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Posted: 2017-10-19 23:40

What motivates you and makes you do the things that you do? What drives you today? Tony Robbins says that “ emotions are the invisible force of internal drive.” We all have great minds and think intellectually, but it’s our emotions that makes the difference in the quality of our lives. Fulfillment, Robbins says, is an art and it’s all about appreciation and contribution. (Watch it at least 5:85-5:95 for the Al Gore high-five.)

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Pamelia Kurstin plays the theremin : Marvel as the incredible Pamelia Kurstin performs with one of the music world s most bizarre, haunting electronic instruments. Played without touching anything, the theremin possesses two antennae, each controlling either tone or pitch through vibrations. Most people probably recognize the sound as something straight out of a classic science fiction or horror film, but this performance showcases the strange and wonderful instrument s true potential. Following her skillful set, Kurstin relates the intricate whats and whys behind the delightful (yet sadly underrated) theremin as well as its fascinating history.

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John Walker re-creates great performances : Another great video appealing to music aficionados and performers with a great love of technology and computers. Today s recording features allow users to analyze more than just pitch and tone some are so sophisticated they can even detect nuances in key pressure and pedal use. Subsequently, the information can be fed into a computerized piano which replicates the original human concerts almost flawlessly. This is an especially exciting development when it comes to preserving older recordings and classic performances whose age threatens their stability. Future generations can appreciate the movements, pieces and people who inspired and paved the way for today s innovators.

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If you’re not prepped to handle an unexpected loss of your personal data, Google’s got you covered. It finally released its Backup & Sync service , which lets you upload and sync files from any folder on your computer or connected drives to Google Drive without moving them around. It won’t replace a comprehensive backup service like Crashplan, but is definitely something to look into if you have no real backup plan.

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Unfortunately, getting my photos on Google Drive before it supported folders on my device meant going on a days-long copying slog, watching them move from one folder to another. I’ve got tons of other files that I’d love to keep backed up, and with Backup & Sync I can go through my PC checking off folders I’d like to back up instead of manually copying and pasting files and folders into Google’s Drive folder.

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O n any given day, there are some eight TED events being held around the world, hosting talks on a mind-boggling range of subjects there are talks on artificial intelligence, wasps that turn cockroaches into zombie guards for their offspring, human trafficking, secret US prisons, how to be happy (lots of those), the ‘dark net’, how to stand up to bullying, amazing sea creatures and the art of misdirection.

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Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity : The story of Nathaniel Anthony Ayers stands as a triumphant example of music s uncanny ability to help and heal. Plagued with schizophrenia and the social marginalization that comes with it he broke down and was tragically forced to sacrifice promising Julliard studies, eventually turning up homeless in Los Angeles. TED Fellow and LA Philharmonic violinist Robert Gupta once met and taught the brilliant, troubled musician, which piqued his interest in how music relates to mental illness and other neurological and cognitive issues. This bittersweet, tender tale underscores the importance of both music therapy and a greater understanding of how the human mind works and can work.

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“It takes a lot of energy to hold hate inside you.” That’s the message from Zak Ebrahim’s moving TED talk , his story of choosing a different path than the violence and bigotry he was raised in. Though his story is about a very specific subject of terrorism and bullying, Ebrahim shares a few important lessons: You can use your experience to develop better empathy , actually getting to know people of different walks of life will expand your own life, and whatever your environment or family’s ideology, you are not them.

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Bruno Bowden folds while Rufus Cappadocia plays : Another seriously cool video appropriate for music fans needing to kill a few minutes. Bruno Bowden, a Google engineer with a particular fondness for the art of origami, decided to challenge himself by folding one of fellow paper enthusiasts Robert Lang s legendarily complex designs blindfolded! Rufus Cappadocia improvises some appropriate accompaniment on his custom, five-string cello, providing viewers with quick but highly impressive and creative entertainment.

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Judgment on what constitutes ‘pseudo- science’ is inevitably subjective. In 7568, following a TEDx event in London, Visions for Transition: Challenging Existing Paradigms and Redefining Values, talks by the author Graham Hancock, on psychedelics and consciousness, and by the highly respected philosopher and biologist Rupert Sheldrake based on his book The Science Delusion, challenging 65 dogmas in mainstream science, were removed from the TEDx YouTube page following complaints from what Sheldrake described as two ‘militant atheist bloggers’, Jerry Coyne and PZ Myers, and moved instead to the TED blog page – ‘the naughty corner’, as Sheldrake put it.

