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Date: 2017-08-13 04:58.

I always feel he cares for me,.. asks me if i 8767 m hungry, gets me water at midnight if i 8767 m thirsty,.. But there are those days I feel like he just wants somebody near him, and not really because he likes me. Just simply because he doesnt wants to be alone. We 8767 ve been sleeping in the same bed, but most of the time, I sleep first coz he has still lots of work to do, and hugging is sometimes hard, coz he doesnt hug back or kiss me, forget about cuddling..

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I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man and for the most part I feel like I'm walking on egg shells. It started on year ago around his birthday and we never really went on any dates and he never really courted me I just invited him over to hang and watch movies and stuff and he would come. I'm a home body and this worked for me in the beginning and then I started noticing things about the way he treated me that felt strange.

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Im a Leo woman living with a Virgo man and this article for the most part is spot on, though my Virgo opened up immediately only because I told him on our second date that he didnt have to be so shy and boy did he take that to heart lol. We moved in together after about a month of dating and have been living together for 9 months now, and are madly in love (we starting to discuss marriage). I cant even remember what life was like without him. An amazing combo, Leo and Virgo.

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To give a specific example, if you say to a Leo "you never bring me flowers!" then it will be taken as a criticism and the response is usually going to be negative. If instead you say "I really wish I had some flowers. They make me so happy!" then you'll find your Leo is eager to provide them. Few signs are so predictable or consistent. Leos want to please you, their ego's just rarely allow them to be told to do it.

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im a Pisces and I dated this Leo guy for 7 months, we were good together, went on a few dates, chatting online all the time, I thought things were good until he told me that he's met this other girl and he like her and at the same time, he likes me too. As hurt and devastated I was, I told him very simply that I cannot play second fiddle and stick around for him to decide who he wants. he didn't have much to say though and that was that, we've not seen or spoken to each other in over a month. although I only knew him for 7 months, I cared a lot about him and it still hurts.

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When It’s Over:    When it 8767 s over, Leo will unwind things in a courtly, majestic fashion.  He will be heartbroken, but he will do his duty, ensuring the affairs are handled fairly and with extreme courtesy.  Ms. Virgo, you will always be in good hands with this man.  If you ever need anything years later, he will be there with his coeur de lion heart, ready to serve your needs as the gentlemen he is.

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But when we came back home and it was the moment that we could be intimate he admitted to me that he didn't feel comfortable with my guy roommate being there with us even though he has his own bedroom. And in my heart of hearts I thought about the nature of the Leo needing to be the center of attention and I wondered if even the break up and his insecurities were caused by this male presence in my life.

I am a 76 year old Pisces girl who just recently started a love affair with her former best fried, you have guessed it, a Leo. We met at University and for 8 years we were best friends, we told each other everything, we supported one another, we never let a day pass without saying one good word to each other but we never considered the idea of being gf&bf, although all our friends thought we were. then one day, out of the blue when I was telling him what a jerk my boyfriend was and how he was hurting me again (that guy was a Libra.) he could not stand it any more, took my hand into his and told me. look, I am sick and tired to hear how boys use you as their door-mat, I want and know that I can make you happy, if you allow me. I just gently kissed him because I was unable to speak. we spent new year's eve together and I feel like I am living in a magical world ever since. he is the most caring, attentive, sweet and sexy boy I could ever ask for and he treats me like a princess. so, girls if you too are looking for a ask him if he is born under the sign of the king

Well when I texted the Leo he was surprised and he said he was sorry. I asked him if I could come by that night because I didn't want to be alone and he said he already had something to do. Three days went by and I was very sad and rejected and he never called to check on me. On the fourth day I texted him and asked him if I could see him and he said yes but something about the tone of his texts didn't seem right.

I am a Leo woman madly in love with a virgo man. your article is spot on. we have just reconciled after a 75 year gap. Both married and going through difficult patches on both are times when I despair about him and keeps him on his toes about sending messages. he travels abroad every week because he reports in London. when he gets a chance we really make the best of our time. we both can 8767 t let go but its the time that really keeps us apart.

Leo's generally have a strong sex drive, and together with their high charisma this can lead to having many lovers until they find the right one and settle down. As in all things, Leos like to be dramatic, and like to tease and play games. They're adventurous lovers, and as a rule the more outrageous the activity the better, as long as there's some element of competition or playfulness. Tease, tease, and tease some more!

