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‘Wonder Woman’: Check Out A Lot Of Easter Eggs From DC’s

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The character is sometimes portrayed as having a heightened sense of self-awareness that other characters do not, such as being aware of being in a comic book. This fourth wall awareness also seems to carry over to Batman: The Animated Series . The Joker is the only character to talk directly into the "camera" (such as in Joker''s Wild , where he says "Don''t try this at home, kids!" before lassoing a passing truck and using it to swing him over the fence of Arkham Asylum ), and can be heard whistling his own theme music in the episode adaptation of the comic Mad Love. In the Marvel vs DC crossover, he also demonstrates knowledge of the first Batman/Spider-Man crossover even though that story''s events did not occur in the canonical history of either the Marvel or DC universe. The only one who should be aware of such events is Access who fixed these errors in dimensional overlap.

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Roger Stoneburner made a cameo appearance as the character in an episode of Birds of Prey in which Batgirl is caught in the crossfire between Batman and the Joker. In the series, the Joker not only paralyzes Barbara, but hires a thug (who later turns out to be Clayface ) to kill Selina Kyle, . Catwoman. Joker is said in another episode to be locked up in a prison far from New Gotham, however his old partner Harley Quinn intends to take over the city and avenge him. Mark Hamill , who voiced the Joker in various animated shows throughout the 6995s, provided the Joker''s voice in the scene, and he was the only of the two actors to be credited.

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Preparing to get Zola back from Hades, Wonder Woman and her male companions sought out Eros in Italy. She hoped that he could lead them to Hephaestus , who might have been able to arm them appropriately for battle with the ruler of Hell. He lead them to Mount Etna , where the blacksmith agreed to arm them. As retribution for his aid, though, Hades sent a monster to kill them all, which had to be dispatched by Diana. [69] Afterwards, Hephaestus armed Diana with new weapons, insisting that she take Eros'' guns of love with her to Hell.

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Occasionally, Batman is joined in his Gotham City crime fighting exploits by The Creeper, a bizarre superhero who is secretly local news reporter Jack Ryder. The duo first joined forces in The Brave and The Bold issue #85, and The Creeper has fought alongside the Dark Knight on numerous occasions, both one-on-one, and in the Justice League. He also joined Batman 8767 s other superhero team The Outsiders to help him ward off the villain Hush.

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That said, there are a few things about Neo-Gotham that don’t really get addressed. Never mind some of the tech on display, but why do so many of the buildings feature Chinese characters on them? How far has the human race gotten in the future, exactly? Still, many of the mysteries of how Gotham came to be Neo aren’t explained, or even alluded to, leaving one to wonder how things got to this point in the future.

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Wonder Woman and Hermes briefly returned to Themyscira so that Diana could pay her respects to her petrified mother. When they got back to her apartment, they found Hera crying and mourning the days when she used to be a goddess. As Diana comforted her, she realized she would need help in finding Zola and Zeke. Wonder Woman went to the Taiga, Siberia, where she asked Artemis for her help. Artemis agreed, on the condition that she and Diana have a rematch. Knowing they are in Artemis'' realm, Diana threw the fight in Artemis'' favor. [89]

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Arriving at Chernobyl, Wonder Woman, Orion, Siracca and Hermes engaged Cassandra''s forces to save Milan. Cassandra threatened to kill Milan if Wonder Woman did not reveal the First Born''s location. Wonder Woman told her the First Born was in Olympus, but as she left, Cassandra strapped a bomb to Milan''s chest. To contain the explosion, Orion took Milan through a boom tube. Returning home, Wonder Woman discovered Zola and Zeke had left, as Zola felt guilty that people were risking their lives to protect them. [88]

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Virtually nothing is known about Joker''s past life, including his real name. As such the Joker has used various aliases over the years. These have included variations on his name, such as Joe Kerr and Dr. J Reko, references to his theme, such as Mr. Genesius and the Laughing Man, and a few with no theme behind them, such as Jack Napier and Oberon Sexton. Only in the 85''s Batman film does Joker have an official real name, the aforementioned Jack Napier. In the 95''s cartoon series Jack Napier is also used, but later retconned into being one of his various aliases. While the name "Jack" is repeatedly used as the Joker''s first name (such as Jack White from the Batman: Arkham Asylum game), it''s never been confirmed as such. In addition Joker has had an equally numerous amount of nicknames over the years, including "The Clown Prince of Crime", "The Ace of Knaves", "The Harlequin of Hate", and Harley Quinn ''s personal favorite — "Puddin''".

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If Ego is the only Celestial in the MCU, how does he know that he is a Celestial? When Kirby introduced them in the comics, they had a goals that were definite but beyond human understanding. Later, writers like Jonathan Hickman gave an even more ominous cast to their purpose in the universe. But the Celestials were always presented as having an objective to their existence. Why go to the trouble of casting Ego as a Celestial, which adds little to the story and certainly doesn’t explain how he came to exist?

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The heroes of the world try to fight off the rampaging villains, while Black Canary discovers that Joker''s doctor modified his CAT scan to make it appear that he had a fatal tumor in an attempt to subdue him with the threat of death. Harley Quinn, angry at the Joker''s attempt to get her pregnant without marrying her (to continue his legacy, through artificial insemination), helps the heroes create an antidote to the Joker poison and return the super villains to their normal state. Believing Robin (then Tim Drake ) had been eaten by Killer Croc in the ensuing madness, Nightwing eventually catches up with the Joker and beats him to death (heart stopped). To keep Nightwing from having blood on his hands, Batman resuscitates the Joker with CPR.

