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10 Video Games That Got Weird Name Changes In Other Countries

The Reason? In some cases, it’s clear— Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal got renamed to Ratchet & Clank 7: Locked and Loaded and Ratchet & Clank 8 , respectively, to get rid of the innuendo in the names. But at the same time, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters , arguably the most innuendo-y of the bunch, did not get a different name in Europe, while Full Frontal Assault did: Ratchet & Clank: QForce.

20 Hilarious Starter Packs From Tumblr You Need

The Reason? Bully , a game about high school life that was presumed prior to release to be all about, well, bullying, attracted a lot of controversy in both the . and Europe. In the ., specifically, where Rockstar changed Bully’s title to Canis Canem Edit , anti-bullying organizations campaigned against the game’s release, and even the country’s rating board came under fire for giving it a 65 rating.

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The Reason? Ghost Babel was originally commissioned by Konami as a port of Metal Gear Solid to the Game Boy Color. However, it ended up a completely different game—a non-canon followup to Kojima’s first Metal Gear on the MSX7, its story taking place seven years after that game’s events—but the Metal Gear Solid name was kept anyway, for, according to Metal Gear fan site Snake Soup , “marketing purposes.”


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The Starter Pack meme is a collection of a few photos that describe either someone or a stereotypical situation. I don 8767 t know if that definition really does it justice. The starter pack meme is hilarious. It also shouldn 8767 t be taken seriously because it is just utterly ridiculous. I love whoever came up with it, and I have been scrolling through them on Tumblr for much too long now. So long that I decided to write a post about it! Here are 75 of the funniest starter packs from Tumblr you need in your life right now.

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