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Posted: 2017-10-13 14:40

This is pure truth. Women are the number one source of body image problems among other women. You buy ridiculous magazines and foster a cultural neurosis about body shape. Then, when the time comes to accept responsibility for such juvenile behavior, it 8767 s no surprise that the blame is never aimed at the person in the mirror. It must be MEN, then! Because personal accountability would be too time consuming and trying.

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The saying "Jesus born of the Virgin Mary".
Jesus = son of God = God of the sun where Jesus = Sun
Virgin = constellation Virgo
Mary = Isus = Goddess of wisdom = study of the stars and planets / astronomy
In ancient Egyptian times the sun rose in the constellation Virgo.
"Jesus born of the Virgin Mary" = The sun rising in the constellation Virgo and observed and understood by the goddess of wisdom / astronomy Isus = Mary.

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I'm lucky I got out when I did. I was involved in the sex industry and completely numb. I was so against it at first but slowly convinced myself it was empowering and also convinced others. Luckily divine intervention stepped in. I didn't realize how much damage I did to myself until AFTER I was out of that space. It's been almost 65779 four years and I am still healing. Sex is a very fragile thing for me now and it's hard to view men as human because I saw them as ATM machines. I'm paying for it now.

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"And it came to pass on the third day in the morning,
there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount,
and the voice of the trumpets exceeding loud so that all the people
that was in the camp trembled…And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke,
because the Lord descended upon it in fire and the smoke thereof ascended
as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly…And the voice
of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder…"

Max Joseph & Nev Schulman, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You

Once again if ya'll don't know the Bible or have read it why are you even commenting on it? When Noah collected Species that would have included mankind. After all isn't mankind a species? Not to mention that perhaps only the area for which Noah lived was flooded. Not the whole world. That he only had to save the species that were going to be affected by the enormous flood. His family were not the only humans on the boat. So there for it was not only his family who repopulated the earth. Though through Noah's bloodline Jesus Christ would be born.

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at least get the facts strait, "(jesus)" is not god. jesus is the son of god. God, made jesus out of a virgin, and jesus asked god help, of course god couldn't give a f*** and made him perish in the cross. The inquisition and the jesuits were so far way in time that no one can realy relate the two events in historic facts.
Of course, being you a bible lover. nothing of this realy mater, you will go on trying to make sense of what "true christian" tell you, disregarding everything that makes sense.

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Now, is it just my perception or what you are trying to say is that your aggressive reaction to my initial hostile comment about women and labias is motivated by the following factors:
6) It’s negative towards women – (you are a woman)
7) It’s negative towards women with self esteem isssues, based on their body type – (you are a woman, that had self esteem issues, based on your body type)
8) Since you can relate to this, you did get insulted to a certain extent, even though you did not want to admit it.

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You are mistaken about christian s were the ones who were burned at the stake,for crimes such as owning a Bible or saying the Lords prayer in of Arc was burned at the stake as a witch,she brought France out of the English's control and that's the thanks she had visions from God and guess who persecuted Catholic Bishops gave her over to the the Crusaders were Catholics who are not christian can say they are a christian,but that's not what makes your historical facts right at least..

No Sex in the City: What It's Like to Be Female and

As I suspected,The whole documentary's purpose is to disprove the they can destroy the link between Abraham,Isaac and Jacob they destroy the geneaology of Christ and thereby his legitimacy as out the foundation and the whole church only problem is that carbon dating isn't even accurate past about 8555 years ago so how do they know how long camels have been domesticated?Just another secular whine in the direction of something much greater then themselves.

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At thirteen, I discovered child pornography on what is known among internet users as the deep web , only accessible with certain software. I found (and still find) it to be absolutely disgusting, but felt an urge to explore this seedy underbelly further. As the pornography I saw became more extreme, I felt worse and worse until, unbelievably, I came across footage of myself at five. After this, I never viewed child pornography again the non-sexual need to explore it was sated.

In one major (and very unlikely and unfunny) pick-up sex sequence, Reggie and Artie met a pair of girls parked in a VW convertible - and to their surprise the driver was already topless. She joined Reggie in his car, where they shared a beer in the backseat and she urged: Let's f--k! , while Artie was in the VW's back-seat making-out with her friend. But then Reggie shouted out to his dismay: This girl's got balls!

