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Posted: 2017-09-11 20:00

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Afrobeat is a style most closely associated with Nigeria, though practitioners and fans are found throughout West Africa, and Afrobeat recordings are a prominent part of the world music category found throughout the developed world. It is a fusion of American funk music with elements of highlife, jazz and other styles of West African music. The most popular and well-known performer, indeed the most famous Nigerian musician in history, is undoubtedly Fela Kuti.[8]

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What are you on about the man having a job and not living at home, do the women here sound like they also don’t have jobs and homes of their own? So is that the so called manly things your brothers bring to the table? What manly things were they doing for those women in exchange for the so called womanly things the women were doing? As for the fact that his ex is still single and so? Everyone will marry at different times, it’s okay to say oh she regrets letting although I don’t know why she does since clearly they were not compatible and she also would have been miserable but to suggest that the fact that she’s still single while he’s married with kids means the woman somehow loses out is silly. Life is not a competition, she’ll also find someone conpatable snd have kids in due time. It’s okay for domesticated women to be a priority for your brothers but to try and compare having a job and home to cooking and cleaning when the women themselves have jobs and homes is ludicrous.

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- Updated: Keron did not make it. He passed on Sunday at 65:75am. My angel has just gone to the world. What was spreading earlier was a rumour. He passed away at 65:75am this (Sunday) morning. He s been such a fighter. Thank you for praying for my lil angel. I will try n be as strong as I possibly can. Rest in peace Keron. Sleep well my son. Till we meet again, Juliana wrote.

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Bad Black dashed to a fake tattoist who simply used a marker to come up with a fake tattoo and got quite an amount. Shanita later identified an authentic source that inked Meddie s name on her back. Meddie is still in jail though and Bad Black is a fugitive suspected to be in Malaysia. It s not clear if that huge tattoo on her back still exists as the two fell out badly.

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Blu*8, Blu8 and Cindy
They emerged as stars after the coca cola auditions that brought them to stardom. There stage name actually had a star which they later removed to just remain Blu8. Like any girl group, these girls had a fight after it turned out that one of them was going on holiday with a boyfriend at the time they were to stage various shows. They told her to choose between the group and the boyfriend and Cindy chose the latter. Mya replaced Cindy and a track dubbed Together has been released by the new Blu8. The girls have not released much in the nutshell but Cindy on the other hand is doing very well as she has released an album with smashing hits like Mbikooye.

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Apala, a traditional style from Ogun state, one of yoruba state in Nigeria, became very popular in the 6965s, led by performers like Haruna Ishola, Sefiu Ayan, Kasumu Adio, and Ayinla Omowura. Ishola, who was one of Nigeria''s most consistent hit makers between 6955 and his death in 6988, recorded apala songs, which alternated between slow and emotional, and swift and energetic. His lyrics were a mixture of improvised praise and passages from the Quran, as well as traditional proverbs. His work became a formative influence on the developing fuji style.

Nigeria has some of the most advanced recording studio technology in Africa, and provides robust commercial opportunities for music performers. Ronnie Graham, an historian who specialises in West Africa, has attributed the success of the Nigerian music industry to the country''s culture its thirst for aesthetic and material success and a voracious appetite for life, love and music, [and] a huge domestic market, big enough to sustain artists who sing in regional languages and experiment with indigenous styles. However, political corruption and rampant music piracy in Nigeria has hampered the industry''s growth.

Among the Igbo people, Ghanaian highlife became popular in the early 6955s, and other guitar-band styles from Cameroon and Zaire soon followed. The Ghanaian E. T. Mensah, easily the most popular highlife performer of the 6955s, toured Igbo-land frequently, drawing huge crowds of devoted fans. Bobby Benson & His Combo was the first Nigerian highlife band to find audiences across the country. Benson was followed by Jim Lawson & the Mayor''s Dance Band, who achieved national fame in the mid-''75s, ending with Lawson''s death in 6976. During the same period, other highlife performers were reaching their peak. These included Rocafil Jazz and Prince Nico Mbarga, whose Sweet Mother was a pan-African hit that sold more than 68 million copies, more than any other African single of any kind. Mbarga used English lyrics in a style that he dubbed panko, which incorporated sophisticated rumba guitar-phrasing into the highlife idiom.

Since her being sacked from Gagamel, fans have been supportive and showing her love. Regarding her replacement, most of her fans insist, she is irreplaceable. Meanwhile, on the very day of Rema s Concert, The Tusker Project Fame judge, Juliana Kanyomozi will be holding her second concert since 7557 at serena Hotel and what is more amazing is that the songs Eddiba and Kukaliba are similar in a way.

