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8775 Fuck me, Chloe, 8776 I whispered into her ear, feeling her slam down onto my cock even harder at the use of her real name. I 8767 d originally started using it occasionally to tease her a few days after our first lunch and after seeing the way she was reacting to my use of it in such an intimate manner, I was definitely going to use it again. 8775 You like fucking me, don 8767 t you? 8776

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Joslyn James - Let Me Fuck Your Manager
Joslyn, a DIY crafting enthusiast, bought the wrong shade of paint for a mason jar vase she’d be dying to make ever since she saw it online. However, when she gets to the craft store to return the half-used tube, cashier Kyle refuses to make the return. So, Joslyn decides to do what bossy MILFs do best – ask to speak with the manager. When she discovers that Kyle has been put in charge of running the store, she decides to teach him a thing or two about satisfying his customers.

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Anya practically giggled aloud, hearing such a naughty phrase from Taylor Swift’s mouth, but she had a job to do, and she did it. The physical trainer pressed the dildo deeper into Taylor’s snatch, rubbing the starlet’s clit a little more, making Taylor’s pussy flood with juice. The singer couldn’t keep her eyes open, and her hands went automatically to her tits, squeezing the tiny things as best she could, trying to get more and more pleasure, even as her stuffed pussy was overloading her brain.


“Oh! Oh! OH YES! YES! YESSSSSSAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHH!!!” Taylor exclaimed as a powerful little orgasm rocked her body. Taylor closed her eyes tight and tried to hold on as a powerful rush filled her blood, and what little remained of her stress seemed to melt away. She couldn’t think straight for a while, her brain clouded with orgasm, and when she finally came around, she was surprised to find herself laying down still on the table as Anya was gently massaging her feet.

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“Yeah, stress,” Taylor agreed lazily. This felt amazing. Anya worked her hands together down Taylor’s spine until she hit the curve of Taylor’s ass. Then her hands came back up the sides of Taylor’s back before crossing her shoulders and running down the singer’s arms. She did this several times, and Taylor felt downright heavenly as the short redhead worked her over. If this feeling had been what Emma had been talking about when she suggested the place, Taylor would happily feel this way for a couple of days.

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This time was different though because I didn 8767 t have much left in the tank. My energy was starting to flag and I knew it would take some serious concentration to keep up the pace for even a couple more minutes without blowing my load. And while I was pretty sure I 8767 d already acquitted myself quite well with Dove and could just come and be done with it, I really wanted to finish the night on a high note.

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If the shoulders were tough, the arms were worse. Anya stretched Taylor’s arms out by pulling on them from different angles. At first, Taylor just took it, but by the fourth different angle on one arm, Taylor was growing sore. Still, her arm DID feel stretched, and she supposed that was important. But it just seemed to be delaying Anya’s return to Taylor’s crotch, and that was all Taylor really wanted. By the time Anya moved to the other arm, Taylor was certain she would die from an overdose of horniness.

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“Good girl,” Anya said, stroking Taylor’s head one last time. Taylor hadn’t even looked at her, unable to even open her eyes against the insane pleasure she was feeling, filled with two dildos. Anya seemed to take forever to get back behind Taylor, stopping to fiddle with something. But eventually, Anya started to slowly withdraw the dildo from Taylor’s ass. Once more, the singer was thankful for all the lube, but she could barely stammer how good it felt, feeling the large plastic cock slide out of her backside. All Taylor could feel was the pleasure shooting out of her ass, and the beating of her heart.

“Good! Anya likes regular customers,” she said, reaching down to grab something under the table. She came back up with Taylor’s clothes, her black tank-top and short-shorts. Taylor sat up slowly, and Anya helped her dress, pulling the tank-top down first, making sure it lay properly over Taylor’s breasts before putting the shorts on Taylor’s legs and helping to guide them up until the singer could lift her butt to slide into them. Anya made sure they were good and snug, even rubbing Taylor’s throbbing pussy through the fabric, giving her the first camel toe Taylor Swift ever enjoyed. There was no word on Taylor’s panties, and she didn’t feel like asking.

Taylor did as she was told, letting her arms drop down off the side of the massage table. Anya immediately took her right arm and began kneading the flesh. Starting at the shoulder and working all the way down to Taylor’s fingers. She worked plenty of the massage oil into Taylor’s pale flesh. The blonde country star felt like her arm was butter by the time Anya moved over to the other side and repeated herself.

