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Leo Man And Sagittarius Woman

Posted: 2017-10-12 15:28

It breaks my heart thinking he could ever be unfaithful to me. He is a massive flirt. I 8767 m sort of 75/75 on the whole cheating thing, because I 8767 m the best he 8767 s ever had CLEARLY and ever will have. And oh boy the tempers I know it 8767 s wrong to nag your Sag, but I 8767 m a once in a lifetime thing. I will not make the mistake of bearing children before he decides to sow some filthy a** oats some place else. Us Leos, we are very loyal and we have such high intellect. So, I don 8767 t know for a vast majority of Leos, how they handle things but if that cheating crap goes down, I better not 8775 see it 8776 .

Sexual Compatibility Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man

A Leo woman is naturally gracious and compassionate. She is a born leader but likes to play games, games that she always wins. She is a go-getter and an extrovert and stops at nothing in getting what she wants and knows she deserves. These traits make Leo woman an exciting companion to be with. The Leo woman also has a very sensitive characteristic in that she is extremely proud whether it is true pride or not, she is more often than not, arrogant and quite demanding. But she has a sensuality that always keeps her man on his keens.

Sagittarius man Leo woman - Compatible Astrology

I am now dating a Leo man he's breaking my heart every day he dosen't show me the love I want describing a Leo man says their passionate but I haven't seen it yet sometime I wonder will he ever fall in love with me or am I just wasting my time every day i'm with him feel hurt because he dosen't tell me how he feels I really do love him but is he just using me for sex because he is the best lover I had ever had but he dosen't beleave it so should I keep waiting for him or should I move on?

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I am a Sagittarius woman very sexy, sensual, and can cast a spell over most men teasing them with my blue eyes that truly "speak". My Leo has brought a new meaning to actually have to kick up a bit which I am so into for my Lion..I want to hear him ROAR ) Our sex is more than on a sexual way more! The mind is the biggest erogenous zone and we can take each other there any time anywhere. He knows I need my freedom and that I will flirt, men will look and flirt back..but I never ever let him forget that he is the only one for me! What can I say..this Lion has me and I have him! WOW

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I'm a sag man, she's a Leo women.. she has a boyfriend though, back in her home country, which I'm currently living in now. she's living in my home country doing or 'trying' to do the long distance thing with her man.. we hung out roughly 8-9 weekends before I left home and moved to her country. eerrgghhhh I miss her heaps and I think she feels the same way. she mentioned the possibility of leaving her current man for me before I left home because we get on like a house on fire, I think we are both very sexually attracted to one another.. well I feel that way, I think she feels that way but am not sure am almost sure but you can never be too sure right..what to do..?

Sagittarius man and Leo woman compatibility horoscope

Im A Leo Girl And i Have The Biggest Crush On This Sagg Boy ! We Text Now And Then i Been Knowing Him Sence 7nd Grade! Every Time iSee Him iJust Get So Happy ! He Is Very Funny Keeps Me Laughing & Loves Having Fun Just Like Me! Only Thnig Is He Always Say He`s Going To Come And See Me And i Be Like Ok ! iWait And Wait & Ne Never Comess ! & That Really Just Turns Me Off ! To The Point iDont Want To Talk 7 Him No Moree ! It Makes It Seems Like He`s Lieing To Me ( & I Dont Like Liars ! )It Makes Me So Angry 🙁

Leo man Sagittarius woman - Compatible Astrology

I am a sag woman and recently fell for a Leo man. I was skeptical at first because the Leo is so passionate and romantic and you cant help but fall for them and fall fast. They also carry themselves well and tend to be the center of it all. I am having a very hard time believing his love is true. He can text me that he loves me but in person he wont say just shows it. They like to keep deep feelings in. I also have a very hard time being dominated I want to be an equal and his view is to look down on others. I think Sag girls are accused of games but we guard our heart and pride because we don't want to get hurt or played. I also don't like that leo's rarely..if ever apologize when they are wrong and the Sag girl is all about simple solutions to conflicts.

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I am Leo dating a sag man who happened to be my first boyfriend. We lost connect over the years and recently found each other again. I cant believe that he could potentially be my all these share a strong chemistry and I am dying to see him. He sends me pics and guys he is so just cant wait be with him. Just one problem is married and I am also married. But I know he is my soulmate and its just sad that we both in this situation. I love him more than my husband. sorry, but its the true. I have always loved him and he feels the same way about me. Pls advise

Leo man and Sagittarius woman compatibility horoscope

im a Leo woman and I meant this sag guy the sex is so hot, oh my goodness who he is mysterious I don't get in his way I use to be upset when I had plans to go out and he says I cant go I'll get up set and call and make bad comments and he will tell me your thinking about your past im not like them he melts my heart no other man sign has done, he said to me I'll put you before my friends anytime, he is so kinky my first time ever dating a sag. don't deal with a Scorpio they're more emotional Aquarius sneaky and cant hold on to money, Capricorn cant get it together Aries cheaters, Gemini players, Virgo confusing, Libra stupid and insensitive think its all about them and what they can get out of you.

