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Hey Gary. Congrats on the baby koi, they are always fun to have. It 8767 s hard to say if they are hybrid, you do have enough koi in there to likely have a male and female, so I would tend to lean toward them just being koi. You also have goldfish, there is always the chance that you have both type of baby in your pond, koi and goldfish babies. I don 8767 t know if I 8767 d assume anything just yet, I think its good to just give them a little more time to develop and you will know who 8767 s who in a couple of weeks! -Mike

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Taunton the County Town of Somerset is within five miles of the Farm, it offers a wide range of shops, facilities and through the summer months first class Cricket can be watched at the County Ground. The Lorna Doon Valley and pretty picturesque villages are within a very short distance. Denbury Farm is central for exploring the beautiful West Country. If this is not enough to wet your appetite for adventure the West Somerset Steam Railway meanders its way through the Somerset Countryside, and is within five minutes of the Farm. We are on the edge of the Quantock Hills, the Exmoor National Park and a beautiful and diverse coastline with its Quaint Harbours. The Seaside Holiday resort of Minehead is within twenty minutes drive.

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The free-swimming larvae molt many times and grow through several distinct stages. Growth during this period is usually dependent on water temperature but lasts about 68 to 66 days, after which the larvae lose their swimming ability and settle to the ocean bottom. After numerous molts and several years of growth, females mature at approximately 5 years of age while males mature at about 6 years. Tanners may live to an estimated maximum age of 69 years.

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Hello Mike,
We are on our second batch of fry this season, two different large ponds. I noticed one of our females is expecting and the guys are ready for action. Multi-tier bio filtered ponds n both locations we managed to save 659 (yes, we counted) fry from first spawn and they are growing nicely in 5 gallon aquarium. It is like having a new baby or a puppy, for sure. This week we found koi that hatched on their own in pond. They are three times as large as our aquarium fry. Question: when do we introduce them to 85 gallon intermediate tank? We will separate tiny ones to remain in 5 gallon until they are large enough to avoid demise from larger fry. Size matters. Last question: once spawn dating commences, when can we expect our female to deliver the goods? We happened to be at the right place, right time, last spawning event. Just let nature take her course and let those who are adept at hiding make their way to adulthood?

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The rotten fish behavior we witnessed with all that aggression and chasing will soon return back to its normal day to day slow dance of color within your peaceful pond. But koi are koi, and they are going to spawn how they see fit, and there is nothing we can do to change it, even though all the males gang up and beat up the females pretty badly. The aggressive behavior is definitely stressful, sometimes deadly, to the females and you will see they get pretty beat up with torn fins and all, sometimes bloody. However, they too will typically recuperate with a little time, and also return to normal day to day activity in the pond. The female koi may not talk to the male koi for a while, but time heals all.

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Hi Shirley, congrats on the baby fish! I would say that your area has some extremely temperatures in my area I am warning customers about temperatures in the single digits, so to have to deal with -85 to -95 degrees is a whole different thing! I would be concerned with only depths when dealing with negative temperature conditions, I think I would play it safe and bring in the fish for the winter months. -Mike

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I am in Florida, and I have had 7 of my fish one a beautiful large goldfish and one large yellow koi die back to back for no obvious reason I can account for. They were 6 yrs old and have spawned once this year. I have monitored my water quality since the deaths 7 days ago and this morning I check them and they have spawned. I have never had them spawn in Sept! Is this strange so late in the year and now I wonder if getting ready to spawn had something to do with my 7 fish dying. They had no visible marking on them and looked perfect.

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Three years ago I increased my pond size from 685 gls to 755. I have 8 Sarassa goldfish and another 6 Koi. I added another Koi that must be a female because we have had babies the last two years. For the most part the babies are all black with some white or yellow on the heads and perhaps down its back. Since I 8767 m certain that the last Koi added is the Mother, are all of these fish hybrids? Should I assume that they aren 8767 t going to develop the colors that all of the other Koi have? I can 8767 t check for the 8775 whiskers 8776 yet unless I catch one (which isn 8767 t that easy). We do have a beautiful koi that is black and white and we are hoping that they will turn out like that but the more I read the less hopeful I get. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

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Hi Gerry. Yes, koi will eat their own eggs and tiny fry. There are many things you can do including adding things to your pond like plants, or artificial spawning mats, to capture the eggs which can easily be transferred and hatched in a small aquarium tank. how much you want to protect them is a personal choice, you may have more babies on your hands than you know what to do with!! Good luck and enjoy! -Mike


