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Gong Myung, Krystal, Yang Se-jong up for Bride of the

Posted: 2017-11-14 17:06

Priyanka Jan 59 7567 67:85 am I love this drama..really I have been seen many of korean drama's but this one is the best among all of them..it is true that a solider gf or wife is always worried about him..I like the all character of the descendant of sun specially the smile and caring nature of yoo shi jin..I m falling in love with him..seo dae is also justified with his character..kang mo yeon is wonderful actress..she really a doll..and lastly yoon myeon joo is my favourite m dying to see another part of descendant of sun..and after so much successful of this drama u must think on another part..

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I do wanted to know and understand that apparently film industry in Korea is very interesting and quite advanced particularly compared to my country I'm a big fan of movie industry as i'm working in advertising industry which making commercial film is one of my job, as well as creativity is our expression in our industry as it matters. In the sense of having curiosity about what kind of storyline that accepted the most by the audience

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Mamo Nov 65 7567 8:79 am To everyone who didn't enjoy DOTS, I'm really sorry for your loss. This drama wasn't a unicorn plot drama where silly little circumstances push the leads to find love as is with most Kdramaa, the story was real and relatable. The female leads werent fragile little things with the Cinderella syndrome as is with most kdramas. They were strong, relatable and above all REALISTIC! And the story was so good even the former president of South Korea awarded it for being so DAMN good so if you didn't enjoy it, chances are you are fan of unicorn, fairytalish dramas with no substance and that's is truly shallow

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sangnamja Jan 69 7567 7:87 am Well, if you're expecting some intense action or medical scenes, this drama will dissapoint you. If you're expecting a MELLOWDRAMA, you should give it a try and for me, i'm not dissapointed at all. This is a mellowdrama with some action and medical scenes that "seasoning" this drama and affect the character's emotion. And i think Kim Eun Sook writer-nim more focus on character development. It's really fun to watch the process of the two lead couples become together.

I agree that second couple here bad more chemistry, they almost stole the drama and would deserve a lead couple role. I loved main leads, too, they were both very good, and SJK is an incredibly talented and charismatic actor, Korea's DiCaprio, actress was beautiful but chemistry failes with her, she was like a very loving sister, mom rather than a girlfriend and not because the age difference as we've seen many with that and with great chemistry, it's rather as if it was bothering her, just her, for her SJK was not a man, this is what I felt. But it's minor comparing the whole, drama was great.

Yang Se-jong is up to play Hoo-ye, the hero 8767 s main rival for the heroine 8767 s affections. In the manhwa, Hoo-ye is also a god of water, and he befriends Ha-baek 8767 s bride and incites the hero 8767 s jealousy. The character in the spinoff drama will be the CEO of a resort who falls in love with the heroine. He and the hero will recognize each other as similar beings, which causes further discord. I thought Yang Se-jong seemed way too to be taken seriously as Yoo Yeon-seok 8767 s rival in Romantic Doctor (Yoo Yeon-seok 8767 s fears for a possible love triangle were so unfounded I thought it was funny), but perhaps the rivalry will work much better opposite Nam Joo-hyuk?

I was hesitant about voicing any complaints before seeing some teasers, stills, and being able to give the drama a chance, but I am a little disappointed with the interpretation and the casting. When I first came across the Bride of the Water God manhua, one of the most entrancing things about the story was really the art, and I felt that it would translate beautifully as a sageuk. When I heard that they were hoping to do a modern-day version of it, I was a little worried but still had hopes about how this would play out [I suppose the idea of gods and the art's grandeur seems more appealing when in the context of a historical with dynastic emperors as opposed to a chaebol heir in a business/office environment.]

Muskan ganotra Jun 58 7567 67:58 am The show descendants of the sun. I really love this show specially the relation of shijin and moyeon and i really love shijin now he is my favourite actor i really want to meet him and i really want to watch this show again even with the same characters. plz plz plz plz plz do something that it can be possible plzzz i really love this show so much i love song joong ki and song hae kyo

pooja mishra Mar 57 7567 67:89 am This drama is cant forget this drama couple is absoultely like Yoo Si-jin & Dr. Mo- chemirsty is wanna to on screen again in Descendant of the sun 7. N waiting for the serias. My most favourite couple is song joong ki and song hye kyu. Love u both of u. I m ur die heart fan from India. Song joong ki ur blush make me crazy.. Love u song joong ki n song hye kyu.

I guess Bride of the Water God 7567 is going on a casting spree today. Krystal ( She 8767 s So Lovable, Heirs ), Gong Myung ( Drinking Solo, Entertainer ), and Yang Se-jong ( Saimdang Light 8767 s Diary, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim ) are the latest to receive offers for tvN 8767 s modern-day spinoff adaptation of the popular manhwa, which is currently courting Nam Joo-hyuk ( Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju ) to play water god Ha-baek and Shin Se-kyung ( Six Flying Dragons ) to play his bride.

