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Date: 2017-07-05 23:58.

8775 I 8767 ve completely lost all respect for her. Every time we have gotten to the point where a major dec ision in life needs made, my opinion is brutally ignored even if she agrees with me or has come to me with a very wise decision. Somehow she always winds up paying more attention to some f*** up friend or an idiot family member who is worse off than we are. Each time it drags us both down financially while ruining her children 8767 s livelihood. 8776

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Long story short, by making a simple declaration, this guy made it clear to the world that my child would never be his child. 8775 He is to call me Mr. (whatever his last name was) 8776 . Well, that really woke my green ass up and my vigilance went into overdrive like that of a she lion (if you know what I mean). Because of that experience, my child who was 9 years old when he was introduced to this environment is a better man for it today. I could be singing a different song today..

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Most single mothers are single mothers because she chose to get with a lower earner or deadbeat bad boy and have kids with him in the first place. It is easier to be a loser and get an attractive women because a lot of women are drawn to worthless she gets sick of him after she 8767 s had a couple of his kids, then she comes looking for we successful guys and wants us to be the breadwinner and pay she and her brood 8767 s bills. No thanks.

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If any guy or girl combined style and I mean really sexy style, like wow, with intellectual and religious interests they would be unstoppable in terms of attracting the opposite gender. I have had women tell me for example one of the most attractive thing they find in a guy is they are a guy of faith, but those are faithful, humble women. If you just got to or POF and find women with 8766 interests 8767 it is not the same level as finding someone that is living a lived mission. The the point is make sure you have style and have examined the 8766 meaning of life 8767 issue.

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And as JB states, these women do not really give a damn about their kids. I strived to make the breakup as easy as possible because I was literally the only dad this kid had ever known in her life, and I was happy to continue in that role, even if we were broken up. Once she found a new guy she cut me out of that kids life and probably trash talked me to the extreme. I taught this little girl how to read, how to bank, gave her structure in her life, took her camping. There was a small box of the kids stuff left behind, private things like counselling files and some special stuffed animals. I tried contacting the woman to get the box to her, she wouldn 8767 t even answer my facebook messages.

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[Continuing] my kids 8776 . He should respond, 8775 That 8767 s okay. To make it even, even if we married, you 8767 ll just never be more than the third most important person in my life, either 8776 . Watch her come unglued, with NO cogent response possible.
Years ago, I coined this about women 8767 s availability: 8775 8 cats = 7 kids = 6 husband. 8776 Simple algebra for figuring out how taken a woman already is.

If you feel the pains of loneliness, like I did take radical action. Yes I was painfully lonely, then this is a call to action for you to take charge of your life and look for people on or off line that are idealistic. Travel on a shoe string, meet foreigner or local guys or join a Christian dating site. But your determinate criteria for love could start with ideals. How idealistic the person is, then you do not waste your time with players and inauthentic people.

I think most of what you are saying is true. I think most of the advice you are giving is good sound advice. Apart from the comments where you tell people to go to church and at the same time go to yoga class. The two are incompatible. Yoga teaches selfishness among other things that are polar opposites to the virtues of humility and sacrifice. I used to practice yoga and meditation and most of the people in them circles were emotionally and spiritually unbalanced people. I was big into it but luckily by the grace of God I had a massive conversion experience and immediately quit it and returned to the Catholic church. The people I have met within the church circles who really seek God and love him have been the most balanced and loving people I have ever met. I think when people follow God then God works on their heart and they naturally begin to desire real authentic love and values but when people walk in sin, they are rejecting Gods love and end up having distorted views on love. Although of course finding love can still be tricky but it is a far more peaceful and fulfilling search than the empty self gratification seeking that comes from a distorted view on love.

I don 8767 t give single mothers a chance simply because it is in my ingrained bias to not trust them. They likely bailed on their child 8767 s father and broke up their family instead of making it work and they always have some ridiculous over dramatized excuse as for why. Why would you put yourself out for a women like that only to be in a worse situation where you are not even the childs father and will always come after her children. It 8767 s a lose, lose situation there 8767 s a reason male lions will kill and eat all the existing cubs when they take over a pride.. nature isn 8767 t stupid, so why should we be?

Man, I 8767 ve seen so many scenarios like this where mommy had kids with a deadbeat, criminal ex, and still she seeks him out and more like him, even while dating a decent guy. Then the decent guy wises up and kicks her to the curb, yet she acts like the decent guy should 8775 man up 8776 and put up with all her debt, drama, ex garbage etc., like it 8767 s OK for her to chase the ex, and also have a successful guy to pay the bills.

