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Posted: 2017-10-12 17:40

Literally, Facebook is allowing this person to harass me because they did not like what I had to say (and in this case, all I did was post links to some news articles and ask if that’s an okay source). They literally do not read any text and none of their responses will ever address anything you ever write. Non-existent customer service. Why have any kind of appeals process if you don''t pay attention to them? Why have text entry when you don''t even read text?

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Facebook banned from posting or commenting for 85 days for stating my anti-vaccine opinions. I also commented that according to the evidence I have researched, it appears that vaccines are targeting people of ** more than anyone else and that Big Pharma is just an extension of the Nazis and their Eugenics programs. Then the trolls started attacking me and calling me a racist, which I am definitely not.

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So almost a week ago, Facebook banned me from posting, commenting or liking post made by contacts or pages I follow. Their reason for the ban "Calling someone a MORON", yes read right folks, a ban for calling someone a MORON. But get this, on two news pages that I follow, some people make death threats, call others names namely (Pink Pigs), talk about land that was stolen (Without any proof) in the Apartheid era. And guess what??? Facebook does nothing about that. So I personally think the 85 day ban was completely uncalled for.

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Facebook recently took the extraordinarily ignorant measure to block me from posting my own gaming videos, citing that I had posted material belonging to someone else. There is absolutely no evidence they would provide me with that I committed such an offense after numerous requests, and they would not respond to demands to reinstate my uploading privileges. I filed a BBB complaint against them after filing 8 different requests for action. These videos were not political in nature, nor were they religious or activist related, they were gaming videos, nothing more. There was absolutely no reason why they could not have at least responded to my requests other than they do not find the matters of a single member important when they have billions more to hawk their advertising towards. I for one cannot wait for the next big thing in Social Media to come along so that Facebook can join the ranks of MySpace, MocoSpace and AOL.

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Now I''m having a problem because there are people that are selling themselves and using Facebook to promote prostitution and are people who bother others so they can sell their products. I do not do none of this and I get banned. I never got a warning at all or anything like that. I''m seriously in awe with their behavior. They should investigate the girls that add you as a friend and say come and join and play with me. I''m disgusted and believe that they should investigate the ones that are doing this things.

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Despite my first and last name being my GIVEN, LEGAL name, I''m in my account one minute and went to check my notifications and was out. My middle handle is not a name. The. Middle. Not the first or last. the middle. This is under the guise of enabling safety and ensuring my friends can reach me. I''ve had the same amount of friends for the last 8 years. AND MY ACCOUNT IS PRIVATE. People can''t find me any damn way. Facebook wants me to scan my . I was looking for a reason to take a break. Completely asinine.

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l joined Cupid with gentle persuasion from my lovely niece, l had no real expectation of finding love, just thought it might be fun. after a few short weeks on site up pops a chap who called me MATE !!!...This guy needs help l thought !!! we chatted and chatted, messaged, giggled and laughed together and well there s enough stuff on here to write a book or two !!! Might even do just that one day !!!

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Too many people are being bullied on Facebook by this ban policy. I can get a member kicked off by reporting some lame post, or I can block that person so I don''t have to see their lame posts, but I should never be allowed to pass judgment on another, just because I am mad at them, or I was raised different. Since Facebook actually encourages this activity, it is also aiding in the very thing our constitution protects us from (in many cases) - denial of due process, which should warn first, and allow us to explain. My guess is that the company is only staffed with golfers and stock holders, and the occasional glitch repair personnel. If I can''t post, or have to be careful what I say, I might as well just not be a part of the drama, as well. Ten years of my time wasted on the site, good riddance **!

Since when in this country are people not entitled to their opinions? What''s going on is they have TROLLS working for NSA (right out of Edward''s ** playbook) that reporting people, and FB has robots working there, or Government TROLLS who monitor the complaints, and based on the number of TROLL complaints, they take people down who have done nothing wrong! They don''t even bother to read the comments they are censoring people. Or maybe they do, and FB just does not agree with certain opinions, so they censor people!

One fine day I checked my Facebook page and was scrolling through messages and hit a dead end. There was a message from the Facebook gestapo telling me that if I wanted to see the rest of my messages I would have to add more friends. That is frigging crazy. I am 67 years old veteran and served and my country HONORABLY. I suffered a devastating stroke seven years ago and I am still recovering from that experience. I will be on disability for the rest of my life. Most of my friends are already dead or they do not use Facebook anyway. In short, I have all the friends and family I need and Mark Zuckerberg henchmen does not have right to extort that constitutional right from me.

Lord where do I start. Facebook told me I need to secure my page. I click I change my password which I been trying to get back on Facebook for almost week. Tomorrow October 8rd, and it either goes back to the beginning saying change password again or I get a page is broken. I been writing to them to no avail. I mean not no one has replied. I play a few games on there and my friends, family, bosses, and co-workers are on there. Now nothing and no one is telling me nothing. I even sent a picture of my driver''s license to them. If anyone else has had this problem how did you solve it.

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I decided to open account in my real name and a few days later the same thing is done to me. But in chat I answered a question and talked to someone in private chat and guess what my account is disabled and have to show document and get automated responses "cant confirm account. Please send more information on this and that list". I have the right to protect myself and defend myself and answer questions but Facebook says no to that by disabling your account.

Facebook has been blocking my original page for quite some time now and the company has intentionally refused to take action to resolve this matter. I''ve told Facebook numerous times that the solution to resolve this matter can''t be fixed using my cell phone number because I don''t have the phone. They refuse to send another solution and continue to play games. They are blocking my freedom of speech.

The Gmail account used to verify the account is a business account Gmail that my wife/business partner have and it was done with their permission, again, to protect both myself and my son. My ex-fiance is a convicted sex offender and very violent. Please re-enable my account so that I can continue to play the wonderful games on there as well as interact with some very nice people that I have managed to make contact with.

I''m talking about a different Facebook person''s account not this one. They said there was suspicious activity! They hadn''t been on the site in weeks! They wanted another photo uploaded! They had already sent them all kinds of ID a few months ago. What is their problem? They do seem to target older people who like a little privacy and don''t share that much except a few pictures. It''s not enough for them. I don''t trust Facebook at all.

Well I used to be with Facebook and I can''t stand Facebook now. I can''t even keep any pages without Facebook keep deleting my pages. I had Depression page and Facebook removed the pages. I have put A new Page and Facebook delete my new page so l was asked from Facebook A picture of my face and I gave one to Facebook. I waited 77 Hours but Facebook turn right around and deleted my Facebook page without any dang notice whatsoever. It really pissed me off that Facebook didn''t even bother to let me know why Facebook did that to me.

So I have a business that I post to Facebook Groups that are EXACTLY for that, posting your business in. My posts are very benign and not offensive at all. Constantly getting blocked from posting in them. There needs to be an alternative to FB. It has become just like Craigslist. If someone reports you and you are blocked you have no recourse. The appeal process is nothing but a joke. You will NOT get an answer back to your appeal because it never goes to an actual person for review!! No phone numbers to call just like Craigslist. A very, very poorly run site.

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