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As long as a girl is making enough to pay her own bills, then IMHO money isn''t an issue. No-one wants to hear that the person they are charming has been on the dole for 65 years and lives in housing commission. If a girl thinks $655k plus a year is a must from her man, then she had better be on similar money or else she''s likely to be high maintenance. Both single men and women now are working hard enough to build their own future, they don''t want a financial sponge that drags them backwards in the form of a boyfriend/girlfriend.

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K-girls are materialistic and stuck-up as much as in a gold-digger mindset, but they give you little bang for the buck.
Their 8766 cuteness appeal 8767 is in fact no more than a facade for their childish immaturity and insecurity. We boys certainly like being the manly man, being dominant and in control over woman, but K-girls playbook is geared towards feeding off of the very trait of men.
If you like being the sucker, go for K-girls. For temporary joyride? Eh, they aren 8767 t packing much in that regard. Otherwise, bros, you 8767 ve been warned.

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I think the problem with feminism is that it is selective and not truly promoting equality, it is pick and choose. You would think men and women should equally be able to ''chase'' or make moves in directly engaging a potential partner. Women do not wish getting rejected but still expect the men to. At the same time feel like they can label men as creep if they deem the man approaching not attractive.

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I have fought Markland, Dagorhir, Amtguard, Darkhan, and Dagorhir, as well as being heavily involved with Navy boxing, the Original UFC, Kendo and Amateur wrestling feeder leagues, and I have to say that SCA heavy is perhaps the most realistic version of real-life weapons work you are going to find outside of an illegal sporting event.
At least the SCA _I_ was involved in (East Coast). Although I have heard that pennsic started allowing plastic armor, I don 8767 t personally know anyone that would wear something like that.

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Korea is still male-dominated country. the important thing is that Korean girls are passive / guys are selfish and patriarchal. many Korean guys blame Korean girl is too passive or tend to rely on guys too much. but the truth is that many Korean women are suffering from the male-dominated can find comments that Korean guys blame Korean women with slang. but K-women just keep calm they used to endure everything. futhermore, K-guys really hate K-girl who date foreigners without reason.

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Con security/staff is a cheap excuse for the convention community not to hire actual staff. These are white knights with power. While you 8767 re trying to score pussy based on game, these men tend to try to use their miniscule authority to try to score. If they can 8767 t score, they will use any method to white knight possible, including following around the hot cosplayers trying to show you their authority. As a person who has known con security, these people are mostly dimwits who shouldn 8767 t hold any power at all. I 8767 m not saying all people are bad on this position but you really have to keep an eye on them. These people will use their wraith to score pussy. These are the ultimate Machiavellianist in existence. Some are chasing for the pussy and the other to white-knight. A hellish combo.


They 8767 re quite similar to the neckbeard but more virulent. The white knight is fat but not as morbidly obese as the neckbeard. The neckbeard wants to sit in the videogame or video room most of the convention. The white knight has more energy to walk around. They will beta orbit the hottie even if she publicly calls them losers in front of their face. White knights and ugly fat chicks are the ones to be on guard of. They will do anything to stop a player from scoring, even by spreading horrendous false rumors. You may have compassion for the fat neckbeard, but I would give none whatsoever for white knights who want to impede your goals. They also tend to smell but that 8767 s the least offensive thing about them.

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Cheating, lying to make themselves look better than anyone else in the world.
6988 Seoul Olympic Boxing scandal with Roy Jones Jr, 7557 World cup South Korea bought judges and made it into semi-final. They use dirty tricks to win their medals, they don 8767 t care about anything else, win whatever it takes. Twisted minds, not trust worthy at all. South Koreans often brag about how their economy is higher than other countries and yet they export large number of prostitues all around so called developed countries, and the pimps are all Koreans. They spend their taxes on something that can make them feel proud, instead of spending the taxes for elderlies and handicapped people in need. All about images. Surgically enhanced faces and bodies, but their are rotten inside. Always dissing people from other Asian countries, or poor and undeveloped countries.


Of course, people all over the world think that 8775 foreign 8776 people are unlike them, but Japan carries this to a whole new level. It 8767 s been drilled into them that their culture is unique in the world, and as such they generally can 8767 t fathom that someone who doesn 8767 t look like them would think or act as they do. I can 8767 t tell you the number of times someone has marveled over the fact that I drink tea. I 8767 ve probably heard a comment upon it fifty times. It 8767 s down to that level of detail.

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I grew up around lots of different races and can say with complete honesty that I never understood the subtle and pervasive effects of discrimination, until I came to Japan. From a 8775 white-person 8776 8766 s perspective, it looks easy to simply ignore the inequities and social slights. In America, anybody can succeed if they try, right? But to actually have to live it, day to day, as a minority, yeah okay, that 8767 s not so easy. All right, that was fun. Now can I go back to being the race in charge?

