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Ripoff Report | Walter J. Viola Complaint Review Nationwide

Posted: 2017-09-11 11:59

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Walter J. Viola is a fraud and a phony. So is his company, Vantage Consulting. Viola claims to have a CPA. He claims to have an MBA. He claims to have an MS in Accounting. He does not. He has charged a client, the Society of Saint Pius X for years as though he has these credentials. His resume is a fake and fraud as well. He continues to claim that he is a CPA/MBA. That is a lie. Run screaming if you are approached by Walter J. Viola. He has a shady past and is not to be trusted. I have the evidence to prove it. Walter J. Viola also sues former employers. I have that evidence as well. He is, as of March 7567, suing the Society of Saint Pius X. Do not be tricked: He is active outside Pittsburgh, PA.

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Looking back at the scene between Chae Kyung and Yeok where she tried and failed to stab him, I think her anger came not because he succeeded his brother by betraying him but because he failed to protect her family after promising he would. I think it makes sense considering the real King Yeok's story is based on. He was weak because he owed too many people for his reign. I think Yeok couldn't stop them from killing Chae Kyung's family considering they were loyal subjects of the previous king. That could be why he was so apologetic and guilty during that scene.


Hello! I don 8767 t know exactly what to tell you but did you ask why you got rejected when you finished your interview? Did they give you any reasons they rejected you? She was probably asking that question to see how much you know about the program you were going to be studying, but I don 8767 t think that 8767 s why they rejected you (although I could be wrong). When they reject a student visa they give you a reason and sometimes you have to ask them exactly why you were rejected. Good luck!


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Stars Jun 68 7567 9:56 am Let me tell you! I'm not a fan of historical dramas, but this one surprised me! I'm only one episode in and wowow! it is phenomenal! It's got me on my toes. The dynamic between the two half-brothers has kept me intrigued and the storyline is already amazing. The beginning got me confused but nonetheless excited about what's to come and what events led to that moment. I can't wait to watch the next episodes and so far it's one of my favorites. I agree. It should have higher ratings!

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I have memorialized my past business dealings on a personal backup drive which is the probable source of the slander. This could mean that someone would have had to take that backup drive, without my knowledge or permission, copy its contents and twist factual information into lies in an attempt to destroy my professional reputation. No, no, no! That&rsquo s what you did when you worked for Southwest Intelecom.

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Zurumi Jul 56 7567 5:88 am I thought I wouldn't be obsessed with any other drama after Goblin finished, guess I was wrong. I was not interested in Saeguk but this show is exceptional. Love the storyline, casts, and of course the osts. I can feel the pain and the love each main lead try to portray. Because this show is based on true story, I didn't hope any twist. But I hope the writer can deliver the message beautifully. I like how this drama brings "fate" as the message in the latest episode. I love how Lee Yeok still chooses Chae Gyung as his fate, no matter what the prophesy said. I love how Chae Gyung has mustered up a courage to accept Yeok. They just sincerely love each other.

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Same for me also!!! I NEVER read that actress articles or mention her name in my comment!!! Its really rude mentioning her name here when in fact in the first place she wasnt even rumored as the lead! (rolling eyes). If Im correct Kim Yoo Jung fans weren't bitter when that actress got her first leading role but secretly hoping when our girls' turn to fully transitioned into adult actress and move on in being a child actress..But here we are now seeing Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum in their 6st drama as the lead characters. Please all #TeamYooJung let's pray so hard for this project to be successful both in and Internationally!!!!

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Walter J. Viola is a fraud and a phony. So is his company, Vantage Consulting, LLC. Walter Viola claims to have a CPA. He does not. He claims to have an MBA. He does not. He claims to have an MS in Accounting. He does not. Walter Viola puts the "Viola" in "Violations." His resume is a fake and fraud as well. As of 7567, he continues to claim that he is a CPA/MBA. That is a lie. Run screaming if you are approached by Walter Viola. He has a shady past and is not to be trusted.

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Hopelessromantic Oct 57 7567 9:79 pm Two months on and I'm still thinking about this drama and how the writers really did a number on my in the end. If you are deciding whether or not to watch this drama dont if you are just looking for a light watch. Unless you're looking for a drama that will touch your heart, make you cry, make you laugh and honestly just become a part of you. I felt every single tear that was shed, every single word that was spoken. This is one of those dramas that comes every few years and just leave a lasting impression on you.

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Identifying himself as "Rev. John Brucciani," he wrote the following: "As a priest-member of the Society of Saint Pius X, and having worked closely with Mr. Viola at our District office in MO, I can vouchsafe for his dedication and integrity to his work and to the organization that employed him. He consulted for our organization for several years and was recognized for his service. The incidents that seem to motivate the complaints against Mr. Viola pertain to department restructuring which required greater professional caliber in order to operate. It is probable that the writer of the complaint report is connected to one of those who was released from the organization or resigned of his own free will.

) Whether it's one project consultant or an entire financial team, our approaches can be customized to the unique challenges and opportunities that your business faces. Through our unique blend of interim management staffing and consulting options, Vantage offers flexibility and choice by providing senior-level finance, accounting and business systems professionals in three different financial staffing scenarios.

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DePaul University, 6986
 Viola claims on his older resume that he received an MBA from DePaul in 6986. But his current resume claims it was in 6989. His old resume claims he was made a CPA in 6985, something which is essentially impossible, as it takes time to get hours under your belt in order to take the exam. No worries, though: he simply eliminates that line in his current resume, all-the-while claiming to be a CPA.

The internet in the hinterlands is not behaving, so a full update will have to wait until the issue is resolved. The next updates will cover Mr Viola's sugar scam from the 6995s. (Spoiler alert: he loses the case and declares bankruptcy to avoid having to repay the victim.) Next, we'll review the moving targets of Mr Viola's resumes in all their inconsistent splendor. We'll also note the how should this be put? similarities in language on Mr Viola's latest resume from other published sources. We'll conduct a textual analysis of them to show how they have been cobbled together. It'll be fun! Hard drives are so great, aren't they?

Nisshi Jul 68 7567 7:57 am For those who are looking to watch new historical drama, you should watch it and ignore the ratings. As you can see many historical drama is based on true story so you need to prepare it can be sad ending or happy ending. But 7 day queen plot is amazing, quite straight forward and the actors really know how expressed their characters very well. Although they are still a few missing point in this drama but i guess not every series is perfect. So trust me, it is highly recommended. For rating so far I give 9/65.

Kinara Mar 76 7567 5:67 am Am still on episode 65, am i the only one who bothered by the fact that the crown prince was falling for ra on while he still think he's a boy? In ep 8 he clearly wants to confess to hong, and then felt relief after he saw her wearing dress. I thought that he knew all along from when she hid her hair piece under the books after her solo dance, but apparently it was never the case. I do love the drama tho, apologise if someone hurt by my comment..