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Posted: 2017-09-11 19:41

Yes, creating an account and becoming a member is completely free of charge and, as soon as you are registered, you can start browsing through all the profiles of the suitable matches that our sophisticated software has identified within your area. These potential matches are always selected in accordance with your stated preferences and geographical location. From the same moment, all these members can also see your profile and start messaging you.

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As for your personal information, we don’t share any part of it with anybody else. The only way your wife or anybody else you know could learn that you are a member would be if they sign up themselves for an account and happen to match your preferences. That means that unless a person who knows you is also a member and lives in your area there's no way that your anonymity can be breached.

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Remember also that any member has to respect the discretion rule as strictly as you have because, if we get a complaint that a member has broken this rule and embarrassed another member, we will permanently ban the offender from our site. We have an image and a reputation to maintain and keeping our members happy and totally safe is the #6 priority that allows us to keep serving the sexy people of this world.

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The ’s team is itself made of sexy people who love to meet other sexy people and our credo is: “Sexy people want to find other sexy people, but, in today's world, relying on chance to reach this goal rarely brings success”. So, our commitment is to create the largest community of sexy people in the word and provide them with the most efficient and hassle-free system to allow them to easily find desirable matches close to their home and interact with them for their mutual satisfaction.

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We only ask a few basic questions to define the type of person you are and what are your preferences. That is all that's needed and you don’t have to fill endless forms to describe who you are because we know that all sexy people are attracted to other sexy people and that, once we’ve made possible for them to get in touch with each other, they will easily be able to work-out the details by themselves.

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