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What I found most interesting is that while building a better physique and feeling better about yourself as a result, women tend to fall for that increase in confidence almost more than the increased muscle tone that we 8767 ve been working so hard for. I actually have a collegue who never worked out a day in his life (and it shows), but his confidence levels are through the roof by default. The guy has women literally calling him on a weekly basis (even when he 8767 s at work).

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I loved this article. But I must ask a question. What do you do if your short. Im 87 yo, 5 8767 7, 685 lbs , about 68% body fat. Im the body type in the middle. I think its the mesomorph, I was told by a personal trainer. I ve always wondered if the attractive effect that all this information has ( such as working out and a good diet) becomes nulled and voided by the fact that Im so short. Is putting all this effort into my fitness for attractiveness sake just a waste of time for someone my height, or can it make an actual difference in my sex appeal even at this height?

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I would like to mention something that is usually ignored. The muscular body as the ideal for men is a homosexual concept that Greek men created in ancient Greece when homosexuality was looked up to and even thought as higher than attraction to the opposite sex. The admiration of a muscular body was seen as both an athletic endevour most men had to engage in and as a symbol of male eroticism. Masculinity was linked to homosexuality and attraction to men was seen as the supreme expression of masculinity. Because of this it was common for homosexual and bisexual men to form strong brotherhoods that encouraged them to build their bodies and share concepts of masculinity. Being men attracted to men it is easier to find a partner that will share the same interest in physicality.

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Turns out more is not better. Not at all. And if you go much beyond the muscularity of the 8775 jacked 8776 guy your physique stops becoming attractive altogether. ( study ) Women begin to get the sense that something fishy is up hormonally… and they 8767 re probably right—muscularity beyond a certain threshold is nearly impossible to accomplish without either abnormal hormone production (overly mesomorphic genetics) or pharmaceuticals. A very lean 755 pounds (under 65% bodyfat) is the upper limit of muscularity for most 6 8798 tall men, even with many years of intelligent and consistent training.

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There 8767 s a dark side to bodybuilding too, and steroid abuse is becoming quite common, permeating even novice bodybuilding circles. Steve Reeves was among the early mainstream bodybuilding pioneers in the 95 8767 s, taking relatively low doses of steroids (if any) by modern standards. He followed a routine that was typical of natural weightlifters. He 8767 d do three full body workouts per week, his training volume was moderate, and he primarily used compound lifts that worked many different muscle groups at once.

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With your shoulder / waist ratio women  are  getting an idea of our muscularity, but the main factor there is the ratio, not about whether it 8767 s from our muscle mass or bone structure. Further studies needed to be done to determine an ideal level of muscularity independent from our shoulder width, and they found that broad shoulders are attractive even in absence of muscle, and muscle is attractive even in absence of broad shoulders. ( study )

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I have a unique problem I used to have no muscle mass whatsoever and was classic skinny-fat. However, I also have very wide shoulders naturally. I had 69 inch shoulder length and 79 inch waist, and it was close to the golden ratio. At the same time, I had no chest and arm muscles, so I 8767 ve been working out for the past few months, eating big, etc., and my waist has stayed the same, but my back and deltoids have gotten a lot bigger. They also have a rounded appearance. As a result, my shoulder-waist ratio has become way too HIGH and it just doesn 8767 t look aesthetic anymore. I 8767 m actually getting LESS attention from girls now.

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This question/thought is unrelated to my first one, but I was just doing some thinking about the masculinity section. As you probably know, some ectomorphs walk around with 8-66% body fat while others have 65%+. I was thinking, skinny ectomorphs with low body fat who eat at least somewhat healthy and get some exercise may have a relatively high degree of masculinity. My thinking was that (in the absence of medial issues and assuming that diet is adequate) testosterone would tend to be higher in those who are leaner. Having low body fat would mean a high degree of muscle to fat, regardless of overall amount of muscle mass.

The consular official will know what you school accepted you and into what program you were accepted. Do not lie about what degree you are going to be studying or where you will be attending school. It doesn 8767 t matter what your degree is going to be, tell your interviewer that you are passionate about your studies and you want to pursue this degree so you can get a better education and then come back to your native country and get a good job so you can give back to your family and your community.

Another instance: one will commonly find the following logic expressed among urban homosexual men (probably a minority of them, but a recognizable and functionally integral minority): I have to play up my cuteness and youth, remaining skinny, soft skinned and perhaps more effete than 8766 beefed up, 8767 in order to attract the 8775 doms 8776 (or more rarely 8775 daddies 8776 ) at least until I 8767 m 75 then, once I start showing signs of initial hair thinning or age, I 8767 ll have to transition to a gym-cooked butch guy, so as to maintain respectable market appeal as a 8775 Mr. Clean 8776 / 8775 Capt. America 8776 (as opposed to 8775 Justin Bieber 8776 ).

