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The 6 types are accurate but not necessarily exclusive. If I could suggest two it would be the Quizzer or the No Time I 8767 m Busy. The Quizzer asks enough questions to see if you 8767 ve read her profile and then in turn asks you enough questions to see if you remember yours. The No Time I 8767 m Busy has an endless list of reasons why she has no time for dating but just wanted to meet to get out and maybe do it again sometime. My experiences with online dating are average, a couple dates a month. I think it 8767 s fair to say dating after 95 is more like looking for a partime job. Put down all the right things and you 8767 re either overqualified or not what they 8767 re looking for.

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Please go for it! Age is not the defining thing. It all comes down to respect for your partner, his/her ambitions and if you want a life together. I married my wife at 75 and she 95. We never wanted kids and the experiences of her sisters have proved us right! They are always a problem and bring nothing but soul-searching and unhappiness for their parents mainly. I will be 67 this year and we are still married. I can feel when my wife is suffering and I comfort her even without any words I feel that she responds. I did all the chores and my job for two months while she was sick taking her breakfast lunch and dinner, ensuring she could get to the bathroom etc.  since she had had operations on both feet and was not very mobile. I rose at and finally got to bed about . Would I do this again? Yes because I love her still after 97 years. I say if you feel for the person, then go for it but stay true and honest with her.

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Hi Lorraine. Normally I 8767 d say to just ask pretty directly, but it sounds like you already know the answer. If you have been texting him and he merely responds with a polite text back, but doesn 8767 t ask you out, then you have your answer. I don 8767 t want to be cruel, but from the info I have here, including you saying it, he 8767 s not into you. So move on, sister. If you are looking for love, don 8767 t waste any more time with this man. Find someone who digs the hell out of you and can 8767 t wait to see you. Hugs, Bp

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Hi guys and gals,
This is great! I am joining the conversation kinda late, however I wanted to share another angle to these great points. As a very women who got married with a child already in tow, I have to say some men can be a bastard and try hard to make a woman feel like 8775 damaged goods 8776 because she has a child, and try to impress upon her that he is doing you a 8775 favor 8776 by marrying you anyway.

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In fact, the biggest problem you have surrounding sex is that you’re making WAY too big a deal about it. Apart from the fact that sex can create babies, in 99% of cases, it’s just a fun thing that people do when they’re attracted to each other. By not carrying yourself with confidence, not asking out more women, not making the first move, not pushing to go further, and not seeing yourself as a sexual being, you’ve projected yourself to women as safe and asexual as well. It’s time to reboot and start from scratch.

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One issue that women will face at this point (that frequently don 8767 t) is the fear of attachment. Many guys, especially in their 75s and 85s, will be uncomfortable about sleeping with a virgin for fear that she will then imprint upon them like a duckling looking for it 8767 s mommy. These guys are, frankly, fucking idiots women are just as capable of having sex for sex 8767 s sake as men, and  honestly the odds are good that you would be better off not fucking them in the first place. However, should you wish to do so, it may be better to take the initiative yourself rather than waiting for their horniness to overcome their fear of being stuck with a 8775 clinger 8776

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(Sorry if this posts twice).

Thanks Mirror. You have no idea how valuable your advice is. But final question, shouldn t I just pull out now? And if so, how do I go about it?

To echo your final point I m already worrying the sex is making me more emotionally involved than I should be. Yesterday evening for example he took the trouble to text me and ask how my day was but when I replied the follow up message ended, catch you later. He was then on WhatsApp all m an over-thinker at the best of times but without giving him the benefit of the doubt, this just makes me think the worse.

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I m definitely involved with a gut has told me so time and time again I have refused to listen. I became a booty call, friend w benefits. the last time he was over my house at 7 AM his phone rang repeatedly on vibrate. He looked at me, grinned and said Don t be jealous I have admirers.

The following day I called him out on all his bullshit and poor treatment and told him we can no longer be friends, we were never friends. My true friends don t treat me like crap and leave me second guessing my self and everything. He threw it all back in my face and blamed me for his disappearing. Twenty four hours later he s on a dating website and befriending a dozen new girls on Facebook.

Needless to say, I am implementing no contact FOREVER with this one. Ladies, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

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The fact is most women don't look at online dating like a bar scene, at least not at first. They somehow think the site is brimming with their fantasy guy who is just waiting for them. Or that they can weed out all the bad apples and find Mr Right. They get a little disappointed when reality hits. Much like how so many men think online sites have hundreds of beautiful women just waiting for men to save them from lonliness.
Sorry but nope. The pretty girls on the site usually made the account for kicks and don't really care about your message because they could easily walk out their door and have someone hit on them.

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but in the beginning he told me that he have nothing to offer me that he is just a poor boy trying to get his feet and the day that i camebto visit him i look around and i notice that the family does not have money in that way them i told him if i love ,i love with or without and he said ok but do u think if he finaly get his feet do u think he will remenber me despat all the good things i have done him even the time he needed my help badly and i help him are u sure he will remenber me at all.

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For every single mother there is a single father. Any judgements to place on the guys? I was put in a situation in my early 75s where someone I cared for and trusted pushed things too far and forced himself on me. And guess what? I became pregnant from that one incident and now have an amazing boy and I wouldn 8767 t change anything because of it. I personally don 8767 t tell many people that real reason but I have enough daily struggles without being judged by people like you. Unless you are perfect, I don 8767 t think you should judge.

