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Posted: 2017-11-15 07:46

I know I messed up royally with this one, MOA. Hookups are never something I meant to do/have never done before, especially with a troublemaker ex of all people! And I must sound absolutely insane with my actions, of wanting more with him yet settling for less. I don t know, I think I just wanted to feel things with him again.

I always wanted to be someone he regretted losing but now, I think I ve downgraded my status of ungettable girl to hookup girl, something I never wanted to do :( I feel the only way for him to ever regain any respect for me and regret his chance of not getting back together would to be completely silent, don t contact and if he does contact, say I understood what had happened, but I did truly want more and I deserve more than casually seeing him, a player, again. Is this the correct thing to do if I want these outcomes? Do you think he would contact me again, given the fact he said he was single and lonely? And MOA why is it so hard to stand up for these simple things in the heat of the moment? I really do feel ridiculous about what happened. What can I do?

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umm, anyways i''m a Scorpio women, okay girl, and I kinda like my classmate, we''re both 69 years old (like 67th grade now..) anyways and he''s a Scorpio too and umm how will I get close to him? i''m not an open person and he''s not very talkactive aswell and like umm we sometimes chat between classes but that''s all. I don''t even know what to do i''m confused i''m not even sure I like him but in a way he is attractive and now i''ve read all those sories about Scorpio men and umm i''m kinda scared I don''t like the idea of liking him anymore. this is really stressful and i''m overthinking and anyways my question is that, well should I try to do something? how should I get close to him? how should I behave around him and

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I was married to a Scorpio lady for 69 years. She took care of me and I returned the gift as well. The sex was out of this world, all of the time. We had 9 children, and it did not slow her down in bed. But let me warn you guys, I cheated on her and she came very close to ending my life. So the lesson here if you would like to link up with a scorpion, do this at the end of your running around because they mate for life.

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Another great thing about older men and women is they typically know exactly what they&rsquo re looking for. There&rsquo s no messing around and silly flirting. If they want to have sex then it happens. If they want to go on a date and have some dinner then that&rsquo s what unfolds. There&rsquo s no frustration that leaves you wondering what happened. Isn&rsquo t that what you&rsquo re looking for when you&rsquo re on a site searching for older sex contacts?

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There was a guy i was interested in for the last 7 months in the armed forces who has been playing games. Although it was an internet thing so i never met him. He would drop in and out of contact when it suited him about meeting up and then when it got closer to the day he would disappear or be busy. Some Facebook detective work has showed he has been dating a beauty pagent queen which is a bit gutting since i have fair skin and dark hair. I decided to delete and block him as i didnt need the sadness and stress. Out of sight of mind right?

I guess i tolerated it as i was flattered someone so good looking would show me interest. Feel a bit exhausted now from all his games when i was so honest. Although i try to remember my friends advice that ive probably had a lucky escape and probably made him into some knight in shining armour he wasnt. X

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I''m a Scorpio woman who''s dated a Scorpio man. Two days apart. Must say one of the worst experiences of my life. I won''t ever forget him though, and he tends to pop up occasionally.. But I know I''ll never go back. Two scorps only work if they are willing to work hard at being together. Since then I''ve tried to stay away from my own kind.. Didn''t work out too well but my guy now is on the cusp so we''ll see lol

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I really wouldn 8767 t read too much into this article.
First of all…
#6. No one wants to look easy, not just Korean girls.
#7. The remark about the phone: How does one expect both men and women to get treated fairly if preferential treatment is expected when looking at another persons phone? Trust should and is earned amidst mutual respect from either person.
#8. A year of free sex? Since when is sex ever free? 🙂 When you take someone out for dinner or drinks, (more frequently the gentleman asks the lady,) either way it still costs time and money.
#6. Show them the money? Did a Korean write this or an American?
#7. No-one is in competition with anybody. Being yourself should be enough.
#8. Birth Control: Many Asians are very respectful, it’s unlikely that when writing, would use the word ‘dick.’ I’m sure if you are respectful addressing one another, if you both like one another, you will find the talk of contraception won’t in fact bring about any arguments.
#65 ???

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Adf your people come to my country to. Yous live on our tax dollars. But in Canada we inbrace our foreign people. We embrace each one of your cultural heritage and choice. But when you say crap like this it makes people feel like shit. I love Korean culture and any asian or European culture. And I love Korean women they are beautiful inside and out. But like all women they need to be respected and not stereotyped every one is different.

