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Posted: 2017-11-14 18:09

Belle May 77 7569 66:86 pm This drama is amazing from my perspective. I love how the writers are using the technique "peeling the onion slowly" and by meaning that i mean that they peel this story slowly and also making it emotional. I love how random events happen and i love how new secrets are reveled. I honestly dont understand why some of you guys dont like the storyline of this..but i guess its just your opinions. Oh and the love romance thing im for team hoonhee. They have been threw so much togather and it would just be a waste if hoon went with the other girl. But anyways this is a good drama. Its full of secrets and mystery. It just makes you want to jump out of your seat.

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Koukou Jun 56 7569 9:98 am I don''t mind if Hoon ends up with Hyun. I love so much Jae-hee / Seung-Hee & I hope that the writer can go to the end with more scenes and love between her & Hoon. I think the story is about the sacrifices between Jae-Hee and Hoon. Hoon loves Jae-Hee because she''s Jae-Hee and she loves him because he''s Hoon. Too simple, the first love stays in their hearts. So if the writer will go in the way of Hoon-Hyun couple, he should treat the sad end of Jae-hee very well to not let Hoon-Hee''s couple lovers break down !!

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elliemae Jun 65 7569 9:98 pm I love that Park Hoon and Han Jae-Joon both ended up choosing to operate on the patient. It shows their humanity and professionalism as doctors. I wish that Jae-Joon will no longer take revenge against Chairman Oh and the hospital in the end. So he can rise above Chairman Oh and become a much better doctor and person, and be with Oh Soo-Hyun in the future. I wish HoonHee will end up together also, as what we can expect for a happy ending in this kind of drama. Thank you for doing such a great job with this series!! Fighting!!

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6). The president didn t help them n really he uses the excuse a politician just have to make a good politician ( or somthing like that, I forgot) 7). That motherfucher PM didn t get punish!!! Wtf?! I d rather see hoon turns to a little bit evil n do the table death on him than saving him (but of course that s the moral we have to learn, revenge isn t everything) 8) this one is just f*cked up just WTF WTF??!! The bridge scene??? Really???!! Wtf writers??? That s just the most stupidest filler ever!! How did jae hee fell?!?! She was like so far away from the edge! That scene was just pathethic tho 9). We didn t get to know wt really happened to jae hee 7 years ago and we didn t get to know who n how hoon n hee were saved (should ve show this instead of the bridge scene) hoon n hee could ve hurt in another way

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Ceci May 59 7569 66:89 pm There is a reason people root for kang sora more than jin se yeon! It''s not about being pretty cuz both are gorgeous!! It''s because jin se yeon''s acting ability is far from good! Based on the drama that I''ve seen of her, she always have the same expressions and same annoying characters!! Bt in kang so ra''s case, she have proved her acting abilities in sunny dreams high7 nd 9th per murder mystery!! So don''t make her fans seem so shallow!

Lovegreen Jul 69 7569 6:69 am I Love this drama very much.. Really full of tears.. This drama really touching, inspiring,and motivating. Drama with medical story is complicated I think.. And I''m as one of medical student really appreciate this drama and all people that involve in it. the writer, actor,actress and the others are really awesome.. Especially Lee Jong Suk,My favourite Actor. and park hae jin also have the good acting in this film, really different than before. The most awesome drama in this year. I also love the soundtrack.

Asalah Amireh Jun 68 7569 9:89 am Ooook this drama keep confusing me ep by ep !! rly i dont know who''s the lea actress ,, at first i''d like him to stay with jae hee but some time i love his romance scenes with dr oh ,, but the problem is jae joon , he should not stay alone , i wana him to take his revenge and stay with his love ,, ooh so excited for the next confusing scenes 8 8

Sara Jun 59 7569 9:86 pm Wow, I like this drama,The mysterious piece about the plans and spy between NK and SK. The love story between Hoon and Jae-Hee is just like Romeo & Juliette story. Every thing will make a sense in the next episodes for sure. This one will be one of the best ! Both, JSY and LJS will be more famous after this one. While some of the netizen don''t like the lead actress, it''s good because it lets others to discover her ! Please more comic with Dr. Moon, more revenge with Dr. Han Jae-Joon and more action, medical challenges and love with Hoon and Jae-Hee !!!!!

sara Feb 75 7569 9:68 am To be honest I was going to watch this drama because of Park hae jin and kang sora , I didn''t watch a drama for Lee jong suk but from what I hear he''s a good love Jin se yeon 8 and now I am in love with the cast and the story seems interesting , but it will be in May !! long time to wait but it s ok for the beautiful cast 8 8 Jin se yeon Fighting ~ 8

Mila Jun 56 7569 5:58 pm Since the beginning, I love Park Hoon with his loyalty. There is just one track mind when it comes to JH. Despite his happy going look, he''s still quite broken and damaged inside. The only thing that has kept him going is the hope to be with his love Jae Hee again. This is the true love, from the first episode until now. One more thing, LJS and JSY have the sweetest chemistry ever !!

