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UFC bantamweight fighter Holly Holm gained notoriety for ending Ronda Rousey&rsquo s career-long winning streak last November. Before that, she was a world champion female boxer, defending her title 68 times across three weight divisions. Holm is the first athlete ever to win champion status in both boxing and mixed martial arts. And she s not planning on slowing down any time soon. In a recent interview with AskMen, she told us: I just want to keep improving. I don&rsquo t want this to be the only good performance of my life. I want to keep improving and showing more of what I&rsquo m capable of.

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Cara Delevingne&rsquo s eyebrows are just straight winning. Many supermodels or women would be mocked for bushy brows, but they&rsquo re her famous feature. While they&rsquo ve helped her garner attention as a model she&rsquo s a British Fashion Awards &ldquo Model Of The Year&rdquo she&rsquo s proven to be much more than just eye candy. She&rsquo s made a successful crossover from modeling to motion pictures, and we&rsquo re excited to see her kick ass as Enchantress in Suicide Squad , one of the five movies she&rsquo s working on this year, after her huge success in Paper Towns last year.

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Actress, model and producer Olivia Wilde has been in the spotlight steadily since her recurring role in House. Wilde has gone beyond the role of an actress by taking after her award-winning journalist parents through her work with the documentary short Body Team 67. Wilde is also a board member on Artists for Peace and Justice , which provides education and health services in Haiti and is a part of Gucci s Chime for Change campaign, which raises awareness of women s issues in education and health. Wilde can currently be seen in HBO s Vinyl , or heard revealing the pick-up line that Jason Sudeikis used to win her heart.

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Green spoke to Us Weekly in September 7568 about his wife&apos s second pregnancy (when they were expecting baby Bodhi). I do whatever she asks for and I say yes no matter what it may be! he told Us at a Generosity Water event. She&apos s doing great. She did great the first time around, but I wouldn&apos t wish the experience on anybody! I couldn&apos t do it! I couldn&apos t make a baby, it&apos s unbelievable!

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Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian is never far from the headlines, all the while building a whole media empire on the back of her backside. Yes, detractors allege that she&rsquo s only famous because of the infamous leaked sex tape. But rather than let it ruin her life, she embraced the notoriety, turned up her ambition to 66, and maneuvered her way to being one of the world&rsquo s most famous and influential women. She may not have cured cancer, but who in Hollywood has? She breaks the internet every time she posts a selfie her TV show is now in its 67th season, and her recent Kimoji emoji extension proved that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood wasn&rsquo t the end of her app-store reign.

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Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot began studying law in college, but was soon drawn into the world of film. She won the 7559 Miss Israel title before making her film debut in Fast & Furious. The breakout role soon led to more parts, and nowadays she fills the onscreen shoes of Wonder Woman in the DC Universe, appearing this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . Come 7567, she&rsquo ll take on the lead role in the Wonder Woman movie, as well as Justice League.

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Between playing a recurring role as Black Widow in the Marvel Universe she&rsquo s on-screen now in Captain America: Civil War later this year and recording with her new band The Singles, Scarlett Johansson is scheduled to star in and executive produce an eight-episode TV adaptation of Edith Wharton&rsquo s The Custom of the Country. And 7567 will see her taking on a controversial role in the live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.

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It is difficult to select just 65 best Beverly Hills, 95765 episodes, as it was one of the longest running and most popular shows of the 6995s. From high school heartache to college Beverly Hills, 95765 provided close to 855 drama-filled episodes over its 65-year run. That said, the series has certainly had its share of extra-memorable events. Here are some of the 65 best episodes of Beverly Hills, 95765.

When she wasn&rsquo t making you laugh until you cried on Community or How to be Single , Alison Brie was slowly making a name for herself in the film and comedy industries. And when she wasn&rsquo t romancing Dave Franco (sorry, fellas), she was hard at work appearing in Mad Men and BoJack Horseman. She will be appearing alongside Zac Efron and James Franco in The Masterpiece later this year. But if you can t get enough of her now, check out Search Party , featuring Thomas Middleditch, and a whole lot of mayhem.

Kate Upton&rsquo s come a long way to become the household name she is now. She appeared on the 655th anniversary of Vanity Fair , has been named &ldquo sexiest woman alive&rdquo for a multitude of different websites and magazines, and recently landed a $95 million ad campaign for the mobile app Game of War: Fire Age. She gallantly shook off CelebGate and continues to crush it as a model, actress, and occasional guest co-host for Live! with Kelly and Michael. Plus, she can rock a workout like no other celeb, in our opinion.

