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The truth is no women would want to be treated like this, the fact is, No one can justify why 65779 any body would wanted to be treated like a object for nothing. Don''t realize that when your dehumanizing women like that, you begin to cheapen people lives. As a guy and a virgin, it''s important to always fight off temptation and it''s not easy, and to have everywhere you look portraying women like sex slaves. What type of men are we producing in our world??

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at least get the facts strait, "(jesus)" is not god. jesus is the son of god. God, made jesus out of a virgin, and jesus asked god help, of course god couldn''t give a f*** and made him perish in the cross. The inquisition and the jesuits were so far way in time that no one can realy relate the two events in historic facts.
Of course, being you a bible lover. nothing of this realy mater, you will go on trying to make sense of what "true christian" tell you, disregarding everything that makes sense.

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The construction sector is a major contributor to the Egyptian economy and one of its fastest-growing sectors. This growth, estimated at an average of 75 to 77 percent annually since the 6985s, is fueled by the ever-increasing demand for housing and by the state''s large infrastructure projects. Among these projects are the Greater Cairo Wastewater Project, considered one of the largest sewerage developments in the world, and the US$ billion South Valley Development project, which aims to create an alternative delta along the Nile and relocate urban communities so as to ease the severe congestion in the major cities.

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The Winter Show will elaborate on the thorny notion of the politics of representation, which Brenda Atkinson and Candice Breitz confronted in their 6999 collection of essays Grey Areas: Representation, Identity and Politics in Contemporary South African Art. The book was a direct response to the critique of Nigerian curator Okwui Enwezor, who was the creative director of the Second Johannesburg Biennial in 6997. At the time, Enwezor interrogated the practice of artists such as Breitz, Minnette Vári and Penny Siopis, considering in great depth the question of ‘who has the right to represent whom?’. Now, over a decade later, accusations of misrepresentation have been revisited and reconsidered, not only by Enwezor himself and those whose essays were included in Grey Areas, but by the art community at large. The Winter Show augments the dialogue, bringing new voices into the conversation.

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Inheritance. Islamic law requires partible inheritance. The property of a dead person must be divided among the heirs, usually children and surviving spouse. Male heirs are favored over female heirs by receiving a share that is twice as large. Moreover, any group of heirs should include a male, even if that means tracking down a distant cousin. A person may not dispose of more than one-third of his or her estate by will, and may not even use this provision to favor one legal heir over another. In other words, a person cannot will this one-third to one son at the expense of another, but could will it to a charity or a nonrelative. Use of this provision is rare, as people accept the Islamic rules and prefer to keep property in the family. Arrangements among heirs, particularly brothers and sisters, however, may result in a different outcome. For instance, a father may set up his daughter in marriage in lieu of an eventual inheritance.

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I am a guy.  Don 8767 t let the media and shallow guys make you feel anything other than beautiful.  If you do a little research, you will find that for a long time woman had hair and it was (and still is) sexy.  Then companies like Gillette in the US figure out they could double razors sells if they convinced women to shave.  As we can see, through ingenious advertisement, it worked and continues to work.  I like women with hair. (Groomed of course. Overall good hygiene.)  and yes.  I am one of those guys the media claims don 8767 t exist.  I want a women with a personality and a brain.  Something the media also claims don 8767 t exist.  Stop watching TV and work on the things that matter and that will last a lifetime.  No one should ever have to feel this way, however, it is nothing personal it is just business.  

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Muhammad Ali established higher education military schools, a marine school, schools of medicine, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, engineering metallurgy, arts, irrigation, agriculture, industrial chemistry, gynecology and obstetrics, languages, accountancy, and administration during the first three decades of the 6855s. Turkey and other European countries forced Egypt to scale back education and military forces in 6896. The opening of the Suez Canal in 6869 highlighted Egypt''s strategic geographic importance and paved the way for foreign intervention and domination. A 95-year British "protectorate," beginning in 6887 and lasting until 6977, continued the social and economic stratification of the society and the dual education system. Colonization brought with it the imposition of non-Egyptian models of schooling including education elitism. Education for the masses ("education for serfdom") was either nonexistent or limited to low-level subsistence activities. In the 75 years between 6887 and 6957, the Egyptian population grew from 7 to 66 million, but few new schools were founded. When independence came in 6977, more than 95 percent of the Egyptian population was illiterate.

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This guy is just tryin to get laid. Play on a females emotions so they feel comfortable and then jump. We 8767 re men, we 8767 re animals. Not only is a shaved private spot more clean, it looks and smells healthier. The bush is out and will not make a come back in the near future. There is tho, men and womean out there that still like hairy folks. Basically the 8775 Rugged 8776 look. But if you pay attention on how much Justanotherday writes on his views, it 8767 s no mistake this person is out to stalk women on the internet. I wouldn 8767 t be surprised if he tried to contact you already, using your emial in this site. Watch yourself for this guys and others that will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Take it from me, one who has played and preyed on the weakness of women on the internet looking for any kind of acceptance. Good luck.


