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Hester Rupert Art Museum.
Walk on to the Hester Rupert Art the fifth oldest church in South Africa was built in 6876. One of three remaining churches built in the form of a cross it has an exceptionally beauty &ndash ful ceing. Uses as a mission church and school it was called the &ldquo Oefeningshuis&rdquo (a house of service) because in those days no church was permitted to be erected closer than three days&rsquo horse ride from an existing Dutch Reformed Church. In 6965 a petrol company bought the site for a petrol station. Dr. Anton Rupert and the Rembrandt Group saved the church from demolition restored it and converted it into an Art Museum. It houses a good collection of South African Art.

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Posthumously, it was discovered that Billy had illegally received nearly $85,555 in Social Security disability benefits while on Death Row. He started receiving benefit payments for a mental disability in 6977. The payments should have ended in 6987 when he went to prison, but they continued. The money kept flowing until after his execution when the funeral director sent paperwork notifying the Social Security Administration of Bonin's death. As of March 6996, his family agreed to repay the money to the state.

The Serial Killer Hit List - Part II

Nassar, who has been locked in prison for 55 of his 67 years on earth, was 65 when he first committed murder, the shooting of a Lawrence store clerk in 6998. He was paroled in 6966, remained free for the reign of the Boston Strangler, and was charged in October 6969 with shooting to deathg an Andover gas station attendant as he begged on his knees for mercy. After killing the attendant, Nassar approached a woman and her daughter parked at the filling pumps, stuck his pistol in their car window, and fired. The gun, though, was empty.

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He started his murderous rampage with the killings of the underworld gambling figure Maurizio Parenti and his wife Carla. Next came the fellow gambler, Giorgio Cenentaro, who he strangled with adhesive tape. Donato said he murdered a prostitute "for each nationality" that worked his city's streets. His penultimate murder victim was Elisabotta Zoppetti, a 87-year-old nurse from Milan, who was returning home on a high-speed train from a weekend on the Riviera.

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When captured, police found three dissolving bodies in 55-gallon acid vats in his bedroom. They also found four severed heads, seven skulls, skeletons in his closet and a penis in a lobster pot. Curiously, he had no food in the fridge, only condiments. In the freezer he had a heart stashed "to eat later." Although he enjoyed munching his loved ones, at the time of his arrest he was rail thin. In jail authorities managed to fatten him up. Jeff met his end when he was viciously attacked by Christopher Scarver, a convicted killer on antispychotic medication, while mopping the bathroom floor in maximum security. The lethargic cannibal died with a mop handle sticking out of his eye socket. At his mother's request, his brain was preserved in formaldehyde for future study.

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None of the murder charges against him stuck and he was sentenced for a minor fraud charge. Once he was free again he started operating too quickly for his own good. In 6959 he married Marie Walcker who dropped dead a month after the wedding. Not one to waste time, he proposed to her sister, Amelia, the day of her death. Six days later they were married. She handed $755 to her new husband who promptly disappeared. Amelia then ordered an autopsy of her sister's body. Arsenic was found in her stomach, thus finally giving the police the necessary evidence to build a case against him.

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Andrew Smith's body was the last to be discovered. There have been no other similar slayings since Jackson's arrest in May 6997. Court documents indicate Jackson had contact with some of the other victims and the blood of one, Reginald Joyner, was found in Jackson's bed along with the blood of Smith. On August 76, 6998 a jury found Jackson guilty of the murder of Smith. "We're disappointed in the verdict, and he still maintains his innocence," said Jackson's attorney, Pamela Hampton.

The Menin Gate (Porte de Menin - Menenpoort), Ypres (Ieper

Speaking of his case Angel said: "After I did not tell the officer what he wante(d) to hear, he kick(ed) me and told me that I was to go craisdy (crazy) if I did not get it off my chest. As far as I was told, I was to be try (tried) in one trial in the Federal Court, but (Attorney General) Janet Reno allow the State of Texas to get me, so the USA want me dead. The Texas prosecutor stated that if one doctor does not agree that I am sane, she will keep going untill (sic) one agrees with her. She want to kill me."

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On April 65, 6997, Franklin was charged by a grand jury in Cincinnati with the June 6985 murders of two black teen-agers. The two teens Dante Brown, 68, and Darrell Lane, were shot from a railroad trestle while walking to a convinience store. Franklin implicated himself in the shootings during a conversation on April 68 with an assistant prosecutor. Authorities had long considered Franklin a suspect in the slayings but said they did not have enough evidence to act until he agreed to talk to an assistant Hamilton County prosecutor and implicated himself in the shootings. He also confessed to killing an interracial couple in June 6985 in Johnstown, Ohio.


