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However, I’m sure you’re first question coming back to today is, “Where are your episode-by-episode spoilers?” Be patient. They’re coming. I have a lot, just not all. The “Bachelorette” as we know has a MUCH quicker turnaround time from end of filming to airing of first episode (about two weeks) compared to the “Bachelor” (about 6 weeks). You had all your spoilers for last night’s episode that I posted Friday , and hopefully before next Monday’s episode airs, you’ll have all your dates, eliminations, roses, etc for the rest of the season. You already know who your winner is. That’s not in question. Well, to me it isn’t at least. I’m guessing some of you because I don’t have ALL the spoilers right now think that the ending could be wrong. It’s not. I’ll be honest, the ending is becoming easier and easier to get every season. It’s those middle episodes that are always the toughest to nail down who went home when and who got roses. But will get them to you as soon as I have everything ready to go. Promise.

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Greatly appreciate the podcasts and the 5-Bullet Friday. In keeping with the theme of military lessons for the private sector, I 8767 d like to suggest that you see if you could interview Simon Murray. He spent five years in the French Foreign Legion, fought during the Algerian War and chronicled his experiences in the book 8775 Legionnaire: 5 Years in the French Foreign Legion. After leaving the Legion he entered the Investment sector and had, and continues to have an extremely successful track record, including a stint as Chairman of Glencore. He also holds the record of the oldest man to trek to the South Pole unassisted. KF from Saigon

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Tim, I really dug this episode! Being ex military and still working in public safety, as well as training in BJJ this one really spoke to my soul. That said, I heard you mention being here in Austin for a wedding I believe, and you weren 8767 t able to find message therapist in the time frame you had secondary to them being booked. My wife is a message therapist here in Austin so if you 8767 re ever in town again and in need of a message feel free to reach out! Free of course! I have absolutely nothing to sell you and nothing pitch! Honestly, I would really just like to meet you and it seemed like a pretty decent in!! Or if you want to ride out on the ambulance, I 8767 m a Paramedic on the Special Ops Rescue team for Austin, Travis Co EMS. Its definitely a whole other side of life.

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Jocko 8767 s response to the 8775 morning ritual question 8776 what is in his mind, what propels him out of bed as he wakes up at 9am was in a demented sense extremely funny. Making it surprisingly hilarious was when I mistakenly hit 6/7 speed on my podcast player. Check it out at 6:69:55 in half speed so good. (BTW, Thanks Tim so much enjoying your podcasts! A true fan.)

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Thank you Mr. Willink for your service and sacrifice. Also for those of your comrades. My family is lucky to have servicemen like you guys defending freedom for us. It 8767 s nice to be reminded to not take that freedom for granted, another reason to appreciate your words. It is difficult to read some of the negative comments here. I think it must be easy for some folks to forget that freedom is what allows people to make them. Thanks Tim for the podcast

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I think a lot of people miss the point of Jocko 8767 s presentation. Don 8767 t focus on what he did but how he did it. Sure a lot of folks may not like the military or it 8767 s mission. Frankly I 8767 m glad we have guys who are the master of their craft. The takeaway here is how can we apply the lessons of what makes one successful in such a field successful into other fields and our daily lives. Are you an environmentalist, surgeon, politician whatever, there are lessons that can be applied. We all work with people. Occasionally we work with someone that is a complete standout, not only obsessed with what they do and doing their best, but also great leaders and inspirers that show us how to take ourselves to the next level. Bottom line, we are all accountable, whether we succeed or by accepting our failures can we improve and learn.

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A new messaging app from Google, Allo is one of the first products to incorporate the firm 8767 s new artificially intelligent aide, the Google Assistant. Allo has a few limitations there aren 8767 t any third-party apps and there 8767 s no desktop companion, for instance. But Allo earns a spot on our list because of the potential of the Google Assistant. Right now, it 8767 s pretty good at handling basic questions and surfacing recommendations within chats. But when and if it gets smarter, it could be truly brilliant.

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Okay, sure, Warbits clearly cribs from classic turn-based strategy game Advance Wars (for Nintendo 8767 s ancient Game Boy Advance, no less). But I can think of no higher praise to lavish on a game that fills a void over a decade wide and generations of overlooked platforms deep. Much more than a clone, Warbits takes the idea that teams of infantry, armor and aerial vehicles are squaring off over moderately sized squarish maps, then adds an online mode that 8767 s pretty much the definition of how to do turn-based, 6v6 or 7v7 strategy on a phone. Get it now

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Climate scientists have long suspected a direct link between the Earth’s rapidly warming climate and increasing bouts of extreme weather, and recent research has provided significantly more hard evidence. But while demonstrating a link between storms like Hurricane Harvey and human-induced global climate change has been difficult , the link between rising temperatures and wildfires is much simpler. According to Scientific American , Western wildfires have risen some 555 percent since the 6975s, with record temperatures obviously connected to devastating droughts and increased fire vulnerability.

