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Posted: 2017-11-14 21:29

I am seeing a lot of hate everywhere, and so this is timely to talk about. I am just wondering if it is not significantly worsened by this mental grouping we are forced into simply to be able to handle what is coming at us 79/7/865 in terms of information and news. Man has never had to digest and sift through so much verbal detritus in history it has to be simplified just to begin to understand it, much less assume a position.

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i feel the same as you and my friends have said the same to me i have had a boyfriend this was about 7 years ago and im now 68 nearly 69 he would touch me and i would just get annoyed, normally when we were trying to watch a film which would annoy me even more needless to say is didn 8767 t last long as he obviously had a high sex drive and i wasn 8767 t even bothered (this was before i had herd of asexuality) so we didn 8767 t have sex and i still haven 8767 t and my friends have been telling me that i need to try it before decide i don 8767 t want to or what i 8767 m into but i am bi by i do just like hanging out with people i don 8767 t want anything to happen, i don 8767 t even like meeting anyone any more because they always assume that i want to have sex or that i already have.
hope this helps you no that your not the only one one day we will know what we are or that there will be someone that understands us who would just want to hang out and not do anything else

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And approximately half the psychiatrists at my hospital thought this was absolutely scandalous , and This Is Not How One Treats Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and what if it got out to the broader psychiatric community that instead of giving all of these high-tech medications and sophisticated therapies we were just telling people to put their hair dryers on the front seat of their car ?

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My reason: I am exhausted after nearly a year of watching what few tattered shreds of decency and fairness in discourse that remained in those forums be unceremoniously discarded. The hatred and hysterics just got to me. Never mind the other, well-documented side effects of social media (I noted those in myself, for sure)—it 8767 s exhausting parsing every single item I shared (even the most innocuous) for possible offense ( 8775 You went to *that* taco truck?! Didn 8767 t you know that the owner is a ? 8776 ). And every offense is a grave offense. Deviate from The Program™ with even one opinion, and you are guilty of all of the sins of The Bad Ones™. I just got tired, and asked myself, 8775 Why am I doing this to myself? 8776


My family consists mostly but not entirely of Democrats, who hate Trump and Trump voters, and so does much of my extended circle of friends. I voted for Trump, not out of any great love but because he represented a much better choice than Hillary Clinton on the issues of foreign war, immigration and free trade. That doesn 8767 t sound particularly moronic to me, and so I occasionally enter into debate on the subject though only online or via text, because I 8767 m afraid of losing my livelihood if people in the liberal city I inhabit were to find out my views. When I do debate, my goal usually isn 8767 t to convince anyone of my position, it 8767 s literally just to convince them that a reasonable case can be made for the other side. You can imagine what sort of responses I field.

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Will, hmm. If I were to discuss UFOs, it would be along the lines of my book The UFO Phenomenon , which argues on grounds that have stood up very well in the light of recent revelations that the UFO phenomenon was largely invented by Air Force intelligence to distract attention from aerial tests of classified technology, from the late 6995s through stealth technology and beyond. (Funny how UFOs shaped like black triangles suddenly popped up all over the place around the time that those first stealth testbeds were making their initial test flights ) I 8767 ll consider it, though.

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Finally, modern transgender medical intervention is far more about hormone therapy than 8775 amputating body parts. 8776 There is a popular opinion for some reason that transsexuality is all about being a dude for a long time, going into a clinic one day to 8775 get it chopped off 8776 and then voila, all of a sudden being a woman. This is not remotely how the process works. First the individual will often spend some time presenting as their gender in public, second they will adjust their hormones to the target gender for quite some time. Most people pass as their target gender and have for some time before getting any genital reconstruction.

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vV_Vv: To me, 8775 my gender is nonbinary 8776 is a convenient way to convey the concept 8775 I, Ozy, will be upset if I know that you see me as one of the binary genders. 8776 I know there are people who mean something else by it, but to be honest I can 8767 t imagine what that thing is. Am I so successfully delusional about my gender that I don 8767 t even notice the experience of being delusional about it, and only notice the upsetness that is a product of the delusion? That would be extraordinary.

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Interestingly, you write about Western English speaking history of virtues (sex and hate). This fits perfectly with your perfection/wholeness idea. Western peoples have been indoctrinated in a puritanical Abrahamic theology (even non-religious persons are still social indoctrinated by these world views due to their saturation and deep roots in western culture) where good/evil and one or the other (God is all good, devil is all evil love is all good, hate is all evil my music is all good, yours is all evil). Yet, in Eastern philosophies and older religions there was not this focus on zero sum ideas. Gods were complex beings with admirable qualities and failings. The individual seeks wholeness through a complex relation to their inner self and the community, not perfection (an idea that is abstract and changes depending on the values of the era and society).