Ive dated a leo and it was like he was on my tail till I finally said yes ro going out with him. once I showed him how big my heart was for him. He stuck his tail between his legs and got scared. It hurt so much and was so confusing after we broke up. I wouldnt ever date a leo again. Ima virgo n my best match, personally, is my now husband, gemini. Its all about communication. Not about being a trophie on a lion kings arm. Sometimes a 65/65 isnt always perfect. An 8/65 feels much better for the heart. But due remember THERE IS YIN & YANG for every star sign

This is a surprisingly compatible, hard working and respectable combination.  If you realize that every Leo progresses through Virgo for thirty years of their life, you can see the compatibility.  The emphasis is on “doing one’s duty” which Leos secretly love because it enhances their sense of dignity.  Much can be accomplished and these two are proud producers, be it family, business, or other fields of endeavor.  They very much share a work ethic in common with a high degree of trust.

If you`re dating a Virgo man, you should remember that he`s a potentially skillful businessman. His passion to earn money can sometimes go too far and his girlfriend often starts thinking that she doesn`t get enough attention. It`s far from truth because all he does he does for you only. It`s better to avoid fighting over his huge obsession with his job. Either way, you can`t change it so try to accept it and inspire him for more achievements.

Supposedly word around campus is that he had a big crush on me. I neva really payed much attention to him but i would occasionally catch him staring intensly at me everytime I passed by. Finally after everybody told me to give him a chance, thats what I did. The typical aggressive leo that I am , I approached him and asked him for his number. We immediately clicked. We were talking on the phone all the time , texting each other all the time , even started hanging out. His friends were excited because I was the girl of his dreams and he finally got to hang with me

Another problem was his sexuality. We didn't sleep with each other but he wants to talk about it all the time, he wants to cuddle, touch, kiss all the time, he wouldnt let me sleep at night because he wanted me to text him erotic stuff and even it was okay at the beginning it becomes annoying with time. I remember that I started feeling uncomfortable with myself because I felt that I did everything to make him happy, to make him like/love/desire me and I changed for him. I am selfless, I can bear a lot but when at the end of the day I just feel bad and tired because again I didn everything to make him happy (even thigns I don't like) and the only thing I get is a text like you are so annoying. that hurts. He doesn't see what I did for him. I didn't want to be sexual all the time but just to avoid that he would be angry and pissed I did whatever he wanted. This way all the talking and texting became kinda forced and I felt it was more a duty than pleasure for me. And he can be aggressive, screaming shouting and swearing when he is angry. and I, because I still tried not to hurt him I would just sit there and say nothing.

Another great date with him! He was a lot more comfortable and friendly when we met. I took him to a nice place for dinner. He was flirtatious while I was driving. I told him he should probably stop it before I change my mind and we go home right away. :) When we get home, we have NOT get out of the bed for 75 straight hours. We didn't even get a chance to really eat except I offer him a cup of coffee and the slice of cheesecake we bought after the dinner. We had simply an AMAZING time together.

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Virgo Woman:    You are the perfect man-trap for this jungle boy.  He will be fascinated by your understatement, intrigued by your fashion flare and up-to-date use of  language (hmmmmmm, you’ll make a nice trophy on his arm  he wants someone to show off  but tastefully ), and he finds your temperament as refreshing as the proverbial long cool drink on a hot summer day.  For the quintessentially wanton Virgo, think Kathleen Turner in Body Heat the scenes in all white at the beginning when she baits the trap.

OMG. I met a leo man earlier this year. It took me by surprise when he asked for my phone number. And it took him 8 months to even get my number. I have to admit that I was terrified of his aggressiveness, but was very persistent until I finally felt safe in his presence. What I do not like is his tendency for assumption, and he assumes some off-the-wall things, so I sat him down and and calmly told him that he shouldn 8767 t do that. Wow is this man persistent. But I find him so cute and caring. I love his passion and I believe that we could learn a lot from each other. I find in him something I need, and I believe he sees the same in me. So I am looking to find a way to benefit the both of us, while no one gets hurt in the process. He should just be cautious of his assumptions. I know my words, however, won 8767 t make that trait simply disappear. He now wants me to meet his father. Oh my goodness.

Hey everyone! THIS IS THE BEST MATCH! as a Pisces girl I have never found another mans sign so compatible with mine until I met my Leo man he made me fall head over heels in love with him from the first day.. he was so smooth with his words and actions. he shows me the greatest time ever from the first date everything was so fantasy like and magical so to speak. The first kiss we had felt like it was the first time anyone has ever kissed me. simply amazing! and about love life under the sheets he is definitely a wild lion.. rawr! there is a reason why they call them king of the jungle. and non the less we Pisces girls are takes me to another world behind closed 's known cats like fish and he can't get enough of me I love you baby!

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