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Actually arranged marriage these days isn t necessarily someone being picked for you and that s it. It s more like a series of people being chosen, that then you get to date with a view of choosing one of them to marry. There is a lot more choice involved than some stereotypes would have you think. I have a few friends who have had arranged marriages (who are very happy now) and it was interesting to hear about the process. They had a lot of say, and didn t have to marry anyone they didn t want to. Now that s not to say that the system can t be abused, but I think there is a lot of misconception surrounding what modern arranged marriages are like.

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That doesn t seem like the worst limitation (EDIT: in the sense of i think you can work with this, not in the sense of other people have it worse so shaddup ). A lot of people go on dates with many people and might be totally cool with every other week or so anyway. But if the limitation is financial, you could also make a go of thinking up cheap or free date activities and/or trying to date people who don t expect you to pay every time.

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I ve met most of my previous partners through mutual friend groups. It means they are at least already semi-vetted. If we both like spending time with the same people, we will probably like spending time around each other also. The problem was that for those times, I was spending time around shitty people to start with. I m trying to fix that, but trying to start over from scratch is REALLY hard when basically everyone your age is a freaking workaholic if they aren t a party monster.

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Also: I think you ll do better if you get your own head straight about this. If you re conflicted and guilty or think you re less attractive because you don t have money, that will come across at some level. You don t have money right now okay. That s a fact. But it doesn t have to define you romantically or personally. It just means that s your particular challenge, and other people might have other things they have to overcome.

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And I know above you said that you don t understand why women are hesitant to give out numbers and I am sure if I explain it you likely still won t accept it. But considering all the dick pics my friends have been sent, as well as the harassing stalking messages that go on and on, well yup women are wary to hand out their numbers. They can block someone far easier on a dating site who starts behaving badly. I really don t think you fully understand what women go through with online dating. It might not be the same kind of frustrations as you do, but I would highly recommend going to tumblr and search the Okcupid tag. You ll notice that the women post about being harassed and called horrible names and the dudes post about non-responses. And it can make me shake my head because if the guys would only do as I do and search that Okcupid tag they might learn WHY women don t respond. Time and time again a woman will politely respond that she isn t interested and she then gets called a c*** in response. Not responding simply becomes the safest method to avoid harassment.

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I can t speak to online dating specifically, but I am a woman and my now-husband was pretty damn broke for the first three years we were dating. We had lots of arguments about it, since he felt like he should be taking me out, but eventually he just agreed to let me pay for everything on the understanding that we had a from each according to their abilities arrangement. A couple of years later I went to grad school and he got his chance to be the financial hero.

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(Also, wasn t there just a whole thread s subtopic worth of comments about this ? The LW was talking about his girlfriend like she was some prestigious refrigerator listing the qualities he found desirable in her without any effort whatsoever to find out what she was like as a person or what she cared about. Why would a woman find that attractive behavior? How can a man think that a woman would find that attractive? And why would a man think that a woman would continue to invest her time and energy in a man who didn t behave attractively and by that I mean, specifically, behave like he didn t give a d*mn about her at all as a person??)

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You want your main photo to stand out from the crowd. A simple background puts the emphasis on  you and makes you pop. A splash of color a brightly colored shirt, for example will also catch the eye, especially when compared to the mirror-selfies and the washed out party snaps that seem to populate every dating site ever. Let the rest of your photos be candids, but be sure only to pick the ones that you look  good in. I 8767 ve lost track of how many people I 8767 ve seen who 8767 ve posted awkwardly angled 8775 cool 8776 shots that ended up giving a great view of their nose hair and derp face.