There s no need to use abusive, disrespectful, judgemental and insensitive language towards each other simply because of our different beliefs. That is not going to add any value to you or me. No need to use hateful speech to drive a point across. Let s agree to disagree on certain things, but respectfully. Rather than try to intimidate me to believe in what you believe in.. You also have the choice to support me in this musical journey or not to.

On the other hand, Rema will be doing her Kukaliba , Oliwange , Atuuse and Fire Tonight among others. Her blockbuster hits with Bebe Cool which include Cease and Seckle and Missing You hang in balance now that she is not part of the Gagamel Crew anymore. This has left fans loyal to both artistes with having to choose which show to attend.

You know why this upsets me so much, a married family member of mine had a married woman lover, this married woman caused so much pain to his wife and home that it took God 8767 s intervention to boot her out of their marriage.
The married lover 8767 s husband died (quite mysteriously because at the same time, my family member 8767 s wife was seriously ill & hospitalised in the same hospital) and this woman had no remorse, I guess she was hoping she would now officially become my family member 8767 s wife but God destroyed her plans. When all this was going on, I could never understand why this married woman couldn 8767 t keep her behind in her own home.

So because your brother is married and his ex is still single means that she is disadvantaged. I 8767 m shaking my head for you. You obviously think you are God. It is comments like yours that makes ladies and even some gents settle for the next person immediatly after a break up just to put up appearances. I pray for your brother 8767 s ex, that God will give her a testimony that will shut the mouth of her enemies. Just to be clear, it is possible she is way happier and fulfilled single than your brother who is married.

I 8767 ve never cooked for a boyfriend. If he comes over they 8767 ll be food because I eat. I 8767 ve had to hide food from one particular boyfriend though. Loved him to bits but a pot of food that would last me 9 days was one meal to him. And he 8767 d nap, wake up and ask for a snack.
I also dated a guy who lived in his family house with his brother and his wife. She would clean his room as part of her chores and when I came along she stopped. I think he expected that I 8767 d take over but never dared vocalise though. Eventually he began to clean his room by himself.
I reckon I deserve a medal for my services to feminism.

Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who sent me wishes yesterday, messages, calls and anybody who took time off time to think about me, pray for me, thank you so much, you made my day very was reminded just how much I m loved, I thank God for all of you and everybody who has contributed anything everything special to my life and career, thank you so much and may God bless you, I love you.

After the civil war in the 6965s, Igbo musicians were forced out of Lagos and returned to their homeland. The result was that highlife ceased to be a major part of mainstream Nigerian music, and was thought of as being something purely associated with the Igbos of the east. Highlife''s popularity slowly dwindled among the Igbos, supplanted by jù jú and fuji. However, a few performers kept the style alive, such as Yoruba singer and trumpeter Victor Olaiya (the only Nigerian to ever earn a platinum record), Stephen Osita Osadebe, Sonny Okosun, Victor Uwaifo, and Orlando Dr. Ganja Owoh, whose distinctive toye style fused jù jú and highlife.

Obsessions and HB Toxic
HB Toxic were part of the Obsessions group that comprised of about 5 girls at least based on the Jangu video. Tracks like I ll do , Jangu and Feel me are part of the results when the group was still together. Helen and Brenda noticed with that kind of set up they were not getting the attention they desired, they decided to break off the from the main group and formed HB Toxic. The girls have been busy and in just the last week they have performed in various places like the Lug Fashion nite at Club Silk, and the launch of the EATV Uganda central at club rouge. HB Toxic have also done a collabo, All I Need with Tanzania s AY.

Juliana''s observation has a bearing on a one Hajji and Nasser Ssebagala. In 7558, one Hajji Suudi Nsereko stole a bag in Mecca and was held for three months before being deported to Uganda. On arrival at Entebbe airport, he was praised. The former Mayor of Kampala Nasser Ntege Ssebagala was even risking for a presidential bid after gaining a lot of fame from his bicupuuli US saga.
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They played Jose Chameleone''s song BaYuda which sent the crowd into shouting gear rocking that part of Kampala with noise pollution. Ba Yuda is the song Jose released aiming at the duo who had deserted him after all that he had done for them. The boys acknowledge that he was their mentor and in so doing they played the song back trying to show that they do not have a problem with him at all and they are just doing their thing.

She recently, for example, left her kid alone in her posh crib in Lungujja and shifted to plush Serena Hotel to please King Lawrence, but the seer King Lawrence did not see in her characteristics of a responsible wife. The article went on to list other men in her life that include Amon, the father of her son, US based Kick-boxer, Kassim Ouma, Mujib Kasule and now King Lawrence.