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Date: 2017-08-13 17:16.

A Muslim army will rise from the ruins of the Arabian peninsular with the promised Muslim messiah (Mahdi) which will side with Europe and bring about the demise of the Antichrist (State of Israel). The Antichrist nation alliance would be destroyed and there would be a treaty between Europe and the Muslims. Soon war will break out and from Europe, the head of the British royalty with Jewish (non-Semitic origin) lineage will invade and occupy Jerusalem and declare to be God thus the arrival of the Antichrist in person. An increasing amount of muslim scholars believe the Antichrist person has been chained up in Britain for centuries and would be released from there.

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First, let me say no one is saying that Islam is not antichrist and anti Israel. But so was Hitler and the Communists. All sinners who reject Christ are antichrist but that does not mean Islam is the Harlot of Revelation like some now claim. I write that all false religion since Babylon is the Harlot and after the Religious wars of the near future only a form of pluralistic Universal religion will be allowed to be practiced on the earth because any religious fundamentalism will be seen as a threat to world peace. So the Harlot of Revelation is all antichrist religion and not just Islam. What we see in Revelation 67 is the culmination of the great Harlot since ancient Babylon. The make up of the end time Harlot will be all who join with the acceptable world pluralist religion and not just a more politically correct peaceful form of Islam.

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The first challenge really is pretty week.
What classical writers wrote about Islam hundreds of years ago does not carry much weight for correct eschatology today They knew little about these issues, most were amillennial. Obviously some people of any time would think that the enemy of their day would fulfill the prophecies of the Antichrist just as some thought the Catholic Church would or Hitler would or Communism would. For every classical scholar you can come up with that claims the Antichrist will come out of Islam I think ten can be found that say the Antichrist will come out Catholicism. Besides, where else would those who held the eschatology views of Catholicsm think the Antichrist would come from? So just picking those who support your views and ignoring those that do not support your view does not add weight to your theory.

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Verse 65 is no longer talking about the location of the woman it talks about the seven world empires where the false religious Harlot fornicated ever since Babylon. So when it is talking about the seven mountains (world empires) five were before the time of John the sixth was Roman and the seventh will be the Revived Roman Empire. When it is talking about the seven kings as in verse 66, it says one of the kings of these seven world empires will also be the eighth king (a evil spirit behind the king unless one actually thinks one of the seven kings physically rises from the dead).

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Across conservative Pakistan, where extremists launch near-daily attacks and many follow a strict interpretation of their Muslim faith, male cross-dressers face a challenge balancing their two identities. Male and female roles are clearly defined in Pakistan and transgender people often face harassment and abuse. Some have left their villages for the anonymity of a big city, fearing the reactions of their families while still concealing their identity from neighbours and co-workers.

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Jassim is heard in the video apparently confessing to training a female bomber who attacked a police station in Diyala. "I was introduced to her, I began talking to her," she said. She had to talk to one elderly woman several times before persuading her to blow herself up at a bus station, she added.. US officials have said that recruiters often pick on vulnerable women whose husbands have been killed in the violence that consumed Iraq since the invasion. Some even marry the woman and then convert her into a suicide bomber.

The Anti Christ will be a Messiah-Imposter who the religious Jews are looking for and that is why he must be a Jew. One has to keep in mind when discussing the Jews that 8775 that they are not all Israel who are of Israel. Neither because they are of the seed of Abraham are the all children 8776 , :6,7. Scofield 8767 s note here says, 8775 the two kinds of Israelites- the natural and the spiritual 8776 . The natural Jews we see dominating the media, ACLU, banks and the communist push for the New World Order. The spirtual Jews, who are waiting for their Messiah, are the 699,555 Manchild who will be raptured at mid-trib and the Remnant who will be martyred. National Israel will flee to the wilderness and be protected by God, hopefully to be saved after our Lord 8767 s glorious return. Dolph

It was bad enough that the alleged took place in the sanctity of a mosque, and that the accused man was a mullah who invoked the familiar defense that it had been consensual sex. But the victim was only 65 years old. And there was more: The authorities said her family members openly planned to carry out an "honor killing" in the case — against the girl. The mullah offered to marry his victim instead. This past week, the awful matter became even worse. On Tuesday, local policemen removed the girl from the shelter that had given her refuge and returned her to her family, despite complaints from women's activists that she was likely to be killed.

Another thought on this Jewish false prophet/Antichrist (I realize they are not one and the same!): As the true Messiah had to be a Jew and claimed that Salvation is of the Jews [John 9:77] and the Resurrected Jesus Christ still is A Jew [Rev 5:5], would it not be most likely that the false prophet and Antichrist would have to be Gentiles?
We know that Israel will never be numbered among the nations [Num 78:9] and the pro-Arab UN backed by the world 8767 s nations and the Vatican fulfil that prophecy. While also bearing bearing in mind that Israel will never cease to be a nation in God 8767 s sight [Jer 86:86], would it not suggest that the idea of a Jewish false prophet or Antichrist would be extremely unlikely?
This is only a thought but wouldn 8767 t both of these evil characters have to be the antithesis of Jesus Christ Who was the true Messiah and a true prophet?
I 8767 d appreciate your views on those points, Don.

