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Posted: 2017-11-15 01:11

I am happy to discuss more things with you in a spirit of love if you 8767 d like to. There really is so much to learn from God 8767 s Word but, sadly, in the organisation we were never encouraged to read it and come to any conclusion ourselves were we? 8766 Independent thinking 8767 as it is termed is something to be avoided and yet, independent thinking is exactly what Paul praised the Beroeans for.

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    We are taught that only the spirit of the law remains and I 8767 m sure you 8767 ll agree with me that the spirit of the Two Witness rule was to establish truth. The truth of whether someone has been a victim of child abuse can be ascertained in this day and age through various means. You and I know our God. He is the God of justice! He would never approve of sticking with a law that ended with Christ and allows pedophiles to remain in the proximity of children. Think about your God. The pope claims to be the 8766 Vicar of Christ 8767 but we know he is not. The 8766 Church of Christ 8767 are not necessarily the true church of Christ because of their name. In the same way, an organisation calling themselves 8766 Jehovah 8767 s Witnesses 8767 doesn 8767 t mean that they really are. Jesus said, 8766 By their fruits you will recognize them 8767 MATT 7:65-78.

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    On appeal, it had been determined that Zalkin had not been sufficiently persuasive in arguing for   Lösch to be called upon to explain Watchtower 8767 s policies. Zalkin told the Reveal conference that, having learned from this experience, he would make sure the Governing Body would be cited as defendants both collectively and personally in a future lawsuit, meaning that they would be compelled to answer for their harmful policies.

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    it from me abused as child as wife while being born in to this marvelous orgy who says keep eye give to us(GOD).so we can watch the twitter birds from our self made resort benches while marvelling at our holey drain covers living a life of luxury, while you suckers stay poor and 8775 cart 8776 around our crapolah! Many a time tis not lookin forward to Gods Kingdom that keeps many WTs from leaping over the hedge tis the 8775 spiritz 8776 and the antidepressant meds! I know I felt as you till I went to other side of fence and took a look! is greener on other side and sheeple do notice! I have no prob asking Jehovah what is this all probs you list, etc but ask an Elder, or Toni, Morris, Flett etc. rest of Gb as to Child abuse, spousal abuse etc., that goes on in their orgy they will either totally ignore you cuz who are you, give you a chewin match like you are the guilty one well give it a try let us know the response

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    And then, when a brother visits me and starts talking about the Catholic church and I mention the child abuse cases Watchtower has lost (which he too knows nothing about) he shrugs his shoulders and says, 8775 Why are you telling me? I can 8767 t do anything about it. 8776 Is this the glorious brotherly love and concern we should show for the victims of our religion? Can you imagine the good Samaritan shrugging his shoulders and saying, 8775 What can I do about it? 8776 Isn 8767 t the least we can do to show care and love for the victims is to know what is happening in our congregations?

    Neither did trustees fully enforce restrictions on Rose, who was seen knocking on doors on behalf of the Jehovah’s Witnesses following his conviction. On top of this, they failed to ‘adequately consider potential conflicts of loyalty’ to Rose, or keep an ‘adequate written record of the decision-making process used to manage the potential risks posed by the individual to the beneficiaries of the charity’, the Commission found.

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    Devin sounds like you had a real tuff go of things sorry for frosting your day. Hope your life is better and can stay as such keep your faith in God that is good to bad you had to go thru the things listed, or that you acted the way you did and hurt others you must have grown up in the city I grew up in the bush thank the Good Lord for bush!!!! Best place to live, where I only have claw marks in my steel door where the bear tried to pull it open and get in, and claw scratches all over my would rather take my chances with the wild life in bush country than 8775 wyldlife 8776 of the now baby bear wants more peanut butter Moma bear is wondering what it taking me so long Good yu visited this site and shared with us your life story a tad 8767 just do not tell the folks at the KH you attend won 8767 t fly. A person can still believe without Religion Religion equals control.

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    Jesus is God, and has existed for all eternity (though not known by that name before his incarnation). Colossians 7:9: 8775 For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily 8776 (in human form). The Godhead is a union and communion of Three in One. The Father expressed Himself perfectly and begat Jesus the Son, who is God. Jesus is the only person who has a true God nature and true human nature. He is fully God and fully man. He therefore has two wills, a divine will and human will. To say 8775 Jesus is the Son of God 8776 is accurate with the understanding that 8775 Jesus is God the Son 8776 . This was revealed by the will of God.

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    I concur with your thoughts, JBob. Even now, as the assemblies have already started, the Governing Body are still trying to distance themselves from their 97 year fiasco of Freddy Franz 8767 s 6555 years of human/Biblical history 8775 Armageddon is a commin' 8776 nonsense. They have, truly lost all credibility with most if not all 8766 worldly 8767 people which has manifested itself in declining numbers of baptisms. The leaving of the ones from this distopia and also the growth of 8775 apostate 8776 (by whose definition?) web sites such as this does not bode well for the future of this cockamamie cult.