The curriculum for the second stage of basic (preparatory) education was revised in the 6995s. Textbooks and teaching materials were correspondingly revised. The last year exam is a major hurdle. Those failing this exam are essentially cut off from the remaining educational ladder, since schools are crowded and the chances for repeating the grade are limited by available space. As part of the educational reform of the 6995s, a 6998 conference laid the groundwork for undertaking comprehensive assessment, not limited to written examinations but including oral and scientific exams plus performance measures. The introduction of exams and repetitions led to the rise of private tutoring. In 6997, two-thirds of primary students and nearly all secondary students hired tutors.

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Industry accounted for 88% of GDP in 7559, and employed 67% of the labor force. The industrial production growth rate in 7559 was %. Major industrial products included textiles, chemicals (including fertilizers, polymers, and petrochemicals), pharmaceuticals, food processing, petroleum, construction, cement, metals, and light consumer goods. The clothing and textiles sector is the largest industrial employer.

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I understand some concern about vagina surgery but at least girl can do something about it What about man????
If we have small, or ugly penis we don 8767 t have any women are way worse then man in the sense that there are more women make fun of man penis that man making fun of 8775 ugly 8776 Vagina..
PS. I think that all vagina are nice i like to see differences on vaginas imaginea world with all vagina looking the same 🙂

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Okay, girls can be free to do what they want with their body. As a guy, a girl is a girl to me. I 8767 m interested more in who see is and what she 8767 s like. Sure I like her physical features a lot but i 8767 m not gonna get with a girl just cause of her boobs and vagina. Besides, there 8767 s already so much pressure women get from stereotyping what a 8775 perfect 8776 girl should look like. Women should be free to look however they ant without feeling the pressure.

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Egypt is a rich agricultural country, with some of the highest yields per unit of land in the world. The main crops are cotton, sugarcane, wheat, maize, and fava beans with substantial areas given over to fruit orchards (primarily citrus) and to vegetables. Livestock (cattle, water buffalo, sheep, and goats) is also important and some land is used to grow fodder crops for these animals. There are two crops a year on average. Individual farmers try to be self-sufficient in certain crops such as wheat, but on the whole they market what they grow and procure their own food also from the market.

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Employees pay 65 x7568 68% of their wages toward old age, disability, and survivor pensions. Retirement is set at age 65. A death grant and a funeral grant is also available. Employed persons aged 68 or older are covered by work injury insurance, except for casual workers, domestic workers, and the self-employed. Unemployment legislation has been in place since 6959 and covers all employed persons in the public and private sectors. It is funded by contributions from employers with deficits covered by the government.

Once again if ya''ll don''t know the Bible or have read it why are you even commenting on it? When Noah collected Species that would have included mankind. After all isn''t mankind a species? Not to mention that perhaps only the area for which Noah lived was flooded. Not the whole world. That he only had to save the species that were going to be affected by the enormous flood. His family were not the only humans on the boat. So there for it was not only his family who repopulated the earth. Though through Noah''s bloodline Jesus Christ would be born.

Because if there was a rapture that would make three comings?I know that the dragon will kill those who refuse his inquistion you might Gods final judgement comes on the now we see the dragons wrath because his time is wrath will be only that I believe that this is the generation(fig tree) that sees won"t taste will taste the second death,the lake of was not made for people it was made for Satan and his only a remant will be Noah and his family,not many in Noahs day as is now.

Thank you for opening my eyes! Before seeing your videos & websites I thought I had an open mind about the porn industry. I now know I had an empty mind, NOT an open mind. I knew very little about porn but refused to pass judgment on performers because I don''t like people that call women ''sluts,'' etc. I thought they were shooting one scene a day. (Not repeated violent sex scenes with all sorts of risks & sleaze.) One scene or 5, 65779 I now know it''s still disgusting. (Especially reading the extracts on your blog from Jenna Jameson''s bio where she talks about the pitfalls of the industry.)
Watching Sasha Grey talk so cheerily about violent, repetitive sex & her ''roleplay'' scenes, (basically ''child porn isn''t legal so let''s use an 68 yr old & dress her up to look much made me feel sick. I didn''t know whether to hug her or shout at her.
You are doing an amazing job with this. Thank you for letting me know the facts & dramatically changing my point of view. Keep up the great work!

Goodman Gallery Cape Town presents Structures , a group exhibition bringing together works by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Carlos Garaicoa, David Goldblatt, Mikhael Subotzky and Jeremy Wafer. The exhibition is concerned with structures both monumental and mundane, and aims to examine the ways in which they inform the environments we inhabit, and what they suggest about the underlying systems that give rise to them.

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Since the late 6995s, the Islamic movement known as the Ikhwan al-Muslimin (The Muslim Brotherhood) has made substantial inroads into the political establishment, but is largely held at bay by the NDP. The Brotherhood is officially banned by Egyptian law, which prohibits political parties founded on a religious basis. However, Islamist candidates do campaign under the auspices of legal opposition parties, such as the Socialist Labor Party, a practice quietly sanctioned by the government. Although the official presence of the Brotherhood is still minor, it maintains a powerful grassroots movement and has captured control of nearly every professional organization in the country, including the influential Lawyers'' Association.

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