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7Reasons I Love Japanese Girls and You Should Too

Posted: 2017-11-14 23:38

One thing that makes Japan a really great country is that there is a lot of variety in terms of how people live their lives.  This is one of the factors that makes it such a fascinating country to watch and to live in.  It never gets boring and even local Japanese media loves to continuously find new sub-cultures to expose and market to. One of the reasons is the large amount of discretionary time that Japanese people(and Japanese girls in particular) have.  Before marriage a large percentage of Japanese girls are students, or hold part time jobs which leaves them with plenty of time to be out and about at cafes, malls, and restaurants in the daytime(interestingly, this pattern of behavior re-emerges after marriage once the kids are in school).

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I agree with Gail 655%. I suggest you go sit down with a good divorce attorney and find out what your options are. Let the attorney know straight up that it appears your husband has used you for immigration, intends to divorce you and may possibly wed a woman in Pakistan. You 8767 d probably have to school him or her on what the culture is in Pakistan based on what you 8767 ve learned. Contact immigration and naturalization to find out what, if anything can be done on that end as well.

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You 8767 re right. It 8767 s not Islam, but I haven 8767 t heard anything about Pakistan and many Pakistani people that is Islam. I 8767 ve learned so much about 8775 Muslim 8776 from all over the planet just by being here on this blog. When I first became Muslim, I thought all Muslim were trying to live Islam the way I wanted to. I had a thirst for knowledge. I read all kinds of books about Islam. I have a library full of Islamic books that I spent a lot of money on over the years. Now, I just read the Quran. I quickly found out that I was very naive. I had thought I wanted to live in a 8775 Muslim Country 8776 when I first became Muslim. I definitely don 8767 t want it now. No way, Jose. I 8767 ll stay my bottom right where it is. Thank you very much.

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Why should the Pakistani man change his life for you? Is it because he loves you? Well, apparently, he loves his wife, as well. Furthermore, the same could go for you. Change your life for him because you love him. You 8767 re trying to make something fit that can 8767 t Muslim and Christian. You 8767 re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. One has to let go of his or her way of life and go with the other. You can 8767 t have it both ways.

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I agree the message that is trying to be sent here is not for the men but for women to wise up and don 8767 t get mixed up with Pakistani men unless u know that man and his family u r a foreign woman and met the man on the internet or on the job through college etc.. U better think a million times before u jump in that Pakistani Rabbit hole.
Woman have got to take responsibility for their own lives and not be so Naive when it comes to every Tom Dick and Harry telling them they they love u were to start posting pictures u would have to put all Pakistan on your blog hahaha
Better women learn to think before they is enough info on the internet now that women can make an informed message is out there what they do with it is up to them.

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You need to sit down and have a consultation with an attorney to find out the best way to dissolve the marriage, if in fact, it was registered. The attorney could look into whether the marriage is registered and what your recourse is to dissolve it.
You said you and your husband never lived together and he left the day after you and he married, therefore, you may have grounds for an annulment which would make the marriage as though it never took place. Usually that process is done, for instance, in the State that I live in, within a year of the marriage and under certain conditions.

I am an American woman married to an Iraqi man, and I can honestly say he is the most loyal, kind, romantic man I have ever met. We recently moved to Norway to work he moved before me. I moved about 8 weeks later and he had bought clothes all in my size the color bedspread I wanted and I didn 8767 t ask for anything he found a way to ask questions and made mental notes over some time and just generally listened me that 8767 s how he knew what to get. Once you find the right person it 8767 s their goal to make you happy!

Others have raised the possibility that Gionet could sue for being called a white supremacist. But then we start to get into questions of who gets to define the words we commonly ascribe to ideologies of hatred and bigotry. If you surround yourself with people doing Nazi salutes and chanting “blood and soil,” a famous Nazi slogan , can you claim that you’re somehow not a neo-Nazi? Are you “alt-right” just because you say you are?

Don 8767 t feel sad because u r going to get better than what u r thinking.
Had u married this man u would have missed out on the man Allah created for u.
Soo no worries I pray that u will not be single am curious are there any good men in your country where u can meet them?
I think u really need to verbally put it out there that u r looking for marriage to a good would try to pick a man from your country because they r easier to investigate and make sure it is not a leave the Pakistani guy am very thankful u did not fly to for that! U seem to be a great mother who cares for your children and put them first as a good mother Bless u and stay strong!!

I want to say as well I am not some misogynistic person with a 6955 8767 s mentality. What 8775 REDPOLEQ 8776 writes resonates true in allot of ways. I have been shocked at the way Japanese men treat their girlfriends, and particularly their wives. The popularity of the sex industry, and the accessibility to both cheap and legal ways to cheat on your partner in Japan is astounding. AND if you don 8767 t think that these services are frequented by ALL sorts of members in the public sphere you are dead wrong. Japanese women get excited by foreign men, because foreign men tend to treat them as equals and not subjugate them to cooking, cleaning, and other things that lie in the domestic sphere. I 8767 m not saying all Western men have great intentions and are knights in shining armor. I can only speak from what I have seen and experienced.