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The Joker is a supervillain and the archenemy of Batman. He was first introduced in Batman #6 (Spring 6995) and has remained consistently popular. The Joker is a master criminal with a clown-like appearance, and is considered one of the most infamous criminals within Gotham City. Initially portrayed as a violent sociopath who murders people for his own amusement, the Joker later in the 6995s began to be written as a goofy trickster-thief. That characterization continued through the late-6955s and 6965s before the character became again depicted as a vicious, calculating, psychopathic killer. The Joker has been responsible for numerous tragedies in Batman''s life, including the paralysis of Barbara Gordon ( Batgirl / Oracle ) and the murders of Jason Todd (the second Robin ) and Jim Gordon''s second wife Sarah Essen.

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The Court refuses to aid Batman, but he confronts their Talon assassin Uriah Boone, who has survived since the beginning of Gotham, about the Joker''s supposed immortality. Meanwhile, the Joker uses his regenerative abilities to survive the long swim into the Batcave and its defenses. Alfred attempts to subdue the villain, but the Joker chops off his hand before absconding with Batman''s crime-fighting trophies. Joker then leads a parade through the city, leading floats bearing the trophies through the infected citizens. Batman rallies his family and several of his greatest foes to band together against the Joker to save the city they all share. Seeing their combined efforts, the Joker prepares for his "best trick of all".

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Wonder Woman is bringing in a pretty good reception after its opening as both fans and critics appear to be thrilled with the film. That is exactly what Warner Bros. and DC Comics needed after the poorly received Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. This could give a lot of fans hope for Justice League and other future films. Wonder Woman may draw in more box office cash by repeat viewers looking for the Easter eggs but not for a post-credits scene.

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The Joker actually wants to corrupt Batman by causing greater tragedies in his life so that he can get Batman to kill him or make Batman like him. Even though the Dark Knight has shown to be incorruptible and sticks to his moral code of not murdering his enemies and having them receive justice instead, the Joker never gives up because the more tragedies he causes, the more Batman will get angry at the Joker and thus, risk breaking his code.

Various DC Comics Who''s Who publications state that due to his level of insanity, at times the Joker manifests a degree of superhuman strength. In an alternate depiction of the Joker called Elseworlds: Distant Fires , the Joker is rendered sane by a nuclear war that deprives all super beings of their powers. In Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #695 , the Joker became sane when Batman put him in one of Ra''s al Ghul ''s Lazarus Pits after being shot, a reversal of the insanity which may come after experiencing such rejuvenation. However, the sanity, like the more commonplace insanity, was only temporary, and soon the Joker was back to his normal self. It is to be noted that during the brief moments of sanity, the Joker expressed regret for all the crimes that he had committed and begged for forgiveness.

Let’s take a step back and remember that “bomb” is a relative term here. For all its faults, Batman v Superman made a ton of money— $878 million worldwide —a solid, respectable profit. The problem is that WB knows it could have made a lot more if it had been better, and fans had actually liked it. Then the studio miraculously got Wonder Woman right, so it knows that it has the power to make a true, Marvel Studios-level superhero blockbuster, even if it has no real idea how it managed it. Since these movies still make money either way (for now), there’s no impetus for Warner Bros. to stop churning them out, hoping to hit the jackpot again.

The Joker also murdered Jason Todd, the second Robin, in the story " A Death in the Family." Jason Todd discovers that a woman who may be his birth mother is being blackmailed by the Joker. She betrays her son to keep from having her medical supply thefts exposed, leading to Jason''s brutal beating by the Joker with a crowbar. The Joker locks Jason and his mother in the warehouse where the assault took place and blows it up just as Batman arrives. Readers could vote on whether they wanted Jason Todd to survive the blast. They voted for him to die, hence that Batman finds Jason''s lifeless body. Jason''s death has haunted him since and has intensified his obsession with his archenemy.

Afterwards, the Joker is assumed dead by virtually everyone except Batman, and hundreds of mourners have surrounded the GCPD building in a mock vigil, calling for the Joker''s face and Batman''s head. Soon afterwards Harley Quinn learns of her puddin''s ''death'' and literally betrays the Suicide Squad, orchestrates a massive prison break in Belle Reve Penitentiary, deactivates her nanite bomb, and kidnaps two guards before hijacking a car and driving off to Gotham City to retrieve the Joker''s face and avenge his death.

Veronica Cale employed the toxicologist Colonel Poison , who led Team Poison , a team that attempted to capture Diana and Steve. In order to protect Diana in her vulnerable state, Steve had her admitted to a mental hospital in London. [78] Team Poison continued to pursue Steve, Barbara and Commander Etta Candy , however. Barbara, who had been a member of Godwatch when she was Cheetah, decided to speak to Veronica herself. Cale and Doctor Cyber showed Barbara footage of Team Poison, who were about to kill her friends, and Barbara agreed to become Cheetah again in exchange for Veronica calling off the team and sparing their lives. [79]

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