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Hi Ruth.
I find 8766 photos of 8766 celebs and other people 8767 with quotes on them inspiring. For instance: 8766 a photo of Dr. Ben Carson with quotes on the importance of smile and silence in achieving success 8767 I find these pictures 8766 online 8767 , sometimes on the display profiles or posts of my friends and other social media users.
I also like to repost the pictures to inspire others. Should the people in the pictures be contacted before their pictures are posted or shared on my social media (. WhatsApp) profile?
Can I repost a picture (that was posted on say Facebook) on Twitter? I 8767 d like to know what restrictions exist pls. Thank you.


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I just found out that an ex from almost 9 years go has posted some private pictures of me online the most recent was posted this year, but it is almost 9 years old. he placed them on body part rating sites. what can I do it was posted in October of this year. I 8767 ve contacted the site and they wont take it down. please help. after all he has done to me I hoped I could just forget about him then I found some lady posted tem in a chat room pretending they where hers, and I recognized them immediately.

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Ive set up a Facebook page to post photos of bad parking in my village, to show just how inconsiderate people can be and how it affects others. Thats the jist of it. However, a few people commented that if I have a photo of someone in the background,they can sue me for posting it online without their consent. I said it would be impossible not to have people accidently in the background,no different to a selfie with people in the background. She disagreed. Do you know where I stand?I would greatly appreciate some pointers at least. Thanks in advance, Steven Maye

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#6 Unfortunately, there 8767 s no expectation of privacy in anything you post online: http:///6F6wRWk. And there 8767 s nothing to stop a group admin from changing a group from Secret to Public.
#7 The Admin has no legal obligation to remove the images, though it 8767 s the nice thing to do.
#8 Since you were the one who posted the photos initially, I 8767 d explore your options to delete them yourself.

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When it comes to the question, “Can I post pictures of other people online?,” the answer is always, “It depends.” My general rule of thumb is “Don’t do anything in public that you wouldn’t put on the front page of the paper.” When it comes to photographs, the same rule generally applies because you might end up in a situation where you had an expectation of privacy but someone posted a picture of you online that they shouldn’t have. You might have a case against the jerk who posed it, but you still have to deal with the possibility that a lot of people saw a photo of you that they should have never seen.

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Also 6 month ago, in the same mall some random dude came to harass me 8775 sexual verbally 8776 out of nowhere when I was standing and he would fallow me to continiously make fun of me when I left mall on the streets crying. I eventually took a picture on the street and called police. The police confirmed that it was harassment since he fallowed me and was saying degrating things even though he did not touch me. The guy ran away before police arrived. They asked me for the photos I took. I wonder if its legal to post his photo online on a blog since his photo was taken first in the mall then on the street in the open when I share this store with all the girls.

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Just thinking…. Doesn’t the 6st Amendment ordinarily protect you if you use someone’s likeness to create something new that is recognizably your own, rather than something that just evokes and exploits the person’s identify? For ex: Sara was awarded a role as the character Lori. Lori’s wardrobe, actions, demeanor, and dialogue etc. made her recognizable as my own creation. As a result, one of our supporters saw the actress in public and called her by her character name, Lori. (True Story)! lol

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I can 8767 t find my an answer to my question anywhere and thought you might be able to help. I see a lot of crime and news blogs which use the same photos. These photos are often seen in news sites when they report crimes and show the persons mug shot, crime scene photos, or house where the person lived or where the crime was commited. Now I know that each of these individuals did not take the exact same photo, so how are they able to repost the photo over and over? I also see a lot of news channels using the same photos on their tv broadcastings or their websites. How are they able to do it? Is there a law that says once a person is arrested, convicted of a crime, murdered, somehow ended up on the news then their photos are a free for all? How does this work?

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Our home property was impacted by a city sewer project financed with state and federal funds. The project was devastating to our personal lives, our finances, and left damage to our property. We are now in our sixth year of this. Our home was mortgaged in late 7567 in order to have money to hire an attorney the money ran out and we are now without an attorney. We still have the problems to work through and are trying to do it alone.