My 8766 name 8767 isn 8767 t 8766 American Girl 8767 , that just happens to be the name of my blog which has been in existence since 7559/7555. I have also met numerous people in person through my blog who can confirm the chances of me having male genitalia is quite slim. My husband would be a pretty good source for accuracy. I don 8767 t share my real name in the blog because, well, it 8767 s a blog. It 8767 s not my personal diary. Though rest assured, friends and family don 8767 t refer to me as 8766 American Girl 8767 . Whew!

I was born and raised by intellectual parents themselves who taught me that I have to read for at least 85 mins before bed time since I was a kid. While I hated that forceful approach when I was a kid, I can now truly thank them for their approach. It simply brought out the best in me. Not only did it staggeringly open my mind, but it also greatly enhanced my English language to communicate with foreigners. I was brought up in a private school whereby all my classmate were of diverse nationalities and especially American.

Well,fuck you! No amount of 8775 accent coaching 8776 will do you good if you are a whiny blue pill. And if you are red pill, I don 8767 t think it matters. Just because you are a UK raised Indian whos 8775 Indian accent 8776 got stamped out by circumstance, just doesn 8767 t mean you are the sole blueprint of success for all other Indians. I know men whos masculine voice timbre and whole getup that could hands down beat alot of the 8775 unaccented 8776 western males, white or otherwise in terms of sheer Alphaness.

Anyhow we are happy now sometimes, but the past haunts me everyday and I can 8767 t be happy. He met our son when he was a toddler so hardly knows him and doesn 8767 t do much to build a bond. He woke up the other night wanting to go potty and my husband flicked him 5 times on the face and slapped him a few times on the face (not hard but enough to hear it) all because our son would not stop staring at him. well he stares at him mainly in fear. i tried talking to my husband about it and asked him why he is so mean to him and he said that it 8767 s because he acts like a girl because i don 8767 t know how to raise boys and so he needs to toughen him up. I got upset and he told me to get out of his face before he cracks my skull open. I feel very intimidated now and I just want to leave, I really don 8767 t know why I even went back to him, I don 8767 t know what I was expecting from someone who dogged me once before. I wish I had of moved on to someone with better character. I guess I wanted to reunite our little family and for my son to have his father. But our marriage sucks to say the least. I hate being here now.

I agree with you that the men may have a problem with identity. They are torn between two cultures. It can 8767 t be easy for anyone who is confused about which way they should live. They may desire to live the western life that is in opposition to their upbringing. I get what you were saying, now. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask or if you have anything you 8767 d like to discuss.

I must agree, being a virgin is important in the Arab culture (and in others as well) but most women in here have intemacy the only difference is that they don 8767 t talk much about it because it is taboo. And most men want to have intimacy, for instance, I once asked my boyfriend if he would have stayed with me if we didnt have intimate moments he 8767 s reply was 8775 no 8776 . Like, isnt it contradictory!

As for me, my husband 8767 s culture has segregated weddings. Men and women do not share wedding halls at the same time. So when I attended weddings, it was never with my husband. And if he attended one for a friend and I didn 8767 t know the women, I stayed home since I wouldn 8767 t be attending the women 8767 s wedding. Quite different from my culture but nothing that offended me. Also, my husband and I didn 8767 t 8766 date 8767 per se. We met, we spent time together in the daytime, in public, and I met his family the same week. After that we continued to spend time together in public places or at the family home where he was often in the dewaniya with the men and I would spend time with his mother and sisters he would pop in every hour or so to make sure all was going well. We were married a few weeks later.

This morning poor M comes back from work and his mother again begins to yell at him. She basically told him that he can only live with his cousin as his wife and not me. Something about his uncle 8767 s family becoming mad and will leave them (M 8767 s family). M was pretty upset and told me 8775 I really hope she doesn 8767 t demand that I choose between you and her (MIL). 8776 She already suggested to him that he divorce me for the sake of their family unit. Oy. Now this was not wholly unexpected. Was it?

We should remember death as it lets us know we are running out of time to get ourselves right with Allah. He could seize our souls at anytime and we don 8767 t know whether our good deed have outweighed our bad. Our good deeds must outweigh our bad for us to enter Paradise/Jannah. Some Muslims think that just being 8775 Muslim 8776 is enough to get them into Jannah/Paradise. Allah says if it wasn 8767 t for His Mercy we 8767 d all be in Hell. A lot of people think they are going to Jannah/Paradise, but will be in the Fire.

They want our woman, yet they know their families wont accept. Yes as i heard only for an oppertunity for them. But why make your wife so unhappy and to make her tear, dont they know, for the tears their wife shed the angels will curse him. Then how do these men think. They Pray 5times a day, but i hear some of them having affairs with woman. How pious can you be. I have heard alot from all of you. It has helped me alot, just need to get the strength to ignore my friend or just keep their, as i do not feel to send him a ticket to come to south africa. He likes to play with my emotions then talk Deen again. 

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