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The tragic story of how a white girl being born black tore

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You and Neco keep entertaining each other LOL You two act like every black man goes for white women smh smh calm down.. Its a FACT that most black men prefer black women its just we dabble into other races to see what its like some take it serious, others dont, point blank period. Stop letting MN and these silly attack articles stir you up. There 8767 s nothing wrong with being curious and dating outside your race..

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The majority of our readers are in the USA maybe surprisingly. What 8767 s not surprising, though, is the Americentric view of the world that most of our commenters have. People reading this stuff should realize that the rest of the world has very different values and a very different perspective of themselves & the world than Americans have. But, of course, you 8767 re free to live in your little bubble of ignorance and Americentrism if you wish.

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My appeal to foreign women to immigrate to Sweden was not an 8775 expectation 8776 in any way, shape or form it was merely an appeal based on the general 8775 romantic 8776 situation in Sweden, with no attached personal wants or desires essentially a form of encouragement to those foreign women frequenting this site who are 8775 on the fence 8776 as it were given the purpose of this site, entirely logical regardless of my own personal feelings or individual situation. Please, I ask you do not read into things that which is not there Freudian psychoanalysis was disproven decades ago, after all.

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Rude and loud wherever they go, they always try to scam you. In business they always try to steal you and they never pay even when they have the money. They look down on every other country and is really dilusional that they are the number one race. Not to mention they play the victim card whenever possible. I agree on 6st spot, can 8767 t find worse people in Asia. I have a lot of Korean customers and when I visit their factories it 8767 s a comming thing that they yell at their foreign employees like they weren 8767 t even humans.

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I just have 7 questions. First of all. Are you ready to move to sweden or are you preying upon the swedish males that are visiting your country=P. Are you ready to move abroad if you find the ONE guy?. If you are ready to move abroad then things might be easier if you are hellbent on meeting a swedish guy. Because otherwise you would have to find someone online that is willing to move to venezuela, it is a big step for either of you.

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I think there 8767 s nothing wrong with an Asian Guy chasing after and getting a taller woman anyway. I find that on the Internet only LEARNING FROM THE GOOD STUFF PEOPLE SAY OR DO AND DISCARDING ANY OF THE BAD STUFF THAT YOU READ OR SEE IS THE BEST WAY. BESIDES, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT TALKING ON THE INTERNET WILL NOT GET YOU A WOMAN, ONLY GOING OUT THERE ON THE STREET AND TAKING THE ACTIONS TO GET HER WILL WORK. Everyone 8767 s else 8767 s words and actions on the Internet should be taken with a grain of salt and considered carefully as to whether it benefits the Good or not, and then if it is you should follow them, and if it does not then you should not follow them. These words and actions include my own. People should not have to obey any ranking.

Thank you for the information, it was a great insight! I have a question, I am a 95 year old Latin man, though I look much (People think I am 79 yay) But really I live in Fresno, California, the dating prospects in my area are very poor (And I am being polite), and if the girl happens to be okay to look at (Not even good looking), then she becomes unapproachable and difficult to interact with.

Sigh Actually it 8767 s a sad fact that guys like Rahul and guys from Arabic nations etc really do expect to just arrive and have pale skinned blondes throw themselves at him from all angles as some sort of 8775 Welcome 8776 package!
Western women,not just swedes etc,are seen as total promiscuious sluts!and i 8767 m pretty sure that most are very disappointed on arriving and not getting it three times before reaching passport control!
(If like me they grew up on 8775 Swedish Erotica 8776 films then they 8767 ll be seriously depressed when they arrive! lol)

As an african lady who grew up in Amsterdam, i must say, there is a big different between White american men and white men in Europe. White men here in europe are more into fashion and culture. So they dont really like low maintentance ladies but women who can dress themselves feminine and classy. A typical date here is to have diner, going to a museums, concert etc etc..as a woman i like that very much, cause i can dress up, let my hair and nails done.

Please. That is a pathetic blatant lie which jealous pathetic white men say to make themselves feel better. They are just the same as jealous pathetic black females. Both bitter racists. Those white males get likes of Honey Boo Boo mother. Black men get white beauties like Ludivine Sagna, Doutzen Kroes, Page Butcher, Nicole Trunfio, Nadine Coyle, Kimberly Walsh, Jessica Oyelowo, Melanie Walcott..

Uhhh not to my knowledge lol I 8767 m from the Midwest, where 8775 light is right 8776 , one then everyone wants a 8775 pretty baby with nice hair/skin 8776 , even the white folks, so it is what it is. However, since living in NYC these last 7yrs, virtually every guy I 8767 ve asked (meaning I 8767 m dating them) admitted to at least sleeping w/one. Even if they tried to play it off like it was some lame azz 8775 payback! 8776 scheme smdh.

