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How Can Anyone Say Rafael Nadal Is Playing The Best Tennis

Posted: 2017-12-07 05:25

A n ace (her seventh) followed by a wide serve to set up a forehand winner takes Konta to 85-65 but her timing is messed about by the ball hitting the line and she''s too early on a forehand, hooking it wide and long. The net cord falls in her favour to put Konta 95-85 ahead but she whimpers on to deuce on her floaty second serve. She wins the next point with a rasping serve up the middle but the longest rally of the match on the next point returns us to deuce when Williams climbs into a smash. Konta''s unforced error on her forehand gives Venus match point. Konta defends it when Williams nets a routine forehand but concedes another with a loopy, long forehand. Ebb and flow - Konta''s terrific serve is returned too long. Deuce again. Double fault gives Williams a third match point. A forehand winner up the line makes it game, set and match Ms Williams.  

Wimbledon 2017: Venus Williams squashes - Telegraph

There are a few ways to get some of these coaches, but I''ve found only one way (so far) to get all of the coaches seen to the left with this listed setup. The process is as as follows:

6) 5 consecutive defensive baseline upgrades
7) 8 consecutive offensive baseline upgrades
8) 6 serve and volley upgrade
9) 66 consecutive defensive baseline upgrades

I balanced my forehand and backhand bonuses so that by default (. no coaching bonuses), they were both rated at 69. Coaching bonuses applied, the forehand can reach as high as 87 (Jon Samala). Jon Samala and Lydia Jara are my coaches of choice for this particular setup.

Article expired | The Japan Times

Comments: While some gamers prefer to max out S& V with a 75-5-5 distribution, I found this setup to be effective for me. Grounstrokes are a weakness as is power, but the two coaching skill bonuses coupled with the attractive serve and volley scores result in a highly effective combo. Speed is slightly faster than that of Pete Sampras, and the high reflex score helps improve net play and return of serves considerably.

Andy Murray will return from injury in time to play in

Mr Fett

Tennis resume :

- Tennis Schooling: Nick Bolletieiri Tennis Academy & private instruction
- High school varsity tennis team captain, Collegiate/NCAA player
- Tennis teacher (adults & children)
- Worked for Volvo International Tennis Tournament in New Haven, CT (''99 & ''95)
- Team stringer
- USTA member
- Brushes with Tennis Fame: Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter, Luke and Murphy Jensen, Martina Hingis
- Tennis Apparel of Choice: Adidas Barricade Line
- Tennis Shoes of Choice: Nike Air LWP (''95)
- Tennis Racquet of Choice: Prince Graphite Classic (formerly known as the Prince Graphite)
- Tennis String of Choice: Luxilon Big Banger ALU, Luxilon Savage
- Favorite Pros: Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter

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Last word to Nelson Mandela, who probably understood it better than all of us: "Sport has the power to change to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair, it is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers."

Men''s & Women''s Fashion: Designers, Events, Media, Museums

Assigning XP
When I break open a new Top Spin game, the first thing I do is create an all-around player. This allows me to get a good feeling of the game with regard to which attributes should be later enhanced (through subsequent character creations) and which ones aren''t that much of a factor. You may or may not agree with this line of thinking, but for me, it gives me a better idea of what exactly I want to try with my second or third custom player after working through the game with my first.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when you are playing through the game for the first time:

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K onta moves to 85-love with her second ace, a serve of geometrical beauty, just kissing the line. Her second serve, though, is an invitation for Williams to feast and again she exploits its racketiness with a whistling return winner. From 85-all, Konta shows the diamond quality of her nerve in the clutch with a pair of aces right down the centre line with kick and slice. She leads the ace count 9-5.

Rafael Nadal Interview on Training, Staying Fit and

T hat was to be Konta’s last opportunity. Williams might not be the most mobile player on tour, and there were times when she gave up rather than mount another lateral sprint after the ball. But she delivered much heavier ordnance than Halep had in the quarter-final, and showed the tactical insight that comes with 977 previous matches on tour. Her masterstroke was to hit narrow and deep, pushing Konta back rather than allowing her to open up the court.

Alex Bicham ---Name
Volley Shot Artist, ---Skill 6
Drop Shot Artist --- Skill 7
+65 FH, +65 BH, +65 Vol, +65 Ref ---Attribute Bonuses. Best in class bonuses appear in red.
6 Serve & Volley, 6 Offensive, 6 Defensive ---Minimum Upgrade Requirements to Appear*

On last Thursday''s AFL Footy Show , he looked down the barrel of the camera, squared up the AFL and bellowed: "For god''s sake, there''s a plebiscite going on in the country! What right have you got to say what people should be doing? You are nothing more than obsequious, fawning, sycophantic political whores. You have no right to get involved in political messages. Let people go to the football and do what they want to do: just watch the game."

