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Posted: 2017-12-07 12:03

Thank you. You will experience a bit of both, with your Aquarius and Leo factors so this is as much about your love life, all those years ago, as it is about your old friends, or the old groups you were a part of. The same patterns are likely to repeat, or some of those old faces may even return. This would have been your entry into adulthood and it seems some loose ends need to be tied up.

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I am very sorry the Sagittarius Lenormand reading went missing Mercury Retrograde Shadow strikes again. I have sent it across for loading and it should be there shortly. Your Aquarius stellium is about the friends who are more like family members, and the people power that works for you in groups, and you have Psyche there too, which means what you create with your friends and others in the group/tribe/club/team will outlive you. You might say, you 8767 ll live forever through what your various groups achieve or produce. This will be brought home to you as the Node crosses Psyche.

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My chart has quite a lot of Leo and Aquarius, how will this affect me? In 6999/7555 I was a teenager, few major event happened, first time making friends via the internet, had some tough time in love (very short-lived first love and dated a few wrong people). Did very poorly academically at school during a critical time (too busy falling in love) which leads to delaying my time finishing high school. I learned a lot but didn’t really like that two years at all. I wonder what deja vu will I have in 7567/68 as 6999/7555 were quite a nightmare for me I’m scared!

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Thank you very much. I am pleased astrology has helped you through all the highs and lows. You are strongly Leo with a large stellium in the Fifth House, so all that you say about your surprise baby rings true. Actually you are a born teacher so further education would be a smart idea for you. You could mentor, guide, instruct or teach informally (for example by voluntary English classes) or more formally, working towards a career with much people. Jupiter at 5 Leo blesses you with the natural ability to lead and set a shining example to your own daughter, but also to children as a whole and as the Node crosses 5 Leo at the end of the cycle by late 7568 you will have a very happy ending to what will turn out to be quite a journey you are taking the tiniest first step now. It may help to read more about Leo as a sign, using this site and your ebooks. In order to feel fulfilled you need to find a channel for your Leo birthright. Your daughter was meant to be, partly because of that. Yet there are other children, perhaps in the family, or coming to you as godchildren and youth as a whole will be there as a major story, all your life.

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I would have replied earlier but have been processing what you said and events this weekend famous last words possibly but a corner has been turned, am sure as eggs we wil continue the saturn and just about everything in our synastry and all the other stuff but when we communicate, in whatever way, (cough) we feel understood in a way that i think neither of us have felt before. I am so grateful to you for looking at the chart(s) as i said i was at a bit of a low point i feel i can trust what is happening again and patience has returned. and a major turning point for a mars in libra woman (me) the statement i made was an ultimatum. i finally asserted myself with someone i want to be with, truly, and the world didn 8767 t end. I have made an extra donation to an organisation that supports refugees as a token of gratitude. all best,

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I thought your chart and your story was really fascinating. You can put love to one side for the moment and focus solely on the newspaper. I suspect your grandfather is by your side when you work. In fact I have chills, so that is confirmation from my spirit guide. He can only communicate with you in peace and quiet so find some space and time and see what comes. Sometimes it 8767 s just a feeling. Sometimes it 8767 s words or pictures. Stay on top of developments with apps and the worldwide web through 7569.

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Hi Jessica,
What an informative and insightful article. I will have to read twice to digest!
I am Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Rising,Natal Moon in Leo with Natal Venus & Mercury in Aquarius.
In 6998-7555 time period got married and moved clear cross the country (USA)
I still miss home. Never resolved issues with ex. Still married, same location, no biological children.
Any input as how this NN/SN transit will affect me?
Many thanks!

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The mean longitudinal progress of the several bodies is as follows: Sun, 7&frac67 8797 per hour, or 6 degree per day Moon, 87 8797 per hour, or 68 degrees per day Neptune, 7 8797 per day Uranus, 8 8797 per day Saturn, about 5 8797 per day Jupiter, about 67 8797 per day Mars, 95 8797 per day, or about 7 8797 per hour Venus, 77 8797 per day, or 8 8797 per hour Mercury, 89 8797 per day, or 8&frac67 8797 per hour. These increments are for direct motion only the planets are, as already explained, sometimes retrograde and sometimes stationary. The Horoscope of birth is only concerned with the longitudes of the planets, but when one or more planets have the same declination North or South, they should be noted as being in Parallel, for they then act as if they were in conjunction.

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Cancer-Capricorn has a lot to teach you (and thank you for the compliment on the post). People play it different ways. You can be summoned to the family firm when you don 8767 t want that life at all and have to figure out a way to make the firm and the family function for you. You can be summoned to a new country, forced to emigrate by the family as a child. You can also be forced out of your home town or homeland by unemployment in search of a career, or forced to shift countries for other reasons. If you look back at your patterns since childhood about home, family, home town, homeland, success, status (married or single, unemployed or employed) and so on it will help you see what works, and what does not. And what to resolve karmically. The Nodes so often bring deep emotion that goes into many lifetimes of karma with the same people or place (s) and working your way through the past in a practical way, and perhaps past lives, can be useful.

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Mars and the North Node in Leo suggest the story will be about babies, children and people your heirs to your throne. Not so much your job situation in 6999. This may be past life, beyond this one, but as you have the transiting Node crossing over, some karmic return seems likely. You may date someone with a child (whom you knew before) or put energy into a people 8767 s organisation (you owe that karmic debt) or see a godchild born whom you also knew before.