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How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Sagittarius Man:   You might have to tone down your friendly approach a little bit.  Leo is the queen and does not appreciate familiarity from strangers.  Not that you have to bow in her presence, but you will need to follow some protocol to gain access to her inner circle.  Your sense of humor is generally an asset, but not if you use it to tease or make fun of her.  Leos take themselves quite seriously, and although they are willing to be honest with themselves, it 8767 s a stress for them to see humor in their own ways.  Be bright and positive.  Focus frankly on what you can do for her and keep her entertained in clownish ways, but take HER seriously.

Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man in romance can leave two well-meaning lovers and friends disappointed by how much of a dog 8767 s dinner they 8767 ve made out of their initially light and energetic bond, often tunnelling into different directions and building walls between them before they 8767 ve even noticed it 8767 s too late to go back. She can wind up making him feel like he has to play it cool in order to keep her around, but he 8767 s never been very good at being less than bashful and unashamed about his romantic intentions in the long-term. Initially she admires him for being unable to tell a lie, but once he turns up the intensity she might no longer find it cute anymore. These two are fraught with miscommunication, for all the heart they wear on their sleeve as individuals.

I am Leo woman dating a Sag man.. OMG!!! I have never
felt love like this in my life. We connected spiritually before we even seen each other. And once we seen each other in the flesh it was amazing!!! He treats me like a Queen his touch, kiss, just the way
he looks at me is amazing. We are already speaking of marriage.
I love this man with all my heart and he loves me as well. There is not a doubt in my mind that I will marry him. Oh how I love him so!!! He 8767 s God sent

Despite the best intentions, in the here and now Sagittarius and Leo are riddled with miscommunication. As mentioned, he 8767 s probably going to wind up wishing she saw life differently and he 8767 s probably be better off not trying to convince her otherwise. She often wishes he would lighten up about himself, like he did in the old days when they could laugh at life.

There are some problems inherent in this match. These involve Sagittarius' tendency to be hyperbolic and overly honest, which can cause problems for Leo. Leo really does hate to be embarrassed, criticized, or to disappoint others. Additionally, Leo may also be unaware of the impact their actions and words have on Sagittarius and can do or say things that will cause Sagittarius to feel they are being controlled or held back.

Love of my life is a Leo. We aren't together at the moment but since being apart we are the best of friends. Leos are the center of the universe and when a Sag woman lets him flaunt his shit when she's got him wrapped around her finger, it works out great. They are such softies though and their low self esteem is often hidden by cockiness. I just say don't call them out on it, let them lead and love them. Be gentle get hurt easily. Always had a good time, best friends as well as lovers, was amazing. He just couldn't keep -wise.

Hi I'm a Sag girl and I was involved with a Leo man for over 8 years. He has been the best I ever had to this day! It was always fresh and new and never a dull moment! I took good care of him and vice-versa! we were crazy for each other and there was so much passion and intimacy in the time we were together. I fell hard in love with my Leo! I miss him so very much! I will never forget how he made me feel when we made love. no man can ever make me feel like that! He left his mark in my body and soul. He is in my system for the long run. At this point we are trying to be friends due to some issues and we decided its the best for us. All I have to say is I will never forget my Leo! wish things would have been different and given us more of a chance! Jaime baby I love you with all my heart!

I've met my Leo a few months ago, and ever since then we've been very close. The sex is AMAZING. We connect on all levels. I trust his love for me, he trusts mine. But sometimes my honesty can hurt his feelings and I feel as though I've got to apologize over and over. He's very cocky, but I like that because I know he's mine, and he looks good! Always keep a good look for your Leo (any man for that matter), and he's there to stay. They want someone to look good with them. But we couldn't be happier right now. I can see us together for a very long time. Truly a compatible match. THIS is what got me into astrology because I'm living the truth right now! True love! Did I mention that the sex was amazing? )

I'm 86 and I have been dating my Sag for about 8 months but things aren't going the way I want them to. My sag works a lot to the point where I never really get to see him. He is usually too tired to stop by but sometimes I think he uses that as an excuse not to come and see me. The truth is due to my very moral upbringing I tend to keep him and arms length away. I want to change that but only to a certain extent. I don't believe in sleeping with this guy with one of my family members just a room away. I just can't seem to do it know that a family member is close by and I think it is pushing him away. I'm not a prude I actually want to be more psyhical with my sag but I'm extremely shy and I want to do it out away from my family. The problem we don't seem to have anywhere we can go and well you know. Sometimes I just don't think my sag cares as much I would like for him too. He says he does but he seems very distant and cold towards me. If anyone can shed some light on this subject please enlighten me, I could use the help. Thanks.

I am a sag woman and I think I am falling for a Leo only thing is I can't tell if he is falling for 's kind of hard to read. maybe i'm rushing things and being impatient but we've been out a few times and things haven't gotten any more physical than a 'm kind of going crazy over here. we have so much in common and I am so intrigued by his passion for life and music. I can tell he is definitely a book Leo even after knowing him for a month. i've always been attracted to leos but it has never been good timing. I hope he feels like i'm more than a me luck!!

I am a Leo and I am deeply in-love with a Sag! Words can 8767 t begin to explain the way I feel about this man. We clicked instantly and that 8767 s what scares me. Things that have came so easily in my life have not always worked out so great. I pray on this union each and every night. May God continue to keep us. Right now that 8767 s all I have. We 8767 ve been in one disagreement and I pray it never happens again. That Sag has a temper on him. But, I guess I have to accept that if I want to be with him. I love that man

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