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Hi Angelina. If you sent a personal message, I don 8767 t answer those. But I 8767 m glad to answer you here. I 8767 m going to say it straight: He 8767 s not playing any games or wondering about you. He 8767 s just moved on, which is exactly what you need to do. You didn 8767 t know this man at all, right? Just some messaging doesn 8767 t constitute knowing a guy enough to decide that you like him a lot. You likely like the fantasy of him that you have created. Look, I was where you are dozens of times when I was dating. I wish I had someone to tell me to knock it off.
That 8767 s what I 8776 m telling you. You are mourning over something that wasn 8767 t a real thing. More like what you wished it could be. Give this some thought. I hope it helps. I hope you can start making choices based on face-to-face meetings and truly getting to know a man. That 8767 s when magic happens. Bp

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I bring up a month into it what he thought about us and he complimented me and said 8775 I will see where it goes. 8776 I did not question him more about it because I did not want to pressure him into anything and just left it at that. Thinking he meant he wanted to take things slow. I also mention to him that I did not want a casual thing and he did not say anything to that so I thought all was good. He understood what I meant by that.

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Hi Mirror:) just wondering if you have personally ever had to deal with rejection and if so how did you do so and come out of it with your confidence intact or even better than before?
im really struggling with that right now. I feel im totally back at square one as far as my self esteem goes or lack Ive really been feeling bad about myself and questioning myself and everything that is wrong with don t even have the motivation to take care of myself like I was before but as I mentioned im getting breast augmentation next month in the States. I feel like my fallout experience with the douchebag triggered some of my deepest insecurities. I m not doing it for any man but for myself and to feel better about my body but I hate feeling so insecure all the time. I feel like everyone is always staring at my imperfections.

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All human beings.. and I mean ALL.. including feminist retards like this one know it is MEN who are NOT WIRED for monogamy.. and women are the ones who nail men down.. it is GENETIC. Females often died from childbirth.. and once knocked up, they were out of commission for a year.. while males mated with as many females as possible. look at Ghenghis Khan.. half of Mongolia's and China's population carries HIS genes. not "hers" sweet silly thing.

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Interesting article, fascinating comments. As a 65+ year online dater (I even used dating software [no "apps" back then] on Bulletin Board Systems), at the end of the day I think the biggest problem I've encountered is a complete lack of tolerance from women for anything less than *funny* or *lazer-focus-on-the-girl's-passions* messages.. POF is right on the money at least as far as their advice goes "talk about her interests, or these topics.." In real life, I'd say that a woman will give you at least 6-7 minutes of her time to make your "elevator pitch". With online dating, in the vast majority of interactions you have *one* message, and then maybe a second one if you're lucky. Granted, I'm a superficial bastard, and I own that. There are lots of women who've reached out to me who I'm sure I could have easy, stress-free conversations with. But I've tried dating people I'm not attracted to, and I've never been a good/strong enough person to overlook it, so I'd rather be honest and only date women I find attractive.

Another reason the men do all the work line is .: Men put way less work into being attractive. Even those who put a lot of work into being attractive do far less work than a typical woman. The woman you re working up the enthusiasm to talk to had to shave her legs, get an expensive and hard to maintain haircut, study fashion and really fuss heavily over an outfit, and buy, learn to apply and put on make-up just be considered cute enough for you to talk to. And she has to do all this for the rest of her life, just to maintain the basic minimum considered enough to be worthy of having male sexual attention, from potential suitors to even maintaining a partner or husband s attention.

Wish you had one for a Wounded Girl! I am wounded. And Im scared silly. I lived the life of an abused woman verbally, physically, and mentally. Doing counseling now with a local counselor. Just getting started. I can 8767 t imagine what it would feel like to have a man in my life that had my back! That would stay up with me late and clean! I think I 8767 d fall off my chair! To be supported and not ran down from the time he got up till the time he went to bed I 8767 d be blown away! I used to be afraid if I even left the milk out on the counter when he walked thru the door, because I 8767 d hear about it. To have someone help me and do it without bitching would be amazing. I think I 8767 d faint. And to have someone in my life that didn 8767 t try to attack me emotionally, mentally or physically, or anything I owned I think I 8767 d have to pinch myself, and would have to remind myself to even Breathe! Yea, I 8767 m scared. I was married 77 years to someone that I thought was an honorable man, who went from Jeckel to Hyde.

I used to have a very Victorian view of dating back in my high school days. The Men ask The Women out and they bring them The Flowers and they pay for The Dinner and the girl works hard to protect her Virtue despite all that. Some of it came from my upbringing and the kind of parents i have and the country i came from, but as time went on i felt more and more uncomfortable with this arrangement.
I met a lot of girls who felt the same. I think an average North American woman is not comfortable with the idea of handing all the dating duties to the guy. it feels weird, why is the guy stuck with everything? it takes two to dance as it were.

And don t forget that lots of people at all ages have only had one or two partners I m sure there are many people who ve had a long dry spell and feel rusty, divorced people that haven t kissed someone they didn t know really, really well in years, and a lot of them would feel very awkward and unsure about it too, so you wouldn t be the only one in the dating pool who s a little low in confidence or experience.

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