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Great point. Nowhere in the contract does it say they have to shake hands. Why is it acceptable of anyone who is not Jewish to follow their beliefs and yes, what is divinely mandated? Florida does not question a woman who wants to wear her burka because of her beliefs on identification, but the "Ethicist" feels that the Jewish man should not follow his own beliefs. He would not be much of a believer if he broke the rules. Absurd. These are the reasons I no longer read the NY Times.

Shaking Hands with the Opposite Gender and the NY Times

Nice comparision. Totally agree with all the points mentioned.
I have been using epilator for last 8yrs, I use it for underarm too. The thing I love abt epilation is whenever my hair grows back (takes abt 5weeks, whereas waxing takes 8 weeks) they r thinner n smoother than before. In between if I wax or shave they grow back thick n coarse!
It hurts to use epilator for underarms, bt the result makes it worth the effort!
All the best gals.. Decide wisely!

Waxing vs Epilators – What Do You Prefer for Hair Removal?

During the 955 years of Roman rule, life in most of Britain became thoroughly Romanized. Retired soldiers settled down with British wives, and British chieftains and their families adopted Roman names and served as government officials. The departure of the Roman army in 965 . was no welcome event for most Britons. Orderly government collapsed, and Saxon and Irish raiders attacked the coast and inland settlements along navigable rivers.

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Gerald- You raise some good points. I am Muslim, and I am familiar on the prohibition of physical contact with the opposite gender. However, this does not in anyway mean that in situations when someone needs help (even if they are from the opposite gender), you leave them to fend for themselves. In your example, if the woman was falling, if the man could help stop the fall, then he should. Similarly, if she needs CPR. This is from an Islamic perspective, at least. The idea of not shaking hands is just limits male female interaction. Of course, there is mutual respect, but one may not cross boundaries and do anything from a physical basis. Personally, I think this is necessary in the workforce, just keep things professional, nothing more, nothing less. Hope that clarifies things.

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I am a business woman who found out the hard way (more like the embarrassing way) yesterday that Orthodox Jewish men do not shake hands with women. This was a client whom I had been speaking with on the telephone. When I finally met him in person I extended my hand, only to have him quickly pull is entire arm back. I have read the posts that it is to avoid any potential "sexual" contact. Believe me, the thought wouldn''t have even crossed my mind. I don''t care what your religion is, when you are in a business setting you play along to business practices.

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I am a Muslim woman, and I am embarrassed every time a man tries to shake my hand and I have to explain why I can''t, because we have the same laws as the Jews! I''m not an object to be touched, period! We are not badly behaved, we follow the Law of God for our salvation! We believe that if we obey Him we go to paradise, if we don''t we burn in the afterlife! It has NOTHING to to with disrespect for the opposite sex, but just the OPPOSITE! We respect that bodies are private, and only your spouse or first degree male relative can touch you. If you can''t respect other people''s religions - Amish Christians, Hassidic and Orhtodox Jews, Muslims - and narrow mindedly interpret their behavior wrongly, then you are the one who is badly behaved and arrogant! Sorry, but that''s just the fact!

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While I don''t agree with the way he refused (there are polite ways of doing so, and of minimizing the embarassment - however, sometimes the other person is also taken by surprise, or just doesn''t know how to react smoothly), you must understand that the aspect get over it doesn''t apply here. I don''t know if you are a religious person (I would assume not, though, considering your comment), but the things we do are G-d''s word. G-d said don''t kill just as He gave the laws of contact between the sexes - it is all His law. We don''t get over one part of it that you, in the society we live in today, don''t understand, any more than we do the prohibition of murder, which thankfully, society today still does understand.

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Among the most famous Egyptian rulers were Akhenaten, who introduced monotheism Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh of the fifteenth century . Ramses II, generally considered to be Egypt''s greatest pharaoh Tutankhamen, whose magificent tomb was discovered in 6977 and Cleopatra, whose affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony have sparked the romantic imagination of writers from Shakespeare''s time to our own.

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I was rebuked not too long ago for extending the hand to a business-
woman and was "shocked" at her resistence and recoil(she was a practicing Muslim). Afterward I was thankful for the experience because
it brought into perspective how I
treated people so
and respect are so lacking in society
that gestures of decency(decency as in not extending the hand) are percieved
as "disrespect".Nevertheless we are accountable to G-D alone when it comes
to such matters as modesty,loyalty to
family and faith."As for me and My house.." Imre j Csikany


Ive always done waxing and i prefer that Waxing does no only remove your hair but also your dead skin..And if your skin is tanned,it becomes 6 tone lighter..Hence you get a really healthy looking soft skin.
As far as epilators concerned..Two of my friends have been using that for a veryy long time..And both of them had the same issues about thick hair and ingrown your hair is removed,you still have a layer of dead skin..