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I have been using Oasis active on and off for a year now. Of the 655+ requests I probably had 7 or 8 accept me. I managed to meet up with two but ended it because one was way too tall for me and the other one I just didn''t have anything in common with her. She didn''t understand my work environmental management so i could never discuss anything to do with my career with her. and she was a make up artist and could only talk about bitchy work politics. It sort off meandered its way to nowhere.
The others I ended up removing as they were never on oasis active for days at a time(or even weeks) or they never wanted to meet up saying that chatting endlessly for three weeks and wanting to meet up was too quick for them well thats wasting my time.

Well here is my update to plenty of fish. One things is you cant restrict people from contacting you that in no way match you. Interest is expressed in two ways. You can go through a selection of ''meet me'' where you go through profiles and select yes to meet or no or maybe. If you select yes the other user gets notifified that you want to meet them. If you dont follow up with a message nothing happend. You can also send a profile a message straight up. Keep it short and sweet. No point in writing your life story , they wont respond if they dont like your profile even if its a long or short message.
Only thing is ''meet me'' doesnt take your preferances into account so you have to keep sifting through. If you want to get your requirements you have to search matches.

Their methods are simple yet powerful, and rely on people being honest (and having some sense of self-awareness, and a decent idea of what you actually want in a partner/life/etc). I have recommended it to others, got housemates ranging from 95-something social worker (F) to a handful of first-and-second-year law and engineering students (FFFMM), to a couple of other mates my age (twenties) all to join and give it a go :)

The . has plenty of racism, tons. But there 8767 s an ongoing conversation about it. Can you, should you, discriminate based upon someone 8767 s appearance? There 8767 s a debate. In Japan, no one talks about it, because no one 8767 s ever considered that a white or black person might be the same as they are, on any level. It 8767 s unfathomable that such a person would have anything in common with them.

What really struck me though, was a couple of years ago, when I was in Okinawa. I was trying to talk to an older man selling stuf on a market, and he was pretty reluctant to talk to me about the smallest things, although I wasn 8767 t asking for much with my rudimentary Japanese skills. He Spoke pretty good English, and then he asked me if I was American (I picked up a pretty bad southern accent while living in Alabama). When I answered 8775 furansujin! 8776 , he was completely exchanged! A big smile came up his face, and he asked me if I knew how to prepare parfait.
I mean, I don 8767 t know where ya 8767 ll are from, but it seemed pretty americanish and we all know the reputation of American tourists, not just in Japan right? (sorry if I 8767 m stepping on some toes here)

are we all so ''busy'' that we have to vet our potential partners online? whatever happend to meeting partners through friends or work or pubs etc?

Obviously that still happens and is still the way most people get together. Then there''s this other way too, which suits alot of people and can have very positive results.

If people do have stories to tell about meeting online I saw this while browsing Gumtree today:

RSVP. No one sends you contact. Get 85 views a day from women. Some more than ten times from the one person as an example. Sent a contact request as i would think they are interested &ndash "thanks for saying hello, but i don''t want to take things further right now. All the best in your search". Had a break from that site for about 9 months. Went back on there, all the same people were still on that site. To expensive to contact another. If they suddenly get itchy feet or don''t want to chat anymore, you lose out. But i guess that''s the chance you take when you join up.

that fair enough i guess i was just trying to work out why, i guess but what if the photo''s on the net are really not them and ask for things before you meet?
a friend of mine was on findsomeone and was sucked in by over sea''s girls and gave them thousands of $$ and never heard from them again! i would be assured to meet before giving them anything i guess.

that a valid point as some make out there something there not.
and you meet them and judge for your selves

Have you ever heard of an early technicolor Japanese movie made in the 6955 8767 s called 8775 Gate of Hell 8776 ? It was fairly famous and won some kind of international prize in Europe for the best Foreign film. It was incredibly colorful and strange, yet completely riveting and sometimes silly. Needless to say I rather enjoyed it. Its about an some kind of uprising against the Shogun and there 8767 s loads of Samurai. In 6 scene they have a Geisha playing a Koto for several minutes and it was absolutely incredible and I think that was when I first became enamored with Geisha. I read that there used to be 85,555 Geisha in Japan in the 6955 8767 s and there were several schools that taught the Geisha arts. Can it all be gone now?? Waaaah! Ya know, in some ways Geisha are sort of like the image of the Southern Belle of the confederacy from the US civil war era, but that 8767 s pretty much died out too. Rest in Peace Geisha Girl!

and yes us women do like employed men, not because we want your money but so that you don''t take ours because you have none of your own. Sorry about that but that''s life., retrain, re-skill and get a job if you are having issues getting a job you are qualified for or are you too stupid and narrow in your thinking and stuck in the past or just think your too good or educated for another type of job.

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