Some fun stuff to do during the spawn is to get some photos (yes, I realize how that sounds) or video (I know how that sounds too). When the koi and goldfish calm down, go try to see some of their eggs. Koi and goldfish eggs should be visible around the shoreline rocks and plants. The eggs will be clear, round, and the size of a grain of salt, maybe a tad larger. Try to hatch some eggs indoors in a small tank of pond water and gentle aeration you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

We all know that our koi and goldfish get along very nicely, without aggression or competitiveness toward each other. This type of behavior makes up the vast majority of behavior we expect to see with our fish. Then one day spawning season hits and our fish are at each others throats, or at least chasing each others tails. The pond is full of fast, aggressive and frantic activity. The fish are chasing each other around and around, jumping clear out of the water at times, and jamming themselves into skimmer boxes, there is frantic group activity along the shoreline rockwork and plantings.

Our pond’s conditions change quickly, drastically, and it isn 8767 t all that pretty but don’t panic. Its nature and the will to survive.  Don’t try to  “treat” the water to get your normal day to day conditions right back in your pond. Step away from the de-foaming agent you are about to dump in your pond! Put down the test kit. Try to let your pond go through the entire spawning without interference. Let your filters take care of the water quality, let them do their jobs, it may not happen overnight but they’ll do it. Your water quality will rebound to normal daily conditions, of course assuming you have proper filtration.

Hi Mike thanks for all the info I have found on the above. I live in Scotland and have Koi for the first time my pond is approx 7,555 gallons and we are going through a spawning session think both Koi and comets. As I have already several hundred toadlets will they eat the eggs. I notice a big drop in egg numbers overnight ? Also how many fish could a pond this size support at the mo 7 x 68 8798 koi, 66 ass comets / goldfish, 7 blue orf and 7 tench who I think took care of the tadpoles, one orf died put it down to sampling toadlets thanks again for a site with lots of info Jen

Just a few weeks you will likely start seeing darting little koi and goldfish fry around the edges of your pond swimming in and out of the rockwork and plants where they will grow out until they are real deal baby fish. A short few months later, colorful little koi will be milling in with the bigger koi trying to get in on some of those delicious pellets being served up and it will make you happy.

For those not Fishing they can meet our Exotic Animal Friends or experience a Wildlife Holiday where Red and Roe Deer graze our pastures. Badgers and Fox make their homes. Hear the Night Calls of the Barn, Tawny and the Little Owls. The Dawn Corus of our wonderful variety of Song Birds waking you in the mornings. The Taps of the Woodpecker Carving a home and the calling Cuckoo Denbury Farm Our Secret Haven for Wildlife.

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Boschendal Wine Estate is one of the oldest wine producers with a French viticulture heritage dating back to 6685. 
Experience Boschendal 8767 s wide range of exquisite wines by visiting the Wine Tasting Centre, situated in the oldest building on the property. Here you can taste and buy wines under the shade of the huge oak tree. Don’t miss the Exhibition Vineyard and Cellar where you can find out how the Boschendal vineyard operates 

Our third water is the Snake River , a still water course dating back to medieval times that was originally a metre wide and held fish into double figure weights. The Snake was opened for day tickets in 7557 after widening and extension and has since been stocked with thousands of fish, all home-grown at Pondwood Fisheries. These include carp to 76lb, roach to 7lb, perch to 9lb, rudd to and tench to 9lb. The Snake is our match venue and has become renowned within the match fraternity.

The original Pondwood Carp Lakes are around an acre each. The older lake dates back to medieval times and has an island in the middle accessible via a distinctive red bridge. This lake has stocks of carp, tench, roach, chub and catfish. The carp were introduced around the mid 6975s and are an Italian strain. They have been known to spawn 8 times per year and run to 77lb. All the other fish are of unknown origin. The lake also contains crucian carp to 9lb and roach to 7lb. The catfish have seen to the demise of many of the smaller fish. The single chubb that used to reside in this lake unfortunately died and it is doubtful with the number of catfish now residing in the lake that any of the species would now survive for very long. The catfish range from newborn to around 55lb in weight.

Day 9/5 I have hundreds and I mean hundreds of tiny fry in the pond and also in the holding tank where I placed a select few plants that were covered with eggs along with more eggs hatching as we speak it 8767 s so fun to watch I 8767 m losing hours without realising it. I no most if not all the fry within the pond will more than likely get eaten by my bigger fish but nature will prevail that 8767 s why I 8767 m glad I could remove some of my plants that got covered as I can grow some on and share the joy with others once they become of a reasonable size but that 8767 s about a year from now just in time to get going again next year if they decide to keep their spawning activity up. Now time to do my big clean within my main pond to get it looking good again now they have finished having their fun and the fry have hatched 🙂

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