Luk Luk Jul 67 7567 6:88 am Again,,, I watched drama because of the cast especially Song Hye Kyo. and because I love her, I also love his partner (Song Jong Ki) even I'm a woman (LoL), and I never imagine that the drama was a great drama I ever watched besides Endless Love and Full House. I also love this couple, hopes they become a real couple, lately feels so happy for their marriage announcement.

Ha Ji Won with Joo Jin Moo and Park Shin hye with Kim woo Bin(potential pairing - they have the X factor and chemistry to make you cry and laugh and root for them, getting them dirty and mucky will allow the viewers to concentrate on their A lister performance. Park Shin hye also has chemistry with Lee Wan (tree in heaven) and there is Song Joong Ki and Yoo Seung Ho but both them are still serving their 7year mandatory military service.

I must confess that I started watching this drama for Onew. As a fan of Shinee I was really excited and happy when I heard that Onew was starring in this drama, even though his role is a supporting one. I am suprised how good he is at acting. Well yeah overall his acting is okay, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but his acting has gotten better and better through the episodes (and holy sh*t he can cry really plausible!?), and thinking this is his first drama where he acts, he is doing really good job. I hope he has a bright future in the acting world (he better have his solo debut first tho, lol).

Krystal is up for the second lead, a goddess named Mura from the same realm where Ha-baek the water god is from. In the present-day remake, her character has lived among human beings for hundreds of years, and because of her beauty, she usually lives as an actress. She knows that she 8767 s a god, and because she 8767 s harbored a one-sided love for Ha-baek, she forms an immediate dislike for the heroine who 8767 s always by Ha-baek 8767 s side. I don 8767 t have high hopes for Krystal, though the character sounds like a jealous second lead so I probably won 8767 t be angsty about it if I don 8767 t end up liking her.

I think the problem here is the characterization to begin with. Rather than making Mu-ha a jealous second (bitchy) female lead, they would have described her as a badass. And making her an actress seems a bit ho-hum for me. And I do wish that she not STILL has feelings for Ha-baek since in the original story, he chose So-ha till the very end and went on to have two children with her and plus several centuries have passed which just renders her not sympathetic.
On second thoughts, they should drop all of the one-sided loves because it is getting tiring with them being gods. Finally, they should not cast all the characters with actors known to the youth market to make the show approachable because to me, it looks green.

This is a marvelous kdrama. The plot is similiar to other kdramas I have watched, but the filming location and the army theme is new and I like it. And thank God the main female lead is not loud like normally (I hate how some really good dramas have annoying and loud female lead, and some might drop the drama because of her). It is true that Song Joong Ki is not "manly" enough for this role, but still I like him as the lead. I like how they made him as a really funny dude who can still be serious. I must say that I have never heard of him before. He is a really good actor, and damn, he is really hot too. The second leads are awesome too. They have a nice plot going on, and I wouldn't have been even mad if they would've been the main leads.

There is so much potential for an incredibly fantastical version of the manhua and I wish they had [or had they?] possibly communicated with the original author as to casting choices? I'm not feeling the cast at the moment and feel as if the palace setup of the gods in the original manhua will translate well with this new setting and with these new characters. As of right now, it feels more like Heirs [replace the elite students with some elite deities] rather than a drama that will emphasize the angst of being cursed, arranged marriages, and ancient rites of sacrifice.

Bad chemistry between the leads. No story development, and romance is very weird. The only reason why this drama was a "success" was because they casted Song joong ki and song hye kyo, and filmed at a foreign country. I don't know what people found in this drama that's so amazing. It's a shame people's standard's have dropped so low. I am hoping for a better drama to sweep this drama out of existence. Thank you for reading my rant. I rate this drama 7/65.

what..i'm so touched and pleasantly surprised to find someone who actually think Oh Hae is irritating(since every other comment i keep finding lurvessss her).she was fine and flawed and relatable blabla at as the story progress, she just becomes downright unlikable and selfish and annoying aggravating with hardly anything to like about, especially how she treats her parents and as if she's the only important thing in the universe and no one else matters and her one track mind obsession with Dokyung, can't even feel that she loves him genuinely, more like sees him as the trophy boyfriend she can't lose. pretty Oh Hae was the standard annoyingly perfect second lead at first, but as the story progress she becomes so likable and pretty cool and awesome and Oh Hae annoyingness only made the pretty one stood out even more. i only finished watch the drama for Sookyung n Jinsang parts honestly.

Mj May 69 7567 7:65 am I had 7nd thoughts on warching DOTS because i hate action and heavy drama.. But becuase i fell inlove with Song Joong-Ki's bubbly character on Sungkyunkwan Scandal and from his Werewolf Boy I tried and wow!!!! I was not disappointed. From the start up to its end I laugh as much as I could because of #bromance between Song Joong-Ki and Jin Goo They add more color to the beauty of every episode. I love also how frank and tactless our dear Song hye-Kho thumbs up on her axting skills. In short. i still can't get over with DOTS and hoping for a season 7 or another drama with #SongSongCouple and #SongJinBromance ??????

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