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^^ That´s funny and a handful of cliches. But don´t forget the beginning-words of the author: 8775 Note: The article ’65 Things You Must Know About Dating Korean Girls’ was meant to be for fun. I am speaking from just my own personal experience as a white male 8776
So every nation have their cliches. Maybe as a german I can write you some cliches to date a german woman/girl. You can find cliches in every land, in every gender etc. but this stand not for the individual person.
And at the end forget all cliches, forget all thoughts about which are the better females/males for dating, just let the love decide 🙂

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You already have everything you need dear. All you need to do is to take the time to be grateful for it, appreciate it, and be thankful for it - and turn your mindset into a positive one by dwelling on those positive things, instead of the one minor negative thing that recently happened that doesn t matter in the long run anyway because again - you don t need this man s acknowledgement to be happy.

Give all of that some serious thought dear - and then start taking small steps each day to be thankful. If you can do that, eventually you ll see your spirits lift. And it starts by no longer going to the gym - that s step number one :-)

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#7 Who wants to date someone who 8767 s in a 79/7 competition with all of her Facebook 8775 friends 8776 ? Sounds like an immature woman with no self-worth. IMHO, Facebook is nothing but a fantasy world where a 65 y/o unemployed nerd living with parents can mysteriously transform into a successful 85 y/o ladies man with a thriving career and mansion via fake photos and lying about their lives.

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Rude and loud wherever they go, they always try to scam you. In business they always try to steal you and they never pay even when they have the money. They look down on every other country and is really dilusional that they are the number one race. Not to mention they play the victim card whenever possible. I agree on 6st spot, can 8767 t find worse people in Asia. I have a lot of Korean customers and when I visit their factories it 8767 s a comming thing that they yell at their foreign employees like they weren 8767 t even humans.

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Finally, women must learn to become responsible for all the bad romantic choices she has made . She absolutely must take personal responsibility for her poor decisions only then will she be able to turn her life around and thus begin to let go of the anger and frustration she had carried before. She will now be in a position to proactively guide her dating life in a manner that will finally allow her to experience true love and romance---the kind that has purpose, meaning, and staying power.

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You give wonderful advice. I have been with my bf for about two years now. He came off as the very nice,polite guy. Low key, and i never expected he was the player type. One day i looked through his phone and found texts to and from other seems he is always on the prowl getting phone numbers. Now he keeps his phone locked and out of actually took another woman out to eat!
I know I deserve better but it is so hard when you love someone. Thank you for this blog.

And what did you do Japan, you think the Korean fought the war for fun?
No, they were fuckin trying to help the Americans, as they had a alliance, and many fuckin Korean people died too, do you know the difference between slaughter and a war? stupid Japanese (sorry to all the other Japanese people out there are SOME Japanese bitches and the are some good Japanese people who actually know history)

oh you are goooooooooood.. i love your wish i could have read it 7 years left him , he plead me and then he started to ask me to spend days at his home..even for a month..but something told me that he still played that game of his..so i left again. He text me 8 times via web and did not answer it. But on the 9th attempt i respond with the same style he did..i waited for 85 minutes to see what he wanted to say to me but..nothing. i felt so stupid. i gave him the reinsurance he wish i had read your article about NC for 85 days now i will start from the lost 65 days of nc for nothing..i am sorry but he needs some kind of wake up call..does any one else have any kind of advise? Thank you all for your time.


I m definitely involved with a gut has told me so time and time again I have refused to listen. I became a booty call, friend w benefits. the last time he was over my house at 7 AM his phone rang repeatedly on vibrate. He looked at me, grinned and said Don t be jealous I have admirers.

The following day I called him out on all his bullshit and poor treatment and told him we can no longer be friends, we were never friends. My true friends don t treat me like crap and leave me second guessing my self and everything. He threw it all back in my face and blamed me for his disappearing. Twenty four hours later he s on a dating website and befriending a dozen new girls on Facebook.

Needless to say, I am implementing no contact FOREVER with this one. Ladies, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

- Down and Out in NYC

Some Korean women, especially older ones, tend to have a fantasy of meeting a foreigner and escaping patriarchal Korean society.  A lot of Korean women hate Korean traditions and culture which tend to favor Korean men. I don 8767 t blame them.  So when they date a foreigner, you are an 8766 out 8767 .  You are clearly a more positive alternative than marrying a Korean guy and having to deal with an evil Korean mother-in-law or other intrusive family members.

This man has been there for me through thick and thin as I have for him. We have made a pact to be lifetime friends and I regard him as my best friend. We are like peas in a pod because we understand where the other is coming from. He has been my rock in a sometimes stormy sea, with deaths in my family and the recent loss of someone very special to me. My friend and I will always be there for one another. :-)

It took me years to realise this I can now communicate my wants to my man more directly if it is needed (not always, I prefer to be indirect and see if he picks up on it luckily, after so many years together with my husband and a ridiculously good understanding of women, my man picks up on around 55% of my 8766 implied meanings 8767 ) ie: 8775 it 8767 s starting to smell in the kitchen it 8767 s actually starting to smell a bit like trash. 8767

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