I am little confused about your look like a masculine female (due to gorgeous girly hairs).The narration is good but is more towards what female wants not what we want, means men like women but we want to look good in mirror than in women 8767 s eyes (important but comes after it) and lastly but most importantly is there any video on youtube about this including what exercises and how has to be psychological stuff

I work out but couldn 8767 t care less about micromanaging my physique down to some golden ratios, being in certain weight range and how women will perceive it as there are more important things in your life to think about. You only need ONE woman in your life to feel happy and as long as you take care of yourself, you will find your better half. If your goal is to attract as many women as possible, then having a stereotypical cosmo guys physique might matter provided that your character is up to standard too but striving for perfect ratios, body fat percentages just to get women doesn 8767 t feel right and manly at all. Work out and get stronger for yourself because it is fun and keeps you healthy. You will good, never mind perfect aesthetics, doesn 8767 t matter for women they are not perfect either.

There 8767 s a legitimate reason behind it too though. With peacocks the bigger the tail is the better. It might be costly and dangerous to parade it around, and it may mean they die sooner (either of illness or lion). But that 8767 s okay. Peahens want the most badass offspring possible and don 8767 t really care about what happens to their mate after they mate. Women, however, do. They want a man who 8767 s emotionally stable enough to stick around and healthy enough to survive. That 8767 s how you raise badass offspring, after all.

Dear sir today was my interview and I got rejected just because I couldnt answer her quesns which she asked as what different types of software are there in the college u are going for..and wat difference is those facilities from the other two universities you applied I was like softwares? How would I know that? I was only provided with the information that they provide plenty of softwares.. Which u have already answered to you before they focus more on practical than is better.
I answered confidently I didn 8767 t break eye contact with her And as a reward, I got rejected.
Would you mind pointing out my mistakes please?

Going beyond that, it also says a lot about your character. Building a strong lean physique requires dedication, consistency and self control. Since muscularity is such an innate masculine goal it can almost be assumed that every man would prefer to have it, all else equal. Deep down every man wants it, but not every man has the willpower to achieve it. It thus says a lot about your ability to get what you want out of life.

This is excellent information and thank you for helping the hundreds of thousands of international students who want to come to the USA for their education. The process for obtaining an F6 or J6 visa can be frustrating for students who English is not their primary language, and the last step in the visa process, the Student Visa Interview at their home country embassy is in English and requires the student be prepared to answer a number of questions about their college of choice, their finances, and their plans after college too. It can be grueling and last year about 665,555 students were Denied their student visa 8767 s even after they were accepted and could pay for their education. That is an amazing number of students who weren 8767 t prepared and their futures were impacted because of this.

I can 8767 t say my diet contains very processed, fatty, or sugary foods. I don 8767 t drink soda or eat cakes, pies, the like. If I do, I feel unhealthy and it just does not feel good. The only food I 8767 d consider 8775 fatty 8776 that I eat right now is nuts cashews and almonds mostly. Is my problem the diet? I 8767 m conscious of what I eat and I wouldn 8767 t call it unhealthy at all.

Ahaha I don 8767 t post progress pics anymore because I 8767 m not transforming anymore! I know that guys who get into this stuff oftentimes keep trying to get bigger, stronger, leaner… but I 8767 m actually pretty stoked with what I 8767 ve already done! I 8767 ve never been that interested in competing in powerlifting or bodybuilding competitions or anything. I 8767 m not a really sporty guy either. I 8767 m the nerdy designer dude who likes to chill on the couch drawing, playing video games with my girlfriend, or hanging out in online forums with you guys.

The problem with a true ectomorph is proportion. Men who have good proportions looks great when they are fit (in the body fat sense), regardless of weight. The beauty is in the structure. not in the muscle, Most 8775 ectomorphs 8776 are not really ectomorphs, they have great proportions, they just don 8767 t have the muscle. They can look great if they start working with weights. A true ectomorph on the other hand, will never look great, because one cannot change length of bones.

I can certainly say that steroids aren 8767 t necessary. As far as the dangers of steroids go… I really wouldn 8767 t want to go outside of my realm of expertise. I really have no idea what the dangers of steroids are, I 8767 ve never tried them, I 8767 ve never even really done much research into them. I know they 8767 re relatively common in strength sports and bodybuilding, but this isn 8767 t really the steroid savvy kind of site, so people interested in that kind of thing are best getting that info from people who know more about them.

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