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Posted: 2017-11-14 18:42

If you look into closely you can see what people are made of. This denotes we are still barbarians. Putting a suit and coat doesn 8767 t makes us humans. Humans are not sensitive anymore. They are more like barbarians who hurt. Imagine what will happen to those physically disabled people? Or someone who is a transsexual? Or someone with autism? How will this world treat them? You have to think deep.

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I was textin this girl I like, I told her on Sunday let 8767 s go to the movies she said sure when? I said this Thursday And she told me 8776 you know what the bad thing is? I got homework everyday 8776 I said 8776 oh I see, nvm then some other day then? 8776 got no reply.. She does this a lot she won 8767 t reply to a text and then a few days later she will text me with 8775 heyy 8776 btw when we hang out sometimes with friends she always make me caress her arm?.. We are just friends right now but I like her and I 8767 m confused Thanks.. oh! and she knows I like her, friends that got big mouths told her

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and then she 8767 s always talking about how she 8767 s gonna get herself an Asian (or more like Korean lol) man and what not but wow I don 8767 t know what one out there would be able to stand her after a while honestly! lol! I 8767 ve been very close to telling her a few times to try to 8766 tone the Asian obsession down 8767 if she wants to successfully date great Asian guys, but I can 8767 t bring myself to tell her haha.


Dude did I say that you were lacking fe8male attention?  Is that your inflated ego talking to you? You are proving to be the egotist I thought you were.  Short men do not need advice from you, that 8767 s almost laughable, and I repeat no short feels inferior to you or anyone like you. That is the dumbest thing you said so far. Also this is coming from a man who said women are biologically pre-programed to go for taller men. Saying they can 8767 t help it. Dude you are stupid beyond belief.

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The girls that you 8767 ve dealt with that you claim are not rude or bitchy are mostly the ones used to deal with foreigners and either are paid for that service, have an agenda (hooking u up for english lessons, free dinners, etc) or know how to deal with foreigners due to customer service but once you interact with them in their normal chinese social circle or worst, marry them, they do a 865, even the way they talk changes. I 8767 ve got dozens of friends married to them (even chinese) that verify this situation. For chinese women, they have to give that 8766 face 8767 as you mentioned in order to draw the men into a commitment and after that,they say: ’ I put up with your stuff to get you into me, now you 8767 ll put up with mine 8767 ! 😉
Actually I find farmers more polite and traditionally raised, they posses more chore values and put the family and husband first as a very respected aspect that they have to nourish.
Regarding the 8766 largest chest growth 8767 , I think you were tricked by those padding bra 8767 s here in China my friend. Korean and japanese girls are a bit better.

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Genetically, every person has been "preprogrammed" to attain a certain height. However, most people never reach this height simply because they do not do Everything Right for their body to Maximize Growth . To make the most out of your potentials you need to learn how . and You will Learn this Knowledge in the DVD

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So, contrary to popular belief, my dating life on the whole has actually been more successful after transition than it was before, as a cis gay man. Back when I identified as a gay man, my short stature was a liability, since the mainstream gay world is into tall, muscular guys. As a blonde, blue-eyed woman of average height, I get asked out a lot more, though I'm not 655% sure dating's actually any easier!

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Hi! I 8767 m 65 curly and 5 8767 9 and according to my doctor still growing. I 8767 ve been a competitive swimmer all my life and I 8767 m proud of my height. I actually want to be taller. I went to my freshman homecoming and I was 5 inches taller than my date and still wore heels( there were no flats in my size) now I was 7 inches taller. I just want to any your blog is great! Tall curly and proud!

Am I looking into this shit WAY too deep? Could the friend have caused the delay in texts or was she really busy? A week is a small sample size, but yesterday afternoon, and after the evening message to this morning is off. I haven 8767 t text her today (no good morning, etc) and know she is started her second job for 5/6 this evening. Should I CALL her around 885/9 today not asking how her day was, but set up something for the weekend or should I just talk and try to see if anything if wrong/off with hearing her voice? It 8767 s just very wierd to not get a message from her this morning.

The problem with most of these dudes is that they are unfit, thin and weak, and in that sense, somewhat pathetic, and too many of them are computer nerds who spend more time with computer games and chat rooms than real people. I think its a bit of a generational thing and that China 8767 s urban environment is very unfriendly to youth. Also, it is generally really boring unless you 8767 re ready to spend quite a lot of money.