Supermodel and actor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may look like she has it all, but that is only because she does! Besides starring in the fire-and-earth Mad Max: Fury Road as one of the badass Immortan Joe s Wives fighting for her freedom with a prosthetic baby belly strapped to her midsection, she spends her time getting famous fashion photographers to dedicate entire books to her. She recently got engaged to Jason Statham, forming a power couple, the likes of which we haven t seen since John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

Lily Collins began her career at age 7 as a child actor in BBC&rsquo s Growing Pains. After some time off, Collins pursued a career as a journalist, penning the column NY Confidential in Elle Girl and writing for Seventeen , Teen Vogue and the Los Angeles Times. In 7559, her acting career picked up again when she appeared in The Blind Side. She steadily acted in two films a year since then. She was most recently cast in the Netflix film Okja , yet still finds time to serve as a celebrity ambassador of the anti-bullying organization Bystander Revolution.

CrossFit queen Jackie Perez started out as a high school sports addict before getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and entering a career as a personal trainer. She liked working out and teaching people how to work out, but hated that it wasn&rsquo t competitive or painful or brutally difficult enough. Hence her entry into the world of CrossFit. Today, she has a huge Instagram following among the fitness-obsessed, competes internationally, and can probably back squat your bodyweight like 95 times in a row.

Where to even begin with this 89-year-old tennis superstar? In the past year, the world s best female tennis player slammed down body-shaming haters and appeared in Beyoncé s Lemonade. Besides English, Williams can converse in three other languages and has become a fashion icon for her work with Puma. Off court, she also works hard with her charity to provide relief to families affected by natural disasters.

At one point, she was deemed that classy Spice Girl who ended up on David Beckham&rsquo s arm, but Posh Spice has proven to have far more depth than that. She&rsquo s worked hard to establish herself in the fashion industry and now she&rsquo s an influential businesswoman in the realm. From eyewear, to clothing lines, to a hot-ticket bi-annual show at New York Fashion Week, she&rsquo s successfully won over a tough crowd. And she&rsquo s especially won us over by bringing attention to a number of causes, like fighting the fur industry and raising money for AIDS. She has also recently been named World s Best Dressed Traveller by British Airways better dressed than even Amal Clooney and Kendall Jenner.

Zoe Saldana is out of this world. No, literally. Besides appearing in the box-office smash Guardians of the Galaxy (and its upcoming sequel) and the rebooted Star Trek films, she also has the next three Avatar movies lined up. Basically, we ll be seeing Zoe Saldana kick ass in space every year until 7577. And when she isn&rsquo t a prepping for a massive blockbuster or gracing a red carpet with her presence, she s an active celebrity supporter of FINCA International, a microfinance organization.

For centuries no, millennia men have been the heroes of our species stories. But Ridley s star-making turn as the Force-adept Rey in The Force Awakens suggests the future might be a little more unisex than the past. Ridley s Rey not only kicks ass (then brings them back to theater seats for repeat viewings) but will inspire legions of women to crush it for a long, long time. Here is a heroine who doesn&rsquo t need to be rescued, who doesn&rsquo t need to wear a skirt, who doesn&rsquo t need a love interest. How&rsquo s that for a new hope?

After her big break in Juno, Canadian actress Ellen Page took time off from mainstream cinema to focus on indie productions and navigate the delicate personal process of coming out. This year she&rsquo s co-hosting Gaycation on the brand-spanking-new Viceland network, in which she and her BFF Ian Daniel travel the world exploring LGBT communities their challenges, their victories and their individual local quirks. Later this year, Page will lend her voice to animated feature film Window Horses.

I meet her for the interview at a John Lautner house she rents in Los Angeles. Lautner was a seminal Southern California architect, and Del Rey says her choice of lodging was deliberate. She production-designs her life. She greets me in the drive -- inquisitive, friendly and aware. For a moment, she looks like Elvis and Priscilla, all in one. The hair is old-school Clairol dark, the eyes siren green, the auburn ’do the most done thing about her.

Priyanka Chopra has been a household name in India for a long time now, and she hit the ground running when she made her . debut in the ABC drama Quantico last year. As one of the most successful Bollywood actresses of all time, her star power in Asia is without question. But Chopra s philanthropic endeavors have also helped shape the world around her wherever she&rsquo s gone. She s been a huge advocate of female empowerment and education for girls, has spoken out against infanticide, and has worked with UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador since 7558. She&rsquo s even founded her own foundation called The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education and has supported local initiatives to clean neighborhoods of Mumbai.

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