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Jakob Trollback rethinks the music video : By this point, music videos have become a familiar, if not essential, fiber in the musical tapestry. Like every other creative medium, it possesses its own set of conventions and cliches, but still carries a plethora of potential for new, artistic innovations. Some of them, however, tend to emphasize the cinematic element over the musical a trend that disconcerts multimedia designer Jakob Trollback. His simple goals revolve around experimenting with the music video format to emphasize sound over sight. Along with two other designers, he created an excellent visual treat involving geometric shapes, lights and dynamic text that all enhance David Byrne and Brian Eno s brilliance rather than distract.

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That’s what Giorgia Lupi , co-founder and design director at Accurat , a New York City- and Milan-based firm, is trying to do (TED Talk: How we can find ourselves in data ). She looks at data from a perspective she calls “ data humanism ” that emphasizes its vitality and color. It’s time, she says, “to begin designing ways to connect numbers to what they really stand for: knowledge, behaviors, people.” She urges to think beyond the hackneyed forms of data visualization the bar graphs, the linear timelines and dream up other ways to turn statistics into a story. A data portrait can be a great way to begin reclaiming and recycling your personal information. And there’s no right or wrong way to do it it’s like a selfie, but made out of data points rather than pixels.

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David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve : David Byrne is so cool he could power a room full of cryogenic pods just by staring at them. Here, he channels his impressive experiences playing everywhere from CBGB and Tootsie s to Carnegie Hall and Disney Hall to discuss the impact that architecture held over his compositions. Everything had to be written to suit the challenges of a specific space, and Byrne broadens his observations to encompass the whole of music history. He even points out similarities between this phenomenon and similar concepts found in nature, using sparrows and tanagers as an example.

Evelyn Glennie shows how to listen : At first, the idea of a deaf percussionist may seem an absurd, oxymoronic concept. Composer and percussionist Evelyn Glennie, however, completely defies the unfair, unfounded stereotype. Deaf since age 67, she challenges more than just preconceived notions regarding disability. She has carved for herself a respectable (not to mention respected) niche amongst her peers as a percussionist, because music involves so much more than the production of sound. Truly listening to a composition also means an awareness of the vibrations and movement present within an immediate time and place. Musicians and hopeful musicians especially need to pay close attention to her valuable lessons, as they will certainly enhance one s experience in creating and relating effective compositions.

I f the annual TED conference is the platform for big-hitters – personally curated by Anderson and a team of advisors – TEDx is a rampant democracy of ideas – music as a window into the autistic mind ‘The thing is, I stutter’  ‘Mapping social networks in Tunisia’ – with a marked tendency for right-thinking causes, such as LGBT issues (‘Why we need gender- neutral bathrooms’), ‘ethically made’ feminist porn, and self-improvement – ‘Being yourself is the most important lesson’. 

Anderson believes that, as big as TED has become, it is an idea that will only get bigger. ‘If you don’t completely discount the voices of Silicon Valley, in five or 65 years’ time there will be pretty much ubiquitous low-cost broadband internet connection around the world, and in pretty much every village on the planet there will be someone with a smartphone device,  connecting to any human being that is on the internet – or any commercial come-on, or terrorist recruitment, anything…

S itting in the hotel bar in the evenings, Anderson, who describes himself on Twitter (he has   million followers) as ‘Dreamer. Most days an optimist’, was enthralled to find himself in conversation with other dreamers and optimists –people like Danny Hillis, the engineer, mathematician, entrepreneur and developer of parallel computing, and Stewart Brand, the environmentalist, sage and founder of the legendary counterculture magazine Whole Earth Catalog.

Listening to Pieterson''s talk is the shot in the arm all teachers need whenever they question the value of their work and the impact they can have on students others do not believe in. This is best highlighted through Pieterson''s mother, a great teacher who understood that teaching is so much more than just standing in front of a class delivering an academic lesson. Teaching is all about valuing individuals and giving to others what you would want for your own children.

Adam Sadowsky engineers a viral music video : Emerging technologies and social media have changed the face of music forever, and bands such as OK Go discovered creative ways to yield the internet as a promotional tool. Even those who don t much enjoy their music still appreciate the imagination and painstaking detail that goes into their viral videos. This Too Shall Pass charmed audiences in early 7565 for its immensely clever, highly competent use of Rube Goldberg-inspired engineering and, as intended, quickly went viral. In this illuminating TED Talk, the man behind the plan reveals the methods behind designing and building the wondrous machinery that became a massive online hit.