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Most people without disabilities find dating challenging at the best of times. The dating world can be extremely judgmental. As you prepare for a date, a plethora of questions may be running through your head. Do you think your clothes make you look too fat, or maybe they’re too bland? Perhaps your date wants a tall women with blonde hair. Does he drive a nice car? Does he make at least $655,555 a year? For most daters, the thoughts going through people’s heads are going to set them up for failure on a date for people who don’t have mobility or sense disabilities.


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The first symptoms appeared in 6797-98 according to Beethoven himself. By 6867, when Beethoven was forty-six years old, he was functionally deaf, meaning that people had to write messages in order to effectively communicate. Even so, there are occasional report from his last decade in which people spoke to him and he understood. He was able to hear sounds in a muted way through bone convection (such as a timpani sound coming through a wooden floor).

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No one knows. When they performed an autopsy on Beethoven, they discovered that the three small bones of the inner ear were fused together. Those bones were saved for many years, but their location is currently unknown. There is an unconfirmed theory that they were stolen from a museum in Vienna, taken to London, and were destroyed during a bombing raid in World War II.

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The Deaf Resource Library was created in 6995 and is being maintained by myself, Karen Nakamura. I'm an Associate Professor of Anthropology and East Asian Studies at Yale University. I've been studying disability culture, history, and political/social movements in Japan and the United States for the past decade. Please visit my academic home page at Yale for more information about my academic background and courses that I teach.

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Educating deaf and hard of hearing children is challenging and one of the biggest topics in deafness. This collection of articles covers a wide variety of education-related topics. Topics covered include deaf education history, personal experiences of deaf people with mainstreaming (including myself), and much more. Just a few of the topics covered: tutoring, literacy, bilingual bicultural education, classroom accessibility, and teaching deaf immigrant students.

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Losing your hearing can be devastating. You may struggle with everyday communication, have difficulty performing your job, or feel isolated from others. You may be forced to adopt many new behaviors into your life. You may need to learn sign language, speechreading, and adapt your house with assistive devices. While being deaf has its challenges, it is also something that can be managed with communication skills, technology, and a positive, patient attitude. [6]

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The Deaf Resource Library ( http:// ) is a virtual library -- an online collection of reference material and links intended to educate and inform people about Deaf cultures in Japan and the United States as well as deaf and hard of hearing related topics. While I have a bias towards cultural Deaf models, I have tried to include more material about hard of hearing issues as well.

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Around 65% of the people in the world are currently living with a disability. People with disabilities still work, do sports, travel, and raise families. Most people want to have a happy life, even when they may have to manage how to live with a disability. Being disabled and dating presents it’s own set of challenges in the dating world, but they can be navigated with kindness, respect, and a bit of humor too.

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A fun way to interact with Deaf people and learn more sign language is to volunteer in schools with deaf children. Call your school district office to find local public school deaf programs. Ask to meet teachers, interpreters, and other professionals who work with deaf children.
Also, try to visit your state school for the deaf. Often this is where you will find the best opportunities for workshops and special events.

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When you’re disabled, life is different. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as everyone has their own ways of doing things anyway. It’s just that it may take you twice as long to get dressed in the morning. You may have special ramps set up in your home, and your countertops may be lower, so you can reach them from your wheelchair. Perhaps your telephone is set up with a relay service for the deaf and hard of hearing. It may be difficult explaining to a non-disabled person that your dating days are not over, and in fact, you’re eager to find someone to share your life.

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