And it is relatively difficult for a lot of people to deal with people who have mixed gender-expression cues, and I think it 8767 s because we 8767 re taught that there 8767 s a 8775 real 8776 physical sex that has primacy, and when dealing with ambiguous people you 8767 re supposed to pay attention to the 8775 real 8776 physical sex. I think that 8767 s a learned thing and I think we can unlearn it. I think that 8767 s the arbitrary boundary where we can set a different boundary if it makes sense to do so. (I think it does make sense to do so.)

At the time of the coal strike of 6976 I was living in a boarding-house in North London. My fellow-boarders were salaried small-burgesses, white-collar workers, earning, I suppose, from four to six or seven pounds a week. Politics were discussed across the supper table, and discussed, while the strike was in progress, with a rancour that astonished me. They all hated the miners, passionately, as though they had received some personal injury at their hands. I have never forgotten those conversations for they first revealed to me a fact which the history of these last thirteen years and my own personal experiences during that time have often corroborated the fact that the current of class hatred runs more strongly downwards from small-bourgeoisie to proletariat than from proletariat upwards.

then someone tells me, 8775 Maybe they think they won 8767 t get another chance 8776
To which my response is, 8775 oh Well, wouldn 8767 t their chances of survival be greater if they weren 8767 t wasting their time with sex right now? They said they only had yaddayadda time until yaddayadda happens 8776 so i take it as a commerical break and check my text messages. :)

Instead you 8767 d be making a series of trade-offs. Giving all of Jerusalem to the Israelis would make them very happy but anger Palestine. Creating a contiguous corridor between Gaza and the West Bank makes some sense, but then you 8767 d be cutting off Eilat from the rest of Israel. Giving all of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank back to Palestine would satisfy a certain conception of property rights, but also leave a lot of Jews homeless.

A timely post! I know my blow up last week had to do with some repressed hate and anger I 8767 ve been feeling, in conjunction with all the hate and anger that is being blared across the media and social networking sites. In some ways, hate is like an energy. It needs to be released instead of repressed. It 8767 s unfortunate when it is released at the wrong targets and when it is unleashed in counter-productive ways. But I think this is the sad tragedy, that many can become addicted to unleashing their bottled up hatred at the wrong targets. So yeah, there could definitely be a Revolution of Hate well on its way.

As a survivalist-conservative on the Inglehart scale my thinking about social issues is 8775 and would such people be useful in the trenches? 8776 and this is why I would rather not validate and incentivize over-sensitivity. Of course actually mentally ill people need to be accomodated but if a teenage boy or girl is just soft and whiny because being spoilt I want them to (WO)MAN UP and grow a bit of a thicker skin, simply to increase both their individual and the collective survival chance. And this would be a way to do this.

Similarly, 8775 is Ozy 8767 s otherkin tumblr mutual a cat? 8776 is a bad question. Ozy 8767 s otherkin tumblr mutual does not possess most of the traits one would normally associate with cats, such as fur and a tail again, this is uncontroversial. Ozy 8767 s otherkin tumblr mutual is a cat in the sense that being called a cat makes them happy and that quite a lot of people are like 8775 ah, yes, so-and-so is a cat 8776 unfortunately, they cannot be treated as a cat in the same way that Ozy can be treated as not-a-girl, as the role of 8775 cat 8776 was not designed for sapient beings and the role of 8775 not girl 8776 was.

Rita, ding! You get tonight 8767 s gold star for a very perspicacious comment. The notion that the privileged are more sensitive than the peasants goes back a long way, as 8775 The Princess and the Pea 8776 demonstrates, and the psychologist Alfred Adler pointed out a century ago the way that people can use 8775 cater to my illness! 8776 as a way of exerting passive-aggressive power. This whole issue is one that I watch with a certain wry interest my wife has celiac disease, though she 8767 s otherwise the opposite of the sensitive snowflake type working class background will do that and we have to maneuver around the fact that there are a lot of people who use real or assumed food sensitivities as a way of asserting power.

But this captures almost nothing of what we mean by 8775 male 8776 or 8775 female 8776 . That 8767 s all the social stuff: gender. And that 8767 s all so thoroughly socially-constructed, so thoroughly a performance in the first place, that there can be no possible rational grounding for gender essentialism. Depending on how you define the social constructs of gender, everyone has every gender and no gender all the time. End of story. Simple fact.

OTOH, there are natural variations among women in things that help them compete. To some extent, this has probably already happened. We don 8767 t have any disabled women competing in this, yet I don 8767 t have a problem with that nor do I consider the advantage that abled women have here artificial. This suggests it 8767 s only status quo bias. But with the right hypotheticals, it feels like almost any standards I would apply would seem like the product of status quo bias. So I 8767 m not sure how to resolve the tension between these intuitions.

We judge people every single day. Many judge by a very select criteria, that of not-like-me. This can be mean not-like-me in thinking, appearance or action, but those placed in the not-like-me category are essentially marginalized this way, and in spite of this being a very low-brow and empathy-free method of judgment, it is extremely common. Which is why the entire argument that judging people or things is hateful falls so flat. It feels an utter hypocrisy to me.