds, I do this because advertisers,you should concentrate more on attacking these unethical add sites and spreading information on what we can do! Ill gladly turn off the resource hungry app if we can ditch those!

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I think that perhaps, instead of trashing these elements, you might think about what drives people to use them. It''s bad mojo from creepy ads that follow you, its that virus that you got from an ad a few years back, its the obscene flashing, noisy add that is right in the middle of the page that makes you want to throw the computer out the window. Think about these things, and instead of calling users of a particular software extension selfish, maybe try to fix what makes them want to use it on your site? 

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O6 Affiliate hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless TopOffers and Program Web Sites owners/operators and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and licensors, directors, officers, employees, owners and agents against any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys'' fees and costs) based on (i) any failure or breach of this Agreement, including any representation, warranty, covenant, restriction or obligation made by Affiliate herein, (ii) any misuse by Affiliate, or by a party under the reasonable control of Affiliate or obtaining access through Affiliate, or the Links, or TopOffers or Partners’ intellectual property, or (iii) any claim related to your Media, including but not limited to, the content contained on such Media (except for the Links).

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And that is funny because adverts seem to have become so popular because users were willing to have adverts displayed so that they could access content without paying. Now they are blocking it, so back to a paywall!
Yet these people would be the first to complain about poor content, even though they are preventing the site from making a better income and thus being able to spend more time on the content.

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David Lodge went on to explain that much of the code was already available either within the OS or in the public domain, and it seems the experiment was achieved with minimal battery drain on the device How to Improve Battery Life on Android Marshmallow How to Improve Battery Life on Android Marshmallow Battery life is finicky, but with this trick, you can squeeze a lot more out of your Android Marshmallow device. Read More .

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The solution is fairly simple. Create an ad with the URL you wish to promote don 8767 t select any demographic criteria at all and then click Place Order. Then go back and Edit the ad, and you shouldn 8767 t have any issues changing all your criteria and clicking Save. I can 8767 t believe a billion dollar company could have issues like this especially when it comes to the main system which makes them money but I just can 8767 t get past this no matter what browser I use.

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Now if that is too much "inconvenience" for you, then take your browser elsewhere and get out of my site. If you want free lunch in my restaurant then you have to listen to a 65 second pitch. But if you just want the food for free and leave me with no money, then I''d tell you that you''re foolish because then all these restaurants - where you don''t have to pay any money and just listen for 65 seconds - are all going to go out of business.

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Yes the ad blocking on Chrome sucks for the reasons you said. It is actually slower with ad blocking on in Chrome than with it off because of the way it blocks ads or doesn''t block ads I should say. This is why I will not use Chrome. I use Firefox and Opera but if you want Chrome with real ad blocking use SR Ware Iron browser. It''s Chrome with real ad blocking and you will see the speed difference. Iron uses an ad block ini file like Opera and does block ads not just cover them up. 

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I was on the phone with a friend, this past Friday, because I was going to pick up cheese for her son, at a local Amish store. She said she had a home slicer, so buying the whole block would be cheaper, because she could just slice it. I never looked up a slicer on my computer, or mentioned one on Facebook, but shortly after that conversation, an ad, for a meat/cheese slicer started constantly showing up, on my Facebook. I''ve seen it for the past 8 days. It''s such a random, specific item, I knew it had to be from the telephone conversation.

I just started using Android couple of weeks ago (finally switched from Windows Phone, which I can now say, was very much ad-free). So yesterday I saw my colleague in his hotel room had a weird machine and asked what is this. He explained it was the sleep apnea machine. I''ve never ever before talked about sleep apnea with anyone or searched it. Lo and behold, today I get sleep apnea machine ads in my facebook feed. WTF!?!?!?
Switching off microphone, Ok Google has to go as well. But keep in mind, I never said "OK Google, what is this weird machine you''re having here". So this listening-in is happening constantly and not only with Ok Google. Very disappointed in Android. And Google is lying when they "categorically deny" this happening. This cannot be coincidence.

Technology can be absolutely amazing even right down to the electricity smart meter if used correctly and for the good of mankind. The mere Electrical Smart meter not only stops the huge theft of supply which the general working people have to foot the rise in costs for, while the weed growing thieves of the commodity claim that such should be free in the first instance, (but never actually giving any answers as to how then the workers would sustain any form of living in a rational real world.) yet while growing substances and misusing such substances to live a life of… ah wasteful luxury and helping in the crimes of all forms of trafficking. Off topic one might say, but really is it?

I 8767 m considering to block only video advertisements, I beraly even notice banner ads. I was wondering, though, haven 8767 t the compannies already payed the websites to put up their advertisement? Or is it a pay-per-view system, so that only if the users saw the ad it will revenue the advertisement website? And if that 8767 s the case, is blocking ads going to stop the ads view counter for the user? I know this view may sound unethical, because the one thing that keeps the site up is there to get the user 8767 s attention, except it 8767 s hidden, but it wouldn 8767 t be such a big deal for the website if the compannies payed previously or per-view, even if the ad was hidden, (Haven 8767 t practiced English in a while, sorry for the weird composition)

I just listened to you podcast and did some research about STM and facebook ppc campaigns after that. I found that a lot of people are saying that STM was a great ressource in the past but since the 7568 it gets less frequented and that there is not a lot of useful information posted anymore. People claim that the content which is on there is outdated and that its getting harder if not impossible to be successful at facebook ppc campaigns.

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