“OH, GAWD, FUCK YES!” Taylor gasped. With her pussy filled, and her body already primed for sex after two most powerful orgasms, Taylor Swift felt nothing but pleasure as the dildo slowly but surely entered her deepest, darkest parts. Her times with boys in her butt had never been like this. They’d hurried, treating her roughly, mostly worried about getting themselves off inside her bubble-butt. They had hurt her. Anya was taking her sweet time, stretching Taylor’s asshole like she’d stretched her pussy slowly, seductively, carefully.

8775 At first she did, sitting next to me on the bed while I was trying to read for school and sticking out her chest to distract me or making comments about how my arms were filling out. You know, the usual stuff that girls do to turn guys into drooling idiots, 8776 I explained. 8775 But then I steeled my nerves and kissed her. And when she kissed me back, we started making out and it progressed from there. I don 8767 t think I 8767 ve ever been more nervous than I was that night. 8776

Cherie plunges into her pussy until Alex collapses in a heap spent from cumming. Cherie keeps going, spreading her legs wide for Alex to lick her cunt. Cherie French kisses her stepdaughter as they both finger Alex together. Cherie proves herself the true leader of the mob, grinding Samantha's tongue while licking and fingering Alex's ass and pussy. Cherie orchestrates a wet and wild threesome on the couch, switching up their configuration every time they cum. Cherie even makes her mob stepdaughter squirt till her pussy runs dry!

Taylor laughed politely, wondering why Anya was so focused on her rear. Was Anya a lesbian? Maybe. But then wouldn’t she be looking at Taylor’s naked breasts? Other than to correct her posture, Anya had barely touched them, and certainly hadn’t ogled them. Of course, Taylor was kind of used to that. She didn’t have the biggest breasts in the world far from it. Still, she’d been complimented on them before and Anya was ignoring them.

Feedback is totally welcome on the C-S-S-A boards (either through PM or in the CSSA Feedback Thread), and in fact is encouraged, because the Author 8767 s ego is quite fragile and he 8767 d like to know someone out there thinks he 8767 s producing something of some worth to someone. Seriously, I 8767 m THIS CLOSE to giving up, guys, so maybe a little 8775 thanks 8776 every now and then would help. Constructive criticism is welcome too, so long as it 8767 s not just 8775 You suck. 8776 I 8767 m good with 8775 you suck, 8776 so long as you explain, ideally in detail, what I did wrong that made said story suck. If you just don 8767 t like me, keep it to yourself. Trust me, I already know most people don 8767 t like me, and I 8767 ll just assume you don 8767 t, too, so why waste your time and mine? But if you want to point out ways I can improve, hey, I 8767 m game. Try me.

8775 You remember what a successful date looks like, don 8767 t you? You know, where you go out with a woman and don 8767 t wind up screaming at her for spending time with a guy that wasn 8767 t you, 8776 I said, trying not to grin as he looked like he was trying to decide whether to push me or not. 8775 Now if you 8767 ll excuse me, I should probably get back to my date. I promised to make breakfast. 8776

Taylor swooned. The sex wasn’t over, and it was about to get dirtier. Oh, so much dirtier. Anya pressed her cool, lube covered finger against Taylor’s back entrance, and quickly worked inside the singer. Taylor wasn’t an anal virgin, either, but she’d only done it twice, and hadn’t enjoyed it either time. The second time had ended with her breaking up with the guy she’d been dating, and she’d sworn off anal forever after that. But Anya’s finger was so much different from either penis that had been inside her. Anya knew what she was doing.

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Mob boss wife Cherie DeVille gets the news that her husband Biggie's in jail. She comes to the conclusion that she's in charge now. Cherie's stepdaughter Samantha Rone hears the news and informs her wife Alex Grey that her stepmother is planning to take over the business, Samantha's rightful inheritance. Alex and Samantha agree to a meeting with Cherie. Samantha is confident her coke trade will secure her position at the helm.

Having never been with Dove before, I really couldn 8767 t read her body yet. I knew the general signs, but every woman has certain specific tells for whether they like something or when they 8767 re getting close to orgasm. Some take minutes to figure out, some take months, or even years. Of course, some guys never bother to learn, and I always felt sorry for women that get stuck with those types of guys.

Those fingers were magic, at least as far as Taylor was concerned. They felt like fiery little nubs, their heat almost more seductive to Taylor than what they were doing. Taylor’s clit, already sensitive from it’s earlier orgasm, responded faster, and seemingly with more intensity. The blonde superstar felt her body ratcheting up towards orgasm so much faster than it had the first time. Perhaps, she mused, because she wanted it so much more.

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