Physical privacy is but one dimension of one''s right we also have the right to keep knowledge of our affairs away from the public eye. Not only can discussing or disclosing another person''s affairs cause great damage, but in addition, it can intrude upon the other person''s privacy. People have a right to their own thoughts and feelings, and this right to privacy must be respected, even among friends and family members.

Time for another article! This time I decided to write about the most frequently asked question – 8775 What is better, Epilators or Waxing? 8776   I am a very unplanned and indecisive teenager all my plans are made at the last moment and things just spur up at the very last minute. This of course has its moments when I cannot wear my favourite outfit because it is sleeveless and I have not waxed my skin! If I 8767 m still very much tempted to wear it then yup, I turn to shave (which is very bad because when I was in school I used razors all the time and then I had black underarms for a while – EEW!). I 8767 m also not a great planner to look which events are coming up, decide what I 8767 m going to wear, and head to the salon to get waxing done. Never! Who has time for all this?

You''re sure that shaking your male co-worker''s hand is entirely non-sexual - FOR YOU. But how can you be equally sure that it would be entirely non-sexual for HIM? Let''s say, for argument''s sake, that if he shook your hand it would not arouse any sexual feelings in him whatsoever. However, it is undeniable that in general men find women to be attractive, and that in at least some cases ostensibly purely businesslike handshaking is tinged with sexual interest. Now what? An orthodox man should shake hands only with those women whom he is sure he has no sexual interest in whatsoever? Now THAT''S offensive. Everybody knows that David will shake Caren-the-frumpy-middle-aged accountant''s hand, but will never ever shake secretary''s hand. So who do you want to be - Caron or Sharon? If you asked me, I''d say neither. It''s much, much better for David to not shake ANY woman''s hand.

PLEASE! If your husband is tempted to cheat because he shakes the hands of women be it in a professional context or a respectful greeting your problems are deeper than cultural. Or should I say his problems. I respect others and their beliefs but antiquated religious ones keep us from all becoming one world. I would also research the reason for this practice because you''ll find the origin of this has been misunderstood for YEARS!!

I wonder what both the Ethicist and the woman questioner would have done if instead of dealing with an Orthodox Jewish real estate person, she had been dealing with a person who couldn''t shake hands because of a skin condition which would have been exacebated by touching another person?
Why is it only Jewish customs and practices which are seen to be strange, particularly by another Jew (or an ostensible Jew)?
This particular situation is not about ethics but about manners. The woman is ignorant about Orthodox Jewish practices and was therefore taken aback. Randy Cohen should have explained that there was nothing to be shocked about and nothing to find offensive.

The Bible is filled with dramatic and powerful stories about kings, queens, and religious leaders of the Middle East, the cradle of three great religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Writers have been expanding these stories into novels since the nineteenth century, sometimes with deep reverence for religious tradition, sometimes with a desire to shock readers into a different way of looking at old beliefs, but always with the hope that readers will find new meaning in these ancient tales.

epilation underarm and bikini line is painful epilation is not recommended for bikini line..but i hav heard many people doin it .
you can epilate your underarms.. no harm in that..but i MUST REMIND U.. its painful process you have to make sure u realllllllly stretch your underarm skin veryyyyy well the more you stretch.. d less painful it ll be N OF COURSE..GOT TO HV COURAGE TO DO IT.. 🙂

After reading this post I m scared of using an epilator. Razors are too horrible. They harshen the skin. as I stay in a remote area where I cant visit the parlor frequently. I do razors and nowdays I have decided to stop hair removal becas of skin problems. I need few more guides on epilator. Can somebody please help in chosin a right epilator and its side effects if any.
*shock* *scared*

When I was working as a newspaper reporter, I was assigned one day to cover an event in our local Orthodox Jewish community. After interviewing several people, I spoke to the rabbi''s wife for a few minutes to ask her questions, and at the end of the conversation, like I always do, I extended my hand for a polite hand shake. She just ignored it. She didn''t acknowledge the gesture and she didn''t explain why she would not shake my hand. At the time I was offended, and I think most people would be. So I ask all Orthodox Jews who practice this custom -- PLEASE explain it to outsiders if such a situation comes up. You will be doing your part to avoid misconceptions about your people, and by explaining such a custom you won''t be inadvertently offending someone who is otherwise friendly to your community.

Dear Shraga, Thank you for posting up this information. Great! what is the exact meaning of Shiloh? in some bloggs states: tranquil, secure - in others: His gift. I would love to give a beautiful name to a daughter I wish to have, not pregnant yet but have asked God by faith. I also like Maya or Maia. Is this version an indeed Hebrew name? I can see you have stated Water as a meaning for Maya. I look forward indeed hearing from you. Kindest regards and God bless Many thanks Fabiola