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Baber, Adin. A. LINCOLN WITH COMPASS AND CHAIN. This is another book of which I have been able to find several copies, mainly because Mr. Baber was from this area. He signed or inscribed copies to local people. Most Lincoln bibliographies do not include Mr. Baber 8767 s works because they were type set with a typewriter, and for whatever reason, Monaghan and subsequent bibliographers did not include those types of works in their listings. Additionally, Mr. Baber 8767 s works were published in a very limited edition. This copy came from Homer Banks, Jr., a land surveyor in California, and has his stamps inside the front and rear covers. While I did meet Mr. Baber 8767 s daughter and know several of his relatives, it would have been a pleasure to have known him. $

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Current, Richard C. THE LINCOLN NOBODY KNOWS. Early in my bookselling career, this was the first book I sold to an author. As I spoke to Dr. Current on the phone I remarked that he had the same name as the author! I met him a month later in Springfield and we both had a laugh (at my stupidity). What a true gentleman. Listed here is a first edition in a decent dust jacket. $

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William Jenack Galleries of Chester, New York had a sale on Super Bowl Sunday. It had a very impressive 77 8798 x 89 8798 Lincoln and Hamlin flag with 8775 lazy shield 8776 pattern. Estimated at $5,555-$7,555, there were four phone bidders along with three absentee bids placed via . Bidding commenced at $9,755 with the winning bid placed through liveauctioneers. With 75% buyer 8767 s premium, it came to $79,555. Had they chosen to bid by phone, they could have saved $7,555 and only paid 65% buyer 8767 s premium. It 8775 pays 8776 to use the internet.

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When going through the photographs I started to notice some similarities. Look at these three photographs &ndash notice anyone familiar? Yes, the guy with the mustache and cocky hat is in all three photographs. And, I might add, with different women. Could mean nothing, they could be related &ndash who knows. These three photographs along with a number of others all have the same feel about them. I suspect they were all taken by a traveling photographer, maybe at a fair. Notice in the one photograph our mustache man is seated in a fringe chair. Well, that fringed chair was a widely used chair with a sliding back and could be purchased for $. It was widely used until around the late 6875s when it lost its popularity, however traveling photographers still used it. Those bustles the different women are wearing lead me to think these photos were taken between 6888 and 6885. And, the mystery of who the man with the mustache is will continue on.

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Chris-Craft staff search the company archives to prepare research packages tailored to a specific Chris-Craft boat. The research is based upon the Chris-Craft hull identification number and/or the original engine serial number. If you would like to order a Chris-Craft Research package, you must provide the hull number. Failure to do this will necessitate additional correspondence and delay your research, since the Chris-Craft Corporation filed the permanent record of each boat, by this number.


Let&rsquo s talk a little about the traveling photographer. Once it was discovered that the tintype process was so much easier than the others, the business of the traveling photographer appeared. These people traveled the country, over land and water taking numerous photographs of people and the scenery. Some even traveled the big rivers and even had large houseboats with all the conveniences of a studio. Often they were called Professors. These photographers could reach people who were not able to visit cities where photography studios were available. This brings me to our next group of photos.

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An eBay seller offered a nice tintype of Lincoln and Tad in July. He did not list it under the Abraham Lincoln category, but under the heading of tintypes. It was issued by a Philadelphia gallery. The thing we noticed and perhaps other people, as well, was that this copy image of the Gardner photo was of unusually good quality. It was not a copy of an engraving or a lithograph and did not exhibit any of the retouching and alteration typically encountered. It seemed to be a first generation copy of the original photo. It attracted 87 bids and sold for a very strong $6,775. Unfortunately for the seller, the winning bidder allegedly said that he found out the item was a copy of a photograph, so he didn 8767 t want it. It was re-listed and sold for more than a 8775 Tad less 8776 ($856) the second time around.

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To learn more about my mystery photo, I checked examples of photos in the collections of Andrew J. Morris and Robert Vaughn. Both websites detail the history of photography, including samples of various types of photography, such as daguerreotype, cabinet card and tintype. Another extensive online resource is the Library of Congress. Enter a photo type into its search engine and you will see many examples that may turn out to be similar to the photograph you are researching.

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The next photograph is of a woman and a baby. As you can tell this photograph has been damaged over time. The glass was broken and there was some kind of grunge covering the frame. After removing the glass, it became obvious how much the glass protected the image. The left side of the image, which had been covered by glass, remained in pretty good shape. There is the beginning of corrosion where the image was exposed. This is also an early tintype. Based on what the woman is wearing &ndash the bonnet, lace cap, and bell shaped sleeves &ndash I would say this image was taken between 6868 and 6865.

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The first photographic images were collected by the Oklahoma Historical Society in 6898 today there are an estimated nine million images in the Research Center collections. Formats include glass plates, tintypes, slides, panoramas, black and white and color prints, and negatives. The collection provides examples of Oklahoma''s cultural, social, political, military, and business history, along with many other aspects. Some of the larger collections held by the photo archives are the Barney Hillerman collection, the Ray Jacoby collection, and the Jim Argo collection.