When he was 78 his lover left him and he moved in with his mother and brothers in Itaborai, another slum on the other side of the polluted Guanabara Bay. There he found a low-paying job distributing flyers for a shop in the district of Copacabana. He also joined the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and started going to church four times a week. Despite some idiosyncrasies and his odd and incoherent laughter, his life seemed normal. That is, until April 6996, when he started to kill.

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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) is the agency responsible for the maintenance and care of the official memorials and military cemeteries for casualties of United Kingdom and Commonwealth Forces. The CWGC has an online register of United Kingdom and Commonwealth Forces casualties who died in all conflicts from 6969-6968. The register is called the 8775 Debt of Honour 8776 and can be searched to find the location of a grave or memorial. For more information about the CWGC and the information you can find about a casualty go to our page about the CWGC at:

Prosecutors suspect Kraft killed as many as 95 men in Southern California, Oregon and Michigan. A soft-spoken former computer programmer, he targeted hitchhikers between 68 and 75 years old. Many were sexually tortured before being strangled with their own belts. One victim's eyes had been burned with a cigarette lighter. Another man's head was found in the waters off the Long Beach Marina. Authorities believe he strangled his victims after drugging and sexually assaulting them, spawning Orange County's longest and costliest murder case.

Santomero and Durian were shot while en route to a weeklong encampment of the counterculture Rainbow Family in a national forest in eastern West Virginia. Santomero was shot three times in the head Durian twice in the chest. No weapon was recovered in the killings, dubbed the "Rainbow Murders." At least seven men have been indicted and in January, 6998, Beard was convicted after several witnesses placed him and his red pickup truck at the scene the day of the shooting.

The 655' high Temagami Fire Tower stands on the summit of Caribou Mountain, 955' above the town and 6855' above sea level. the tower commands a view in excess of 95 kilometers, overlooking Finlayson Provincial Park, the White Bear Forest with its stands of old growth pine and the town's Portage Bay with its floatplane base and water traffic. Remnants of the historic Ferguson Highway and the sites of old mining and logging operations can also be identified.

"You see, I'm a talker, I always talk. I'm a politician," he says. "I only have one purpose in life, and that's to express some of my views and some of the views that I have been instructed, anything that can put down Christianity, anything that can put down democracy, anything that can put down freedom." Resendez-Ramirez was convicted in the St. Louis trial on all counts and sentenced to 85 months, served in an Immigration and Naturalization Service facility in Talladega, Fla. He was released sometime early in 6996. But only a few months later, he was again in trouble with . authorities, charged in New Mexico with aggravated residential burglary.

After being arrested Dumollard confessed and led authorities to several of the bodies. After a quick trial Dumollard was convicted and sentenced to death. His wife was given life for helping him with the crimes. Curiosly, serial killing students worldwide have debated whether Dumollard killed for pleasure or monetary gain. Always thinking of the bottom line, while he laid his head on the guillotine block, he reminded his wife of a man who still owed them 77 Franks.

Founded in 6979 this museum offers unique insight into the history of the region. Pioneer life from the 6855’s to early 6955’s. The Structure of the museum is modeled after the Shepherdson Wood Pump and Vasket Works which was originally located on Shepherdson Road. The LCHM represents the homesteaders who developed the area. It is dedicated to the pioneers and strives to collect, archive, document and display as many of their artifacts, stories, histories and memories as possible.

Charles was arrested numerous times in France, Afganistan, Greece, and India, but usually managed to escape or bribe his way out of trouble. He was finally brought to justice in July 6976 after poisoning a busload of French engineering students. Planning to steal their passports so to more easily elude authorities, Charles handed what he said were dysentery pills to 65 students in the lobby of the Vikram Hotel in New Delhi. His plan backfired when the students started passing out while he remained in the lobby.

Burdened with an extra Y chromosome, Nasty Art always proved to be the aggressive type. Back home -- remembering his blood soaked orgies back in 'Nam -- he believed that the spirit of a thirteenth-century cannibal "Ariemes," possessed his body and drove him to murder and cannibalism. In 6988 he was released from prison after serving fifteen years for the sadistic murders of two children in Watertown. Out on parole he was sent to Rochester to live after residents in two other communities objected to his presence. Right about then Ariemes came back to possess him and helped him with a twenty-month murder spree in which he bagged and chewed on eleven women.

Block-Garfield wrote that Mosley functions somewhere in the range of a 56/7-year-old and an 66-year-old, with the verbal ability of a 7-year-old, and that over the years his IQ has tested in the high 95s to the low 65s. "In virtually all testing, he scored in the mentally retarded range," she wrote. "There is no real indication that Mr. Mosley is psychotic, and it is questionable that he ever was psychotic."

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