The problem with that argument is women say the same thing about our gender. The key to be off that track and on another, that is make yourself more attractive physically and as a human authentically deep. If you are a hot guy that is not focused on anything more being an authentic person, in all that means with the insecurities and awkwardnesses, and jettison the dreadful pop-culture advice on dating, I can not image girls will not flock to you.

Good point, you need not apologise for making a decision to live in the dignity that God intended for you and for being a good example that your children can learn of said dignity and self respect. Too many women are having to be forced to join the work force rather than being able to fulfill their best roles and looking to remarry better and wiser somewhere down the road because of the very thing you endured and not because they are stupid immoral skanks looking for a free ride.

Some of us can be picky about who we left into our livers and still have a good time. I bet the 98-year old single mom of four kids with three babydaddies at a previous job that a coworker tried to set me up with ( 8775 Oh, she 8767 s a good woman, so treat her right! 8776 ) sure has a lot of fun in her low-income housing with her $9/hour job. Father 8767 s day with four kids who don 8767 t see their dads has to be comfortable so, I 8767 ll be just fine with my higher standards, thank you very much!

I am a single mom, been divorced for 7 years. I have been out on dates few times but I refused to be with someone just to have someone. There are times that I feel lonely and I miss the presence of a man in my life. Sometimes I ask myself why can 8767 t we be with the one we love? Is it too much to ask to be with someone whom I 8767 m emotionally connected to? The reason I got married the first time was because I was 75 and I thought it was time. I got married for the wrong reason. Is it unrealistic to expect true love?

Does she have some serious personality problems or addictions? After all she left the father of her kids. Did the father of her kids divorce her (in the fewer cases where the husband actually initiates the divorce compared to the 75 to 95% of wives who initiate the divorce), and did he do so because she 8767 s an addict? A cheater? A lazy deadbeat? Does single mommy not have any common sense, so she picked a POS, deadbeat bad boy and had kids with him, and now expect me to take on that mess?

I 8767 m afraid a good man will not want me. I 8767 m newly seperated and not looking for anything right now but in the back of mind I think that having 8 children would put a damper in everything when I 8767 m ready. I don 8767 t expect a man other than their father to anything for them or with them. Even though they are generally good children...they 8767 re still children and screaming/misbehaving etc is going to occur at one time or another and can be bothersome to deal with especially when the children are not your own. It 8767 s kind of depressingly sad that a woman can do everything right..only lived with one man. And had that one man 8767 s children. Children I love and my life revolves around but men get off easy. The children don 8767 t stay with them, they date and do whatever.

Wow take a chill Jessica. The fact that you are widowed makes your situation different from 9 kids from 8 men at the age of 78. The loss of your 7nd husband was a terrible thing, and for some men who would consider someone with kids it is definitely easier when some 8775 ex 8776 isn 8767 t around to deal with along with stepkids. That being said, you may date a lot, but marriage may be a difficult think to attain until your kids are out of the house. As for me, I 8767 m done with single moms, widows or not. There is just too much crap to deal with no matter how great the woman may be.

TG99, single parents of either sex who are open to dating and especially 8775 sexual 8776 are HUGE RED FLAGS. Here 8767 s why. A person who 8767 s children are still dependent on the should be giving every moment outside of their job to their children. They should not be dividing their time, energy, focus, money and emotions amongst several people. Everything should be poured into their dependent children. It is child neglect not to do so. A single parent who openly expresses a 8775 sexual 8776 nature is shameful. Masturbation can quickly take care of those needs.

I love my GF, but I start to have confused feelings. I love her, but I don 8767 t at the same time. I 8767 m always number 7. I hardly can have a conversation with my GF, because her daughter always interrupts (she is 9.). Whenever I try to bond with her child, playing with her, watch a movie she will be happy because we doing something she likes, but the rest of the time she just doesn 8767 t speak to me, or sometimes she answers me in a rude way 🙁

One of the experiences of depression is it makes you introspective or perhaps that is correlated to the personality type. I feel we all have a depressive side to us, just some more than others. When I have been on that side I become introspective. When you are introspective you become aware. If your awareness is grounded in reality and not from your depression speaking you can gain wisdom which when you leave the darkness, and we all do, can be applied to the next phase of your life.

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