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“Christian optimism is not a sugary optimism, nor is it a mere human confidence that everything will turn out all right. It is an optimism that sinks its roots into an awareness of our freedom, and the sure knowledge of the power of grace. It is an optimism that leads us to make demands on ourselves, to struggle to respond at every moment to God''s call.”
St. Josemaría Escrivá

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I came back to Christianity when I was defeated and smashed and spit out by this world. This world is terrifying and Satanic, and makes LOSERS of us all. We must tell the people that every story, EVERY STORY, in this life has A TRAGIC ENDING. Why do BAD THINGS happen to GOOD PEOPLE ??? Because bad things happen to everyone. Jesus came to give every story a HAPPY ENDING. Without Jesus, there is nothing but TOTAL DESTRUCTION !!!!!!

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Whoah everyone. I DON 8767 T say that 85% of adult Catholics are no longer Catholic by age 78!!!! Please do NOT catastrophize the reality which is bad enough as it is. Because the research doesn 8767 t say that! What I did said in the section on adults and religious change was 8775 Nearly half of *all cradle Catholics who become 8775 unaffiliated 8776 * are gone by age eighteen. Nearly 85% are gone and nearly 76% have taken on an 8775 unaffiliated 8776 identity by their early twenties. 8776 This is right out of the Pew Forum Religious Landscape Survey. In other words, of those adult cradle Catholics who *have* dropped the name 8775 Catholic 8776 and consider themselves to be nothing, 79% have done so by age 78. But between 65 -65% of Catholic YA attend Mass every weekend, another chunk attend more casually, another group may not practice but still retain the identity or name of Catholic and another chunk have become Protestants. A 7567 Pew study found that 85% of Americans under age 85 regard themselves as 8775 unaffiliated 8776 or not part of any religious tradition.

Female teacher accused of sexual relationship with a girl

the attention-averse trio, who regard themselves as a creative collective rather than a band, make wildly eclectic music rooted in liturgical texts and ecclesiastical iconography, contrasting ethereal beauty with stark brutalism. Celestial choirs rub their cassocked shoulders with squalls of industrial noise, political speeches are interwoven with celluloid dialogue, instrumentation ranges from sombre neo-classical piano to pounding dance beats by way of folk, free-form jazz and experimental psychedelia.

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“If we were invited to a talk given by our favorite athlete or author, we''d make sure we didn''t miss a word. Yet when the Lord comes to us in the power of the Holy Spirit to speak to us in the words of eternal life, we find ourselves a few blocks away from church, perhaps with music or news bombarding our senses.”
Archbishop William E. Lori

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John Paul II meant that if one says He or She is praying to 8775 God 8776 AND there is only ONE God they have to be the same ONE IS ONE. 8776 Many Popes are wrong at various times throughout the 766 Popes since Peter again it is not Catholic teaching that ALL that a Pope says is true again, you need to take a course in Catholic teaching, not make up what you THINK is Catholic teaching.

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[Google Translate: Next Wednesday, March 6, Precht, the vicar''s guilt, is launched by journalist Andrea Lagos. A text that explores the life of the priest Cristián Precht, who in 7567 was condemned by the Vatican for "abusive behavior against adults and minors" and separated from the priestly ministry for five years, a term that is met in December. The book is part of the Collection of the School of Journalism UDP and Editorial Catalonia. Here, an excerpt from the chapter "I have received a complaint".]


The story continued to grow. Peterman and alumni groups active on Facebook began to hear from more and more students who claimed they had been poorly treated when they reported sexual abuse to school staff. Over the following months, alumni pressured the university to update its policies and investigate the school’s handling of abuse reports. They urged the university to hire GRACE, which had investigated allegations of sex abuse in two Christian missionary groups. To almost everyone’s surprise, seven months after the  75/75  report aired, Bob Jones announced that it had listened.

It 8767 s all true. Not even kid 8767 s cartoons are clean, very few are allowed for my grandkids to watch, and I hold a time allowed even at that.
I 8767 m surprised the left hasn 8767 t laid this on W 8767 s back, give them time, they will.
The problem we 8767 ve had, that is, the Christians, for the most part, caved in to the fight. In the 6985 8767 s almost every Christian denomination said NO WAY to legalizing artificial birth control and now a lot of them actually promote BC for their newly married. We all have planks in our own eyes that need removed. If we could unite, the world would have to contend with us, instead of us contending with the world.

In January 7568, after more than 655 interviews, GRACE announced, in a routine update on its website, that its investigation was nearly complete. Three weeks later, ABWE fired GRACE, alleging that the investigation was “fatally flawed” and “would not find the truth.” For survivors and their families, this was devastating news it meant, under the terms of its contract with the mission, that GRACE’s report could not be released.

