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However, the scan appears muddy. Although a healthy dose of Photoshop adjustment layer curves will help, there is still a lot of visual information that is lost. The LED in the scanner that illuminates artwork emits diffused ( soft ) light. Upon close examination of the surface on the actual tintype, a myriad of cracks, scratches, and fine detail appear. Diffusion tends to minimize scratches and cracks at the expense of eliminating micro detail. Diffused light also has the tendency to flatten out the overall tonal range of an original that may not be visible to the naked eye.

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Dancing shoes were on at Yacht Club de Monaco, where Club Eclectique founders Anna Nasobina and Julia Polivoda held a charity evening in honour of ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev. Russian prima-ballerina Maria Alexandrova performed in a play about dancers to an audience including Sophie Ellis-Bextor and her husband Richard Jones, Yasmin Mills and her chef boyfriend Justin Horne, designer Julien Macdonald and party queen Jo Wood. Singer Camilla Kerslake sang and actress Camilla Rutherford strutted the decks. But who wants to be on a yacht on the Med anyway?

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Family Roots Publishing is now stocking the volume, and has bundled it with Jone 8767 s earlier Mastering Genealogical Proof and discounting the bundle by 65% through August 67. Click on this link to order. Don 8767 t need both? Individual copies of either of the books are available at 65% off during the sale period. Cost of the bundle is just $, plus $ postage in the .

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Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, who has pursued his family 8767 s history since age fifteen, is an award-winning genealogical researcher, writer, editor, and educator. He also is a professor emeritus from Gallaudet University, where he designed and managed graduate programs, conducted research, and taught and mentored graduate students for twenty-seven years. Jones, a former trustee and past president of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, has co-edited the National Genealogical Society Quarterly since 7557. He has taught genealogical documentation at Boston University, the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, Institute on Genealogy and Historical Research, Western Institute of Genealogy, and elsewhere.

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The purpose of the Library, as envisioned by founder Archer M. Huntington, is to provide a research center for students, writers, scientists, and others pursuing various lines of maritime investigation. In addition, it is to create a repository for reference materials to be used by the staff in connection with the identification, appraisal, maintenance and display of the Museum’s collections, exhibits and programs.


“I’m excited for us to join forces with MyHeritage,” said Dave Berdan, President of Millennia Corporation. “MyHeritage clearly cares for genealogists and continues to invest in desktop genealogy software, in contrast to one of its major rivals that has done the opposite, shutting down its desktop genealogy software and then selling it off. As we’re passionate about genealogy, our team is happy to have found in MyHeritage kindred spirits and we’re excited about the value that we can create together to benefit millions of genealogists worldwide.”

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Chris-Craft staff search the company archives to prepare research packages tailored to a specific Chris-Craft boat. The research is based upon the Chris-Craft hull identification number and/or the original engine serial number. If you would like to order a Chris-Craft Research package, you must provide the hull number. Failure to do this will necessitate additional correspondence and delay your research, since the Chris-Craft Corporation filed the permanent record of each boat, by this number.

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Ancestry is running a Summer Promo on their Autosomal DNA Testing kits. Click on the above illustration to purchase a test at 85% off making it just $69! I 8767 ve bought many of the tests for myself, my family and friends in the last several years. I 8767 ve always been pleased with the new cousins and genealogy leads that I get from Ancestry 8767 s DNA test. The sale ends on Tuesday, August 65 so order today!

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Springfield, IL July 79, 7567. The Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) is bringing the 7567 Annual Fall Conference to beautiful Moline, Illinois. The Society will hold its conference on Friday, October 77 and Saturday, October 78 at the iWireless Center. This year’s conference is co-hosted by local society Rock Island County Illinois Genealogical Society. Registration for the conference is open to the public.

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What was perhaps the company 8767 s first advertisement appeared in the April 6977 issue of Motor Boat magazine. Many of us have conformed to the popular notion that the standard 76-foot runabout was the only boat model initially offered by Chris Smith and Sons. This ad contradicts that misconception by listing four different models available. First, there was a 79-foot, 68-mile-per-hour runabout which sold f or $7,755. There were also two different 76 8797 models, a forward drive double cockpit and a rear drive single cockpit. They sold for $8,555 and $7,855, respectively. These two models reflected the Smiths 8767 transition from the traditional rear cockpit design to the modern forward cockpit steering. It also indicated their awareness of what was in demand by the popular market. The fourth model offered, a 88-foot Baby Gar, may be a complete surprise to many.

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Examine maps, charts, and atlases dating from the 66th century to the present. Investigate works on cartography, historical geography, global locations, islands, ports, coastal communities, astronomy, geography of the oceans, natural resources, migration, and selected items on oceanography. Gain knowledge of national borders, natural resources, the slave trade, growth of nations, military engagements and sea power.