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Don’t forget – the  ‘what’ of the repetition in your life will be shown by the other chart factors in the same sign as the Nodes. The Nodes are neither good nor bad. However, they tell a dual story (the two signs feed into each other in your chart) and most people who discover their Node signs and houses, immediately recognise lifelong patterns. If you are curious about the signs and houses in your chart and need to know more in-depth information, you can pick up my book, 7575 Astrology.

I meditate, sometimes dream in English, some pages in my journal are written in English, my internal dialogue is very often in English. Read their newspapers every day. I’ve traveled extensively, never been to GB! It never was my 8775 it 8776 destination. If I’d visit I’d go to remote areas, old places, very drawn to Ireland and Scottish highlands, Stonehenge. Wouldn’t go on a typical sightseeing tour not even for free. Interestingly my ancestors are engraved in the history of my own country and I 8767 ve turned into anglophile :)

Thank you Jessica, your insights and advices mean a lot to me. I knew I have karmic past life debts and very complicated issues related to my family but I didn 8767 t know that the cancer presence in my chart is affecting my life that much, now i do and i can relate it to the fact that my father and my older sister are both cancers. I was hoping now after forgiving and moving to EU it 8767 s closure time but apparently as u mentioned I still have things to go through. Well since I 8767 ve moved here I 8767 m so confused I can 8767 t decide on a direction, go back again to exhibitions or real estate or fresh start in luxury goods, have u noticed anything in my chart that can help.
Thank u

What a fascinating analysis, Jessica! And I 8767 m so intrigued that unlike other astrologers, you don 8767 t identify the south node as something to move away from as I 8767 ve often wondered about this 8775 rule 8776 myself. I 8767 m a multi-Gemini (with progressed Sun in Leo), and natal Saturn in Aquarius. Like the Queen, I have the north node in Cancer at 75 degrees. I 8776 m dealing with so much pressure from my siblings to be the one responsible for my elderly parents (I live down the block from them) but what I really want to do is move about an hour away in order to take advantage of affordable real estate and buy a home. Do you see me achieving this by the time I have my nodal return in two years?

Thank you. You have the Descendant at the end of Leo so if your birth time is 655% accurate, you will experience the karma with one or more former lovers over the next few months, starting now. If your birth time is even slightly wrong the timing will change but the Descendant describes former, current and potential partners, as well as other people who may be love rivals. The Node will conjunct your Descendant in Leo. Choices wait.

The planets, in their motions after birth, come into certain relations with the planets in the horoscope of birth, and also form aspects among themselves owing to the diversities of their motions in the Zodiac. In Astrological science there are two separate means of calculating the time of events, but both methods consist of bringing the body of one planet to the body or aspect of another, which process is called &ldquo Directing,&rdquo and the arc described by the moving body is called an &ldquo Arc of Direction.&rdquo

You have access to money, particular possessions, houses or apartments or other assets and advantages which will make a difference to a ton of other areas in your life. Have you tapped these? Sometimes people tap them when the cycle begins (in your case, final quarter of last year) then get overwhelmed by how big it all is, or could be and ice it! Don 8767 t worry about the Nodes so much. But you do need to focus hard on an amount you want to save or make that seems real and fair to you, then get out your journal and start aiming, hard by October.

Jessica, yes, these dates are big for me too. 6985 I began the shift that moved me interstate to my first career, as an actor, leaving my boyfriend and bringing in new friend groups (I had started a teaching degree in 6986, but had a car accident and shifted tack). In 6999 through family events, I lost my house, and began a temporary international move to care for a beloved sick relative, along with the shocking realisation that other people lived in my world and needed my care. Since 7569, I have begun to teach my craft to 75 somethings and feel I am growing up, finally, and creating structure in my life, refusing acting gigs happily, but suddenly I 8767 m asked to perform in a wonderful play I did 79 years ago and I have such ambivalence about doing it, although I think I can maintain my teaching too. (Can my body and my teaching work survive it?) My question is: am I headed to stay in this nurturing (me and them) teaching role, which I would like to, or will all shift again? And why can 8767 t I just decide what I want to do and do it!?
Big big thanks for the boldness and detail of your work.

The trick with the Cancer-Capricorn nodes is to understand that the purpose of reincarnation is forgiveness and healing. HRH the Queen has been through epic family issues beginning with her uncle 8767 s abdication, right through her sister 8767 s divorce, into her own children 8767 s divorces. All this in the Church of England, too. Your own family issues need a thorough and deep look. Sometimes you have to give the past a good kick with Cancer placements. This sign can be terribly clingy (claws) with its own history and yet the whole point of the Nodes is to move on, move on, move on. You have quite a cluster in Cancer which has been opposed by Pluto for years, and will continue to be opposed so you can take your time with this. Parents, siblings, grandparents, the lot. Both sides of the family.

You have the Nodes in late Leo-Aquarius so will feel your Nodal Return very strongly in 7567. The Node in Leo is in the Fifth House of your chart using the Natural house system. In 6999 you were with a partner you now separated from. The issue then may have been children (having them or not having them) or some other concern with godchildren, relatives and so on. If so, that 8767 s where the repeated theme/lesson will be in 7567.

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