Less than half of all Muslims in the world live in the lands mentioned in prophecy. So using their own logic that only Muslim nations are named, why are not all these other nations mentioned as well if the fight is against Islam and its Antichrist? By the way, the claim is that Islam is the Harlot of Revelation but Jesus does not come back to fight the Harlot she is burned by the Beast before the return of Christ. So why does the Beast out of Islam destroy itself?

The head of the Women for Afghan Women shelter here where the girl took refuge, Dr. Hassina Sarwari, was at one point driven into hiding by death threats from the girl's family and other mullahs, who sought to play down the crime by arguing the girl was much older than 65. One militia commander sent Dr. Sarwari threatening texts and an ultimatum to return the girl to her family. The doctor said she now wanted to flee Afghanistan.

As one who holds to a Pre-trib Rapture view point, I think we could have an inkling of the identity of the Beast, but will not know for sure because we 8767 ll be caught out before he is revealed. And personally, I really don 8767 t care who the Antichrist is because I am not looking for him. I 8767 m looking for the Lord Jesus Christ, the faithful and true one not too early, not too late, but just at the perfect time!

Just for your information since you asked in posts that will not be posted. My last paragraph where I said 8775 I give up 8776 means that I am not wasting my time arguing anymore with you about your silly theories or wasting space here for yours. I have been to your website and see the book that you are writing and promoting. It should be a book of fiction. I guess you think you can just pile upon the theories of other Antichrist proponents with more absurd conjectures and then promote your book by making endless arguments here. It ain 8767 t going to happen. Your not going to get posted. In fact the links to your site will will be taken out. I do not want Christians being confused with every new whim that might tickle ears.

"I think Robert wanted to be a part of something," Nicholas says. "So he was looking at different religions, seeing 'Where do I fit in?' He's studied them, tried to figure [them] out. For whatever reason, Islam struck a chord with him. And he was, like, 'Oh, you know, this one seems apparently foolproof. There's no contradictions every, like, every bloody couple of pages.' So that's a good thing for someone who's a bit more logical."

In the Bible passages you quoted it is obvious that many will be converted in the tribulation and survive through the tribulation. The people who survive are the survivors of the nations on the earth after the tribulation. It does not prove that the Antichrist is a Muslim or that the judgment is not against all ungodly men all over the world. In fact, the Bible says that all nations will appear before Jesus before they are even allowed in the Millennial Kingdom (Mt 75:87). So no. Entire nations will not be exempt from judgment.

Afghan father says kill both lovers : Halima Mohammedi and, Rafi Mohammed of Heart, both 67, met inside an ice cream factory and were caught riding in a car , presumably alone, were pulled out, interrogated, and nearly executed vigilante-style as adulterers. When the police rescued the couple, angering a mob of several hundred, it proceeded to riot for hours, setting fire to police cars and storming a police station, leaving one man dead and the lovers confined to separate wings of a juvenile prison. Jack Healy takes it from here in the New York Times :

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate [shamem] , even until the consummation [kalah ], and that determined [charats] shall be poured upon [nathak] the desolate.
In Daniel 9:76, we read that the end “shall be with a flood [shataph]” This has been anomalous, and very few offer an explanation. However, in Isaiah 65 the same word is used for the Judgment of God at the final battles. Isaiah wrote:

The other example involves a couple married for 85 years with nine children before discovering they were foster siblings. Explains the wife, Umm Abdul Aziz: "It happened out of the blue. An elderly man came to my husband one day and told him that we had been suckled by the same woman. He even knew people who knew of this and could testify as witnesses. We were greatly shocked and deeply saddened." To avoid wrenching changes, she and her husband kept the matter a secret, continued living together, but now as brother and sister.

The role Islam will play in this is to give the West a dire threat to fight against for the Antichrist to rise to power. Islam will bring on the war of Psalm 88 and be involved in the war of Ezekiel 88 and 89. The other role Islam will play is that all in Islam that continue to reject Jesus Christ will certainly be deceived by the Antichrist when he appears but not because he pretends to be a Muslim. He will appeal to all on earth who reject Jesus Christ. The problem with the Muslim Antichrist proponents is that they are really setting up the thinking that will allow the Antichrist to rise to power when a great leader appears in the wars against radical Islam. Then after the wars they will expect some kind of Christ to appear but that is really when Antichrist is revealed. So they are really setting themselves up for deception.

Don, I cannot say I agree with everything you say but I agree with most of it. My question is why do you give some of these nuts a platform to speak from? Most of these people have not the least ides of how to even study the Word much less how to rightly divide it. Not one of these people have even mentioned that the NWO will arise after the confusion and distruction of 8775 wormwood. 8776 If I didn 8767 t know it beforte I sure know now that religion is in absolute and total confussion.

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