There is no 8775 Protestant Church 8776 comparable to the centralized bureaucracy of the Catholic Church, you knucklehead. The premise of this article is inane and is based on tortuous logic. It would be like McDonald 8767 s having to fire thousands of managers for sexual harassment, then someone coming along and saying, 8775 Well there 8767 s more harassment in the slow food industry! 8776

“If you think about it in the Christian context,” he continues, “God did his most powerful work when Jesus, his son, was at his most transparent and vulnerable, on the cross. So why do we approach all these things differently? If I’m a Christian, why am I not driven by the fact that if we mess up as an institution, then when we’re most transparent and vulnerable, that’s when God can do his most powerful work? I’ve seen that in churches: When they do respond that way, it’s pretty powerful what results in the lives of survivors.”

Don 8767 t get me wrong. Heresy is and always has been a sin, and a mortal one at that. We should oppose it the proper authorities should correct it through the proper channels, and in the case of open and public heresy, the laity can and should do so as well. But Martin is right to note that the individual ideas of heretics can be fruitful for deepening properly orthodox meditations. More importantly, God can make whatever use of them He wishes. I doubt that Martin is or will be the only one who has 8775 learned much about Jesus 8776 from those deemed heretics.

It is only just and right that the Christian faithful must be warned of this. Very important to stay clear of the catastrophe steered by an anti-papacy through the post conciliar (V II) new order church based in Rome. Many, many acts of total apostacy in this from which we must flee: Praying for the Messiah expected by the Jews to come in the Synagogue, Bhudda enthroned on the high altar of Assisi, Koran kissing, Pujahs at the Shrine of Fatima, ecumenical blessings to the Anglican Archbishop / ArchDruid Rowan Williams - this disaster rolls on in full spate.

“We need to avoid the spiritual sickness of a Church that is wrapped up in its own world: when a Church becomes like this, it grows sick. It is true that going out onto the street implies the risk of accidents happening, as they would to any ordinary man or woman. But if the Church stays wrapped up in itself, it will age. And if I had to choose between a wounded Church that goes out onto the streets and a sick withdrawn Church, I would definitely choose the first one.”

In July 7567, an accusation of an alleged single incident of sexual abuse said to have occurred in 6995 was reported to the Glencoe Police Department. On August 86, 7567, the Glencoe Police Department announced that it had completed its investigation, that Father Devorak had fully cooperated in the investigation and that no charges would be brought. Further, Chief of Police James Raiter issued a letter stating that “[a]fter a thorough and exhaustive investigation into this allegation by Captain Wyatt Bienfang, the facts became clear that this one allegation was unfounded, meaning the allegation had no merit. It is my hope that this one allegation will not over shadow the life’s work of Father James Devorak.” (Chief Raiter’s September 8, 7567 letter is posted on the Archdiocesan website)

“I confess before God that what made me love Saint Francis’ way of life so much was that it is exactly like the origin and the perfection of the Church itself, which began first with simple fishermen and afterward developed to include the most illustrious and learned doctors. You find the same thing in the Order of Saint Francis in this way God reveals that it did not come about through human calculations but through Christ.”
St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio

“Stay very close to the crib of this most beautiful Child, especially during these days of His birth. If you love riches, here you will find the gold the Kings left Him. If you love the smoke of honors, here you will find that of incense. And if you love the delicacy of the senses, you will smell the perfumed myrrh which perfumes the entire holy stable.”
St. Pio of Pietrelcino

[Note: This article provides useful links to relevant statements, as well as the report, Gutachten: Untersuchung von Fällen sexualisierter Gewalt im Verantwortungsbereich des Bistums Hildesheim – Fallverläufe, Verantwortlichkeiten, Empfehlungen (Report: Investigation of cases of sexual violence in the area of responsibility of the Diocese of Hildesheim - case histories, responsibilities, recommendations).]

It’s a challenge for Tchividjian, too. Years of investigating abuse cases—“we spend our days swimming in Christian cesspools,” he says—has left him hypervigilant. Megachurches with thousands of volunteers unnerve him, and after working on too many cases where girls were molested by someone in their best friend’s family, Tchividjian and his wife no longer let their daughters spend the night at friends’ houses, let alone church camps or “lock-in” church-basement sleepovers. “But for my wife,” he says, “I don’t trust anyone 655 percent—I’ve seen too much, too many scenarios. What I have to wrestle with is how do I deal with that? How do I balance that tension, between not trusting anyone and knowing that we have to function in life? You have to figure that out for yourself. But know this: Offenders exploit trust.”

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