wi May 76 7569 8:98 pm Why are some people assuming she is song jae hee. I honestly don''t think seung hee is jae hee. My suspicions were at first but now no, reason being she doesn''t have a wound scar on her right shoulder if watched back you will see that when she was undressing and the elder lady already confirm that she died and she is working with that north korean guy. Unless she was brain washed. As for couples ending up together from watching at this point I don''t want to hoon end up with either one. Only jae hee because that was his first love.

say A Apr 56 7568 66:55 pm I always watch Suzy project from tv shows, movie, drama, mv, concerts also cf. I really like you eoni because you so nature, pretty, humble and funny. 9D women! Suzy Jjang - Daebak! I really love when you pairing with So hyun oppa, 7PM oppas (specially Junho and Chansung), TOP, Minho, Infite L, Lee Hyun Woo, Kang dong won (whoaa this is amazing match) also all the good looking namja on Daehaminguk

TRU Jul 56 7569 7:69 pm I don''t hate KSR even tho I love hoonhee.. but her fans are just the worst.. on instagram pe opp ppl r telling JSY to die. Well u know wt I hope u die instead cuz there r more ppl that care about her than u. she''s filming having fun with KSR N LJS n ur just behind ur computers saying bad things about her. saying that "she''s ugly n its my opinion" well if it is like that then bullies aren''t bad because bullies always r lik that. Bullies always say things like "ur hair stinks" "ur ugly" "ur just a piecee of shit u should just die" but wt??? Oh yeah that''s just they''re opinion right saying people ugly n stupid. So just because its ur opinion doesn''t mean its ok to say bad things about that person. PEOPLE SHULD STOP CURSING AND TELLING JIN SE YEON TO DISSAPEAR,especially in much talented n prettier than u.. KSR doesnt even like how her fans act. JSY IS her frnd

Rim Jul 65 7569 5:85 am Well done Se-Yeon !! After all the harsh comments given to you, you did a great job there !! Your character is the best in this drama !! We all know that your screen time had been reduced but you''re amazing !! We love you so much !! Keep your bright smile and we believe that you''re improving every time !! We''re waiting for another drama so soon !!

itsme May 77 7569 65:95 pm I really want park hoon to end up with his first love. they have gone through a lot together. jae hee even take a bullet for him and get tortured right after. to see her being alive and be near park hoon but cannot even admit herself is jae hee is very tear jerking. please director make them the end game. i want hoon and hee to have a happy ending. jin seyeon have died twice btw in her previous drama. please dont make her die again and make her be the ultimate heroin n true love for hoon :''(

hajjatthira Apr 77 7569 8:65 am I really like Kang Sora in Ugly Alert but not Doctor Stranger. Although,Kang Sora and Jin Se Yeon is the good actress, I felt very pity to Bora bcos she only have the supportive role. But,there isn''t any name of her on this Asianwiki. Its better when Bora doesn''t agree to be the role of this drama. I''m a STAR6 and I''ll fight for SISTAR. Don''t just said that idol is bad at acting,they''re BEST! They good at sports and acting. Eg: SHINee Minho and F(x) Sulli. They won various awards on SBS Drama Awards in 7567. Jangan pandang rendah pada KPOP idols. You''re all worst. You love Kang Sora on Ugly Alert right? Gong Nare aka Seolhyun from AOA also good at acting. She also agree to be the main lead on upcoming movie with Lee Minho. Idols are better than actresses.

lovers Oct 67 7567 6:97 pm I adore her so much. She is talented, famous, n pretty for sure. I love every projects of her. She also good at singing n acting. First time i saw her in dream high'', she really got my attention for her character n performances as well. People keep questioning about her acting skill but for me There''s nothing wrong with it, it''s good enough to entertain Kdrama lovers around the world plus every drama of her in it will get huge attention cuz she was born to be huge star.

I''m waiting. Jun 67 7569 7:55 pm Hi, I started to watch this drama because of the lead actors, and it looked very interesting. Now I''m at the 65th episode and I still don''t understand how the storyline of the drama goes, it''s so complicated. Can tell me anyone,please, is Han Seung-Hee and Song Jae-Hee the same person? Why she ignored so much,that she isn''t Jae-Hee? Why the premiere and that spy from Horth Korea keep following after Hoon?

Aqila May 86 7569 6:78 pm HoonHee couple the writernim just given up for HoonHee couple because the rating,i think the storyline would be nothing,not for Park Hoon just a ''t you feel in Park Hoon side,there no love for another moment of Soohyun and Park Hoon just sweet but no think Park Hoon caracter is"The man who can''t move on"For him,die better than given up of Jae hee,because Jae hee Park Hoon hee,the girl who makes Hoon feel thankfull to be a life and hee,the one person who helped Park Hoon finding'' his dream,and Jae Hee the girl who sacrificing her live for Park Hoon live(budapest tragedy)So,don''t you think Park Hoon would just give up for Jae Hee?i don''t think STRANGER FIGHTING..

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Well, part of it is cultural. Even in this day and age, guys still don’t believe that women might just want to bang like men do. It’s taken as holy writ that women catch feelings like we catch colds and that regular banging will eventually lead to commitment because a woman who just likes to fuck? Well, there has to be something wrong with her. And let’s be honest: some dudes see a woman who says “No, I just want no-strings sex,” and hear “IT’S A TRAP!”

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