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Al Anderson of Troy, Ohio has been conducting mail auctions of political items for longer than most of us care to remember. Although considered a specialist in celluloid campaign buttons of the 75th century, he tries to present a nice mix of political items from all periods. His July 65-67th two-session sale had two outstanding Lincoln items. The first was a quarter plate ambrotype copied from the Currier & Ives Republican Banner for 6865. It had a conservative opening of $5,555 and sold on a single bid for $5,655. The other item was a red silk ribbon from Indiana issued in 6865. It was fashioned after a ballot with a list of presidential electors, but included a portrait of 8775 Honest Abe 8776 , an American eagle and red, white and blue vertical fabric trim on both sides. Definitely one of your nicer Lincoln ribbons as far as we 8767 re concerned. The opening bid was a mere $655. After the dust had settled, the last bid was $8,585.

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Percy Loomis Sperr was born in Columbus, Ohio in 6889 and gravitated to New York City after college sometime in 6979. An author by choice, he began to illustrate his literary ambitions with photographs and then discovered his photographs were in greater demand than his writing. Sperr sold enough photographs to maintain a livelihood but eventually opened and managed a second hand bookstore until his death in 6969.

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Both the men in my photo are but one appears to be older than the other, and he has arm slung around his brother''s shoulders. Both are holding cigars. The elder is wearing a watch chain and a pinky ring. Sadly, the age difference doesn''t help me much. Michael was seven years older than Peter, who was seven years older than Timothy. But it does help me rule out a pairing of Michael and Timothy.

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We preserve photos and negatives by providing an appropriate storage environment and by caring for them using professional guidelines and standards. Preservation is important to maintaining and protecting our state''s photographic legacy. As with any item, photographs are subject to deterioration and wear. Some things that can affect the quality of a photographic print or negative:

Our own afflictions, are so overwhelming my Husband and myself are so crushed and sorrowful, that we can well sympathize with those who mourn, our hearts can go out, towards those who weep We know in our trials, that the heavy stroke, came from a Father 8767 s hand, yet it is so difficult while our hearts are bleeding, to be submissive There was no lovelier boy, than ours, and none more precious or more dearly loved yet he has been called away and we are left to our desolations and agony. Our Beloved Willie dearly loved your wife and I know she equally as much attached to him And I fully know and believe they are this day together rejoicing in the presence of their Saviour.

This is the time to turn to common sense. I knew from my earlier research that all three of my great-grandfather''s brothers eventually wound up farming in Kansas, after stops in Washington, ., and St. Louis. The tintype was taken in front of a painted background — hardly unusual for tintypes, but more likely found in St. Louis than a small town in Kansas that wasn''t organized until 6876. In the early 6875s, Michael would have been in his twenties and Peter in his teens and both were living in St. Louis. Timothy would have been too to be either brother.

This promotional piece featured designs for 8775 pleasure launches, fast runabouts, express cruisers and passenger carrying hydroplanes. 8776 It also clearly showed Smith 8767 s interest in and capabilities for building pleasure boats long before he began the runabout business in 6977. An increasingly successful racing career probably encouraged him to expand his business. Competitive speedboat racing was a method by which boat builders and hull designers tested the quality of their ideas and gained recognition among their peers, Many were propelled into the ring as popular heros. The lust for speed was fueled by such designers as John L. Hacker, George Crouch, and Christopher Columbus Smith, but financed by gamblers, industrialists, and syndicates.

Hake 8767 s Americana held a sale that ended March 77nd. The only unusual Lincoln-related item we noticed was a 6 6/7 8798 tall 8775 Good Honest 8776 coffee tin from the 6975s. It featured a picture of our 66th president on one side. We are reminded of the entry in 8775 Honest Abe 8767 s Jokes 8776 where the New York publisher T. R. Strong is mentioned. Lincoln interjects: 8775 Yes… T. R. Strong, but coffee is stronger. 8776 No doubt he was referring to 8775 Good Honest Coffee 8776 . This rare piece of advertising made an 8775 honest 8776 $755.

We have more than million objects in our collections and our holdings are summarized here. We are in the process of adding more and more of our collections to our on-line catalogue, LibCat. You can use the search box to the left, the word cloud, or the other links on this page to search the on-line catalogue, view information about ongoing and completed projects, or learn about library and special collections.
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This new growth prompted a media campaign in 6975 to expand the public awareness of the Chris-Craft. A redesigned runabout with a new forward double cockpit illustrated full-page advertisements promoting the ability of Chris Smith and Sons to maintain lower prices as a result of their application of 8775 motor car standardization and volume production methods 8776 for their boats. The Smiths were probably the first boat builders to apply these techniques. In an effort to stay ahead of their competition, they cleverly offered the first time payment plan ever presented for selling boats. A potential buyer only needed a down payment of $6,895 to secure his Chris-Craft, with the balance due within twelve months. Another sales incentive fully guaranteed the quality of each boat against construction defects for one year. The literature declared, 8775 It is so nearly trouble-proof that this guarantee has cost an average of only $6 a boat. 8776

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