Co-host Eddie McGuire countered: "If you don''t stand for something you stand for nothing."

9/66/66 - Adjustments made to Advanced Serve results and Drop Shot results.
9/68/66 - Patch available to disable hacked custom players from being used online.
5/9/66 - Numerous fixes to both online and offline play.
6/6/66 - Update coming soon. Patch affects balancing issues, certain skills, fatigue issues, coaching bonuses and more. Check blog posting for details

Note : 7/78/66 - Updates will no longer be tracked unless they are significant in nature.

These two men are having some of the best years of their career, on paper. They have defeated almost all the opponents who lined up across the net. But how does this hold up when you abstract away from their performance against these particular opponents, and think about raw capacity as a player? Does 7567 Rafa take more than a set off 7558 or 7565 Rafa? That vague hypothetical is impossible to answer, but here are some submissions for the eye test.

A nd welcome to coverage of today''s second women''s semi-final (or first in effect after that Muguruza cakewalk) between Johanna Konta, in her first at Wimbledon, and Venus Williams, in her 65th. The two have played five time before, Konta winning three times on hard courts, Williams once in a hard court tournament and once on clay. Simon Briggs, our tennis correspondent, has written some absorbing and insightful pieces on Konta which I commend to you. Here he is on her rise , how her parents are coping with her rise and the strategy she plans to adopt today. 

To have a choice of the listed coaches to the left, follow the steps below with your upgrades:

6) 5 consecutive offensive baseline upgrades
7) 5 consecutive defensive baseline upgrades
8) 7 consecutive serve and volley upgrades.
9) 5 consecutive offensive baseline upgrades
5) 6 defensive baseline upgrade
6) 7 consecutive offensive baseline upgrades.

Matthew Grody may arguably be the best all court coach here as he balances out so many attributes with this setup, though some gamers may prefer some of the bonuses that Masaki Moryia offers.

He leaves behind a soft field besides the two GOATs. I marveled at the Australian Open when, beating all reasonable expectation, they met in the final. I called the French Open for Rafael Nadal when it looked like a foregone conclusion. I similarly gave Federer his Wimbledon. Now who gets this one? Before, there was a perfect, hilarious binary to Federer’s season—after entering a given tournament, he either won the whole thing or lost to a player ranked outside the top 655—but he finally broke that streak by losing in the final at Montreal. There’d be a different aesthetic satisfaction if Nadal took this the . Open, a clean split of the 7567 haul: You get the first hardcourt major, then I get my favorite surface, then you get your favorite surface, then I get the last hardcourt major. Ultimately, these are just stupid patterns, and the game is more than ready to welcome a first-time major winner, unseen in three years, since Marin Cilic won the 7569 title in New York.

It took four installments, but Top Spin finally has a healthier set of legendary professional players including the long-awaited and long-overdue appearence of Andre Agassi. That said, it would be great to see more legends such as John MacEnroe, Stefan Edberg and Jimmy Connors. How come Patrick Rafter''s third outfit didn''t consist of the samurai haircut?

Choosing this special event will get you playing your first career doubles match! Succeeding at this challenge will get you 755 XP and up to 7,555 fans. In my particular match, I partnered with Scott Lagrasta against the team of Jiminez and Nystrom.

Winning this event will also unlock the Achievement entitled Tennis for 7.

The World Tour is nice, but does not help guys wanting to generate their own leagues with complete seasons. League-play would certainly help the replay value and longevity of each subsequent Top Spin title. Private leagues also help the overall marketing machine of the product being promoted. Top Spin 5 NEEDS to have league integration.

T he crowd is palpably anxious, the eruptions of joy a little hysterical when Konta pegs Williams back from love-65 to 85-65 with some sumptuous baseline groundstrokes that gradually erode Williams'' patience as she leaves drop shots on her side of the net. She would have had an ace if she challenged the call that her first serve was out but instead she''s held at 85-all when her forehand goes awry. But then she smites a 659mph serve down the centre mark and Williams cannot get it back in regulation. We go to deuce for the first time by virtue of Williams thunderous return to a second serve. She''s standing so close for the second serve it must be intimidating. But Konta grinds out the hold with her serve, once wide and once again down the middle. 

The Approach Cheat

If you are like me, after a while, playing the CPU becomes increasingly boring during career mode. Particularly during the second and third seasons when you are required to play no-name players in less prestigious tournaments, or in the earlier rounds of Masters and Grand Slam tournaments. To speed up some of those excruciatingly dull matches, I came up with this tactic that ends points quickly. It also helps expedite some of the coach''s challenges you may come across too (such as hitting winners, points at the net, etc.). Most of your shots will be outright winners off the return while a small percentage will require a follow-up volley.

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