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I agree that the responsibility is from the politicians, also for sending them in not the optimal conditions (number, armour vehicles, etc), but honestly, I would like to know how does he feel about having been an instrument of invasion and murder of so many people (and no, there are no insurgents but local people resisting an invasion without any UN backup) for the economic benefit of a few. What does he has to say to this child http:///i/pix/7567/59/66/article-7758977-55675D6D55555758-978_ ? And after destabilizing the zone there is ISIS. It seems that Tim does not want to make any political comment in any of his podcasts/writings. What do you mean by sacrifices they did for you (I am not american)? Do you think that invading a country for its resources is ok? I still have to complete listening.

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If you’re new to podcasting, or hosting media files online in general, try out the free services to see if you like the way they work. When you find one you like, it’s worth paying for hosting if you’re serious about continuing your podcast. Each host listed here will provide you with easy to follow instructions for how to upload your podcast audio file, but there are some basic steps to follow regardless of which service you choose:

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Photo editing apps are generally a dime a dozen, all offering slight variations on the same basic features: Film-style filters, crop and resize tools, red eye reduction and so on. Prisma stands out from the pack by using complex algorithms to transform your images into vibrant and unique works of art. A recent update means it can now do the same for video, too. It takes some practice to know which filters will work the best with which photos, but once you nail it, the payoff is sweet.

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Saturdays and Sundays:  I’d like to say I completely check out from business on the weekends, but unfortunately that’s not the case it’s hard to have a set “quittin’ time” when you blog for a living, and there’s always more stuff to do. Particularly on Saturdays, I 8767 ll answer the snail mail we receive and take care of administrative stuff while the kids are napping during the day and/or at night after they 8767 ve gone down to bed.

I will be honest and admit that it was my first thought, then thinking back at the sacrifices all these soldiers made FOR US AND EACH OTHER, I realize that it 8767 s disrespectful to bring that up since most of us listening wouldn 8767 t come close to handling what they went through. Politicians will always do what politicians do . satisfy the lobby who put them there and maybe satisfy people too and these soldiers, believe it or not, are also getting the short end of stick at the end of the day so a little gratitude is deserved. It took me awhile to arrive at this conclusion.

Hello Tim,
About a year ago in the gym, one of the guys opened a debate of, 8775 Is Tony Robbins the real deal, or is most of what he says or does, just . 8776
Being that I became a Tony fan many years ago after doing his 8775 firewalk 8776 , I chimed in. Tony is the real deal. Then one of the guys mentioned, If you 8767 re a Tony fan, you have to listed to the podcast between him and Tim Ferriss and Tony. I had never heard of you so I searched for the podcast online. The rest is history. Your blog and podcasts have introduced me to a huge amount of information, ideas, books, philosophies and individuals etc., The cool thing about it all is that it just keeps growing exponentially. Each new podcast and blog opens the door to a plethora of new ideas and information.
It truly has had a substantial and positive impact on my life.
Thanks Immensely,

It 8767 s easy to make a simple statement such as 8775 pull your hands off your ears and listen to the podcast 8776 or 8775 you need help coming back to reality 8776 after someone opens up their view and gets vulnerable but it does no good to sway thought or introduce new evidence to change the perspectives of people reading this exchange of dialogue. At least admit you don 8767 t understand Matthews viewpoints if they are unclear and pose a question, don 8767 t try to belittle a person who obviously puts more thought into his comments then both you guys combined

Modern smartphones can record very high-quality video, but what to do with all that footage? Try Quik, an automatic video editing app that action camera maker GoPro acquired and rebranded this year. Quik takes a bunch of your video footage, identifies the best moments automatically, and sets the whole thing to mood-appropriate music. It&rsquo s a great way to add a professional-looking touch to your recordings before putting them on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

There are incredible airfare deals available and dozens of places we 8767 d love to visit. But finding a reasonable deal takes far more time and effort than it should. Hitlist can help. It combines travel photography with airfare deals, letting you add appealing destinations to your watch list. Then you 8767 ll get alerts when there 8767 s an incredible price on flights. Get it now

Additionally, if not the . and its military..who would have countered the Communists around the globe? Who would have pushed back the North Koreans and Chinese on the Korean Peninsula? Somebody else commented here that the 8775 Domino Theory 8776 ..Southeast Asia falling like dominos to the Communists never happened. The same with Latin America. As if these beliefs were lies. These were possibilities which seemed completely plausible given the geopolitical composition of the world at the time. Marx felt that Communism would overcome capitalism that history ordained it..a forgone conclusion .that was a farfetched theory, not terribly plausible ..yet tens of millions bought into it .but not true!

Jocko named his fallen comrades as the people he would define as having lived successful lives. I’m sure his counterparts on the other side of the war the “bad guys” would say the same. Men and women from both sides trained, followed orders, killed and died. By this measure, were they all successful? And what about the people who get caught between these sides, who lose some or all of their family and friends as “collateral damage” and yet still find a way to live their lives with compassion and love in their hearts? Are they not the most successful in a war time scenario? Who best defines a measure of success in this case is a very complicated question.