As a general rule of thumb, I followed these guidelines:
6) If someone came off looking crazy or demanding: delete with no response
7) If someone from #6 contacted me again: delete with no response, followed by a block
8) One or two line 8775 hey baby 8776 or whatever contact: delete with no response
9) Message that was obvious that they didn 8767 t read my profile: delete with no response
5) Message with no opening to continue a conversation (ie, no questions or expressing interest about themselves or me): check their profile, if interesting and some matching, proceed with caution, else 55/55 delete with no response or respond with decline
6) Message with actual conversation and questions, interesting catch phrase: check profile, look for matches, respond accordingly

Mine just wanted to meet me, after talking in a night pub, really good conversation, both goofy, funny etc, she was always messing with her hair, looking me straight , then she invited to follow her and her friend through the said goodbye in nice way, cool day after messages and videos all day from where she was..after more nothing of nadaaaa 🙁 really weird..She talks unless I talk, no facebook likes in my pictures nada

Pushiness for a short man means he hasn 8767 t gotten laid in a long time, and it 8767 s because women turn him down because of his height.  Again, it always goes back to you women.  He has no problem with his height, it 8767 s women who do.  You women create men like this, by ignoring them, treating them like dirt and not caring about them.  How else do you think they 8767 re going to feel?  Put yourself in their shoes for one day, you won 8767 t have the strength to do it.

Hey Tony,
First of all thanks,
I was just wonderinf though i like this girl, well more like interested in her.
She first wants to get to know me through texting Ok i guess
But she always a lot of time to reply to a simple text! Look most of the time i am chilled, but like its frustrating i just dunno man what it means, she blowing me off or she just has something else to do. Look i understande she has school and all but like it doesnt take long to reply to a text.
Anyways, i always giving up after she sarts like not wanting to hang or if she takes a long time to reply to a text.
Anyways thanks for this i 8767 ll take in everything you said.

Sadly I recognise some of this in myself and also recognise it as insecure and though I appreciate it is not easy for a woman, it is not easy for me (us) either is there anything I can do to help this? To stop myself?
Often it is because of an emotionally distructive childhood . being told regularly of being stupid or rejected, being compared infavourably to others on a regular basis for example I was by my brother at 68 and he was the 8766 poor dear lad 8767 .

Terri: I've been on the shorter side my whole life. Because of that, I've taken being short as a fact of life. It doesn't bother me, not in social situations or dating situations. To that end, guys' height has never bothered me, either. Some shorter girls I know will say they're only attracted to really tall guys, but that's never been a thing for me. I'm not one of those people who HAS to date someone tall, but I do notice that short guys have always sought me out because I'm shorter than them.

Now if I hear the sound of the genuine in me and if you hear the sound of the genuine in you it is possible for me to go down in [my spirit] and come up in [your spirit]. So that when I look at myself through your eyes having made that pilgrimage, I see in me what you see in me. [Then] the wall that separates and divides will disappear, and we will become one because of the sound of the genuine makes the same music. 8776 ~ 8776 The Sound of the Genuine, 8776 Howard Thurman

I had to answer you on this. I can only speak for myself: I tell the women in my life to go for whatever they decide is on their checklist. Most men I know do the same as well. The only Caveat I add is don 8767 t blame mankind for a choice you made with your full 7567 your choices. And regardless of this being the message women are given, I hear more women on blogs and in real-life not making excuses for what they are attracted to because they believe that choice is self-destructive, socially constructed, nurtured, not affirming, or whatever, is not my or anyone else 8767 s call to make, and it never enters the discussion.

My experience exactly. I 8767 m now 65, divorced at 95. Since my divorce, I met one 8775 eligible 8776 bachelor who died of a sudden heart attack soon after asking me to marry him. Fortunately, I 8767 ve had my career and friends to keep me busy.  I do volunteer work, joined the Rotary club, joined a church singles group, go on meetups, ballroom dance, have done the online dating thing etc. etc. Up until four years ago, I had my dad to help me out. I was devastated when he died, because he was my best friend and confidant.

I know you mean well, Tony, but I don 8767 t think telling guys to text a girl every three days or so is a wise choice. But that is just my opinion. If a guy were to text me every few days and I don 8767 t respond whatsoever, I would be annoyed and so pissed! If i 8767 m not interested then that means I 8767 M NOT INTERESTED NOW GO AWAY! I 8767 m kind of going through that issue now. I met a guy who had great personality and he was good looking, but after only three days of knowing him, I realized he was one of those guys who just can 8767 t take a hint and buzz off. It 8767 s been about three months since I last talked to him and he STILL texts me. I never reply. Omg, he is so irritating! Like just STFU already damn. Guys, please, do not continue to be a major pest if a girl never responds. Do not text her if she is clearly not going to reply. It 8767 s never going to happen, so move on. Stop being creepy and desperate.

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