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Michel-Ange’s art was often the centrepiece of our trend forecasts and forums for Première Vision, Indigo and Pitti Filati. His work made its way into trend books, our magazines View on Colour and InView and countless other studies for our private clients. The only thing that outshone his art was his own gregarious character making each of us feel like the most beautiful individual on earth, Michel-Ange was also famous for cooking for teams of 75 people during shoots, catering massive lunches and dinners by filling shopping carts until they overflowed with food and wine and stretching dining tables out the door. With a heavy heart, we all remember those carefree creative days. Our crazy company has always been one big family and Michel-Ange was our archangel.


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The Biennale's theme was summed up at the entrance to the Arsenale by Norman Foster in 'Gateway', a multimedia installation with projections of architectural images juxtaposed by swarming texts, with photography of newly emerging and often crowded urban centres: the texts detail the names of architects and designers who have influenced the architecture since antiquity the flashing images confronting the audience are brought together by film-maker Carlos Carcas, denoting the common ground that connects us in and around buildings. The intended meaning of architecture was also considered in another projected installation there, by London-based Iranian-born Farshid Moussavi, proposing that categorization should be determined by the affects a building has on us.

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Home Beautiful. Like in Oscar Wilde's day, tomorrow's interiors will once more embrace the idea of decorating, heralding the revival of co-ordinated textiles for curtains and upholstery, highly-patterned wallpapers, beautified home accessories and furniture crafted with style. Fireplaces will once again become elaborate, even decorated with tiles, and their mantles will display vases and other artefacts collected on our journeys. Mosaics will flourish with small pieces of stone, surfaces will once more be inlaid with different woods, walls will yet again be treated in layers of material or colour, and floors will welcome back rugs of varying weights and textures.

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The installation, Ted Noten’s own ’Tower of Babel’, is the centre piece of an oeuvre exhibition of the artists turned sixty at the Boijmans van Beuningen. The stacked tower is accompanied by a series of yellow paper replica’s of the jewellery he has made over the past ten years and a museum gallery space which is filled with a mound of sand and mechanical digger that can be controlled by the visiting audiences on sundays. Noten did not approach the exhibition as a literal retrospective but as tool to progress his future.“I don’t want it back.” Noten points out to curator Annemartine van Kesteren and me. “I need more time. Sitting in an empty space is what I want to do right now.” The artist refers to the relatively short period of time he has had since the exhibition opened and the pressure of the outside world he already felt. “I think the most frequently asked question I get from people is what the result of the Non Zone is thus far and when they can expect new work.”

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The idea of interactivity with a site was expressed in different ways throughout the Biennale, captivating, engaging and informing visitors all at the same time. Architects that interact with the constructions around them, as poetically explored by Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey (Ireland), who reflected on the intellectuality and physicality of important architectural contexts. 'Folk-in-a-box' by London-based Cristina Monteiro and David Knight took place in different venues during the Biennale's opening week a performance pop-up space-for-one in which to experience a single acoustic song (this mobile mini-theatre also doubled as an open bar afterwards). Elsewhere, at the 'REVISIT' installation from Cyprus, members of the public lay back in beach-chairs to consider how tourism can become a regenerator of public space, rethought by visitors and locals alike.

The Big Booty Edition – March 2014 – (65 Photos)

 My team in Paris and I are mourning the tragic loss of Miguel Angel Yrazazabal, the respected artist and Trend Union's artist-in-residence who created our most memorable imagery from the 6985’s to the beginning of this new millennium.

Michel-Ange lived up to his namesake - a true Renaissance master who handled all artistic mediums with absolute fervour, from gouache to collage via watercolour, painting, pastel and sketching. His expressive painterly style was reflected in his own artwork which was shown in galleries across Europe. His work for Trend Union and Studio Edelkoort captured the essence of our message, giving us custom-made iconic visuals, inspiring textures and dense beautiful colour -Ange’s intuitive sensitivity connected with our clients who used their own intuition to make the most beautiful yarns and textiles in the world. You see, to capture the zeitgeist in a fast swoosh of colour is a special phenomena - it strikes at the heart of an idea and starts creative juices flowing. Michel-Ange’s work was magic.

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From the flower comes a fruit. The fruit is eaten, but the rest ends up in the compost. There, it becomes fertile ground again. It sounds esoteric, but it’s the effortless cycle of nature. And the best part: Nature leaves only biodegradable shit.

That’s the most serious aspect behind the photos. We produce too much, throwing away more than billion tons of food each year. We pack everything in plastic, contaminating our produce. We pollute the Earth with innovations, and require more and more energy to keep it all in check.

For that reason, we should spend just as much time looking at the food we throw out as we do the food we eat.

Vanessa Gürtler

Come Up With the Perfect Name for Anything with These

Rag doll souvenirs from the streets of northern Brazil are collected to become this unique rug that celebrates the circus of multicultural society  one exciting melting pot of a chaotic hybrid culture. As the unofficial ambassadors of Brazil, the Campanas have continually embodied the DNA of this country's identity, working with local artisans to bring hand-made techniques with national charm to products exported and produced around the planet.