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So my sister was tagged in a picture on Facebook that she was not aware was taken of her and depicted her.. in short as an alcoholic (she had 8 mixed drinks in front of her at a bar, but they were not all hers). She is upset about the picture being put up without her being aware of it and asked them to take it down and they have not. Is it legal for them to take the picture without permission, to post it to Facebook without permission? The photographer claims that the owner asked for him to be there and to take pictures because they were having a birthday party there. Now from my experience at bars, I have always been asked by photographers for permission to take my picture. What should she do?

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What about a man posting pictures if his former grandchildren (no blood relation) on his Facebook page constantly? He does this right next to his posts and memes about illegal drug use and sex. Is there anything that can be done to keep him from posting the pictures of the small children who are now 6 and 7. He hasn 8767 t been married to their grandmother for five years. The mother of the children does not want him to have any contact with them.
Most of the pictures were taken by him when he was still in contact. But the kids are getting old enough now that a mutual friend may say something to them.

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All actors were volunteers. There were no contracts and releases for that particular production, but everyone knew pictures and videos would be involved, which is why they prepared and took the pictures and performed, knowing it was recorded. This has not been an issue, but I was just curious what I could do if one or two former cast members had issue, but the other 75 who were also recorded did not, and want to see their skills played out on the recordings and images. It just doesn 8767 t seem like it would be fair not to be able to share videos and images of the show that has over 75 cast members if only 6 or 7 shared scenes, but changed their minds. Going forward, I now have releases and contracts that proactively cover this type of situation.

I belonged to a 8775 Secret 8776 Group on Facebook for discussions that we did not want to make 8775 Public 8776 .. that was in 7567.. I posted some family photos in the group at the time. I since left the Group.
I was very upset to see the Group has nor gone 8775 Public 8776 and my family photos are still there which I do not want..
I did contact the Admin of the group ( which I am not friends with anymore ) and asked her could she kindly remove my Photos as I did not give my permission for them to be made Public She has refused.
What can I do.. I think she as Admin.. could be liable !

Pictures of You in Private Venues
When pictures are taken of you at a private event or in someone’s private home, you have to ask whether you had an expectation of privacy in each particular situation. If you attend a party where there are no rules regarding photos and everyone has their cameras out, you have no expectation of privacy if someone takes a photo of you and puts it in their online album.

really you are comparing a picture of your hair to why don 8767 t you say when they take the camera out you don 8767 t want them to take a picture. I 8767 m sorry but I wasn 8767 t able to tell my rapist don 8767 t do it because I was to busy screaming for help so grow up..if you don 8767 t want your picture taken tell the stylist and don 8767 t allow it but don 8767 t compare it to

My mother who I no longer get along with recently posted pictures of my 7 year old daughter on Facebook, along with videos that I am in. She did this purely out of spite for me not wanting anything more to do with her and refuses to take them down. No permission was given to upload them and they are also public, so anybody can see them. Is there anything I can do? I have already contacted Facebook and made reports, the reports just force you to message her to ask for removal and Facebook haven 8767 t been in contact with me yet.

I recently had some photos of my daughter taken by a photographer in a shopping mall. I discussed with them prior to having the photos taken that I did not want the photos on facebook or used for advertising and they agreed and crossed out the permission to post on Facebook and use in advertising section on the terms and conditions. They also wrote 8766 no Facebook 8767 in the notes. I have just seen a picture of my daughter on their Facebook page. I go to view the photos tomorrow where they will try and sell me a package. What are my rights here? Would it reasonable to ask for photos free of charge since they have breached the contract I signed? I 8767 m really not happy as we don 8767 t want photos of our baby in the public domain and took the appropriate steps to prevent it.

If hubby put sexually explicit pics intended for our use only on a website without my permission, and then they have been copied and shared by others can i sue the website owners? I asked for them to be deleted, which they did but had to send them confirmation picture that I was the person. I have asked them to make sure no one else posts pictures of me on their site. They say they cant do this and that i just have to request deletion each time. I feel that as they know who I am they should be monitoring uploads and stop pictures of me being posted, not wait for me to police their site and inform them each time someone uses my image. Surely i have right if i have specifically told them not to allow any pictures of me on their site?

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