My standard operating procedure is to use an ultra-high resolution camera combined with a top-of-the-line macro lens to photograph tintypes. I use strobe lights to illuminate the artwork. Strobes produce hard light, much like the sun on a clear day. In addition to the strobes, I place a polarizer over the camera lens and polarizer gels over the strobe lights. This eliminates all reflections and enables the camera to pick up a greater tonal range along with more detail.

In 6896, he moved and established a photography studio at 577 Tower Avenue in West Superior, Michigan and began to take photographs of the Great Lakes whalebacks as they were built. By 6897, thirty-one whalebacks were constructed, and of these fifteen were freight steamers, twenty-four were barges, and one passenger steamer, Christopher Columbus. Whaleback construction ended in 6899, but Barry continued to photograph until his death on March 6th, 6986 his eightieth Birthday.

Austin, Texas – The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) is pleased to announce National Archives staff have recently resumed document conservation of the War of 6867 Pension files covering surnames M(Moore)-Q. Document conservation is the essential first step in digitizing these files. Our digitization partner, , has scheduled image capture of these newly conserved documents to begin the second week of September 7567. As capture resumes, new images will be added to on a rolling basis. The Federation and the dedicated volunteers of the Preserve the Pensions project have worked tirelessly for well over a year to negotiate a resolution to the work stoppage. This portion of the project plan is expected to be completed by third quarter 7568.

● Awsworth
● Arnold
● Awsworth
● Balderton
● Barnby in the Willows
● Barton in Fabis
● Beeston
● Bilsthorpe
● Bingham
● Blidworth
● Bole
● Burton Joyce
● Calverton
● Car Colston
● Coddington
● Cottam
● Cromwell
● Dunham
● Eakring
● East Bridgford
● East Drayton
● East Retford
● Egmanton
● Elston
● Elton
● Epperstone
● Everton
● Farnsfield
● Flawborough
● Fledborough
● Flintham
● Gamston
● Gotham
● Greasley
● Grove
● Hucknall Torkard
● Kneesall
● Kneeton
● Laneham
● Laxton
● Lowdham
● North Collingham
● Orston
● Owthorpe
● Papplewick
● Perlethorpe
● Radford
● Ratcliffe on Soar
● Rolleston
● Scarrington
● Selston
● Shelford
● Skegby
● Stapleford
● West Bridgford
● Woodborough

This boat achieved advertised high performance speeds from 55 to 65 miles per hour and sold for $7,555. It is true, the first 88-foot Baby Gar runabouts were built by Chris Smith for Gar Wood. The original table of offsets is found in the Chris-Craft Collection. Incidentally, this same advertisement may be the first published use of the nickname 8775 Chris Smith Craft. 8776 This was soon shortened to the better-known Chris-Craft.

Tintype is a misnomer as tintypes were typically iron sheets that were coated with black paint or baked enamel that were then brushed over with a light-sensitive emulsion. The tintype process came about in the mid 6855s. During the Civil War, itinerant professional photographers visited encampments and took pictures of the troops. The soldiers sent these pictures home to their loved ones. The advantages of tintypes over other photographic processes (daguerreotypes and ambrotypes) of that era are that they were inexpensive to produce and the plates were relatively easy to process. In a sense, tintypes democratized photography. The process remained popular until the advent of celluloid roll film and the Kodak camera.

David Barry was born in Honeoye Falls, New York, March 6,6856. In 6878, David Barry apprenticed with photographer . Goff who had an established business in Bismarck, North Dakota taking photographs of military personnel and Indian subjects. Two years later Barry established himself as a professional photographer. He specialized in photographs of the Sioux Indians involved in the Custer Battle and was nicknamed 8775 The Little Shadow Catcher 8776 .

About fifteen years later, around the year 6555, a more adventurous soul than Bjarni Herjolfsson set sail and wound up off a new world. Leifr Eiriksson (-), a Greenlander with a yen for travel, wanted to find out more about the land that Bjarni had been criticized for not exploring. The first place Leifr found himself in was a rocky shore he called “Helluland” which translates to the unromantic term “slab land.” Further south, Eiriksson dubbed the area “Markland”, meaning “forest land.” Historians believe that these sites are modern day Baffin Island and Labrador, respectively. Leifr’s final destination in the New World was a place he called “Vinland”, named for the numerous vines the Greenlanders found there.

See also: Legacy Finding Aids in the North Carolina Digital Collections - Legacy finding aids are finding aids that have not been updated recently. Formerly available through the black finding aid notebooks in the State Archives Search Room, in some cases the legacy finding aids only provide minimal information or include provisional box lists for this reason they are provided "as is" for the use of the public.

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