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so much great advice-thankyou Mirror of Aphrodite- all the same for all age groups? I am a mature female internet dater and feel there are certain things an older dater needs to consider. I have already in my first 9 months learned the hard way. Ive now made a list of rules/boundaries based on your advice and stick to it. The info on phones/ txts really works!! You know why men contact me? I like your profile= you are different, and my best asset is my hair (no cleavage to speak of)so I make the best of it in photos and change my main profile pic every month. I always have my hair up when we meet, then I go to the restaurant rest rooms and return with it down to surprise him- one man almost fell off his chair and was beaming from ear to ear, another pulled out his phone and said may I take a pic of your hair!! I only search for compatible star signs and Im a numerologist, and have subtle methods for asking someones birthdate early on in our chats, so I have an added advantage in my screeing. If they are incompatible I dont bother continuing. THANKYOU.

The main problem with online dating is that you know the person less and have no real life interaction unlike traditional dating. Previously, people would know the people they date from daily interactions at work or somewhere even if it was pretty brief. You had some sense of what these people were like simply because you interacted in person. Online dating is the ultimate blind date because you don t even have a referral from a friend. Naturally, real life meetings tend to be more miss than hit.

I get annoyed when women don t agree to give numbers and figure how interested can the be if she won t even give a number. Plus I don t understand what the big deal is? If you don t walk to talk to them anymore block their number or tell them you are not interested. I also generally find that the women who give me the biggest hassle early on tend to be the least attractive, most uncomfortable with men and sex, least trusting and most likely to not work out.

Didn t say that did I? I said it wasn t a slim minority that were the gross messages. They did get a few nice nice messages and even attempted a few dates (those ended up being with guys who wanted commitment right after date one so that didn t work...). I m saying that the overwhelming harassment was enough to force these women off the site despite their maybe being some good messages. It was too hard for them. Just as it seems to be too hard for some guys to consistently message women and maybe hear back 6 in every 55 or so. Both sides are experiencing the same odds but in different ways. And both are getting discouraged. That was all I was trying to say.

Just found and read this blog a couple of days ago. Now I 8767 m interested to try again online dating site but really so confuse on what profile name and how I will manage my whole profile. anyways, thanks a lot on you guys for your comments that refreshes my mind and gave me so much ideas (but still open for more suggestions and help (: ) Hope I can find my right one also just like most of you here. 🙂

well there is some obvious variability to this of course.. but it s also the reason that 655% of my girlfriends have started out as friends or more specifically, women/girls who I spent a LOT of time hanging out around. It eliminated the problematic part of dating for me. If we went out as friends, I didn t mind occasionally paying for them because I would do the same for any of my friends. I guess my point is that I m still getting something out of the deal, I m getting to spend time with a friend.* The issue I have with dating is that I m expected to do 655% of the work, and foot 655% of the bill. I realize that this is not always the case, but at least in my part of the world it is still very much expected. So paying to take 6 woman out on 6 date will cost around 655$ by the time you factor in gas, food, activities, etc. Free dates are great, but require you to live someplace where there is actually stuff to do for free.

I agree with having a really good main profile photo, but really really disagree with the professionally-taken, headshot against a simple background thing. I ve recently been asked to moderate pictures on OKC (yeah idk how that happened), and pro pictures send people lunging for Google Image Search because they think it s a fake profile. Pro headshots make me think LinkedIn, not dating site, and may not come across as genuine in the latter.

Wait, sorry, I don t understand why you are arguing with me here. Or maybe you don t mean to be arguing? I m not saying that this guy wasn t an ass he was. I m saying that for some people, being friends first is a great way to date. I happen to be one of them. That doesn t mean there aren t lying assholes out there who would like to exploit my preferences.

I 8767 ve gone on about the importance of dating profile photos  before. These are going to be the corner stone of your time in online dating. People are going to look at your photos long before they bother going through the rest of your profile. If your photos look like somebody accidentally snapped your photo while trying to find Bigfoot, they 8767 re never going to bother with the rest of your profile.

If we had actually set up a date I would ve given him my number to text if he was running late or couldn t find the bar or whatever. After a while it was like he wouldn t communicate with me at all unless it was through his preferred method of texting. I just thought, Meh. Too bad. I don t wanna. I m just not that interested. The thing that pissed me off the most was repeatedly being asked a question I had already answered that just feels so disrespectful to me and makes me stabby.

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