Why not? Keep in mind America is a predominately white culture and minorities like asians are considered kind of a new group to many non asians. A lot of non asians still and I mean STILL mixes up the difference between Asian-Americans living in America (WHO WERE BORN IN FUCKING AMERICA) and Asians living in Asia. To some ignorant and racist non asians, all asian culture and people are the same no matter the country of origin.

Case in point,My first boyfriend was Korean,He was so sweet,he made me very happy,He taught me a bit of Korean and We always had a bunch of fun together but he was an exchange student in my HS so he eventually had to go back and we kind of drifted as long distance couples sometimes do,BUT it was amazing and I wouldn 8767 t trade that time for are still friends today and he is a great guy 

Yes. There will be a time. About the time when people of color stop segregating themselves. . BET, AAWE, , Blackish (tv show), and the list goes on. I see black people in social environments all the time. When there 8767 s one, everything is what society would deem as 8775 desegregated 8776 . However, as soon as a second black enters the mix, they will almost always join each other and start an outside conversation apart from everyone else in the room. When I 8767 ve asked my black friends about this. They tell me it 8767 s a 8775 cultural thing 8776 . Seems like that 8767 s an easy go to. Now I 8767 m not saying all do this, but a vast majority, to the point that it 8767 s noticeable.

im a single 77 year old azn dude who cured his own incurable disease (and a lot of other diseases/cancers) with magnesium + other stuff, and can beat ~55% of the professional UFC fighters in a mma fight w 6 kick, and can write code, and can perform surgery, and can play the piano, and can do pretty much anything and everything but talk to beautiful asian women. it feels like jumping off a very tall building everytime I see a beautiful asian girl.

No you stock in amerique a lot of European married black women 8767 s. In Europe very hard to black couple most black women are with whites men. And black men are with whites women 8767 s. From Scandinavian to western Europe. black men are very diverse when it love. The first lady of ivory coast is jew Dominique outtarra of ivory coast. American are lacking a lot when it comes to race or interracial marriage.

However, if she has hardcore yellow fever 8775 I love only Asians, anime, and cosplay! 8776 then I 8767 ve never been successful. Partly due to the sheer rarity of that preference, but also as a Vietnamese man, I don 8767 t fall into her definition of 8775 an attractive Asian. 8776 Which doesn 8767 t bug me as most women don 8767 t find me classically handsome and therefore I 8767 ve learned never to depend on that as part of my confidence, charm or Game.

APPLAUSE..your right its like the ppl that bring stats to these forums have never read an article on Black college grads. I went to FAMU (graduated from another college) though i can tell you first hand Black women are graduating. and there are Black men that are too. sadly though graduation for both is not equal neither is enrollment. and yes any woman will get loud. some places/regions actually celebrate talking loud. it just saddens me when i see how many unwarranted stereotypes Black women have to face. however, people see real life examples of Black women graduating, having careers, and being of good character yet people still want to label all Black women as uneducated, lazy, baby mama, and loud. SMH i know you got yours, but i would tell BW ignore the outside noise and find somebody you can relate to, you can grow with, and yall can love each other. who cares what the world thinks as long as he love you, end of story.

Hahaha thanks for listing out all the minorities in such detail, but sadly I don 8767 t have an entire world map to tick off every time I date someone from a certain country. Wouldn 8767 t it be a bit racist if I treated people like trophies to be won, just to prove that I 8767 m the tolerant and open-minded person I already know I am? Oh wait, that 8767 s the exact same thing as finally sealing the deal with your 8775 first Asian 8776 , or landing that white guy as your boyfriend because 8775 I know I 8767 m good enough to get one 8776 ! Mate, people are entitled to date whoever they want, and if they happen to be black, hispanic, aboriginal, or middle eastern, good for them. If they happen to be white well, also good for them. And FYI pizza and pasta are Italian, plus the ancient Greeks and Persians baked flatbreads with cheese that inspired the modern pizza. How multicultural eh? 😉 Peace.✌️

When I was a little girl growing up in Montreal, I told my mom that I would marry a white man some day. Then I moved to New York and dated nothing but Black and Hispanic men. Besides the fact that there weren''t many white men around, it just wasn''t the norm. Last year I dated a white man for the first time and it''s just different. How open and affectionate he was was a breath of fresh air. Granted, everyone is different regardless of ethnicity or skin color, I''ve just always found white men very attractive. Now having been in the military and lived around a bunch of different races, I think the elementary school me had the right idea. Now I''ve put it all in God''s hands and I''m waiting for Him to send me my God fearing white man.