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Kitty's guilty pleasure turned out to be the Spice Girls—a good choice. The ladies of New Directions were happy to argue over who got to play whom with a sudden self-awareness of their tendency to stereotype one another. Mousy Marley got to be ultra-sexy Posh. Unique indulged in flirty fashion and to take on the mantle of blonde-haired-blue-eyed Baby Spice, even though standard Glee casting patterns dictated she should have been Scary. Tina, of course, made a fabulous Scary. PSA #6: Individuals are individuals and shouldn't be confined to specific roles—whether on stage or in life—based on preconceived notions of race, beauty, personality, etc.

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As Will, the New Directions and the alumni are celebrating their victory in the choir room, Emma enters with a priest and walks over to Will. She announces that they planned to marry after regionals and, due to her not being able to handle a full-scale wedding, announces she wants to get marry in a place and with the people she loves. She next stands in the hallway excitedly before being called back into the choir room. With Sugar being the flower girl and the New Directions humming to 'Here Comes The Bride' she meets Will in the middle and the wedding party surround them. The vicar asks if they have vows and this time, Emma declares her love for Will before he does the same back. Will then hurries up the vicar so Emma can finally be his wife. They both say I Do before they passionately kiss in front of all the students. The season ends with everyone cheering and Will and Emma embracing in the center. 

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Finn comes to Emma's office for some counselling after seeing Rachel had changed her Facebook status to 'Shacked Up' whilst his is still 'Heartbroken'. Emma tells him not to worry and even hands him one of her infamous pamphlets ('So She Moved in With Someone '). She says there is still time to find someone and even suggests the new maths assistant. As Finn is leaving her office, Emma asks him to chose a centrepiece for the wedding. He chooses the white one because he believes white represents purity. She appears happy with his decision. Emma is next seen standing with the New Directions in the courtyard whilst Tina performs Hung Up . She seems surprised by Tina's new diva attitude. Emma and Finn present the award for the glee club's Diva and cheers when Tina is announced as the winner. 

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Heather first spots Chase being jealous of Nathan as he talks to Ginger. She then walks to the two of them, as she introduces herself, then rubs into Ginger's face that she got the perfect valentines gift for Chase and reminds Ginger that she is single. Then, she tells Nathan that Ginger will become overweight, and then says that Ginger is the reason Chase is beginning to like her. She also says that she sees that Ginger is pretending to be the innocent nice girl, but really is a scheming little kiss-ass. Ginger then walks away upset.

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Duets Dreaming Wide Awake ( Come Fly With Me ) Damn It, Janet ( The Plays The Thing ) For The First Time ( Bad Company ) Last Christmas ( A Christmas Story ) Sing ( Comeback ) Don't Let Me Know ( Summer ) Pretending ( One Night Only )
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Emma returns with an attractive dentist named Carl , who apparently has allowed her to loosen up. Around the start of the episode, Will discusses the Glee Club performing Britney Spears with Emma. She continues on another subject: her new boyfriend Carl, saying that he's helping her with her "mess" problem. Will is jealous of her new love interest and sarcastically agrees with her, and Emma feels a little insulted and says he's too "uptight." At that minute Carl comes and kisses Emma. Will is uncomfortable at this sight and a conversation ends with Carl talking to the New Directions about dental hygiene. Carl hands out blue capsules, Emma staring at him in adoration, Will watching her with envious eyes.

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Emma has feelings for Spanish teacher Will Schuester , which become apparent after he sits with her at lunch and helps her get gum off of her shoe. She gives him advice on how to get some of the popular kids to join glee club so that other students will join as well. She signs up to chaperone with Will to go see the glee club's competition, Vocal Adrenaline. Once she learns that Will is resigning because his wife is pregnant, she sets up a meeting with him to give him some advice. He thinks that he needs beatter financial benefits for his family, but Emma shows him a video of himself in the 6998 Nationals performance and tells him that the only life worth living is one he is really passionate about. Her advice is shown to have success, as Will remains at .

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Emma first appears in her office, still in a flurry over her wedding. Finn enters and confesses how guilty he'll feel about looking Will in the eye, knowing he kissed Emma. Emma bluntly tells Finn to get over it and continues sorting out the table arrangements just as Will enters. He sees Emma is flustered over the wedding and promises to help, right after seeing the New Directions. He kisses his fiancee and leaves with Finn leaving Emma working on her wedding alone. 

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In the opening scenes of the episode, Will and Emma are seen in tuxedos where they perform You're All The World To Me  very similar to the Royal Wedding version. As the song ends Will wakes up in his apartment, having fallen asleep watching the film. Finn asks Sue, and later Artie, where the location of Emma is as he feels it is her fault she is missing. Sue is of no real help, yet Artie suggests he asks her parents. Rusty and Rose come to Emma's office and Finn and Artie (in ginger wigs) claim they are from the McKinley Ginger Protection Club and they quickly need Emma back as their chairman. Rusty gives them Emma's location and Finn tells Will to go and get her like in the movies. 