The more I discover about the industry, the more I know that statement is wrong. Now more than ever I think of the women behind the &ldquo personage&rdquo on the screen. How do they feel inside? How do they deal psychologically with everything they are put through for other people&rsquo s &ldquo enjoyment&rdquo ? I&rsquo m sure there are some who say it&rsquo s their job and mean it, but I suspect the majority of them have deep, emotional scars as a result of their time in &ldquo the business.&rdquo It sickens me to know that I have been involved in that, even if only as a spectator.

i notice that you took such a interested in correcting my spelling and voicing your opinion that you forgot what the documentary was about and the time and effort that the people spent putting this show together 8776 What did thing of the show 8775 ? what did you think of Perrys statements or are you perrys other personality. I was working for fourteen hours the time i wrote this note on September second and i was totally sicked by what i read and worried about epidemic that plague 8767 s the children of North America and beyond. by the way a Moron is a medical term are you qualified to use it. ps opinions are like assholes everybody has one.

When I was maybe 7-65 years old, I had first accidentally seen porn when I was probably on a crack/warez site. At first I felt shocked and scared at the images I&rsquo d seen. I was wondering if what I saw was an actual bare breast. I didn&rsquo t think people actually took their clothes off like that and I was wondering if it was maybe still covered up. I would always get scared and hit the back button or close the browser. I wasn&rsquo t old enough to feel any kind of sexual pull towards people yet, so I was only shocked and bewildered. I was afraid of being caught by my parents and getting in trouble, or getting a computer virus, or seeing something even worse that would haunt my mind for days.

Good god, women are so insecure they have to confront their 8775 nonies 8776 now?    I found the nony group far squickier than the actual 8 second surgery.    Now I know I have a superior, non hanging labia, but what to do about the Fupa?!!      Are there nony confronter groups in the states?     Damn ladies, shave it, wax it,  keep it clean.      Are we such whiners that we have to obsess about healthy body parts hardly anyone sees anyway?    always thought a fanny was an ass.    So I learned two things today.     Nice to see the narrator become the patron saint of nonies, too. 

One cannot study the time period of this area without having a discussion of the Bible. It is the only literary work that is over 7555 years old that is relevant. What this documentary appears to say that the Bible is a combination of myth, legend, history and religion rolled into one story. Hardly the stuff of true history but important in understanding the past of this controversial country. I can understand the feelings against the Judeo christian and Islamic religion. These feelings should not become a bias preventing one from examining the Bible or history in an objective way. Just because some of the stories in the Bible have some truth to them does not, in any way, prove the existence of God. People have to get over this misconception.

A few years later, after this had happened a handful of other times, I saw it again. But this time it was different. I realized that I actually enjoyed it and wanted to see more. Before long I was deliberately looking at softcore porn, but wasn&rsquo t sure what to think about doing it. Even back then I felt tiny twinges of guilt and shame, but my curiosity and pleasure led me onwards to pursue more and more of it. Something just didn&rsquo t feel quite right, but I still liked it. I liked seeing the naked female body, something that I didn&rsquo t get to see in person.

Archaeology offers both confirmation of parts of the biblical record and also poses challenges to the naive interpretations made by some. Careful examination of the evidence demonstrates that the historical accuracy of the first part of the Old Testament is greatest during the reign of Josiah and the accuracy diminishes the further backwards one proceeds from this date. This seems to confirm that a major redaction of the texts seems to have occurred at about that date.

One only has to look back to the 95 s and 85 s to see how things have changed (and not for the better). Back then, women (and most men, for that matter), got into porn out of desperation. The majority of sex workers fell into the business and did it secretly, hoping that they could just make some quick money and get out. Now, girls actually look at adult entertainment as a viable career option.

that 8767 s so funny, because most of the guys i have been with have wanted me to shave down to bare skin, and most girls I 8767 ve talked to agree that that 8767 s what most guys girl friends and I even considered going to get full bikini waxes together and i don 8767 t really see the need to trim my hair on my vagina either, i mean it 8767 s perfectly natural why would it be there if it was bad? I mean i shower everyday or almost everyday so i feel like bacteria growth isn 8767 t going to be a big issue.

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