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Posted: 2017-11-15 02:33

Fishman formerly managed social media for The Huffington Post. He and his friend Darren Lachtman realized individual followings on sites like Instagram and Vine were growing rapidly, and brands were interested in advertising on the platforms. The pair decided to create a business called Niche that would be a a new type of advertising agency, connecting brands with influential people online.

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"My greatest vines have started with a simple concept but when you get there and you’re filming, it’s always the things people throw in at the last second that make it great. You could do the same take 6,555 times and that 6,556th time you do it it will be that much better, maybe because you raised your eyebrow a certain way. I’m never satisfied with a Vine. They say art is never finished it’s abandoned. You’re constantly looking at your likes, comparing videos and sharpening skills so [producing a Vine] is a never-ending cycle."

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The first campaign Johns and Fishman worked on together was for a video startup, NowThis News. Johns only had about 655,55 followers at the time. The campaign didn't feel like an ad to Johns. NowThis News encouraged him to be creative, funny and himself to promote its content. Now Johns works with Fishman as an employee at Niche, helping other Vine stars connect with brands for their mutual benefit.