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Ginger and Heather sing a duet of Who You Are. Ginger considers getting a boob job, and says she wants to make it like Heather's which Heather seems to be flattered about. When they are at the doctor's, Ginger addresses Heather as her 'friend' to the doctor and also tells Heather she had her vote for prom queen. After their duet together, Ginger looks at Heather and seems to be envious of her looks, possibly because she thinks they're why Heather got Chase in the first place.

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Emma appears on her wedding day in a waiting room in her dress. She appears visibly sick about walking down the aisle. Sue appears behind her in the mirror wearing the same dress as Emma, claiming it to be revenge at Will for hiring Finn as his glee club replacement. As Sue helps herself to champagne, Emma exclaims how she can't get married before starting to sing Getting Married Today with Will and Mercedes. During the song, she dashes through the church and through the snow outside. She is last seen climbing into a taxi and weeping in the backseat. During the performance of Anything Could Happen , Will looks at photos of him and Emma taken around the school and their apartment.

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Heather insists that Ginger inheriting her mother's weight problems, when her costume doesn't fit - but Heather had secretly altered the costume beforehand. Claiming a desire to win new friends, Heather invites the girls to a sleepover. At the sleepover, Heather mercilessly trots out donuts, and seeing Ginger's panic, she takes her aside and not-so-subtly suggests that Ginger should try ecstasy to help make her look beautiful. As Ginger considers it in the bathroom, Heather mocks her to the other girls. Ginger sees this and asks if Heather is making fun of her.

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Artie goes to Emma about his papers of the surgery he wants so hopefully he can walk again. Emma tells him his legs are seriously injured and she does believe that one day a doctor will be able to make Artie walk again, but not for a very long time. Emma tries to be nice about it, but basically puts Artie's hopes down, she tells him that it might be good if he comes by to talk to her once a week like he said. He thanks her and leaves his papers with her as he wheels off sadly, Emma feels bad.

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Emma is next seen lying on her bed in her sister's house as Will pulls up outside. As the music for In Your Eyes  starts, she gets up to the window to see Will and all the New Directions serenading her. As the song ends, she tells Will he's crazy, but agrees to come outside and speak to him. Outside the house, Will asks Emma why she left him at the altar and Emma says it's because he left for Washington and she felt he came back as a different person. She regretted leaving him at the altar, but didn't know what else to do at the time. She then asks Will where they go as a couple now and he says they should start again from scratch he asks her to the movies on Friday night which she accepts. The scene ends with Emma grabbing his hand and Will kissing Emma's head.

Ginger finds Heather crying in the bathroom because of Streakyteens' loss at Sectionals, though she claims it is because she has allergies. Heather admits that she has been awful to Ginger and is confused as to why Ginger is still being nice to her Ginger responds that she thinks that Heather's meanness is just because she's frustrated about her father and what he did to her that made her release her anger out on her. Ginger then invites Heather to come and discuss song choices for their christmas show, but Hearer sharply rebuffs her. However, she then calls Ginger back and, in a friendlier tone, thanks her for asking.

Emma is first seen in the teachers' lounge telling Sue, Will and Coach Beiste that she had cleared her entire schedule to provide grief counseling, but no one came in for counseling. Sue replies with an insult, but Emma doesn't seem to care because it all still feels surreal to her. She agrees with Sue that she and the other teachers should help the people Finn loved move on, although it seems like an impossible task to her. Tina comes to Emma's office for counseling, and Emma is glad that she can help someone deal with the sadness. She is then shocked by Tina's speech about her clothes, so she sends her away with a few pamphlets. As Tina leaves her office, Will comes in for his appointment although he believes he doesn't need grief counseling. Emma confronts Will about not crying, which makes him get defensive at first, but then she explains that there will come a time when he'll need to let it all out, and that she'll be there for him because she loves him. Will leaves her office, leaving Emma looking concerned. 

Will decides to have the boys face the girls in a mash-up competition, with Emma (the most impartial and honest person he knows) being the "celebrity judge." Sue warns Terri of Emma and Will's apparent sex pheromones and Terri becomes the school nurse to keep an eye on him. Terri is reminded of the mutual attraction once again, this time from Ken, so she tells him to propose to her. She sees Emma and Will discussing the proposal in the hallway and she confronts Emma telling her that she has no chance with Will. Emma tells Terri that Will deserves better than her. Terri then says that her thinking that she is competing for Will's affection is pointless and that she should marry Ken Tanaka. Emma tells Will that she has accepted Ken's proposal and although he tries to be happy for her, he is ultimately upset.

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