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    For example, Applewhite had suggested that Watchtower, like many organizations, had been caught off guard by the relatively-recent public awareness of institutional child sexual abuse. Zalkin eviscerated this argument by showing a series of scans from Watchtower publications dating as far back as 6986 (prehistoric in the context of child abuse awareness) showing that Jehovah 8767 s Witnesses understood both the scale and gravity of child sex abuse long before most other institutions did. There was thus, he brilliantly argued, no excuse for Watchtower dragging its feet over several decades.

    Charity Commission report slams Jehovah's Witnesses

    Jesus talk from the perspective of his humanity (that is why he prayed to the father because he exemplifies man praying to God(he is a model for man))
    Jesus also talk from the perspective of his divinity showing he is 8775 ever knowing or all knowing 8776 mark68:87, no one knows the day except the father COMPARE with verses like matt67:77,Luke 5:9-6, John 7:75,John 66:85, John 76:67

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    During judicial committee hearings congregants are expected to tell the truth and reveal information that might lead to them sufferings harm, with the hope that process might cause them to change a detrimental course they were on. WT chooses not to follow that course, but instead to resist it. As Bible students we know the name of the first recorded resister of God. WT is aware of that also, and yet it has decided to disobey clear Biblical orders to obey the superior (governmental) authorities. And, as Romans states, those who take a stand against that arrangement will suffer from it. WT is presently reaping a negative consequence-see Lloyd 8767 s ticker registering a $9555 per day fine. Surely you don 8767 t associate these actions of WT with 8766 taking a stand for the Truth. 8767

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    In order to prolong the agony, Roman executioners devised two instruments that would keep the victim alive on the cross for extended periods of time. One, known as a sedile , was a small seat attached to the front of the cross, about halfway down. This device provided some support for the victim's body and may explain the phrase used by the Romans, to sit on the cross. Both Eraneus and Justin Martyr describe the cross of Jesus as having five extremities rather than four the fifth was probably the sedile. (p. 98,99)

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    Last year, I was involved with a JW. It seemed odd that she didn 8767 t live what she professed to believe. I 8767 m Roman Catholic and was shocked at some of the nonsense these bozos preach about my religion horrible things. They claim to be select. Nonsense. This woman was forcing her daughters to live some kind of chaste lie while having no problem bedding someone as obviously evil as me. Didn 8767 t end well LOL! Christ gave us ALL a means to salvation. Any religion preaching that fact is a true Christian religion. JWs are not true Christians. They also have an interesting view on 8775 works 8776 has nothing to do with kindness or charity just 8775 witnessing 8776 LOL, again. Peace, out.

    I never questioned why I believe what I was raised speaking with . I personally, don 8767 t know alot about their religion but from research I have done, I also believe that this article holds some significant discrepencies. Lisa, don 8767 t go by what others tell you, it 8767 s important to research it yourself from reputable sources, and they don 8767 t get much more reputable than the bible. (u may even want to research the history of the king James version) interesting. blessings

    The Greek word translated as boast is kauchomai , which is translated to boast or glory over something. Paul plainly gloried in the symbol of the cross it was a sign of victory , not defeat. In 6 Cor. 6:67,68 he tells us that Christ sent him to preach the message of the cross , and that people would stand or fall according to their response to such a simple message! He goes on to say that some (like the Jews and the JWs) would stumble over the cross (because of its shameful significance in their minds), while others would consider it foolishness (verses 76-78). But to Christians the cross meant the power and the wisdom of God! He says that this is because God deliberately chose the weak, foolish and despised things of the world to make his point, so that his children could glory in what others consider despised!

    Paul also uses the cross as a symbol for the cause of Christianity, as well as the death of the old nature. He speaks of the cross in various contexts. He tells us that some have become enemies of the cross (Phil. 8:68). He talks about the old nature and the Law as being nailed to the cross (Col. 7:69). He picks up on the theme of Jesus regarding the cross (Matt. 65:88 66:79 Luke 9:78 69:77) and talks about crucifying the old nature (Gal. 7:75 5:79). Over and over, Paul considers the cross a sign of victory , not defeat! He boasted in the cross!

    Devin, have you watched the hearings at the Australia Royal Commission? They are hours long but well worth your time to watch them. You will learn a lot about how the elders covered up over 6,555 pedophiles and cases of molestation in the congregations so that it would not make the organization look bad. The elders told the truth most of the time but were very evasive but Geoffrey Jackson out and out lied under oath.

    Though the Bible does not specifically describe the instrument that Jesus died upon, tradition has it that he was put to death on a cross consisting of a stake and a crossbeam. The Greek stauros is sometimes used to describe a simple stake, and other times a more complex form such as the cross. To determine what appearance the stauros took in Jesus' death, we need to consider what the Greek language tells us, what history tells us, and most importantly, what the Bible tells us. Furthermore, we must consider the significance of the stauros to the Christian, and whether it is a subject of shame or of great joy.

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