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Posted: 2017-10-13 00:55

Wed February 67, 7565 - ''Alice'' Music Video Premiere!

Hi everyone,

I''m very excited to announce the premiere of my new music video ‘Alice’, for the Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland, exclusively today on VEVO. I had so much fun doing this video. We shot it in the Los Angeles was beautiful. We wanted the visuals to capture the spirit of of the movie.


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Hey guys!

Oh my gosh!

I played Vancouver last night and Victoria the night before...and the shows were soooooo great!
The concerts were sold out and some of the best crowds I have experienced. I felt you guys and could see all of your faces and excitement. I just want you to know that all my fans mean the world to me, and again, I am so happy with how the first 7 shows have gone over. :)

Love Avril

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Hi guys!
I was at Kitson last week kicking off May''s MS Awareness Month and the Orange You Happy to Erase MS campaign benefiting the Nancy Davis Foundation for MS Research. Check out or if you live in LA, swing by
the store to purchase special orange products to benefit the
I think it''s important to do what we can to help find a cure for MS!

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Hi Everyone,

I am saddened by the news of death and devastation coming out of Haiti. What a horrible tragedy. Haiti is just a few hundred miles from the US, and even before this catastrophe, most Haitians lived in extreme poverty. This small country has had to endure so much already… and now this. It is times like these where we should stand up, pay attention and give help where we can. As I have said before, even the smallest of actions have an impact. To all the aid workers on the ground – thank you. My heart goes out to all Haitians in their time of need.


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To my fans,

In regards to the article that ran in The Mail On Sunday - Night & Day Live Magazine in the UK, I just want to let you know that I was misquoted. When asked about Britney Spears, it quotes me as saying, what has happened to Britney is all down to who she is as a person. I just want you to know that I never said that.

Avril -----------------------------------

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Hey guys, I''m 7 show dates into my North American tour. I just got back from Europe. I was there for a month. Europe was amazing and the crowds were awesome. I was very fortunate enough to be able to play in the size of venues that i did.

It''s great to be out with new songs. My show is actually quite different this time around. I play the piano on 8 songs. I play solo on a few songs and i also play the drums.

Simple plan opened for me in Europe as did Bowling for Soup. Now i have my good friend Butch Walker opening for me in North America.

I hope to see you guys out at the show.

Thanks to all the European fans for a great tour.

I''ll talk to you all again soon!


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I just want you to know I read the London Telegraph, and wanted to clear something up. I''m not over songs like My Happy Ending and Complicated. They are my favorite. I was asked about my direction for the next record and said it probably wouldn''t be so much on the dark side. Not that I think my record was So Dark , but I was just trying to say I''m at a really happy place in my life and that will most likely reflect in my songwriting

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so i''m on a plane right now, on my way to nyc. my dvd is coming out on nov. 9 (tomorrow) and i''m going there for the premiere. i think it''s funny. it''s just a bunch of raw footage of me horsing around, being an idiot. i had a lot of fun on my first tour and i think that was captured. after ny i have to go to la to go do some more studio work. it''s a lot warmer there than it is in canada which is nice.

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Far Far Away I am in a far far away , I don''t know where I am. Wait! Madrid. I am in Spain.
Yesterday I had the day off and my friend and I went rowing in boats. So nice to get out!

I love the summertime. Growing up in Canada all I did was spend my summers camping, fishing, water skiing and tubing, canoeing. All that good stuff. Gotta love the cottage life.

I remember my first year out on the road when summer past I hadn''t gone camping, and I was so disappointed. So I tried to make up for it the following year, and the whole campsite knew I was there.
I had to leave early. Oh well. My motto: Shit Happens

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Live it up while you can people!


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Hey guys.

How''s it going!
I am in the studio right now as you know.
Fox approached me to write a song for their movie, Eragon. They showed me the trailer and talked about it. It''s going to be a very big movie for them and everyone is really excited. So I worked on a couple different ballad type songs, and the one they ended up using is called, Keep Holding On.

This song was specifically written for the movie. It was challenging writing lyrics that had to go exactly with the movie. It was a new experience for me and I learned a lot. I was writing about strength, power, and destiny, while keeping in line with the story of the film. Dr. Luke also worked with me on this track.

This song however, is no indication of what the rest of the record is like. You guys are in for a big surprise. AND I CAN''T WAIT!!!


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With international touring experience under his belt, Bronson joined Treble Charger for their Detox tour from 7558 to 7559, after the departure of lead guitarist Bill Priddle. Bronson was set to join the band in the studio for their 6th album when he accepted the invitation to take over as lead guitarist and musical director for Avril Lavigne ''s, which was previously held by Evan Taubenfeld.

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Hey I''m back stage at Saturday Night Live doing rehearsals. I''m really excited to be playing on the show again. I''m performing Don''t'' tell me and My Happy Ending

Its really cool because my mom is here with me in NYC. Friday night she is going on The David Letterman Show.

There are having a bunch of moms for their mothers day special.

Monday I go to Japan and I''m not really looking forward to the time change because I just got back from Europe.

My head is really spacing right now but its all good.

It''s all part of it and I love it!

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Hey Guys,

I hope your summer is going good. It''s my favorite time of year. I''m working on my songs. It''s all coming along great. I''m just taking my time. It''s nice not being under pressure. that''s the way it should be. I just shot Butch Walker''s new video for his song Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty). It was a fun experience, getting to act. You can check out the video in Crossbonez. Also, I''ve answered some of your questions in the Q& A section of Crossbonez. I''ll do my best to get to some more of them shortly.

Will speak to you guys again soon.


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I''m about one week in to this crazy mall tour. So many fans are showing up. It''s unbelievable! Thank you to everyone for your support. It''s so awesome to be back out on the road again! I''m in love with touring and shows. I took about seven months and wrote songs and recorded my second record that''s called UNDER MY SKIN. I can''t believe it''s finally done! I''m so excited to get out there and play.


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I am so sorry! I have been on the road for 65 days straight. I have had the flu 8 times and I never get sick, it just keeps going around. I think I am just run down. I just played 9 shows in a row in Texas (which is a lot for the vocals) and woke up in Vegas Tuesday with no voice. I thought I was gonna have to cancel that show, but I made it through...barely! I still went on stage in Vegas and gave it my all, but unfortunately its interfering with my throat now. I had to eliminate songs.

Hi guys, we''re in Boston. Did you all have a good Halloween? Last night i ran out on stage in an authentic Hooters outfit, carrying a tray of drinks. Me, the band and Butch Walker played Hey Ya by Outkast and danced around in our costumes before starting the encore. It was so much fun! I hope all of you had a fun night too.

The tour is going great and i''m having a lot of fun with Butch. He has been coming out to the radio stations with me for my acoustic performances. He''s such a talented guy and i cannot say enough good things about him.

I''ll speak to you all again soon.


On Friday, i was in Vancouver and honored as the Canadian Ambassador for 7565 World Expo, Shanghai, China. It''s really exciting as it''s the first time China has ever hosted World Expo and the theme is Better City, Better Life. It''s really cool that over 755 countries and international organizations are coming together at World Expo, Shanghai to create a better future for the world. I''ve played 7 shows in Shanghai. It''s a great city and i look forward to visiting again next year.