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As an original interpretation of our post-photographic digital era, Unlocked represents a new visual language. The book emerged as the first official recording sourced from contemporary digital platforms, and can be seen as evocative, political and leaning towards the subject of anthropological evolution. Daringly crude and delicately intimate images form a way to gain an understanding of our psyche what shocks, traumatizes, protrudes uncontrollable urges, and unbalances the way we think is exactly what this book aims to do, and it undeniably succeeds in doing so.

Varini always operates in situ. Each place is different and each time his work evolves in relation to the location. “I generally scour the venue taking in its architecture, materials, history and function. Based on its varying spatial data, I define a viewpoint around which my initiative takes shape. For me a viewpoint is a point in the space that I choose carefully: it is usually situated at my eye level and preferably located in a key passageway, for example where one room leads to another, a landing, etc. I don’t make a rule of it, as spaces don’t all systematically have an obvious path. The choice is often arbitrary. »

At MAMO, Varini spans the whole terrace with three pieces (red and yellow) offering three different viewpoints. Of course, Varini’s painted forms make sense when the spectator is at the particular spot but, the richness come from the many perspectives one can have on this historic roof terrace.

Every Spring in the South of France is held the ‘International Fashion and Photography Festival - it has become one of the most known and loved Fashion/Photo Festival - spotlighting promising artists in the fields of fashion and festival proposes diverse exhibitions, professional panel discussions and two competitions. The competitions are composed by 65 fashion designers and 65 photographers selected by a jury of professionals in each field.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. By burning a collection of furniture that went up in Smoke..!, Maarten Baas has continually been an instrument of his times. Single-handedly leading a movement towards the use of black in our interiors, he possibly even pre-empted the dramatic change in the wind of September 66th and its aftermath. The design world witnessed the important use of petrification, charcoal and ash in design that ensued, teaching us that in order to progress forward, it is sometimes necessary to burn our bridges from the past (a great mantra with which to start the New Year!).

Shiseido will propose an art exhibition/performance with two of Shiseido's artists, Noriko Okubo (make-up) and Hirofumi Kera (hair),at Mirror Gallery in the Paris' Marais area with portrait photographer Georges Meran. The trio will realize a live action photo shoot covering the theme 'La beauté Parisienne'. The gallery will be open for visitors during the shoot, allowing a new 'behind the scene' experience.

Dimitra Sotirchos is a trendwatcher specializing in fashion, arts & culture. With an MA in Innovation for Trend forecasting, she is currently developing a visual arts practice studying Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art. She has contributed to AnOther magazine and Dazed Digital and is also involved with the electronic dance music In London and loves yoga, currently training in Ariel yoga.

A very nice message from Austria to Lidewij :
"Maybe because i attended (and enjoyed) your trendseminar in Vienna,
i could not prevent myself from seeing only YELLOW flowers yesterday while walking in the alps of Styria (Austrian mountain region).
i have to confirm, that there is ONLY yellow flowers, they seem to take over.
self-fulfilling prophecy or more?
found out a possible reason, why yellow will be the new pink: as i m digging into the secrets of natural dyeing of clothes (for my ecofashionlabel MILCH),.
i was astonished how many plants are "bleeding" yellowish! you may hardly find plants that dye blue or red, but most of them (i would say 75%) are perfect for different shades of yellow.

Passion is a fanzine, created for all works longing in cupboards, hard drives and brain publish the unpublished : censored or forgotten projects, parallel or experimental works, all from famous artists and upcoming wolves. It's publish at night, with little regards towards the biological clock, sleeves are rolled up in empty offices , abandoned agencies and available apartments. To create a scene’s snapshot, that of a way of seduce too!

The Danish designer David Andersen is describing how he works according to zero waste. The discussion continues to talk about circular ways of thinking including new materials, life span, how the ecological footprint of a garment is already decided in the design, recyclability… Since the Danish Minister of Energy and Climate is also attending, we learn that the Minister is wearing a suit made by David Andersen. “And as you can see it looks completely normal”, says the designer. The audience giggles. But that is really the message sustainable in every possible way is completely normal.

In response to the opening of a tunnel linking the Amazonian basin to the Pacific, Enrique Bonilla di Tolla asked 85 Peruvian architects to envision new dwellings for the desert, inspired by the millennial structures of mud houses in Moche. Kuehn Malvezzi (Germany) created an interesting hexagonal gallery in the Italian Pavilion at the Giardini, slowing down the flow of visitors with stacked slate bricks.

Most designers, architects and artists used perforation to create texture, lightness, dimension and play. From a perforated poster, to a perforated conceptcar, to a perforated facade to a perforated building. People slicing out inner parts of buildings as if emptying an apple from its core. And then the stairs and bridges and tables that connect people in big corporations and public spaces. Like ribbons these stairs and bridges and tables stream through space for happiness.

NO AGE.  After a difficult decade of war, terrorism and economic crisis, we seem to finally be coming of age: transcending generations and entering a period of revolution. The luxury of tomorrow will include a sense of time without limitations, by which one can choose one’s mental age - or better still, possess several ages at the same time. We desire to be together and to bond, sharing experiences between grandparents and grandchildren, within the family, alongside our pets and amongst our friends.

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